MATH-A-MAGIC! Makes addition, subtraction, multiplication and division fun to practice! It even presents primary level algebraic challenges! The computer presents the problems and evaluates the answers! It even sings out with a musical cheer for every ten correct solutions! Digital scoring! Full sync-sound action! One or more players.
ECHO! The great brain drainer of all time! Starts off easy. Four numbers appear on the screen. The computer lights up one to the sound of a musical tone. Now it's your turn. You echo the computer and press the same number. The computer responds with the same number and one more. Your turn again. For every right answer, the computer will add one more number to the sequence. After echoing a six digit sequence, you will slowly feel your mind turning inside out. The computer can go farther than you can. How far can you go? This is a marvelous electronic challenge for everyone in the family! Digital scoring! Full sync sound action! The longer ECHO sequences sound like galactic music--very far out of this world. One or more players!

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