The retro game you loved to play is now available on iPhone. Good for hours of diversionary fun. How many can you catch?

Hunt the Wumpus was introduced over 30 years ago in text-based format and was one of the earliest computer games. Our version of this classic game of strategy and luck follows the original hide-and-seek formula as you track and sedate the mysterious Wumpus that lurks deep inside a network of caves.

The legendary Wumpus has been sighted around the nearby uncharted caverns. As chief field worker of the local zoological society, you're given the job of catching this beast so that its ecological needs can be better understood.

To catch the elusive Wumpus, you must use your nose and your deductive powers to determine where the Wumpus is snoozing, without actually seeing it. Equipped with a single tranquilizer dart (the Society runs on a tight budget), a lantern, some dynamite, and a canary, you must boldly overcome poisonous gas, giant bats and sticky cave spider webs to find your quarry before it finds you.

Whether you played Wumpus back in the day or are just hearing about this mythological creature, Wumpus is a fun diversion for all ages.

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