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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Lord Zero

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    				    Quake Walkthrough	
    				       By Lord Zero
    				       Version 1.0
    1.- File History.
    2.- Intro.
    3.- About this guide.
    4.- Before we start...
    5.- Episode one: Dimension Of Doomed.
    6.- Episode two: Realm Of Black Magic.
    7.- Episode three: Netherworld.
    8.- Episode four: The Elder Wolrd.
    9.- The End: Shub Niggurath's Pit.
    10.- The Secret Levels.
    11.- Credits. (And some funny info regarding this guide)
    12.- Legal Stuff.
    1.- File History.
    -0.1 Start of the guide. (Somewhere in july, 2001)
    -0.3 has this guide started me again, or have I started it? I'm not sure,
    but is one the road again. (02/20/2002)
    -0.4 Finished the third episode. Gee, do I feel good. I added a funny note
    where I almost cried, but I screwed up, and had to delete it. Well, the
    feeling was there anyway, so I will write it again when I finish
    this project. (02/26/2002, 21:50)
    -0.5 Well, Finished until The Pain Maze level. Only a few levels to go. 
    It's almost over. Yehaw (03/04/2002, late at night.)
    -0.6 I have to make an stop right now (I'm about to take on the final
    level), but I will finish the walkthrough tonight, with only Shub-Niggurath
    and the four secret levels left to do. Oh well. What can you do. 
    (03/05/2002, 14:18)
    -0.7 Ready to go! Wrote the funny note again ^_^. Get on with it. I deserve
    it after so much work. I can have a life now again. For some time. I have
    more guides to finish off. (03/08/2002, 21:28)
    -1.0 First published version. I think I talked a bit too much. Oh well.
    -1.1 Changed my email. My god, this guide is good. (10/29/2002, 17:04).
    2.- Intro.
    While We all know that Quake's real value was it's incredible multiplayer 
    game, many of us still find it's single player game quite appealing. Why?
    I don't have the slightest Idea, but we do.
    While I was writting my Weapons and Monster Guide (Available in 
    gamefaqs.com)I decided to go through the whole game. It was great. I don't
    know why so many people complained about this game, since it is, in fact, 
    a very challenging and cool experience. So I decided to write this guide, 
    from the very first stage until the end.
    I hope it helps you ^_^(or it's useful to somebody at all...)
    3.- About this guide.
    All the songs are (c) their owners.
    This guide covers the way to get the hell out of all the 32 levels of Quake.
    I won't reveal ALL the secrets.
    I won't mention ALL the Monsters.
    I won't take this freaking game and destroy it all for you.
    I will only guide you through the whole game. I will probably forget 
    about some monsters (Unless, of course, is a Vore or a Shambler)(Or many 
    of them) and probably bypass most secrets(Mainly because I haven't found 
    them all),so keep your eyes OPEN.
    The most I will do will be note the weirdest things, and shortcuts.
    Also, I have a nasty tendence to say "hell knight" rather than 
    "death knight". Sorry.
    If you need further help, refer to my Monsters and Weapons guide in 
    If you want to find all the secrets, look somewhere else (i'm sure there's 
    a faq out there. The Faq IS out there. You just need some work to find 
    4.- Before We Start.
    There are three things you have to know before engaging the monster that 
    is Quake.
    First, Patience! Be patient! This game will EAT you free time if you let 
    it. It took me two weeks to finish off in normal difficulty, with about 
    two hours of play each day. That means  a total playtime of 24-28 hours. 
    Now, this isn't an RPG, but considering the fact that Doom II can take a 
    good player about 5 hours to finish in medium difficult levels, you can guess how
    long is this game.
    (Well, not 5 hours, but it's quite easier)
    Second, Quake has a very discrete ammount of keys. Most of the time, you 
    can actually find a way to "crack" the level to exit without completing 
    some tasks (specially when you've just mastered the rocket jump and start 
    doing it everywhere ^_^), so if you just can't find them, roam around
    until you find a way to move on. This is because the levels are very closed, 
    and with some rocket jumping, joke around, and having a (I guess) good time, 
    you can find all the holes of the levels
    (there are Lots of 'em, believe me).
    I will note some of them, but there are probably more.
    And third:When you start the game, you will start at the first level 
    (duh), Welcome to Quake. 
    This place is the link between all the dimensions, and you'll visit this 
    place four times through the game.
    We will take the right path, the Hard one.
    Be careful of the lava pool. It's humilliating to fall there...
    5.- Episode one: Dimension Of The Doomed.
    This is the easiest dimension, but has quite a few twisted levels, so don't 
    go off wandering like you're on god mode. Besides, we're playing on HARD, 
    so it's supposed to be HARD (hehe).
    5.1.- Slipgate Complex.
    Author: John Romero.
    Suggested Music: Resurrection, by Fear Factory.
    This place is quite easy to beat, no matter which mode you play (Even 
    Nightmare). Like all the dimensions, you'll start in a high-tech level 
    (sort of). Start going thru the door, the look at you right, jump there, 
    and shoot the wall. Some Shells!
    Get out of there, the get to the left ledge. Run and jump to the ledge 
    that's directly in fron of you. At the end you will get some basic armor. 
    Then, get back, and enter the next door. Kill the thing and push the button 
    to go down.
    Down there you will face an squad of grunts and doggies, then jump below 
    the bridge. Follow the river, then at some point you will see a grunt and 
    a 100 health powerup. at the end of the  river is an elevator which will 
    take you upstairs. Get back to the place with the bridge, then go to the 
    Inside this place you will find what i would call a big concentration of 
    grunts (*yawn*), and doggies. Kill them all, be careful of the explosive 
    can, the go behind the pillar to your right. Aim the little planet picture 
    up, and you will be lifted and you can get the health. This alone
    doesn't triggers the secret, you gotta shot another wall nearby (I can't
    recall which, though)
    Get down, then follor the path until you face a green pool. Don't try 
    going there (kill the grunts now if you want), but go back to the elevator. 
    Kill whatever you see, and finally, you will see the Nailgun. Oooops... 
    Lights out. Kill the couple of grunts then get out. Go back to
    the green pool, push the button on the wall nearby, then go ahead.
    This long path has three switches (oh, and some enemies also), and you 
    gotta push 'em all. Be careful, because there's a grunt in some balcony 
    which I guess it's the best sniping point of the whole game. Too bad I 
    haven't found how to get there, but you will find a 100 health powerup.
    At the ned of the path, to your right (looking to the door), there's a 
    biosuit. Get it, then go into the slime (DON'T GO INSIDE WITHOUT IT!) Look 
    aroud until you see a good path, at the end you'll find a plataform with a 
    hole in the middle. Go into the hole, grab whatever you need, the
    armor, the go into the teleporter.
    Make your way to the door we left after the path with the three switches. 
    Go inside, kill everyone inside, the step into the slipgate to finish the 
    first level.
    5.2.- Castle of Damned.
    Author: Tim Willits.
    Suggested Music: Slipping Away, by Nine Inch Nails (They made the original 
    music! What do you expect?)
    What a nice picture. Now, I guess you can handle these guys. Below the 
    bridge is a Nails box.
    Get thru the door. Go up the stairs then pass the bridge. To your left 
    is the supershotgun, but I really recommend you to wait before going any 
    farther that way. Better go back to the main bridge and go dow the water. 
    To your left (Directly below the bridge) is a secret room, and
    your first official Scrag.
    Go back to the bridge again, to you right is some armor and a grunt, 
    you can get there jumping, but there is actually another way. But now, go 
    to the door nearby.
    (I don't know how the hell you get there, but there's a teleport pad there)
    Inside you will find some grunts, and the silver door. Since you need a 
    silver key, which you aren't supposed to even know about yet, you can't 
    get inside. Go up the stairs, and below the torch in the first pillar 
    you'll see is a secret... hmmm... switch, which will reveal a quad damage 
    in front of you. Now you go back to where you found the super shotgun, and 
    just storm all over the place until the stairs if you have the quad. If 
    not, go carefuly, the spike shooters can be really dangerous when surrounded 
    by enemies.
    At this point you'll see an apparently impossible to get armor. Just shoot 
    the sign in the wall to reveal to scrags and the ladder to get up there and 
    get the thing. Now follow the stairs.
    Up there you will be greetted by a scrag, an ogre and a good number of knights. 
    When the knights appear, get there and push the switch. Now go find the Ogre 
    and Scrag, and get the silver key. The door just in front of you will appear, 
    linking this place with the quad damage room. Go there then search for the 
    silver door. Go inside, and be sure that you killed everyone before you
    step on the switch, because when you step on it you will find a nasty surprise.
    The best way i've found to take these Fiends out is to step on the switch 
    then go quickly to the nearest teleporter, them shoot them from above. 
    Remember that if you're playing hard there will
    be three of them. From them, just follow the path until the arc to finish 
    the level.
    5.3.- The Necropolis.
    Author: Tim Willits.
    Suggested Music: Apple of Sodom by Marilyn Manson.
    This is the level on which the first demo plays on. But in Hard you 
    won't find that cleaver Ogre behind the wall, but two Fiends (oops).
    Grab the goodies, go take the Grenade Launcher, kill everything (even 
    whatever is already dead), then take a break to start the proper level. 
    Go into the door, take the weapon, shoot the switch (You CAN get crushed, 
    you know?), then make sure have the grenade launcher equipped. Follow 
    the path, and when you get to the end, quickly turn around and kill the 
    Zombies. They can really take your ass and throw it all round the 
    level, so make sure they stay down. Then turn around, and go into the 
    next section, but don't go far, three Scrags will appear from nowhere, 
    so try to take them out as harmless as you can, because you need 
    all your health now.
    Go forward, then shoot the Shambler! And after you kill shoot the 
    ||Other|| Shambler!
    The best way to face them without dying trying it, is to keep 
    yourself at the entrance. Shoot them until they raise their hands, then 
    get the hell outta their sight! The second Shambler will appear once 
    you kill the first one, _then_ you try walking into the place where the 
    first one was standing (watching the landslide).
    After the onslaught, go and grab whatever you need, be careful of the 
    next scrags. That door needs the golden key (Another high-tech item 
    that you haven't seen in your whole caveman-life).The thing is behind 
    you, in fact, look down to the water and you'll spot it (or, in my case, 
    since I play in 320x200, some golden thing that looks blockier than a lego 
    festival). Go down and grab it! You got the AMAZING golden key!
    (I wonder who the hell puts a key in the middle of a chasm, with the door 
    above it with no means of going up... oops)
    No, we can't get up so easily.
    (Also I wonder who could make a key that actually floats)
    (And finally, I wonder who could avoid losing it ^_^)
    Ok, let's get back to the game. Down there you will find lots of zombies. 
    Directly below the door is a passage, go there, and at the end you will 
    end with a hall with a lift. Go up, follow the way, then you will end at 
    the start (as weird as it may sound). You can now make your way to the
    golden door and make reality the dream of a real use for the dammed golden 
    block, i mean, key.
    Inside you will eventually find a place with two ogres above. Kill them, 
    go climb the little edges to get upside and push the switch. Kill the 
    Zombies, get into the next door.
    At the end you will find a place with a switch, push it (Dara dararara...), 
    then when you get upside you have to find two fiends, another two fiends, 
    then a shambler (they will appear in that order. Keep away from the door 
    or they may even telefrag you). Pass the arc to the next level.
    5.4.- The Grissly Grotto (¿?).
    Author: Tim Willits.
    Sugested music: Eiffersucht, by Rammstein. 
    As soon as you enter the door you'll be attacked by a couple of scrags. 
    After that, shoot the two red buttons to lower a plataform with two ogres 
    and some items. Clear both of them, then follow the path. At the end you will 
    find an bio suit and a couple o'items, plus some scrags, and a wonderful view 
    to you doom.
    Get the bio suit, then swim to the bottom. You will notice something that 
    looks like a house (I'm beggining to think that's the intention from the 
    guys from id), go inside it, then you will notice, if you look around, a 
    little arrow pointing up. Follow it, kill the ogre, then you'll be able to 
    catch the Super Nailgun. Follow the path, and you will find another "house". 
    Be careful of the ogre that comes from the hole in the floor. Go until the 
    end (Knights!), go up in the lift, then make sure you have plenty of life. 
    Go an press the button that is to your left.
    It will open the door and reveal 4 scrags that can beat the living hell 
    out of you if you don't get out of the "cage. Go into the door you just 
    opened, then crossing the next door you will be able to find the silver key 
    (If you look closely it evens looks like a key!).
    (You'll hear a sound like a door or a pillar moving. I frankly haven't 
    the faintest idea of what is it. Maybe that's just me hearing things)
    Just before you, it's a... wall.
    Ok, there's a point of the wall that looks quite weird. swim to it, and 
    you will reach another room with the silver key. Also a couple  ( ^_^U ) of 
    Fiends are over there. Above you is a big bridge with some ogres, which may 
    throw down a few grenades, also. Move to the door, kill your buddy, then go 
    right to step on a floorplate. Now go left to get
    the armor, then face the scrags and ogre. 
    In that room, as soon as you pass around the item in the bridge, two doors 
    will open with two ogres in each one. Don't mind them yet. Go into the lift 
    Up there you'll find some knights, five floorplates, and three spike shooters. 
    Killing the  knights is the easy part, steeping in the switches can provide a 
    few extra holes. Be careful. Also, in the northeast corner of the room is a 
    Fiend waiting to salute you (Just like the 7th Legion).
    When you step on the five floorplates, two little holes will appear.
    NOTE: I don't actually know if you HAVE to step on them to finish the level, 
    but do it anyway.
    Kill the ogres down the little holes with the grenade launcher, 
    then push the switch in each plataform. This will give you a message, 
    "A secret cave has opened". 
    This means you can go find the first secret level, Ziggurat Vertigo. 
    This is quite easy to find, 
    go to the place where you found the "water house", the look around this 
    big pool to find a circle-ish cave, Go there and enter the portal to go
    to the first secret level. Refer to the section 10 if you need help 
    with it.
    To properly finish the level, from the place with the floor plates, 
    follow the stairs, cross the bridge and after the mayhem, go thru the 
    arc to finish.
    5.5.- Gloom Keep.
    Author: Tim Willits.
    Sugested Music: Coma Black, By Marilyn Manson.
    I like this level ^_^. The Objective here is to get into the last floor.
    Oddly enough, you can exit this level without the silver key, abusing
    the engine like I told you earlier ^_^.
    First, get off the bridge to the "moat", then search down there for
    a hole you can get thru. Inside is a 100 Health, and a box of nails. Get
    out and go to the right to find the ladder to get out. Careful with 
    the "lancelots" there.
    Go back to the start of the level, then enter the keep. Watch out for 
    the spike shooters, then look up at the end of the corridor. See the
    Ogre up there. You gotta reach his place. Get the Rocket Launcher,
    then go to the right corridor.
    Kill off whatever's there (Three Ogres and a couple o' Knights, IIRC),
    get the super nailgun (YOU NEED THIS THING, BELIEVE ME, IT'S NOT
    WEAPON WITH ENOUGH AMMO), then go left and up the stairs. Hold your 
    breath, then enter the teleport gate.
    The nice and good gold key it's just in front of you. Grab it, then you
    will have to face a very tough shambler if you don't have the Super
    Nailgun with at least, let's say, 50 nails. As soon as you kill it,
    two Fiends and a Ogre will appear. Most of the time the ogre will start
    fighting one of the fiends, so that won't be as hard as it seems.
    Follow the next corridor until you hit a room with an ogre shooting from
    an small plataform. Kill it, then (well, kill anything there!) climb the
    ladders, then try jumping to the small "wall" that separates the room.
    Follow the narrow wall, then jump into the plataform to get armor. 
    You can get out of the stage right now, but it can be quite hard sometimes,
    so you can always follow the SHORT WAY, or the LONG WAY.
    So you wanna play dirty ^_^, I'll help you.
    Go back to the hall where I told you there was an ogre, and you had to
    get where the ogre was. Do a rocket jump and you can reach it without
    having to do the mess to get the silver key.
    (If you don't know how to do a rocket jump, it's easy.
    Look all the way down, then shoot a rocket, and a portion of a second
    later, jump. If you do it all right, you will jump a with a significant 
    height gain.)
    Get into the pit, kill the ogres, then get out.
    So you're a rightful guy, right?, I'll help you too.
    Go back to the hall where I told you was an ogre, and you had to get 
    where the ogre was. Now, take the left path. Be careful with the stick
    there, which will most likely kill you if it hits you.
    The spike shooter won't start shooting unless you actually enter the 
    room. Inside there you will have to take down some enemies, then go
    carefully to avoid too much damage. At the end you will find a long
    bridge with some wooden beams that go back and forth. If on of them 
    catches you, it will throw you down, and you will have to face a pack of
    fiends to get out, and there isn't anything worth down there, so I
    recommend you to try and avoid them.
    (if, for some weird reason, you wanna go there, kill them from above
    or you won't probably survive)
    At the end, follow the stairs, and at the end there's a door guarded
    by an ogre, inside is the silver key. With this on hand, go back to
    the main hall.
    Throw yourself down then open the silver door. Press the switch, wait 
    for the lift, go up, open the golden door, hop into the pit, kill
    ogres, get the hell out of there.
    5.6.- The Door to Chthon.
    Author: American Mcgee.
    Sugested Music: Thorn Within, By Metallica.
    This stage has a major shortcut (you can finish this one in 2 minutes
    if you're good enough), and it's a major help too since this stage
    it's very tough. However, the shortcut it's extremely hard to do, and
    even harder to survive.
    The shortcut itself, while hard to do, it's not the real problem. The
    problem is to survive after doing it.
    From where you start, you will see below a couple of ogres. Kill them.
    To your right, you will see a seemingly impossible to jump lava pool, and
    the golden key.
    Yeah, you're guess it's good as mine. Rocket jump!
    Here's the deal. This rocket jump it's extremely hard to perform, since
    the gate it's somewhat small, and the lava pool it's long. Besides it,
    the problem here is the distance, not the height of the jump. Try jumping
    from the very edge of the floor, and good luck.
    The real problem it's the fact that, when you get the key, a Shambler will
    appear before you. There's a bridge supposed to be there, so without it,
    you can't get to safe ground to fight the monster. Shoot it with the Super
    Nailgun. You can do a normal jump to get to the main hall. There, enter
    the golden door, and kill the couple there. Press the switch, then prepare
    yourself. The floorplate will reveal another Shambler! Luck is that you
    will have gotten new ammo for your trusty Super nailgun, and you can get
    armor soon.
    Steep on the thing, the go forward to get the armor. While the monster is
    busy trying to hit you with his claws, you go backpedal and shoot him down.
    After dispatching him, you get into the portal and go face Chton in the
    next stage.
    (Yeah, hard anyway)
    After you kill the two ogres at the start, step on the nearest doorplate.
    Go to the path tha has been iluminated, then kill the ogre, press the
    switch in the wall, and see what Id has for you. That armor looks
    extremely suspicious, right?
    Take it (nothing special happens. What a waste), then press the
    switch. A couple of ogres will appear, kill them.
    In this room are two things: A Super Nailgun above, which you can reach
    with a good rocket jump (I haven't found a way to enter it yet, and 
    there's a telepad...).  Don't step on the telepad if you don't want
    to face the scrags. Also, you can rocket jump to get the goodies
    where you killed the ogres, or jumping from the secret above.
    After you're finished, go into the hole in the floor. Down there
    several ogres will appear, and soon another hole will appear.
    (Oddly enough, you can also do a rocket jump here, and avoid the
    crushing wall later, but that's not really recommended).
    Down there, a crushing wall will start avancing, then several ogres will
    attack. Until you kill them all, you can't get out of the room, so 
    do it, and get out. You will be able to get the silver key, and the 
    path in the main hall which was still dark, will turn the lights on.
    You can actually jump the dark place and get into the room with the
    silver door without lighting it up, but you can't open the door anyway
    so it's useless.
    I first thought "What an amazing discovery!", but it's a evil trap ^_^.
    Ok, go back to the main hall, cross the newly bright room, then open 
    the door. Kill 'em all, then press the switch. A pack of Zombies will
    attempt to eat you, and the bridge to the silver door will appear. Go
    there, step on the switch, and go to the main hall, again.
    (Don't you hate these "main Halls"?)The bridge to the golden door is
    there! Go take it, and be careful with the shambler. Open the golden 
    door, kill ogres, press switch, step on floorplate, kill shambler, hop
    in the portal.
    5.7.- The House of Chthon.
    Author: American Mcgee.
    Sugested music: Just like this, by Limp Bizkit.
    Well, a simple but not easy stage. It reminds me of the "Dead Simple"
    stage from Doom II (the 8th stage, IIRC).
    (By the way, where's the bathroom? Don't tell me Chthon doesn't goes
    to the bathroom!... or he... does it in the pool?
    ACK! ^_^)
    Just before you it's the Rune of Earth Magic.
    As soon as you get it, Chthon will appear from the lava pool. He's
    mighty hard in Hard skill, specially because there's no freaking 100
    health box at the start like in easy and normal. 
    The way to fry the guy it's to go up, then press the two lateral 
    floorplates, then the central one. It will shoot a lightning away at
    him. You have to hit him three times, and he's done for. Keep running to avoid
    getting hurt by his lava balls. When you beat him, you will be able to
    go into the next section, just below you. Go inside, and go into the
    tunnel. At the end is the exit. Enjoy the fireworks, and the victory text.
    			"As the corpse of the mounstrous entity
    			Chthon sinks back into the lava whence
    			it rose, you grip the rune of earth
    			magic tightly. Now that you have 
    			conquered the Dimension of The Doomed, 
    			realm of earth magic, you are ready to
    			complete your task. A rune of magic
    			power lies at the end of each haunted
    			land of Quake. Go forth, seek the
    			totality of the four runes!"
    6.0.- Welcome to Quake.
    You will appear here again. Go and choose your next episode, in our case,
    the Realm of Black magic.
    6.- Espisode Two: The Realm of Black Magic.
    Here's where the game starts getting actually hard. Besides, here's where
    you can find the scariest thing in the game. Enjoy it.
    6.1.- The Installation.
    Author: John Romero.
    Sugested Music: Firestarter, By The Prodigy.
    I *HATE* this level.
    It's pretty simple. From the start, go and cross. Kill the enforcers and
    grunts over there, then get the golden key and watch out for the 
    Go back to the start and follow the left corridor to find the golden
    door. Follow the left path, then go until you find a ladder. Go up,
    kill the enforcer and get the armor. Enter the new path, then go
    down in the lift. Follow the path until you hit the room with a
    "cage" and at the end is the switch. Push it, then go back, and enter the
    newly opened path. Kill the doggies, go up the lift, the next lift, and 
    soon you will find the silver door. 
    Open it, get the Double barreled shotgun, then go into the elevator.
    Kill the pack of enforcers, and follow the path. Be careful with the laser
    guards which can do a significant ammount of damage, and exit this horrible
    6.2.- The Ogre Citadel.
    Author: John Romero.
    Sugested Music: Blood Brothers, by Papa Roach.
    This is one of the toughest levels of the whole game, so be prepared.
    Kill the guy at the start, and follow the path to get out of the cave. Kill
    the pack of knights, then shoot the two switches to get the bridge down.
    Hit one, and the door opens (watch out for that fiend!)
    Hit two, and the bridge appears.
    Even better, jump in the moat, kill the fiend, then go to the left to get a
    100 health box. Then make your way to the castle going to the right. To
    the side where the face spits spikes, it's the door of the castle.
    Go look for the golden door (which you can't open yet), and go down
    to the right. At the end of the stairs you'll find a floorplate, step
    on it (I recommend you kill the Fiend from here too). Follow the path,
    take the quad, and storm all over, jump the gap, and kill the shambler
    there (It should take 3-4 of the super shotgun with the quad on), and
    take the golden key. Now go back and open the golden door.
    Open it, take down the ogres, and run to the next corridor. The plataform
    will sink down if you stay on it, so be fast. At the end you will have 
    to face a good problem: Zombies. You can get a Grenade launcher in the
    previous level, but I don't recall the place, so you'll have to run and
    leave them "alive". Down(in the park) is a Fiend and nothing else, so 
    don't fall down.
    At the end of the pillars is the exit. It wasn't that hard anyway...
    6.3.- The Crypt of Decay.
    Author: John Romero.
    Sugested Music: Eat your veggies.
    "The well of wishes awaits in the crypt of decay"
    So, we're in the crypt of decay. What's that? we'll see later.
    First, kill the ogre, and get up to the lift. Up there you will
    face your first pair of Death Knights, and a ogre.
    Go ahead, and go to the right. Then go thru the path, press the
    switch, and press the next switch following the bridge. The go back
    to the start and go left, be careful there, and at the end, press the
    switch, then go to the bridge that comes. Go forth, then left.
    Catch the golden block (key...kee.... Key!!), then GO BACK! Three
    ugly Hell Knight will appear. Then go there again, and look the
    right wall. Shoot it, and a secret will appear.
    NOTE:  if you go into the water, at some point you will see "The 
    portal lies beyond". This is the secret level. We'll find it later.
    Go back, and find the golden door back to the place where the Zombies
    are crying. Open the door, don't forget to say hi to the Shambler for
    me, and follow the path! At the end is an elevator, and some spike 
    shooters. Kill the ogre, and stay Clear! The spike shooters will help
    you, and believe me, you need help. Use F11 to see zoom, and watch the 
    Death Knights killed by the spikes. Sooner or later the shambler will
    appear, so take it down with your Super nailgun, which you're supposed
    to pick on your way.
    this isn't Silent Hill... after all...
    (Darn it. )
    We're going to find the Well Of Wishes. After killing this hell, go ahead,
    and stop in the middle, look back where the Ogres are shooting. Take them 
    both down, and now look at the right corner. There's something that seems 
    like it's moving. Jump there! It's a quad.
    Now, continue in the small ledge to the right, until you find a hole.
    Go there, and at the end is another hole, but with water.
    "Welcome to the Well of Wishes"
    (Yeah, and I wish... a copy of Doom III ^_^)
    Anyway, go inside, and you're in the well of wishes! Inside there are
    a couple of goodies, then it's the ONLY, and AWESOME, DOPEFISH!!!!!!
    (Don't wet your pants. It's only a picture.)
    You can leave shooting the wall to your left.
    Go back to the point where we left, and go forward. To your left
    it's a room with a switch in the ceiling. Shoot it, and follow the new
    path, press the switch, then the barrier we found before it's lowered.
    There's the passage to the Underearth, the secret level. Look further to 
    find the solution.
    The exit it's at your right.
    6.4.- The Ebon Fortress.
    Author: John Romero.
    Suggested Music: Trippin', by Godsmack.
    Gotta love those ambiance sounds... Anyway, down to business. Go ahead, 
    then, from the ledge, kill the Knight (The Super Nailgun does it nice
    and easy, and you have to somehow restrict your rockets, as there are
    LOTS of zombies here). Then go into the water. 
    To the right, there's a Zombie, and above, several Ogres. Take em all
    out, be careful if the Scrag comes looking around. Follow the cave,
    then run for your life. Equip the Grenade Launcher, then kill everything,
    and catch the golden K to the right of the entrance. There's a Grenade
    Launcher if you don't have it already (Tough luck for ya).
    To the left, there's another entrance to some kind of temple. Is guarded
    by a helluva lot of enemies, so be careful. There, you can get the
    Rocket Launcher... surprise! a couple of Fiends looking for you.
    Enter the corridor, and, if you survive the onslaught, then go to the
    right until the end, where you will find a switch, which you should 
    press. now go to the left until you reach an elevator. Go up, then follow
    the bridge, kill off the Fiends, Scrags and the ogre behind the ladder.
    Where the ogre was standing, shot the wall, then a secret area with rockets
    and a 100 health will open. Then, follow the road, until you get to a 
    place with another elevator, and press the switch there. You gotta jump
    into the sliding plate, and follow with it until you find a gateway which
    has many ogres.
    This part is very tough. You gotta kill them all, but be careful, on the 
    ledge is a Shambler. After that, follow the next bridge, press the switch,
    and jump where the Shambler was (or is), to collect the silver key. Now,
    get into the plate again, and get into the final place. There, find the
    silver door, and get inside. Look in the first level for the switch, press
    it, then go up. Be careful with the Shambler. There, shot the switch, then go 
    into the other side of the corridor, where you will face four Fiends and two
    ogres. Hard part. There's actually a Quad Damage over here, but it's too much
    work to get it (Lazy me)... also, you may have noticed that i haven't 
    mentioned a use for the golden K. Well, it's not important, the golden door
    is on the same place where was the ogre guarding the secret door.
    A couple of goodies, only.
    6.5.- The Wizard's Manse.
    Author: John Romero.
    Suggested music: Wait and Bleed, By Slipknot.
    (The music has nothing to do with the level, but, hey, it's cool anyway!)
    (I wouldn't play Spit it out or something like that here anyway)
    Tough level the last one, eh? This one is easier. 
    Hehe, I was joking. This level is one helluva bitchin' royal rumble. It's
    fucking impossible. The last level was a walk in the park compared to this 
    one. And it gets even harder evenly (Yep!).
    First come, and kill
    the patrol of three Death Knites and the Ogre (just *what* the heck is an
    Ogre doing with three Death Knights? Something evil is going on there ^_^),
    then follow the path until you see a couple of Ogres shooting at you. 
    Grab the rocket Launcher, and kill the guys, then jump into the lake, 
    collect whatever's there, then look around the center "rock", over there 
    is a hole which leads to an elevator, then a shell box, then to the 
    Follow the elevator, then go into the castle. Watch out for the Fiend, and
    the couple of Scrags which will attack you from both sides.
    Now, go thru the left corridor. I suggest you that you skip all monsters 
    in the big hall, unless they get directly on your way. Find the switch,
    press it, now run to the right corridor. Again, skipp whatever, until 
    you reach a gateway leading to a rectangular room. There, storm all the
    way! Kill everything! The goal is to press a switch which is in the left
    corner of the room which opens the way on the other side, but also
    lets a Shambler out (inside his room is a Red Armor, however). This part
    is very hard, so save before entering. Now, after killing the Shambler,
    go to the newly open way.
    Now, from this part until you reach the next Shambler, the path is very
    straight forward, and since I honestly only stormed all around my path
    with my newly acquired Thunderbolt (it's there somewhere in the way).
    The Golden K is available if you jump thru a little window which is 
    somewhere and leads to a river. There you can jump, and eventually find
    the K.
    When you find your second Shambler, kill it (DuH), then follow the path.
    you will reach an elevator, where you will be taken to a new scene. Kill 
    the two Ogres, kill the third one which is shooting from above, then 
    follow the river. You will find the Golden door. Be careful! after that
    door there are:
    It is tough. After it, go for the door (if you survive).
    6.6.- The Dismal Oubliette.
    Author: John Romero.
    Suggested Music: Metal, by Nine Inch Nails.
    HISTORIC NOTE: This level was much bigger than what it is now.
    In fact, it had a cave before the entrance with the fiends and the
    thingie that raises the bridge. Is pretty cool (in fact one of the
    best caves I've seen), but in my opinion it would make the stage
    harder beyond nescessity. This segment is available pretty much
    right now everywhere on the 'net.
    NOTE: This level is rather tricky. However, there's another nifty 
    shortcut right after you raise the bridge for the first time: Rocket
    Jump! Jump into the gate which shows a megahealth. However, that
    part of the level is not only tricky, is damn hard. Be careful here.
    I'm tired. Last level drained my energies. Anyway. Go forth, kill
    the fiend and the Ogre, and touch the "thing" there. Follow the bridge,
    From there, go to the right path, push the switch, then go quickly
    the other way, up the stairs, then push the switch. Now, turn back, and
    take a swim to the pool.
    (Be careful with the guys there)
    NOTE: there is a little trick which can help you later. On this edge,
    look to the right wall. There's a hole there. You can rocket jump inside,
    and you will find an ogre and a Fiend looking away. You can kill them with 
    ease now, and you won't have to mess with them later.
    Also, you can kill the baddies on the windows, and they won't be able to
    see you.
    Ok, follow the path underwater, then go to the left. See those edges? you gotta
    climb 'em. Up there is a switch, push it, then go down again. Now take the
    right path, and take the elevator, follow the path, the next elevator. Now,
    if you survive the close encounters, you will find a hole. Fall there, and you 
    will find another "thing", which will move the central bridge again.
    Following it again, you will end at a broken up corridor with a green 
    armor. Take it if you need it, and backtrack quickly, 'cuz there's an
    Death Knight coming downtown to your neck.
    Anyway, go left now, and  following the "clues", you will end up at some
    place which has a barrier marked with the golden key. Press the switch
    somewhere in that room, and look for the elevator to come and pick
    you up.
    This one is pretty hard, but there's a little secret. In the first corridor,
    keep to the right, and you will eventually hit a "secret" corridor. Down there
    is a +100 Health, several goddies, and more important, a Pentragram of 
    Protection. With, just storm quickly the whole floor, and hit the two
    switchs. Now, you can acces the third floor.
    This floor is pretty simple: Go ahead, killing whatever you find. 
    After a little killing, you will find the prized golden K. Now, go
    thru the newly opened way, and you will end up on the first floor again.
    FIRST FLOOR (odd, uh?)
    Here, go to the barrier I told you before. With the Golden K, it will
    open, and you will be able to push the final "thing". That is of course,
    if you survive.
    Go back to the bridge, and follow the final path. It will lead you to an
    elevator which will take you to a hard battle with two shamblers, then
    two Fiends, then four zombies, another zombie, and at the bottom, two
    Vores. Now, the rune is yours to take: We've finished this episode.
    			"The Rune of Black Magic throbs
    			evilly on your hand and whispers
    			dark thoughts into your mind. You
    			learn the inmost lore of Hell-Mother;
    			Shub-Niggurathh! You know that she is 
    			behind all this terrible plotting which
    			has led to so much death and horror.
    			But she is not inviolate! Armed with
    			this rune, you realize that once all
    			four runes are combined, the gate to
    			Shub-Niggurathh's Pit will open, and
    			you can face the witch goddess herself
    			on her frightful otherworld cathedral."
    7.0.- Welcome to Quake.
    Now, come back to the beggining. Sad, isn't it? Anyway, go to the next
    episode, the Netherworld.
    7.- Episode three: The Netherworld.
    A Funny episode, overall not as hard as the second one, but hard 
    nonetheless. Vores abound here.
    7.1.- Termination Central.
    Author: John Romero.
    Suggested Music: I'm about to say M4A1, by Gorillaz. Gee, I said it.
    Well, I have to reckon this level is a tough cookie.
    Kill the enforcer (The axe is a good choice in these cases), collect 
    the items. Keep as much ammo as possible, since this map has 64 enemies.
    Go into the elvator. Kill everything there, and go forth until the
    road breaks, so choose the rightern path. There, press the switch, and
    go back to the fork, and choose the left path. Find the next switch, and 
    duke it out until you can continue. Watch out for the grunts on the second
    Continue making your way until you find a big room with LOTS of enemies.
    Grab that damned Quad Damage and kill 'em all. Now, press the switch, 
    and lean over the edge near the newly openend doors, and look down. There
    is a ledge. Fall there, and get the goodies. Now, go into the elevator,
    and grab the other items, and continue your way thru the bridge.
    Going over the elevator, to the left is the golden key. Go get it if you
    need it. Of course you need it. So go get it. That's logical! You learn
    stuff this useful in university. Get if you haven't already.
    Go now to the right, and climb over the boxes. On the larger part,
    shoot the wall to the north, and there is one spot which has a secret
    door. Inside you will find a 100 health box. Now make your way to the
    boxes again, and to the right is the golden door. And over there is
    the exit.
    7.2.- The Vaults of Zin.
    Author: American Mcgee.
    Suggested Music: Hierate Mich, By Rammstein.
    This place is scary! I want my girlfriend! Wait a minute... do I have
    a girlfriend? I think so. Well. Probably. I will see later if I do.
    Let's start.
    This place is infested with zombies, fortunately, the monster account
    is not that mounstruous as the last levels. Be glad.
    See that key? As soon as you get near it, it will get away. That was
    Well, start, pass the zombies as you don't have a Grenade Launcher yet.
    Go to the left, and get the weapon. Now you can kill them. Be careful
    with the jump. Now go to the right, and walk until you reach a place
    with an ogre and a lava pool. Kill him, and go to the other side of the
    room, to the elevator. Over there, make your way to the other side of
    the room, press the switch, and see the pilla in the middle get up. Now,
    get yourself a breath, and jump down to the switch. The pillar DOES FALLS
    after a few seconds, so don't wait too much. If it does, just press the
    switch again. 
    Now, as soon as you press the switch, several ogres will appear. At the 
    time of writing, the system stopped for a second when I jumped out of 
    the switch, and, after it got moving again, I found myself right in
    front of the elevator. Surrounded, and scared as I am ('coz I still
    haven't found out if I do have a girlfriend ^_^), I got inside.
    I hid above, and watched the ogres kill themselves. The last one kill
    himself with his own grenades. Now, sorry for the swearing (I've done 
    it several times on this file, but I expect anyone reading this to
    forgive me), but what an asshole. Now, I know that everything about
    Quake's intelligent monsters is a lie.
    Enough rambling. Not, go thru the opened door, and got forth killing
    whatever you find there. Often, an smart ogre might avoid jumping, and 
    will be sending grenades from above. Be careful. Right in front is a 
    closed room. If you get there, it will turn into an elevator. When
    you get to the lower floor, a couple of ogres will attack you from
    both sides, so watch for them. Go to the left opening, and press the 
    switch. Now, go into the hole now created, and press the switch. Get
    into the teleporter in front of the lava pool.
    Now, look down from the ledge. You should see at least a Fiend. After you
    kill them all, get the switch below you. Now go thru the gate the the
    darned kee, and get to the teleporter. Now reach the silver door.
    Go forth, until you reach a place with several pillars. Now, the exit is
    just behind the golden door nearby, but the key is below, with two shamblers.
    Press the two switches, and kill them both (They might teleport above), and
    get out. That is. Is that simple.
    And I do have a girlfriend. I'm sure. I had yesterday and hadn't seen
    her since so I do have a girlfriend.
    NOTE FROM VERSION 0.3: I just talked to her two hours ago. Yep, she's
    still my girlfriend.
    7.3.- Tomb of Terror.
    Author: American Mcgee.
    Suggested Music: They Know Who You Are, by Powerman 5000.
    Funny name for a level.
    Behind the ladder is a switch, press it, and go thru the door you opened
    to the right of the start. Go there, press the switch at the floor,
    and, in the fork, go to the right. Continue until you find a pool of lava,
    cross the bridge, and press the switch. A Death knight and two Zombies
    will appear. Kill them. Now, two doors will open with crushing pillars
    with switches below. You can step on the two switches to activate the
    bridge, but is much easier to save and jump to the other ledge, so you 
    avoid the apparitions of Fiends and Scrags. So I recommend you to jump.
    You will appear right at the start, but the ladder will now accesable.
    Go up. Kill everything above it, and run to the switch. The bridge is
    covered with spike shooters so run above it. Kill the knight, and go 
    inside the bridge, not without catching the silver runekey.
    You will appear once again at the start. Go left, thru the door, and
    continue until you reach the stairway. Kill everything around (be 
    careful with the Death Knight above you). In the last level, press
    the switch to reveal a hidden room: Go inside, press the switch somewhere
    over there, and go back up. Get inside the newly opened door, and
    exit the level.
    7.4.- Satan's Dark Delight.
    Author: American Mcgee.
    Suggested Music: King Hill 33º, By Marilyn Manson.
    With such a cheap name like that, you would expect this to be something
    special. Well, is not so hard.
    Start, I recommend you take out the ogres by going to the sides, so
    to avoid them annoying. Stand in the grey square to get into the water,
    and make your way among the rotfishes and the zombies above. Once you kill
    them all, get to the other side of the "moat", and get near the door there.
    An ogre will greet you. Get inside, kill the other ogre, and press the
    switch. Make your way around thru the bridge.
    Okay, so sorry, but I don't know how did I got here ^_^, but you will 
    finally reach a point where you can cross the bridge to a switch-activated
    elevator. So press the darned switch, and walk around. Kill the two ogres,
    and watch below. Kill the ogres you see from here, and be ready for an
    annoying place.
    The plates around are transports. Get over the near one, and get around it
    until you reach a place where you see an ogre in a hole in a wall with a
    switch above it. Shoot the switch to kill the ogre (funny), and turn to the
    right, and jump in that plataform. Kill the ogre, and a secret door with
    lots of goodies should open. Get the quad, and go into the elevation,
    which is an elevator, and get inside the door, kill the two ogres and
    the fiend, and you will eventually hit the start of the transports again.
    Now, get over the transport again, and this time, fall to the first place 
    to the left you see. Hit the switch, wait for the plataform, and now, 
    get in the place where we splat the ogre. Get in the room to the left,
    and get into the plataform, THEN, shoot the switch on the floor.
    You will eventually hit a lonely plataform in the middle. Wait for the
    next transport, and get to the final part.
    After the mayhem, follow the corridor, kill the shambler, and take a
    moment: If you go carefully bording the edges of the lava pool below
    the stair, you will see a hole in the pool. Jump there, and it will
    take you to the secret level of the episode "The Haunted Halls".
    If not, go forth, get into the teleport, and into the next teleport.
    That is.
    7.5.- The Wind Tunnels.
    Author: Tim Willits.
    Suggested Music: Papercut, by Linkin' Park
    This is a funny level which features transporting by wind tunnels. Is
    often more fun than frustration, but be careful with it. Start by grabbing
    the goodies and then get under the tunnel, and JUMP! JUMP AROUND!
    On the next room, you will have to mess with two fiends and three scrags.
    There is only one way to go, on the final tunnel, so go there.
    The next room has three death knights. Take 'em out, then go into the
    corridor, killing the fiends (is fairly easy to do with the super 
    nailgun), and at the end, press the switch, get the biosuit, and jump
    into the hole to the right of the closed tunnel. At the end of the 
    "sewer", swim down and, then up, when you can't go forth anymore. You 
    will reach the central hall again. Another wind tunnel is opened. Go 
    Now, is far much easier to jump into the water and make your way below
    than duking it out on the ground. Besides, at the far end is a secret
    place with some goodies (as well as a rocket launcher). After the storm,
    there is a new wind tunnel to take. It will take you eventually to
    the aforementioned sealed wind tunnel, so go there. On this place is
    again a helluva bitching battle, push the first switch you see, kill the
    two shamblers you will see, and after them, look around upwards and
    you will localize a red quake switch. Shoot it, and a secret will 
    be revealed. Now, jump into the big water pit, and you will reach the
    central hall again.
    New enemies have arrived, so be careful. Get into the last wind tunnel,
    and kill everyone. If you need to go back, shoot the different tile
    on the floor, and a teleport (and a few items) will be revealed. Jumpin'
    in the teleporter in front will finish the level.
    7.6.- Chambers of Torment.
    Author: American Mcgee and Tim Willits. So there.
    Suggested Music: Where is Everybody?, by Nine Inch Nails.
    Well, this is a toughie. There are many Vores around, as well as a lot
    of lava. In fact, this is my recommended start here. Lava. Remember, a
    girlfriend is good if you are scared. If you don't have a girlfriend,
    so there. Get one. Besides, if you have a girlfriend, you can brag
    with her that you have finished the third episode of Quake. If she's
    a good one, she will hear everything despite thinking you are a
    loser. But she won't say it.
    Anywayz, this is the last level of this episode. I think is easier
    than the "Dismal Obliuette", but that level was a hell.
    Jump into the lava pit to the left, and try to land in the plataform with 
    the red armor (you'll need it!). Now, run and jump around to get to the
    little tunnel in front of you. Kill anything there, and be careful when 
    you get to the elevator. Don't try to take anything here with the Rocket
    Launcher! Don't be an asshole like myself X-D. Whatever.
    A Vore has reported on your starting position (is like she was keeping
    track of you the last five levels). Kill her from this place, so you can
    hide behind the walls to avoid her balls. Now, continue, and you will
    reach the start to continue playing like normal.
    Enter the... castle?, the... house, and kill the ogres above you. There 
    is a ring of shadows here which can be very useful. Grab it, and storm
    your way until you see a fiend. Kill it first using the surprise element,
    but don't let the vore see you (yeah! here is _ANOTHER_ vore). Then,
    kill the vore using the Thunderbolt if you can.
    Continue. Kill the ogres behind the wall, and then the hell knights and
    the OTHER vore (3 vores in a row. Gee. That's more than what we have
    faced in the ENTIRE game.). Over there is the silver runekey.
    Grab it, and go to the silver door. Great. It worked. Go ahead, killing
    whatever you find. Well, in fact, go back! Then go ahead. Continue
    making your way, there is not much to miss. When you reach the elevator,
    go thru the corridor, and you will reach a circular room with many spike
    shooters. Find the swicth, press it, and continue.
    Great. More vores. And a fiend. Kill the fiend first. Now the Vores if
    you can. You can finish the episode in one swift rocket jump now,
    be careful with the fiend. As soon as you grab the rune the episode will
    finish, so don't worry. Now, if you are going to continue to play fair,
    go thru the tunnel until you hit the three switches. Kill everything,
    make your way over the plataforms, and grab the golden K. Go down,
    thru the golden door, kill the scrags, get to the elvator, and you will
    be on the road.
    YET, more vores. Darn it. Kill them all. Good luck if you don't have 
    rockets or cells. There is a big chance that they will fall to the lava,
    so that makes them easier. Maybe. Now, go get the rune. As soon as you
    have made it thru the middle of the bridge, two fiends will appear
    on boths sides. Be VERY careful.Getting the rune will lower the bars and
    let you get out of this hellish place.
    Third episode down, one to go. Don't you feel great? Well I do. Screw
    you if you don't. Go brag with whoever you want, but come back later.
    We still have a duck to shoot down.
    			"The charred viscera of diabolic
    			horrors bubbles visciously as you
    			seize the Rune of Hell Magic. its
    			heat scorches your hand, and its
    			terrible secrets blight your mind.
    			Gathering the sheds of your courage,
    			you shake the devil's shackles from
    			your soul, and become even more hard 
    			and determined to destroy the henious
    			creatures whose mere existence threatens
    			the souls and psyches of all the population
    			of earth."
    8.0 Welcome to Quake.
    Into the fourth episode! Be brave! We're about to end!
    8.0.- The Elder World.
    Well, the last episode, the Elder World, is no joke. Is damn hard, there
    are many horrible places, and even most levels are much more scarier
    than the third episode. You will need luck, and care. But you will have
    me to help you. Let's go!
    8.1.- The Sewage System.
    Author: Tim Willits.
    Suggested Music: Fuel, by Metallica.
    IMPORTANT NOTE: I scored an A on my math's exam! gee! I AM HAPPY!!!
    Only two points to pass the darned subject! UNIVERSITY IS HELL!
    You know you are in a hard level when the start is a pit. 
    Jump down! Kill everyone quick: they are very damaging. They are just
    grunts, but they are dangerous in packs. Once you kill them all, go to 
    the right hole. Kill the grunt there using the exploding box. Now, 
    continue. Save Ammo! Many grunts and enforcers lay around.
    Get into the water. Go thru until you find some arrows pointing up. Is
    not hard to find. An elevator will take you up. Be careful of the laser
    shooting traps, they are dangerous. Continue, and you will eventually
    get the golden keycard, which is what you need. From that place, jump 
    down to the golden door. Get your nailgun out, and be careful with the
    enforcer above, which is very annoying. Find the switch, and press it
    to open the flod gates. Go down to the place where you fell first.
    Go to the flood gate which was closed before. Dive underwater, and go
    forward, and you'll hit a room with another switch. Press it, and go
    to the stairs nearby to get a Biosuit, and several goodies. You can
    kill the enemies there to avoid messing with them later. Now,
    dive again, and you will find a hole down. Get there. Go forth, and
    you will find the exit.
    8.2.- Tower of Despair.
    Author: Sandy Petersen.
    Suggested Music: Kinderfeld, by Marilyn Manson.
    This is one of the best levels. Is damn great. And it's got some
    vores. But is a pretty good level. In fact, one of the best designs
    I've ever seen. 
    (And it's scary at night :-P)
    Anywayz, go down! Don't try to land on the wooden beams, since you can't
    right now. As soon as you leave the area marked with them, you will
    receive a funny message "The window is the key to a secret." So shoot
    the window. You will liberate the double barrelled Shotgun and some 
    bullets. Yay.
    Now, enter the place, and first, go right. Kill the two knights, and 
    look at the end of the corridor. If you don't see anything odd there,
    go back. If not, shoot the wall, and open the secret. Press the switch
    there, and you will open a hole in the floor nearby outside the secret
    room, and there you will be thrown to the wooden beam. Now, go left.
    When you make it in front of the opening with the two ogres and the Vore,
    kill them all, and jump into the water (there isn't any way to get to the
    place with the monsters yet). You will be thrown below the water, to fight
    a Shambler. If you want to, run away, and find the corridor to continue.
    In the first opening to the right, get there, kill the Death Knight, and
    press the switch. Get up, and get the pentagram of protection, which will
    almost kill the monster for you.
    Get back to the corridor (hopefully with the pentagram yet), and get
    the quad damage at the end along the vore. Kill everything there! There
    are LOTS of ogres around. When you kill them all, jump into the wooden
    beams, and go to the right. There is a semi-hidden passage there, where
    you can find a 100 health box, and then, jump down, and go to the right.
    there is a switch, press it, and an small room with three items will appear.
    Each item will instead throw you into the place with the water, in front
    of it, with the item next to you, except the key, which will leave you
    where the vore was. Get into the new teleport, and you will appear in
    the room with the lot of dead ogres, about a cradle. Shoot the window
    in front of you, now. Jump there, and press the switch.
    Downstairs, be careful witht the treshold in front of you, it's a trap.
    Evade it, then jump thru the opening. Now, continue. There is a vore
    down there! Run along, at the end is a teleporter which will take you
    just in front of the exit. Not the other teleporter, the door behind
    you. I ran to the teleporter like an idiot twice before realizing that.
    8.3.- The Elder God Shrine.
    Author: Sandy Petersen.
    Suggested Music: Trash, by KoRn.
    The Elder God Shrine. I love that name. But I don't love this level.
    It has 105 enemies. That's a lot. Well, for id's standards. For a 
    fan-created level, is too simple. Well, onto the show.
    The start is, well, not really what you want. Two Fiends. Kill 'em!
    Now, shoot the red window to open a door behind you. Go there. If you
    really want to, get the Quad. Now, go runnin' to the only door you can
    open, and kill the ogres there. Is kinda hard. Now, go dow, behind
    the ramp, is a switch. Press it, and several knights, as well as two
    fiends will appear (the fiends are outside). Go into the quad damage
    room, and look for a door opened, and enjoy the landscape.
    FROM NOW ON, from time to time a fiend will teleport on the quad damage
    room. I don't know why, and I don't know how many, but they will appear.
    Jump into the water pool and swim for an exit. You will reach a wonderful
    graveyard. I suggest you skip all the zombies since you probably don't
    have any explosive weapon yet. Find a teleporter, and get there.
    Kill the scrag and a message will say that a door has opened. Quickly!
    Turn around and kill the Fiend. Now, jump into the middle of the pool,
    and go up! Inside the windows where the Scrags come from are some items.
    Now, go to the left, and go forward until the road opens to the left. 
    There is an Spawn, probably the first one we've seen so far. Kill it!
    They are VERY dangerous. Now, continue, and, on the next opening, to the
    Find the switch, and press it. Kill everything (then again, with the Quad
    Damage, you can gib the Zombies), and go inside the lift. To get out, press
    the switch inside the teleporter. No, go to the other side.
    I suggest you quickly go forward, then, when you hear the Fiends, go
    back shooting. Now, go again, kill the spawn to the left, and now go to
    the right. When you find the armor, get it, and a few enemies will 
    appear. Get the ring, and continue.
    Kill the spawns! The ring makes it very easy. On the next corner, go to 
    the right. You will spot the grenade Launcher on the other side of the
    corridor. But, as soon as you begin walking, the floor will move. RUN!
    At the end, JUMP! If you fail, you will fall to the lava, and DIE! Get the
    silver key!
    With it on your pocket, go to the place where the Scrags were spawning.
    There is the silver door. Get inside. Follow the corridor until you get
    the golden key. Nice and easy. Now, roam around the level, but you are
    free to leave to the golden door (YOU KNOW where is it), and get out of
    this place.
    8.4.- Palace of Hate.
    Author: Sandy Petersen.
    Suggested Music: Irresponsible Hate Anthem, by Marilyn Manson.
    (C'mon! It just fits the level!)
    There is a Fiend on the other side of the room. Unfortunately, that's
    a sign that this level is pretty brutal.
    Kill it, and reach this, the Main Hall. Scout around, and kill the
    few enemies. There is a central room which has a suspicious well.
    This is a Healing Pool, this thing actually heals you, and counts as a
    secret. However, it will eventually run out of power ( don't know how
    much power it contains, however).
    Continue from the stairs, be careful with the three fiends around. There
    is an opening to the right, you have to go there, but you can go and clear 
    the from the downstairs to the right, but you will have to mess with a
    shambler, 5 fiends, like ten rotfish and many scrags, so it's your choice
    (i did it). 
    The right opeining leads to a long corridor filled with death knights and
    fiends. Turn left, and, on the first opening, go there. On the "moat" are
    two fiends and two shamblers who for some reason love to kill themselves,
    so leave the work to them. If you want to, kill the winners. You will
    have to deal with them anyway. So, continue, and you will go down the
    stairs, and roam until you kill the shamblers. Following this corridor
    is the silver door, so take note of its location: The place with the 
    shambler leads to the silver door. 
    Now, the reason for this is that that area cleared is much easier to deal
    with it now than later. Now, go back to the long corridor, and find the 
    other opening. There is lot of nails for your weapon pleasure, so don't
    feel guilty about wasting ammo here. There is an spot where is a nails
    box alone. Grab it (is the first one), and four or five knights will 
    appear. Walk around this place, and a wall will lower. Get inside, and 
    you will find a quad and a teleporter. Get them! You will be thrown in
    a place with a ladder, a ring and a switch. Press the switch. Deal with
    everything you haven't deal before, and go to the other side of this room.
    There is a super nailgun nearby, if you get it, three fiends will ambush
    you. Be careful. Now, on the other side of the room is the silver key.
    You know what to do now.
    NOTE: Well, I noticed that i missed almost all secrets on this level
    as well as almost ten enemies. So there. A challenge for you.
    8.5.- Hell's Atrium.
    Author: Sandy Petersen.
    Suggested Music: Space Lord, by Monster Magnet.
    (I was about to say "Alive" by P.O.D., but sorry! I can't listen to
    that "I feel so alive! For the very first time" when killing zombies.
    It just doesn't feels right! Is cruel!)
    (Though it is funny)
    IMPORTANT NOTE: To get to the secret level, DON'T ACTIVATE THE BRIDGE!
    IMPORTANT NOTE II: You can finish the level without getting any keys. But
    I'm not telling you how! You've had too many already! (Like it's really
    all that hard)
    Oh my God! There is a Zombie!
    After you go outside, two hell knights will appear behind you. Be careful.
    Furthermore, two spawns wait for you outside. This is particulary a death
    cause, so watch out.
    Now, go to the right. There is the golden key. Go get it, and now
    go, from the starting ledge, to the left. There is the golden door. Go 
    inside, and to the left. There, look for a caged part. Press the switch
    to get the pentagram. Now, look for another switch with a wooden chute.
    Press it, and go down. Kill everything! This part has LOTS OF ZOMBIES!
    Just go making your way until you find a room with stained glass and
    more zombies. Here, find a switch, and look around for a wooden ramp.
    It will lead you to the silver key.
    Well, now you can exit the level. Go to the place I noted on the second
    important note, and there is a new vore waiting for you. Waste her. Now,
    if you want to go to the secret level "The Nameless City", don't
    press the darned switch. Jump on the sticks to get to the other side.
    Then, open the silver door, and get to the teleporter.
    It doesn't really matter if you lower the bridge or not if you want to 
    finish the level as ussual. Just get to the door, and get the hell out.
    8.6.- The Pain Maze.
    Author: Sandy Petersen.
    Suggested Music: Voodoo, by Godsmack.
    I love that song. But I don't have the CD. Well. Who cares anyway.
    id has something with the word Pain. Doom and Quake III have a level
    named "House of Pain". And here is the Pain Maze. They are seriously
    sadistic people.
    This level is pretty simple despite its name, but has a helluva lot of
    spawns which will make your life very hard. At the start, get the items,
    kill the fiends below, and run to the left side of the room. There is
    an opening there with a vore. Kill her too. Now, continue thru the room
    which is blocked by a few bars. As you get near, they will open. You
    will spot several spawns, but a moving wall you push you to their place.
    Kill them! Is very complicated, but you can do it!
    Your reward for killing them is nothing, but press the four switchs around
    to get the golden key.
    The next step is the silver key. This is located going thru the other door
    at the start (to the right. Get there, and go forth until you find an 
    elevator. You will reach something that looks like an altar, and there
    you will have to duke it out with lots of vores, hell knights and fiends.
    Once you kill them all, turn around, and you will find the silver key.
    Now you have both keys in your possession, but this isn't over yet. The
    hardest part is about to come. Go back until you find a water pool
    Get there. Go swiming, but keep an eye upwards for a place to take a 
    breath. There you will find some goodies. Now, continue, and you will
    reach a pretty big place with some wooden beams. This place is
    somewhat tough, kill everything FAST!. Find the elevator, and go to the
    wooden beams. Jump to the place with the iron bars, they are opened with
    the silver key. (Well, in fact, the elevator is activated with the golden
    The next room has LOOOOOOTTTTTSSSS of spawns, a couple o' fiends and a
    Vore. Find the switch, press it, and go to the stairs. Kill the next
    enemies, and go thru the corridor. You will eventually find a switch,
    and a helluva lot of enemies will have infested the wooden beam's room.
    Kill them all! KILL!!! I forgot to mention that the "window" on the roof
    is a shoot-able switch to get the red armor. You can also jump without 
    problems to get the rocket launcher from here now.
    Find the only hole where you haven't gone yet, and go. Duh. Going out
    of this pool will net you a massive spawn infestation and two vores, so
    be VERRRRY careful. Shooting the altar will give you the message "You
    have defiled the altar!" and give you more problems. Of course,
    avoiding shooting it is too a problem. Well, continue and kill the
    two knights, and get the heck out of this infernal place.
    8.7.- Azure Agony.
    Author: Sandy Petersen.
    Suggested Music: Du Ritch so Gut, by Rammstein.
    Well, without a single doubt, this is the hardest non- secret level of 
    the game. Not a trace of doubt on my mind when I say this.
    You know you are in a tough level when on the start you are gifted
    with a 100 health box. As soon as you try yo continue, a Shambler will
    teleport here to kill ya. Dispatch him as ussual.
    I'm sure an spawn will appear over here. Now, jump into the water on
    any of the holes of the floor, and kill everything there. More zombies
    will appear as you kill some more. Grab everything, hit the switch, and
    continue that way.
    As soon as you surface, kill the spawn. Go on, and kill the two hell 
    knights to the right, now, with EXTREME CARE, kill the four spawns
    to the other side. Locate this part, as the silver door is here.
    Continue to the right from the spawn-place, and you will find some bars
    blocking the road. To cut some time, shoot the red thing on the roof to
    activate it. We will find the other one later. Now, go back to the
    start, and find the other door. Don't try to get the goodies, you will fall
    down. Downstairs, watch out for the spawns and knights, and press the two
    switches. Later, find the elevator, and go up. On the road to the 
    elevator you will find a nearly useless Quad damage.
    Upstairs, there are two ways to go. One door has a invisibility ring, 
    and the other is the way to continue. Go there, kill the fiend, and
    go on.
    This section is large and has lots of secrets. I've list what I've
    found this time (the most incidental ones) for some extra help. First,
    on the place where you find a Quad Damage, grab it and you will fall to
    a place with slime. Find the farthest teleporter (to the right), and
    there you will be thrown next to a red armor. Under some stairs is a 
    shoot-able switch which will change the stairs. Find them from the other
    side, and climb them to get lots of goodies (there is a  100 health box
    but I didn't found out how to get it, you can now reach it with a good
    rocket jump)and fight a shambler and a Vore. Finally, at the end,
    there is a large pool. Down there is a quad and some rotfish. Shoot the
    QUAKE simbol (or press it, I don't know, since I hit it with my axe due
    to lack of ammo ^_^), and go back to the "hall of red bricks" to get some
    more items as well as two fiends and three spawns.
    When you're done having fun, go to the end of this section, and kill
    the Hell knight if you haven't already. Ahead are among some zombies and
    rotfish, five or six vores and a Shambler, so watch your ammo. This
    hall is the same I told you to shoot the thing on the roof, now, the
    other one is directly below it, underwater. Get the Quad and the 
    Pentagram, and go down to hit it. Don't forget to get the silver key,BTW.
    Exit the hall from the newly opened corridor which will lead you nice
    and easy to the silver door. Behind it is a corridor, but it leads to
    FOUR VORES, above you. This is pretty hard to make out, but if you kill
    one and get the 100 health box, getting the quad, then killing the
    rest is easy. Now, the rune is yours to take, finally. There are two
    teleporters, the smaller one will take you back if you want to find 
    the rest of the secrets, the other one will take you out.
    			"Despite the awful magic of the
    			Elder World, you have achieved the
    			Rune of Elder Magic, capstone of all
    			types of arcane wisdom. Beyond good
    			and evil, beyond life and death, the
    			Rune pulsates, heavy with import.
    			Patient and potent, the elder being
    			Shub-Nigurath weaves her dire plans
    			to clear off all life on earth, and
    			bring her own foul offspring to our
    			world. For all the dwellers on these
    			nightmare dimesions are her descendants!
    			Once all the Runes of Magic are united,
    			the energy behind them will blast 
    			open the gate to Shub-Niggurath, and
    			you can travel there to foil the Hell-
    			Mother plots in person."
    10.0.- Welcome to Quake.
    Back, once and finally, to the start. But there is something very 
    different here, and is a mighty hole on the floor! Going thru that 
    corridor will lead you to another hole which will throw you to the
    final level, Shub-Nigurath's Pit. Take a breath, and let's finish this
    game now.
    10.- Shub-Nigurath's Pit.
    Author: John Romero.
    Suggested Music: Good Times Roll, by Powerman 5000.
    Well, does this music fits this level? Hell yes! It gives some kind
    of victorous fanfare to the end of Quake.
    ARE YOU READY??? (insert infamous riff here)
    You will be thrown into a pool. Eliminate every fish, and look for an
    opening on the wall (don't drown!). The tunnel will make you do a long 
    turn, which will eventually lead you to the start again, though the
    bars will open and you will be able to continue. Take out the Scrag, get
    the goodies, and jump into the teleporter.
    Continue the road grabbing the goodies, but stop at the first opening, 
    and look to the right. That's Shub-Nigurath. And a Shambler. Kill the
    Shambler (don't waste ammo on the tentacle thing), and then, skillfully,
    kill the three next Shamblers and the three or two Vores. Well, I
    should have warned you that this level is kinda' hard, hehe.
    Loads of fun, anyway.
    Well, there is not much to say here. Just go on, be VERY CAREFUL WITH
    THE TRAPS! I can't stress that enough. The spike shooters and the sticks
    will seriously endanger your existence.
    There is even a little secret here: At the end, near the teleport, look
    down from the ledge. There is a road there. Follow it, and you will
    reach a quad and another teleporter to go back. Unfortunately, getting
    this secret with the monsters alive is too much of a hassle to worth it.
    Well, the teleport you will find at the end of the normal road will throw
    you WHEREVER the little spikey thing which is flying around is at the
    moment. The way to finish the game is to wait for it to go inside Shubby,
    and enter the teleporter. You will be awarded with the ending, which is
    not much for all the time we've fought over the game, but, well, since
    Doom's I ending, we've hardly seen anything better than this from id.
    (I was planning an ending comment, but there is almost nothing to be
    said. That ending is far too cool for me to consider comenting on it,
    but I wish I was on id's headquarters when they decided "Well, what the
    hell, I don't wanna do a good ending. I just too freaking tired of this
    game. Put some crappy ending and that is! They have NO right to 
    10.- The Secret Levels.
    10.1.- Ziggurat Vertigo (Entered from E1M4, The Grisly Grotto).
    Author: American Mcgee.
    Suggested Music: Crawling, by Linkin' Park.
    Ziggurat Vertigo is a funny level which differs from the rest because it
    has very low gravity. Take that into account when shooting your grenades.
    From the start, quickly, get the pentagram, then swim directly below the 
    bridge to get a quad. Step on the teleporter. Now, get whatever you need, 
    kill what you may wat to kill.
    Is important to note that this level can be completed in many ways, as
    the gravity implies, this is my way.
    To the right of the pyramid is a plataform, jump there, then jump to the
    next plataform. From this place, jump to the hole in the roof. Take out
    the many ogres, then find a place with little red arrows poiting upwards.
    Do as they say. You should find a Rocket Launcher around here as well.
    Over there is a switch (and a 100 health box, pretty handy for missed
    grenades -_^) which will lower the bars on the pyramid. Go there and
    thru the corridor.
    The next hall is the end of the level. THere are three Shamblers as well
    as many ogres. Just storm all around, press the switch on the top,
    find the newly opened doors, get the silver key, and find the silver
    door to exit. There is a 100 health box under the left arm of the
    crucifixed guy (Is that Jesus? Looks strange!) in a hole which is
    sort of hard to spot.
    10.2.- The Underearth (Entered from E2M3, Crypt of Decay)
    Author: Tim Willits.
    Suggested Music: Black Hole Sun, by Soundgarden.
    Just in front of you is a corridor which takes you directly to the
    exit of the level, but as you reach the door, you will receive
    the message "Go for a swim first". That means that you have to get
    your dirty body in water first.
    Under the bridgeeeee! Go down, and look for a hole, it will lead you
    to the entrance. Over there, kill the ogre you might see, then the 
    one to the left ledge. Now, gather your nailgun, and kill the fiend
    once you go. You can see (but not get!) the silver key. Well, in
    fact you CAN, but with a grenade jump, which is harder to do. Look,
    to the left of the golden door, is a brick going out of the wall. 
    Press it, and you will be able to get the Quad. You can hit the
    faces on the walls, and they will seem to be activated, but I have
    no clue to what they do (I already found the two credited secrets on 
    this level, and they have no asociation with any of them). Any face
    can be hit, for those matters.
    Now, go thru the tunnel, kill the zombies, and be VERY careful, 
    since there are two ogres above you, an unwelcomed scrag, and a 
    fiend will join the fun. Furthermore, the switch on the floor 
    activates the trap where the ogre is trapped. Inside you can find 
    some shells and armor. Continue along the bridge, kill the hell 
    knights and the ogre. 
    Be careful if you want to go for the 100 health box: two fiends
    will appear to storm you if you aren't looking.
    Continue the road, and you will hit a different hall. Here, get
    in the elevstor, and go on. From this place, the level is pretty
    straight forward. When you get to the key, go to the door, and
    eventually you will reach a place with a funny spike shooter, 
    press every switch there, then continue. You will end, finally,
    on a place with a lonely switch. Press it, kill zombies, press
    two switches, go up, into door, end level.
    The other secret is right after the golden door, down on the slime 
    is a place with a biosuit. With it, explore the places pressing
    the "down" key (I use the Z), and you will end somewhere under
    the slime with a red armor. How exciting.
    10.3.- The Haunted Halls (Entered from E3M4, Satan's Dark Delight)
    Author: American Mcgee.
    Suggested Music: Bummer, by Monster Magnet.
    The Third Secret Level. With capitals.
    Following the corridor will get you to a place with two zombies,
    and an ogre up high. Kill the two zombies, then the ogre. Now,
    go forth for the elevator, get the items, crossthebridge, then
    BE REALLY CAREFUL WITH THE FIEND! This fiend, for particular,
    took me from 100 HP to *2* HPs, in ONE HIT!
    "I know life's a bummer baby, but that's got pretty little to
    do with me!" "Bummer", Monster Magnet ("Powertrip", 1999)
    On the next room, press the switch, then go for the teleporter.
    Kill the Ogre, then go on. You will end on a hall with some rockets,
    and two health boxes. Get them, then kill the fiend. Go up the
    elevator, then kill the ogres to press the switch. Four Zombies
    will attack you, take them out, and follow the bridge to cross the
    newly opened door. Over there, be careful with the pack of ogres!
    Once you kill the, get the armor on the far left corner, then go
    where the other ogre was. To the right is an elevator which will
    lead you to the "barricades" where the couple of ogres were. There
    is a switch. Press it. Now, go down, and follow the now accessable
    door. Over there, just below you is a very problematic Vore. The
    fact is that, on this room, to the right, is a shootable switch,
    which reveals a shambler, two ogres, and teleports this vore.
    You can shoot a rocket at her to force the teleport without shooting
    the switch, and then you can mess with the three resting monsters
    alone. You can go up with a nearby elevator.
    After you kill the enemies, a hole in the floor will appear. Go 
    there, press the switch on the floor, and hit the other to go back up.
    Follow the corridor in front of you, two hell knights are on the alley.
    As well as some health. The next corridor also shows an ogre and some
    spikes shooters. There is a vore which is very easy to kill. Press
    the switch, go up, kill ogres, go down, follow corridor, get out of
    10.4.- The Nameless City (Entered from E4M5, Hell's Atrium)
    Author: Sandy Petersen.
    Suggested Music: Perfect Drug, by Nine Inch Nails.
    (That song rules!
    "Without you everything falls apart... is not as much fun to pick up
    the pieces..."
    What does it reminds me of?)
    NOTE: I made the walkthrough for this level (as well as the whole
    walkthrough) playing the game. So there, I made this level from the
    end to the start. In fact, to get it right, you would have to go right
    below the golden key, as I turned left. This doesn't makes the level 
    any harder than it is already, so I decided to leave the walkthrough
    because I find it funny to say "I got lost. Darn it.". Just a little
    note. I guess that flying through the whole game has already gave you
    a sense of loving for this game, so this shouldn't bother ya. 
    Sorry ^_^. For compensation, I wrote how to get the VERY HARD to get
    golden key.
    The Nameless City is an insanely hard level. But the start is also
    insanely great. The first time I saw this, I was, like, wow, is
    Kill the zombies. Duh.
    The first section has some ogres as well as some fiends. Do your best
    to kill everything around, is very important to stay clear on this
    level. At the first choice, go to the left.
    Getting the thunderbolt, go to the first turn, where an armor is.
    When you get it, three zombies, then three more will appear. The
    next section will have you jumping a pool of lava, and on the other
    side is a Vore and probably an Ogre is there. Even better, there is
    ANOTHER vore nearby. Be extra-careful.
    Well. Wait a minute. I'm lost.
    I got it. Now, from the place with the second vore, turn and find a
    corridor with some suspicious sticks on the roof. Be careful and
    do not step on the thing on the floor. The thing triggers the trap.
    Now, turn to the left, and go up to get the cells, turn around,
    and blast the zombies. Do the same for the other ramp. The
    switch shuts or turns on the light.
    I'm lost again. Darn it.
    Gee, well, this is the problem with "on-the-run" walkthroughs. I have
    to make the way as I play. Well, you haven't wasted your time (For
    CRYING OUT LOUD, kid, you are playing *Quake*! Don't tell me you have 
    no time to waste!). At least you cleared the way. Go back where you saw 
    the golden key. Now, go below it. Go into the hole, and, when you can't 
    go forth anymore, go right. That is. Now, watch for this place carefully. 
    From where the ogre was (since you have killed him, right?), jump to 
    press the switch. Now, on the lower floor, go following the newly opened 
    corridor to get to an elevator. Up there is a Shambler. Take him out, 
    then jump to the hole to go back to the place with the ogre, and to get 
    a red armor. Now, carefully, jump to the ledge over looking the deep 
    hole. Find a wall which looks strange, and shoot it. There are some 
    items. Now, look down again, and you should spot a ledge. Jump there, 
    kill the ogre, and get YET more goodies. Finally, let's get that golden 
    key which is not needed but is funny.
    Jump down, and find a switch. Press it, and a wodden beam will lower. Get
    there, and you could collect the green armor (But you probably don't need
    it now). Now, jump inside the "cage" which is an elevator. Down there,
    kill the zombies, and shoot the switch. GO on, and press the switch to
    lower an elevator. Once on the summit, jump to the other side to get 
    to a place where you can jump from to get the darned key. With it, jump 
    down, and go cheerfully for the golden door to get some stupid items
    and a switch which lets you go up again to the place where you got the
    key. Being probably the most henious secret on Quake, I would have 
    expected another shot of the Dopefish, but not. You can't always win,
    I expect to believe.
    Now, go back to the place with the cage, and go for the elevator fun
    until you find the switch which will lower a plataform. Go back where
    we found that second vore while I was lost, and continue. Be careful
    since there are many enemies there (as well as ANOTHER vore). From
    the plataform, jump where this vore was, and GET THE QUAD!!! Go for
    the teleporter.
    The next hall has a funny bug. Sometimes, the enemies will teleport 
    too fast, and they will telefrag their own "friends". Hope this is
    true. It happens often. If not, well, this is a grudge, there are
    about TEN fiends, and a fiendish Shambler. Get the silver key, and
    get out.
    Go for the silver door which probably already saw (is around the lava
    pool, going up). Face the resting enemies, now go up the stairs to
    the right. Kill the zombies below, and there is a hole between beams
    big enough for you to fit. Get the health (I think this also completes
    the secrets of the level), and press the switch to get out. To the
    left is the exit. There is one Vore there, but she's hardly more than
    a nuisance after all of this. If you can actually finish this level
    without cheats, give yourself a pat on the back. This level is clearly
    the hardest level of Quake, as well as being one of the hardest levels
    on the video game history. Probably, only Heretic has gone beyond this.
    Anyway, it's over now.
    11.- Credits!
    There is some history behind this guide. I have to differ from the 
    rest of my guides when writing the credits for this one. I ussually make 
    a list, but I just can't do it for this project.
    This guide was started back somewhere in july of 2001, as a funny
    wish of mine to do a walkthrough for this game, one of the games I loved
    the most of my entire life. Taking into account that I have been playing
    games for more than 12 years, I think that's saying something. 
    *However*, this happened at the time I left high school, and started an
    introductory course to enter the university. To hell were thrown all
    these projects, since I didn't had any time or energy to write. I wrote
    a couple of guides for Half Life: Counterstrike, as well as some others,
    but maintaining them was a nightmare. 
    A few weeks ago, I had some time to waste since I passed every subject
    (God am I glad), and I was expecting to continue the fanfics I was 
    writing. Out in a writer's block, I looked around my unfinished projects.
    Besides two fanfics, my almost defunct Quake I SP episode, and my 
    webpages, I had several guides waiting to be completed. Shamefully, I
    found one with the filename "quakewalk(stopped).txt".
    There was still a lot to be done. So I ran Quake, and, on every free 
    second I had, I played and wrote. I felt so bad for letting down such 
    a dearly project, that I could not rest until I saw this guide published. 
    For a moment, I thought it would never see the light. Until now.
    Though they have almost nothing to do with this guide, I have to thank
    many people for helping on these 9 months which had been a hell for me.
    Unfortunately, they are far too many for me to name here: God, for 
    helping me, or at least something giving something to believe in. Don't
    mistake my words, I'm not really that religious, but when the time comes
    to it, you might need something to get a grip.
    Second, my dear friend Jessica for putting up with my stuff, my 
    Magic cards, my video games traumas, and bassically all that things 
    which are reason for people running away from me. Love you, girl. I
    don't think I could have made it sane this semester without you. It
    doesn't matter if things changed, you're still in my heart.
    Third, the comunity which keeps Quake breathing. Keep playing. Keep the
    dream alive.
    Fourth, well, CjayC for still publishing my guides. I don't know how he
    does it, but he keeps the largest FAQ archive ever known to man, and 
    even has the time to joke at april fools. Last year was a blast 
    Fifth... to myself. Darn it. I am the one who puts his sanity in risk
    writing this stuff. You can all go to hell if you don't agree.
    Sixth, to you, guys and gals, for reading this. If someone does.
    And to id. For being some of the greatest minds alive. Only three 
    companies have made games that have places in my heart, and you are
    one of them.
    I know I am missing someone. To hell with it. Yay. It's over!
    12.- Legal Stuff:
    This file is owned by Lord Zero (dskzero@yahoo.com)
    You MAY distribute, print, read, show to your friends or enemies this
    guide freely, AS LONG as you credit Lord Zero as the author, keep
    the copyright on it, and is used for non-profit purposes. You MAY NOT 
    change ANYTHING on this guide, adding or taking anything out of it,
    including banners, links, or anything else. You MAY NOT distribute this
    guide on any non-electronic media. All I ask from you if you wish to 
    publish this guide on your site, is to keep it updated, and to notificate
    me of your URL.
    All Rights Reserved. Anything not mentioned on this text can be discussed
    via email to the address below.
    Copyright 2002-2005 By Lord Zero (dskzero@yahoo.com).
    The last version can always be found in gamefaqs.com.
                                               /  \
                            ______   ______    ||||         
                           <_____ \ <_____ \   ||||        ____
       __________________________\ \______\ \__||||______ / \  \
      /   Lord Zero (dskzero@yahoo.com)      / |||| / / /|   \ /\
     <      --------------------------------<  ||||/ / / |    < @
      \__________________________   ______   \_||||_/_/__|   / \/
                            _____/ / _____/ /  ||||       \_/__/     
                           <______/ <______/   ||||        
    "End of File (You can stop reading now)"

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