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Reviewed: 01/22/00 | Updated: 01/22/00

Blizzard delivers a new unique game

The Story: Go through many dungeons and subplots, to kill the many creatures of various dungeons, and eventually making it to the last level of the game, to kill off the last boss, Diablo.

Graphics: 7: You got the 3/4(famous from Super Mario RPG) view, the characters are nicely detailed and are easy to tell apart, all the dungeons look cool. The items on the menu screens are nicely animated.

Sound: 9: There's a great use of voice in this game, all the voices sound exactly like the characters they portray, the funniest one is the one of the drunk, and the Butcher when he says, "Mmmmm, fresh meat!"once you open the door to his shop.

Gameplay: 7: Pick as one of 3 seperate classes, Rogue, Sorcerer, and Warrior, each one starts off with different weapons and magic spells, you kill creatures in the dungeons to level up your fighter, and the can learn many more various spells and abilities, and they can upgrade there weapons, shields, and armor too. You start the game off and go into the Labyrinth of dungeons(there's many places to fight in, you start off going your way through many levels of churces, then Catacombs, then Caves, and Hell). You have to do many different subquests along the way like killing the Butcher, solving the town's problem of the polluted water and so on, you can save your game in 1 player mode, but once you beat the game, that's it, it's over, but at least you can play on over the internet, but you're out of luck if you don't have an ISP, but there's always connecting over Modem with just a phone line, but that can only be up to 2 players.

Replay Value: 7: It's fun to gather all the various items and learning all the spells, but the major replay value is playing the game multiplayer on an IPX Network(I.E. Kali) or on Blizzard's online gaming service,, this was Blizzard's first game to use and Blizzard didn't get a chance to get read of many hack sites, so if you do play on B.NET there are a lot of backstabbers who use the Auto-Kill spell, so beware of playing B-NET.

Overall: 7: A really fun game to play, but gets boring after you beat it. is fun for a while, but gets tedious after being on there for too long and with all the other users using hacks, but this game is still pretty fun, and you won't be disappointed if you pick a copy up for yourself.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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