(Odyssey2 Reentry Basic Interstellar Training Simulator) The mother ship orbits the planets as you and your opponent maneuver your space landers to the surface. Fire your thrusters intermittently to conserve your fuel. You'll need it to blast off and link up with the mother ship as it changes speed and direction. Three different electronic gravity fields simulate conditions on Jupiter, Mars and the moon! Full sync-sound action! Digital scoring! One or two players!
This daring helicopter rescue mission is a race against time! You only have two minutes to save as many people as possible from impending disaster at the Doomsday Hotel. It takes precision flying to get your chopper into position and board the survivors. Sync-sound action! Digital scoring! On-screen digital timer! Realistic flight control! One or more players.

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#5 highest rated O2 action game (#7 on O2, #13280 overall)


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#4 hardest O2 action game (#6 on O2, #3539 overall)


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#24 shortest O2 action game (#45 on O2, #9040 overall)


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