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    FAQ by SirGarland

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    ------------------------	(Put Word Wrap on, Maximize Window)
    -SirGarland's Quake FAQ-
    -Version 1.2    7/12/96-
    Thanks for downloading this FAQ! I'm working with the shareware release 
    of Quake, version 1.00, so the FAQ only covers the first episode. I'm 
    not sure if I'll ever get the full version since my computer can't get 
    Quake to play sounds or use the joystick. If I do, I'll finish this FAQ, 
    but if I don't, I won't. Feel free to use the info here to make your own 
    FAQ...possibly one that has all 4 episodes. All I ask is that you put my 
    name in the credits, and you e-mail me first...telling me you're doing 
    -New In Version 2.0-
    +100% of secrets found!
    +Secret Episode Info!
    Here we go...
    -E1M1: Slipgate Complex-
    [1/6] Go down the first hall way, until you pass 2 floor lamps, and 
    you're in a hall with 2 niches to each side. Jump into the right (as 
    opposed to left) niche, and shoot the wall with the 2 red dots.
    [2/6] Jump into the stream running underneath the first bridge. Swim 
    until you reach a staircase. Climb it to find a +100 health box, and a 
    door you can't open (you have to get it from the other side).
    [3/6] Hit the switch that makes a bridge cover up a gap of toxic waste. 
    In the middle of the bridge, on one of the walls, is a red switch. Shoot 
    it (you'll know because the switch will "bleed"). Now turn to your left, 
    and you'll see a gap in the wall with a double-barreled shotgun. Walk 
    in, get the gun, and walk out.
    [4/6] Just before you exit the hallway leading to the ramps with the 3 
    switches, on the right wall, is a different textured wall. Shoot it, go 
    through, pick up the Quad Damage (or whatever it's called), and keep 
    going through. Once you come out, follow the path back to the entrance 
    to the secret you just went in.
    [5/6] The next secret is a bit tricky. Near the 3rd switch (on the ramps 
    leading down) is a floor lamp. You need to jump on the edge of the ramp, 
    then jump onto the floor lamp, and from there, onto the box with the 3rd 
    switch on it. And if you look at one of the walls, you'll see steps 
    pointing out of it. You need to now jump onto those steps, follow them 
    up, and you'll get a +100 health box.
    [6/6] Jump into the water at the bottom of the ramps, and look around 
    for a passageway leading off (it's under the hall you would have gone 
    into, had you not jumped into the water). Follow it to the end, get the 
    armor and health, and go through the teleporter.
    -E1M2: The Castle of the Damned-
    [1/3] Jump off the very first bridge (it's in the same room you start 
    in), to the right. Go into the water, and shoot at the walls, one will 
    open. Go down the hallway, up the ramp, and out of the water.
    [2/3] Go through the hallway opposite (and diagonal) from the silver key 
    Door. Then, push the brick on the wall opposite from the middle window 
    (the wall has a torch on it). It will open a secret door in the wall 
    right from the brick. There's a Quad Damage inside.
    [3/3] Jump off the bridge leading to the silver key, and go out of the 
    room you land in, and walk toward the wall. A door should open, and you 
    can go in and through a teleporter.
    -E1M3: The Necropolis-
    [1/3] Go down the staircase across the room from the first gold dragon 
    door. Follow the halls to a small bridge, walk off the bridge, and shoot 
    the wall down below that has a nails box in front of it.
    [2/3] In the big room with the gold key door, jump off the bridges and 
    into the water, and walk around the walls of the room. There is a part 
    where the water gets really deep. Go into that area, and walk under 
    water until you hit another wall, then swim to the surface. You will 
    have swam under the wall, and you'll pop up in a secret area.
    [3/3] There's a hallway with 2 gold dragon doors, one leads to a room 
    with a ramp going back to the sewers, and the other leads to an elevator 
    taking you to the exit. In this hallway is also a yellow armor being 
    blocked, and an ogre on the above platforms. Kill the ogre, and the 
    barricades will open. Get the armor, and shoot the wall behind it. Then, 
    go through the teleporter.
    -E1M4: The Grisley Grotto-
    [1/3] Shoot the 2 red switches at the very beginning of the level. A 
    wooden platform with a yellow armor will fall.
    [2/3] When you get the Silver Key, a niche will open on the right wall 
    of the lake. It's near the other end of the room, you have to go into 
    it, and swim up.
    [3/3] Find the room with the 5 "q" switches. Hit them all, and 2 doors 
    will open in the wall. Go in each door, drop down each hole, and hit 
    each blue switch. Then, go back to where you got the silver key, turn 
    left 90 degrees, and hop into the water. After you sink for a while, you 
    should see an opening in the wall (if you don't, just search in that 
    general under-water area). Swim into it, and then swim to the surface, 
    and you'll pop up into a secret area. If you go through the teleporter, 
    you'll be taken to the secret level, Ziggurat Vertigo.
    -E1M5: Gloom Keep-
    [1/5] At the very beginning, jump into the water, and head right. Along 
    the wall a little to the right is a cave. Go in, and swim up, and you'll 
    be in a secret area.
    [2/5] To get to this one, go through the door to the right when you are 
    outside (if you jump in the water, and go up the ramp, it is the door 
    you come up by). Go through the hall until you find a room with an ogre 
    standing on a platform. Kill the ogre, jump on the "railing" of the 
    stairs, jump across to the piece of wall with the long part sticking 
    out. Walk to the edge of the long part, back up a bit, and make a 
    running jump to the platform where the ogre was.
    [3/5] When you come to the fork (you can't really miss it), take the 
    path to the right. Continue until you find a big room. In the room, turn 
    right, and you'll see a column with a torch on it. Get under the torch, 
    and jump up (as to hit it from below). Then, a panel will open in the 
    wall behind the column. Go inside to get some yellow armor.
    [4/5] From the big room you got by taking the right path at the fork, go 
    through the doorway with the stairs. Continue until you find a 
    teleporter (there should be shadows in the form of a "q" in front of 
    it). Instead of entering the teleporter from the front, go behind it and 
    enter it from the back. You'll find a Quad Damage.
    [5/5] The wall opposite the exit has a diagonal lines; the others have 
    straight lines. Shoot the diagonal line wall, and it'll open. Go in, get 
    the armor, and go through the teleporter.
    -E1M6: The Door to Chthon-
    [1/4] There's a hallway that you have to go through to finish the level. 
    If you look down it, you see an obvious secret door (the texture has no 
    lines on, it like it's surrounding walls), and a room to the right. Walk 
    up to the secret door, turn left 90 degrees, and look up. You should see 
    a red "q" symbol. Shoot it, and the secret door will open. Take the 
    elevator up. When you reach the top, look down off the edge. To the 
    left, you'll see a ledge you can jump on (this is actually the celing of 
    the room that to the right of the secret door). Jump on it, get the Quad 
    Damage, jump off.
    [2/4] You know the hallway with the moving spike wall? You should...how 
    could you miss it? Well, when the wall is moving towards you, duck in 
    the elevator shaft (but don't go up), and when it passes you, you'll see 
    a teleporter behind it. Go through it.
    [3/4] One you get the silver key, go back to the beginning, and the room 
    that was so dark (it's under the ledge where you start from) will be 
    lightened. Cross the pit, and enter the room to the left. If you look to 
    the right you'll see a column and a room beyond that. Go into the room, 
    and push the "q" symbol. Two things will happen, a bridge will rise 
    leading you to another door, and a red symbol will appear on the column. 
    Shoot the symbol, and look to your left. Stairs that had lead up to a 
    door will have inverted themselves, leading downward. Go down the stairs 
    and get the rockets. But wait...don't leave yet...(look to secret number 
    [4/4] If you stay in that room under the stairs, the stairs will go back 
    up, revealing a teleporter. Go through it, and you end up on a ledge. If 
    you jump across to the other ledge, you can pick up a +100 health box.
    -E1M7: The House of Chthon-
    [0/0] There are no secrets in this one. But, to kill Chthon, you need to 
    hit the 2 "q" switches on the ends, so that the columns lower, and step 
    on the middle one. This will fry Chthon. But...it may take you 3 or 4 
    tries. It doesn't kill him in one hit.
    -E1M8: Ziggurat Vertigo-
    [1/2] Jump into the lava surrounding the pyramid, and swim under the 
    bridge leading into the pyramid. Look at the back wall, and you'll see a 
    passageway. Swim down the passage, and swim up, and you'll pop up in an 
    area with a Quad Damage and some health.
    [2/2] This one's just a room beyond the exit. Instead of turning right 
    and into the exit, do through the doorway straight ahead (and a little 
    to the left) of you. It's the room with the nails boxes and a wall made 
    of steel poles.
    -Cheat Codes-
    To use these codes, press the "~" or "`" key during gameplay, type the 
    code in, and hit enter.
    GOD: God Mode (Invincible)
    IMPULSE 9: All weapons, ammo, keys
    GIVE #: Gives you a certain weapon (#=number of weapon)
    MAP EyMx: Warp to Episode y, Level x; i.e. "MAP E1M5"
    NOCLIP: No Clipping Mode (Walk Through Walls); press "D" to float up, 
    "C" to go down.
    FLY: Flying Mode (press D to go up, C to go down)
    KILL: Commit Suicide
    GIVE HEALTH ###: Gives you ### health (replace ### with a number)
    NOTARGET:  Enemies don't see you until you shoot at them
    IMPULSE 255: Automatic Quad Damage
    IMPULSE -1: Automatic Quad Damage
    REGISTERED 1: The game thinks it's registered. It'll freeze if you go to 
    Episode 2, 3, or 4.
    -Other Console Commands-
    These aren't exactly cheat codes...but a few of them do help. They're 
    more like debugging codes. There are a lot of them, but I only included 
    the ones that you'd use to make the game cooler or easier. Just type 
    these in with the proper variable like you do the cheat codes. If you 
    like them, I encourage you to go to (http://www.stomped.com) for more of 
    these. They provided me with them.
    Syntax: screenshot
    The SCREENSHOT command will save the current screen as a picture to the 
    disk. The picture will be in PCX format, with the name quakeXX.pcx, 
    where XX is the lowest available decimal number.
    Syntax: r_wave <0|1>
    Default: 0
    The R_WAVE flag sets whether to show the world as if the player was 
    underwater, i.e. with the cool wavy effect.
    Going underwater doesn't change this flag, though, and setting this to 0 
    underwater doesn't remove the waves.
    Syntax: sv_accelerate <n>
    Default: 10
    The SV_ACCELERATE variable sets the acceleration rate for players.
    Syntax: sv_aim <n>
    Default: 0.93
    The SV_AIM variable controls the threshold for autotargeting, i.e. how 
    far from an enemy must you be pointing for the weapon to automatically 
    target it. With a value of 0 you can't miss, with a value of 1 you 
    _almost_ always fire exactly where you point at.
    Syntax: sv_friction <n>
    Default: 4
    The SV_FRICTION variable controls the ground friction. Set this very low 
    to get ice. Don't confuse this with SV_STOPSPEED. SV_FRICTION is about 
    inertia. SV_STOPSPEED is about braking.
    Syntax: sv_stopspeed <n>
    Default: 100
    The SV_STOPSPEED variable controls the rate of deceleration of players. 
    Do not confuse this with SV_FRICTION.
    Syntax: sv_gravity <n>
    Default: 800
    The SV_GRAVITY variable sets the global gravity force. Set this low to 
    get _high_ jumps. Also try the grenade launcher with low gravity in an 
    open space. Grenades bounce off the sky! You can also set this to 
    Syntax: sv_idealpitchscale <n>
    Default: 0.8
    The SV_IDEALPITCHSCALE variable controls how greatly the player's 
    vertical pitch changes when looking at a place above or below her. Set 
    this to 0 if you are bothered by the automatic reaiming in stairs. See 
    -Nightmare Mode-
    To reach nightmare mode:
    1. Start a new game
    2. Walk into any difficulty level
    3. Walk to the entrance to Episode 4, and jump in the water
    4. Immediately hold the down arrow, so you're backing up into the wall.
    5. You'll land on a wooden beam...walk on this beam to reach a dark 
    6. Go through the dark hallway, through the "Nightmare" gate, and you'll 
    get to pick your mission again. Pick which ever one you want, and you'll 
    be in Nightmare mode!
    -Secret Episode???-
    I don't know for sure if it's secret or not, it may just be the last 
    episode, and they don't tell you about it (I wouldn't know, I don't have 
    the registered version). Anyway, I looked for it when I heard a guy 
    named Maxima295 (maxima295@aol.com) had found it's entrance. Here's how 
    to get a look yourself:
    1. Start a new game, pick any difficulty.
    2. When you teleport to the episode selection room, you'll notice a dark 
    shadow on the floor in front of you.
    3. Stand of the shadow, and put no clipping mode on.
    4. Use the "c" key to float down below the floor, and you should see a 
    5. Go down the stair case, and you'll see a pit. If you jump in it, you 
    go to the secret episode, "Shub-Niggurath."
    Here's a tip. Don't jump down the hole if you're using shareware. It's 
    not there in shareware, and it'll freeze your computer. Also, if you 
    stand looking at the bottom of the staircase, you'll notice 3 zombies 
    hanging on the wall (one to your left, one in the middle, and on to the 
    right). Use the no clipping mode to go throught the zombie to the right. 
    You'll see a teleporter. I don't know what this one does. It doesn't 
    teleport you anywhere, it doesn't give you a "please register" message, 
    even with the REGISTERED 1 cheat code. One idea I had is this switch by 
    the Nightmare difficulty entrance. It looks like a torch behind a few 
    skulls. Hit it, and it says "The Well of Wishes awaits in the Crypt of 
    Decay." I thought it opened the way to the secret episode, but it did 
    nothing I could see. Anyone know any more about the secret episode or 
    that switch?
    -That's It-
    I couldn't have done this alone. Here's the people who helped me make 
    this FAQ, whether they know it or not:
    -GameRukes (gamerukes@aol.com)- I got the Nightmare info from him.
    -Gandalf247 (gandalf247@aol.com)- Learned about moving up and down in 
    clip mode from him.
    -VENOM486 (venom486@aol.com)- Got the "Give ____" cheat code from him.
    -Any one who helps run The Quake Stomping Grouds 
    -PilgrimPS (pilgrimps@aol.com) for telling me about the console 
    -Thanks to Antagonists, INC (AOL keyword: ANT). I downloaded .91, .92, 
    and the 1.00 versions of Quake there. They so kindly had 1.00 the very 
    day it came out.
    -Lauri Alanko (mivars@cc.helsinki.fi) for all the console commands.
    -Maxima295 (maxima295@aol.com) for the lead on the secret episode info.
    If you have any contributions you would like to make, please send them 
    to me. My e-mail address is "sirgarland@aol.com" (without the quotes, 
    duh). I'll put you in the credits and all that good stuff.
    Well, that's it. I Hope this helped.

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