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    Character FAQ by essentialism

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                                                       i: ,                       
                           i .                         7rXX                       
                          8X                          :7aZ .                      
                         : .                          Z Z@ 2                      
                        ,r ;                          X Sa 8                      
                        7i ;                         .i.7X W                      
                        SX X             B           i,.rB,W                      
                        i :r            MM;          r.XaXr:            ;0.       
                        i;22           MZM@i        i;728 S            8X         
                        :X W r       :M2 8aZi      ..  ;r.X          .M;;M@7i     
          BWi           ,:iMi.      .MX7MMiM;i    r0@MBSr       7ZM@BMr @2MM8MM@2  
            ZM.          .;,XZ,   ZMX iM.i :a:MM;    :MMM0  ,ZBBB;irBB. M.,X.BX7M
              M@ :;       i0WS ,MMM iSM;iM2 ZMMM72aXaWMMM72MMMMW 2;;@. 0M;ZMa@aMa
            0 iMM;XZW@XBM2; 8.   .MMM@ 2WB@i :MMB,, :M0r  :    SMaZ7W7,B2:       
         aM200i BM2SMMSZ,  MMMMa2 . X2aWi7 7MMMM 7r 8M  BB8MMM8  2;Ma             
       :WZ: :8M.:@M i 8X XMMr8,2MM X,MM :XX  BMa:r  :MMZX7S   W  M 8@r7           
      BMM7    ,: 2Mi rZ MM;       XS    MMMMM 7,r72X MX,7   r.M  M 0S.:           
     MMr         ;ZM 2 MM i    ar  aMMMMM   0MaWMM8,7i  . ;MM@a  , M8.aW          
     M            a8Mi    S 2BW@MM, :   riS7 7W:   ;X20: 2MMrSS72i:BM@8,          
     0           rX2MX0B:  .MM::S7Z207 MM@MM2BMrXMMMZaMi .  XX8 XM:aa7 i;i        
     M            riMW.7X8a.i      XMXWWa8a2S ZXX,          @Mi8S   iSS;:aMM:     
     M: .,       i@.@  M7 .BaWWirX    2r 7X  :0.;, S0:  78MM2 Wa     i7rX  XMMMMMM
     .2; i        @ M   8Zr,:Z8M;iS8MMZ;a,;,X7riBMX.MMMS :X, MZ         ,     :ZMM
       80Mr       MrZ    .7  ,8 .ZX;2    8aS  ;r2i8;,.M@MMM:82                     
         rBMMMM; iM:      8Z   .r   ,,   2            aS  ,Z8                     
                 ii       .M  rB M0 ,@XWi0 ;X;S:S@0   Z2iX8,                      
                          iWMMM  MM.MM8MBMZMaWM27M . 0MBMWZ                       
                          7, ,Z0. M7i@Z@MMMMMWMSXM : ZMSaaX;2i                    
                         ;7a   7M MX,W0MMMMB@WWX2M . 8M0S77:27S;                  
                       ;X: , r ,W MB7MMMMMMZMMMM0M:  iMS;;i;S; .S:                
                       Si ,Z ;SMi SX2;8 .82:Ma0BW r.  W0Z0riX;r   ::              
                      Z:  7X 2MMMa   ,,i7 .      ,r: ;XS8Maa;    :                
                    :Zi r:;  MX  @        i   .;:  S2XMi SMM2     .i.i             
                   iX;i . i..Z,  08SSiS2@MMMWZXi  72.Mi7   SMS    ,i :           
                  XSSS  :  B;  2MM0Z@M7 .rXrrS,..;W; 8  XX.  MX       .r.          
                 ;0;,   , BM  0MXZS :S0  ..     2MMBr0r  ;22 WMr..:   7 i.         
               :  .  . iS7@:ZMMr  rairS@a;ri;:8WBr Z00M@M7 S  Ma ,. ,  ,:,;       
               i .  : i.:2 :M@S 0; iM:,27WMMMM07i X :iiZZZ8S  M@i:..   :;  ..     
                 :      Z:.Ma:Z7X.,S80.i7i2Sri..70.XaZXrSaX0Z 8@ .r, :,     i     
                 ,   7 ;M B7.S,;XSa8,SM..SX27;r;2.;Zair2X2XZ@ 0M; :: .    . .     
            .       X28Z0:MZ@SBSXZ7rZ::M;,72,ri2riW aMZ ;X:XM MMBSrr7i,ir:.i .    
              ;MBWMa8i  0iM. .7:8M@MWSr 2;iSS.r 8aM@X,;:.   0:            ,: 7    
          .aMM@2        Z;X         XZMMWZ2aSSaSS7;         7a.              i    
                         MS      : 72XiX0rXX..;i.           :Z                    
                          .      : ,;S0B2                                         
                                   . Sa2:      .                                  
     Diablo character FAQ
     By Leonard Cheong (essentialism)
    1.Introduction (#1)
    2.Copywrite and contact information (#2)
    3.Past revision (#3)
    4.Who is the Warrior (#4)
    5.The Warrior's attributes (#5)
    6.Why use the warrior (#6)
    7.How to use the Warrior (#7)
    8.Who is the Rogue (#8)
    9.The Rogue's attributes (#9)
    10.Why use the Rogue (#10)
    11.How to use the Rogue (#11)
    12.Who is the Sorceror (#12)
    13.The Sorceror's attributes (#13)
    14.Why use the Soceror (#14)
    15.How to use the Soceror (#15)
    16.Closing (#16)
    This FAQ teaches you how to use the 3 charaters of Diablo. Each character 
    possess different abilities and have different strengths. For example, a 
    Warrior is a master in hand to hand combat, while a Rogue is godly when a bow 
    is in her hands, and a Sorceror is execellent in magic. These abilities if 
    fufilled to their potential can be extremely deadly. This FAQ will teach you 
     Copywrite and contact Infomation
    This guide solely belongs to me essentialism. I do not mind you copying it for 
    your own personal use,or sending it to a friend. However, if u want to post 
    any part of this faq into your own website or any other one, please e-mail me 
    for permission. My e-mail address is yew_keong@hotmail.com, If you do not have
    my permission, and went on to post a part of this faq on your website, legal 
    action will be taken against the webmaster. And please do not use this faq for
    any money transaction as it is illegal. SELL OR COPY THIS FAQ, AND YOUR GAME 
     Past Revision
    v1.00 Initial Release
     Who is the Warrior
    The Warrior is the strongest and toughest among the 3 characters. This allows 
    him to use extremely heavy axes and armour which a rogue and sorceror cannot.
    He also has a high vitality which allows him to engange in hand to hand combat. 
    Due to these strengths, the warrior has the highest chance of completing the 
    game than the other 2. I recommed all players who just started this game to 
    play the warrior, just for the experience before attempting other classes.
     The Warrior's attributes
    The Warrior strength is actually - strength. His strength allows him to tear 
    apart enemies with the greatest of ease. Vitality is also important. A warrior
    with a high vitality and strength is indestructible. Magic and dexterity is 
    almost obselute simply because the warrior's maximum dexterity and magic is 
    not high enough to be of any use. Take a look at the Warrior's maximum 
                          Stats                      Maximum
                          Strength                     250
                          Magic                        50
                          Dexterity                    60
                          Vitality                     100
    Look, the magic has only a maximum of 50. With a magic stat of 50, there are 
    little spells that a warrior will be able to learn. There are 2 choices, 
    either you max out his magic stat and get an item that add to his magic or 
    just lift his magic stat to 35. With a magic stat of 35, the warrior will be 
    able to learn 2 spells thst will help his cause. Bone spirit and Flash. These 
    2 spells can be learned with a magic stat of 34, and 33 respectively. But you 
    can only learn the first level of these spells which will become pretty 
    useless in the later levels. Thus, if you seriously want a Warrior that can 
    cast spells, I would recommend maxing the magic stat, if not don't toch it at 
     Why use the Warrior
    Because I'm lazy, and for the sake of easy reading, I am going to state 
    everything in point form.
    -The warrior can utilize heavy axes, strong armour, massive clubs, and gigan  
    swords which most rogues and sorcerors cannot.
    -The warrior has the highest vitality among the 3, which make him hard to  
    kill. Add that with a strong armour and he would be basically invulnerable.
    -The warrior has the fastest attacks in all weapons except bow.
    -The warrior gets double bonuses for items with the suffixes "of life" and 
    "of  vitality".
    -He also get double negatives though for items that increase mana.
    -The warrior has a repair skill that enables him to repair items. Although   
    the durability of the items drops when he finishes his repairing.
    -When the warrior levels up, he gains 2 hit points and 1 point of vitality.
    -The Warrior also has a critical strike ability allowing him to do double the
    damage. The chance of this critical strike is half the warrior's level.
    eg. A level 20 Warrior has a 10% chance of executing critical strike.
     How to use the Warrior
    There is not much secret in using the Warrior. All you need to do is to crank 
    up his strength and vitality. It depends on what you want your warrior to be 
    like. If you want your Warrior to be a total babarian, raise his vitality in 
    the lower levels and strength once you reach a vitality of 90+. With a good 
    armour class you should be able to rip your opponents apart. If you want your 
    warrior to be able to use all weapons with some standard, you can raise his 
    dexterity along with his strength and vitality. This is quite useful if you 
    have the butcher's quest. A warrior with a high dexterity in the early 
    dungeons leads to a dead butcher. Or if you want a Warrior that can cast bone 
    spirit to make your life easier just raisr your magic stat to 50 and hope for 
    an item that gives you a bonus to your magic stat. Common sense. If however 
    you do not want to raise magic, scrolls are very important. Remember to check 
    out Adria's inventory list!!
     Who is the Rogue
    The Rogue is the only female among the three characters. She has the highest 
    dexternity potential among the 3. A master in range combat and speed, the 
    Rouge can shoot an arrow with such ferocity it could kill a pack of demons 
    within a minute. A Rogue with a high dexterity stat and a mean bow = total 
    destruction. Remember that.
     The Rogue's attributes
    A Rogue can kill at a distance meaning she can kill the toughest adversaries 
    without getting injured. While the warrior is losing his health fighting it 
    out, and a soceror is burning away mana, the Rogue can shoot from a distance 
    losing nothing but arrows and gold (to repair). Having said that, she also 
    has very decent and quite balanced stats. Take a look at the Rogue maximum 
                      Stats                      Maximum
                      Strength                     55
                      Magic                        70
                      Dexterity                    250
                      Vitality                     80
    Now, don't those stats look as pretty as her. Just joking. Her strength is 
    only there to meet the requirements of her weapon and armour and its easy to 
    max, thus a Rouge's strength should be at least 45. Her magic is stronger than
    a warrior's and she can cast faster than a warrior. She can do some pretty 
    decent magic if you are the type that loves to learn spells. Just max out her 
    magic stats and with a little bit of magic bonus from her weapons, she can 
    even learn the bone spirit which really compliments her bow skills. Dexterity,
    the Rouge's specialized stat. Don't need to elaborate too much on this, just 
    crank up her dexterity to the best you possibly can. You can't go wrong with 
    that. Her dexterity allows her to use the best bows and inflict the most pain 
    at the greatest distance swiftly and accurately. Her vitality is not so 
    important if you are an accomplised Rogue user. Just stay out of the damage 
    and fire arrows. You only need to reach around 60 for this stat.
     Why use the Rogue 
    Because I'm lazy, and for the sake of easy reading, I am going to state 
    everything in point form.
    -The Rogue can cast spells faster than a Warrior and deal more physical damage  
    than a soceror.
    -She can deal damage from a distance without burnind health or mana.
    -With a high dexterity stat, she never misses.
    -She has a level up bonus of one hit point and 1 mana. This means that   
    everytime she levels up, she gains 1 hit point and 1 mana.
    -She can dodge and counter attacks quickly.
    -She saves the most gold if you use her well.
    -She can fire through gates and doors.
    -She has the ability to spot and disarm traps before they get her.
     How to use a Rogue
    In the first few dungeon levels, raise her strength and dexternity in the 
    ratio of 2:3. Hope and prey that you get a decent bow cause it's gonna help 
    you alot. If you get the butcher's quest, count yourself lucky as its so easy 
    to slay him. Just find a room with grills and fire through them. Just takes a 
    bit of time for him to drop. Never leave a bow out of your hands. A Rogue's 
    best bet is a bow. Take the time to practise dodging attacks. When an enemy is
    preparing to hit you, move a few squares away to dodge. Then hold down the 
    shift key and start clicking on the enemy. When he returns fire repeat the 
    process. The dungeons is a perfect place to master this. 
    In the catacombs, stop raising your strength unless its necessery to require 
    fufilments of a weapon. Start raising your magic and read every book that 
    comes your way. Books of telekinesis, wall of fire, mana shield, chain 
    lightning, and bone spirit should be read. These spells compliment your range 
    ability. Use telekinesis to open doors from a distance. If you have it,cast 
    wall or fire at the entrance of the room. Then fire through the door. If its 
    an unusually packed room do the above until there are few survivors and use 
    chain lightning to finish them off. Against an extremely tough enemy who has 
    an insane amount of endurance, cast bone spirit to weaken their hp by a third.
    Cast it a few times and a few arrows should do the trick. If you find yourself
    in need of health, just cast the mana shield and make your exit. These tactics
    could take you through the next few levels. If you have stone curse, it'd be 
    even easier. Just cast it on any tough hood and fire till it drops. 
    In the caves, you should really start raising your dexterity to the best you 
    can. Buy any good bow from Griswold if you see one. Also don't forget to visit
    Adria regularly and purchase any spell book mentioned above. Don't be afraid 
    to part with your money. Buy slightly more mana potions than health potions. 
    Learn each monster's resistance and immunity. DO NOT use a spell that the 
    monster is resistant or immune to. It could be a fatal mistake.
    Hell is a dangerous place to be in. I hope you did a good job on collecting 
    bows and increasing her dexterity. You would really be needing that now. If 
    you have an armour with a mean fire resistance and a high armour class, nows 
    the time to use it. Keep your distance between you and your enemies. Stone 
    curse and bone spirit should be hotkeyed. With any luck, you should be able 
    to shoot your way through Hell and destroy Diablo. 
     Who is the Sorceror
    The Sorceror is a master in magic. Duh! In my opinion, it is the hardest to 
    complete this game with the Sorceror. He has low strength, meaning he can't 
    do much damage with weapons. And his only strength is Magic, if an oponent is 
    resistant or immune to magic, it makes it very hard for a sorceror to survive.
    That's why you have this FAQ. 
     The sorceror's attributes
    As the warrior has 250 for strength as a maximum, and a rogue has 250 for a 
    maximum for dexterity, so does the sorceror has 250 for magic. These are the 
    Sorceror's stats.
                      Stats                      Maximum
                      Strength                     45
                      Magic                        250
                      Dexterity                    85
                      Vitality                     80
    Maxing a Sorceror's strength is a must. Wondering why? For the sake of 
    equipping armour of course. Dexterity is quite useful as you will be using 
    bows as a Sorceror to kill Diablo. Vitality is only useful in the first few 
    levels' until you get mana shield. So don't go crazy and start clicking on the
    vitality stat as thinking it is essential. Magic is the wisest stat to raise. 
    You should have at least 200 Magic points when facing Diablo including stat 
    bonuses. Magic is the life of a Sorceror.
     Why use the Sorceror
    Because I'm lazy, and for the sake of easy reading, I am going to state 
    everything in point form.
    -A sorceror well versed in all the elements of magic is almost invincible in  
    the caves and hell.
    -The sorceror can recharge staves, although the amount of charges grudually  
    -Once a Sorceror gets mana shield, he only needs to get mana potions.
    -As the level of your mana shield spell increases, the damage you taked is   
    -He gets double bonuses for magical enhancements, although he also get double 
    negatives for vitality.
    -A sorceror gains two points of mana and 1 point of magic for every level  
     How to use the Sorceror
    When in the early dungeons, raise you strength and vitality, until they are 
    nearly the same as your magic. Then alternate between magic, strength and 
    vitality. Stop raising vitality once you get a few scrolls of mana shield or a
    book. Then start maxing out oyur strength. Pery that you don't get the 
    butcher's quest. It's extremly tedious to kill a butcher with a Sorceror. 
    So if you get the butcher's quest, RESTART. Of course if you want a challenge,
    you are welcomed to try.
    Once in the catacombs, you should have nearly finished maxing with your 
    strength. Now, just start raising your magic and dexterity. Remember to visit 
    Adria often and buy any high level spell book. Watch out for any of these 
    books: Flame wave, Guardian, elemental, Chain lightning, Stone curse, Mana 
    shield, Golem. You could puchase bone spirit or blood star but they don't 
    really come into handy. Also watch out for scrolls of Apocalypse. They will 
    come in handy when you reach hell. Use flame waves to clear large rooms, 
    chain lightning on crowds, Stone curse on tough bosses and golems to help you.
    The stone curse-golem combination is probably the most realistic combination 
    to take out Diablo's hell minions.
    Same in the caves, continue to raise magic and maybe a bit of dexterity. Buy 
    lots of mana potions and scroll of town portals. You might need to travel to 
    town fast in case of an emergency. Look out for good bows and highly resitant 
    to fire armours. They are the best way to kill Diablo.
    In hell, use the stone curse-golem combination. If you have done a good job on
    collecting apocalypse scrolls, nows the time to use it. Fight your way through
    hell and with luck, come face to face with Diablo. Now is a total change in 
    tactics. Magic is pretty useless as Diablo is probably resistant to most of 
    them. Instead get an armour with high durability and fire resistance and of 
    course a mean bow. Cast mana shield and start firing at diablo from a distance.
    Try to end the battle as quick as possible as Diablo's attacks are painful and
    they affect your armour's durability. There's only so much punishment you can 
    take before Diablo clobbers you. Remember to hotkey your mana potions. With 
    luck you should be able to kill Diablo.
    The skills mentioned above may take a bit of time and luck. Please do not feel
    discouraged if you can't seem to defeat a particular boss. Sit down, and 
    analyze the situation calmly and perhaps you would find a solution. And 
    remember always have a plan B. Do not stick to plan A with your life as it 
    would cost you your life. I sincerely hope you benefitted from this FAQ. If 
    you feel you have a tip you wanna share, please feel free to email me. My 
    email is yew_keong@hotmail.com. This is all for the character FAQ. Hope you 
    enjoyed it.
    Blizzard: For making this wonderful game
    CJayC: For making GameFAQs
    Special Thanks:
    d3smond: For inspiring me to write FAQs.
    akade1: For providing me with the knowledge on how to write a FAQ, and   
            helping me through GameFAQs. Thanks.
    darketernal36: For helping me in every way possible.
    d3v1lsblood: For giving me soooo much imformation for this list/FAQ.

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