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    Boss FAQ by Blackestmage

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    Final Fantasy VII
    Boss Guide
    Copyright 2002 Blackestmage.
    Table of contents
    1- Introduction
    2- Characters’ limit breaks
    3- Bosses strategies
    4- General Tips
    5- The secret characters
     a. Yuffie Kisaragi
     b. Vincent Valentine
    6- Materia listing
    7- Characters' ultimate weapons
    8- Chocobo breeding(how to obtain a Gold Chocobo)
    9- Ultimate Weapon(The Boss)
    10- Ruby Weapon
     a. His stats
     b. His attacks
     c. The strategy(ies, kind of)
    11- Emerald Weapon
    a. His stats
    b. His attacks
    c. The strategy(ies, kind of)
    12- E-mail
    13- Conclusion
    14- Credits
    Update: Oh well... After reading a few different parts of this guide, I 
    simply decided to make one big update in which I'll totaly erase the current 
    bosses strategies to replace them with some new ones. It's like if I was re-
    writing it, except for some sections like the listings(no way I'm gonna re-
    type them!!!).
    Legal Disclaimer: This guide cannot be used for commercial matters. If you
    want it on your website then you must first send me an e-mail asking the
    permission and only once I have accepted, you can. Thanks.
    1- Introduction
    Good old Final Fantasy VII, winner of the 2004 Best.Game.Ever popularity 
    contest. In my own world, it really is an awesome game(not the best, but 
    awesome one), so why not write about it and contribute to Gamefaqs in the 
    same time! I hope this remade guide is gonna be usefull for you in your 
    2- Characters' limit breaks
    It is a boss guide, so I'm not describing the characters themselves. Their 
    limit breaks however, are a great addition to my FAQ, since they will be your 
    friends quite a few times while you'll be exchanging fists with the bosses.
    How do they work? Well, except for Cait Sith and Vincent, all characters got 
    6 Limit breaks divided in 3 levels. Each of these has 2 Limits. Meaning? 
    Let's see this exemple:
    Cloud has Braver(his first limit). It's the level 1/1 limit. Then, once you 
    met the requirements, he'll learn Cross-Slash. That will be the level 1/2 
    limit. Afterward, once you met the requirements(as you did for Cross-Slash), 
    you learn Blade Beam, which is the level 2/1 limit. Then the same mechanic 
    goes on for level 2/2, 3/1, and finally 3/2. 
    However, you still have final limits to learn for each of your characters; 
    the level 4 limit breaks. But to obtain them, you need to complete optional 
    side quests and you'll get the limit break as an item. Once you did that, use 
    it in your inventory and you should learn it, but that is only if the 
    character in question has learned ALL of his/her limits. Usually(keyword: 
    usually), the level 4 limit breaks are the better ones.
    Cloud Strife
    Level 1 limits 
    Braver: Learned already.
    Cross-Slash: Perform 8 times Braver to obtain it.
    Level 2 limits
    Blade Beam: Cloud must kill 115 enemies to obtain it.
    Climhazzard: Perform 7 times the Blade Beam to obtain it.
    Level 3 limits
    Meteorain: Cloud must kill 195 enemies to learn the obtain it.
    Finishing blow: Perform Meteorain 6 times to obtain it.
    Level 4 limit: Omnislash
    Omnislash: Teh(no typo)popular limit break Omnislash! Cloud concentrates his 
    power in his sword to then unleash a 15(or around)sword slashes combo. To 
    obtain it, you must win 32 000 battle points in the Battle Arena at the Gold 
    Saucer(52 000 points in the first visit)to then trade 
    it for the Omnislash item(at the exchange machine). Use it in your inventory
    (you must have learned every other limit breaks) and it's all yours.
    Tifa Lockheart
    Level 1 limits
    Beat Rush: Learned already.
    Summersault: Perform 9 times the Beat Rush to obtain it.
    Level 2 limits
    Water Kick: Tifa must kill 96 enemies to obtain it.
    Meteordrive: Perform 7 times the Water Kick to obtain it.
    Level 3 limits
    Dolphin Blow: Tifa must kill 96 enemies to obtain it.
    Meteor strike: Perform 6 times the Dolphin blow to obtain it.
    Level 4 limit: Final Heaven
    To get the Final Heaven item, you need to visit Nibelheim in disc 3(as Cloud 
    is awaken from his coma). Head into Tifa's room and push the following 
    buttons at the piano:
    X, square, triangle, R1+triangle, R1+square, X, square, triangle, R1+X, 
    circle, X, square
    As the melody is played, you obtain the item. REMEMBER: you must have 
    obtained every Tifa's limits from every sets to learn her final limit.
    Aeris Gainsborough
    Level 1 limits
    Healing Wind: Learned already.
    Seal Evil: Perform 7 times the Healing Wind to obtain it.
    Level 2 limits
    Breath of the Earth: Aeris must kill 80 enemies to obtain it.
    Fury Brand: Perform 6 times the Breath of the Earth to obtain it.
    Level 3 limits
    Planet Protector: Aeris must kill 80 enemies to obtain it.
    Pulse Of Life: Perform 5 times the Planet Protector to obtain it.
    Level 4 limit: Great Cospel
    Once the buggy is yours in Disc 1, head to Costa Del Sol and enter it while 
    you're aboard the buggy. So inside Costa Del Sol, head to the dock and 
    request to be taken back to Junon('ll cost ya 100 gil but meh) on the other 
    continent. So once the ocean is crossed, head out of the city to get back on 
    the world map and you'll find out that you're still driving the buggy, so 
    drive it north east and you should eventually reach a shadow spot in the 
    water. You can use that spot to cross the river(or what ever), so do so and 
    you'll get on the other side. Travel east to get to some cave entrance. In 
    there, a sleeping oldman gives you items as you win a certain number of 
    battles, but there is a mechanic to it. He'll give you an item when the 
    number of battles you won has 2 last digits matching. Now, you can obtain 2 
    different items from him: Bolt Ring or Mythril. The ring is obtained when 
    your won battles number has 2 last digits that are even. The Mythril will be 
    obtained when they are odd. You want the Mythril here, so simply run around 
    outside of the cave and win battles. Head back in the cavern(or cave, but I 
    thought that using the same word over and over was unoriginal so let's say 
    cavern for once, the guide is now more pleasant for you to read :)) to talk 
    to the oldman after each victories until he hands over an item. If it's a 
    Bolt Ring, it means that your last 2 digits of your won battles are even. 
    Simply go win 11 battles to fix this problem and you should get the Mythril. 
    Now you can take a side quest break and get back to the story till later on 
    as you get to the Rocket Town.
    Once you're there(and that you have conquered the events there), you'll get 
    the Tiny Bronco, a plan that can travel through the rivers. With it, go back 
    to the Gold Saucer continent and search east of the Gold Saucer itself to get 
    to an house. Some dude in there's got some reward for you if you can bring 
    him a Mythril. So give him that item and he'll let you choose one of his own 
    items he's got in this place to thank you. Head upstairs all the way to the 
    left and pick the box on the wall. You'll get the Great Cospel item.
    Barret Wallace
    Level 1 limits
    Big shot: Learned already
    Mind blow: Perform 9 times the Big shot to obtain it.
    Level 2 limits
    Grenade Bomb: Barret must kill 80 enemies to obtain it.
    Hammer blow: Perform times the 8 Grenade Bomb to obtain it.
    Level 3 limits
    Satellite Beam: Barret must kill 70 enemies to obtain it.
    Ungermax: Perform 7 times the Satellite Beam to obtain it.
    Level 4 limit: Catastrophe
    To obtain this powerfull limit break, you need to stop the train in Disc 2
    (when Cid is the party leader) in Corel. If you were successfull in 
    preventing Corel from its Doom, you'll be rewarded with the Ultima Materia, 
    the Huge Materia and a free rest time in the Inn. The next morning, enter the 
    enter up the stairs near the Inn and talk to the woman there. She'll give you 
    the Catastrophe item.
    Red XIII
    Level 1 limits
    Sled Fang: Learned already.
    Lunatic High: Perform 9 times the Sled Fang to obtain it.
    Level 2 limits
    Blood Fang: Red XIII must kill 70 enemies to obtain it.
    Stardust Ray: Perform 7 times the Blood Fang to obtain it.
    Level 3 limits
    Howling Moon: Red XIII must kill 70 enemies to obtain it.
    Earth Rave: Perform 6 times the Howling Moon to obtain it.
    Level 4 limit: Cosmo Memory
    To get the manual, fight Lost Number(in the Nibelheim's Shinra mansion, open 
    the chest on the second floor). As you won, not only that you get the Odin 
    Materia(along with the Key basement) but you also get the Cosmo Memory item.
    Cid Highwind
    Level 1 limits
    Boost Jump: Learned already.
    Dynamite: Perform 7 times the Boost Jump to obtain it.
    Level 2 limits
    Hyper Jump: Cid must kill 60 enemies to obtain it.
    Dragon: Perform 6 times the Hyper Jump to obtain it.
    Level 3 limits
    Dragon Dive: Cid must kill 80 enemies to obtain it.
    Big Brawl: Perform 5 times the Dragon Dive to obtain it.
    Level 4 limit: Highwind
    To get the Highwind manual, head into the Shinra Sunken Plane after the Huge 
    Materia event in Junon(you need the submarine indeed, since it is 
    underwater). In the main wrecked room of the plane, open one of the chests 
    for the item.
    Yuffie Kisaragi
    Level 1 limits
    Greased Lightning: Already learned.
    Clear Tranquil: Perform 8 times the Greased Lightning to obtain it.
    Level 2 limits
    Landscaper: Yuffie must kill 63 enemies to obtain it.
    Bloodfest: Perform 7 times the Landscaper to obtain it.
    Level 3 limits
    Gauntlet: Yuffie must kill 63 enemies to obtain it.
    Doom of the living: Perform 6 times the Gauntlet to obtain it.
    Level 4 limit:
    Defeat Godo to obtain the All creation manual at Wutai.
    Cait Sith
    Level 1 limit
    Dice: Learned already.
    Level 2 limit
    Slots: Cait Sith must kill 40 enemies to obtain it.
    Vincent Valentine
    Level 1 limit
    Galiant Beast: Learned already.
    Level 2 limit
    Death Gigas: Vincent must kill 42 enemies to obtain it.
    Level 3 limit
    Hellsmaker: Vincent must kill 52 enemies to obtain it.
    Level 4 limit: Chaos
    To get this one, have Vincent in your party and locate a waterfall on the 
    Gold Saucer continent(World Map indeed) and use the submarine to get there 
    from underwater(again, help yourself with the map). In the waterfall cave, 
    you'll get to see a flashback of Vincent. Once the cut scene is over, get out 
    of here and go run in random encounters. Win 10 battles then head back in the 
    waterfall cave. You should obtain Vincent's limit, along with his ultimate 
    3- Bosses Strategies
    Here comes the main section of my guide. The main purpose of this section is 
    to inform you of the bosses's stats, difficulty, attacks and so on, along 
    with strategies to push them over. So, let us start!
    Disc 1 bosses strategies
    Boss: Guard Scorpion
    HP: 800
    MP: 0
    Drop: Assault Gun
    Difficulty: Easy
    Your first boss battle, and you could be surprised if you don't watch out for 
    one thing; the scorpion's tail! After attacking it a couple of times, the 
    camera angle will switch to a different view in which the Guard Scorpion's 
    tail is shown from the top. At that moment, if you ever dare to attack it, it 
    will automatically counter attack with a vicious offense. But other than 
    that, the battle is easy. The boss will be using different attacks but it 
    must first lock on a target, so it loses a turn already. As you can see, it's 
    a machine enemy so have Cloud casts Bolt, which is lightning elemental to 
    deal good damages. Barret should just be attacking, and have him use potions 
    if needed(but if you quit attacking the boss while it is charging its tail 
    then you shouldn't even get damaged much). Whenever you get the chance to use 
    your limit, do it!
    Boss: Air Buster
    HP: 1200
    MP: 0
    Drop: Titan Bangle
    Difficulty: Easy
    The Air Buster is tougher than the Guard Scorpion but it's still not a 
    challenging battle. Once again, your opponent's a machine, but using Bolt 
    won't be the best way to win this fight. You see, you are side attacking this 
    boss, so as you know, when you hit a target in the back, your damage is 
    doubled. The strategy is fairly simple; Cloud is on one side, Barret and Tifa 
    on the other. When you attack the boss in the back, it counters with a 100ish 
    damage counter attack. Bad? Yes for your HP, but not for your limit break 
    bar. After suffering of a few Counter and Big Bomber attacks(both dealing 
    good damages)from the boss, your limit break bars will be ready to let you 
    unleash your special attacks, so use them in the Air Buster's back to deal 
    great damages. To heal(you'll probably need it), have a character with the 
    Restore Materia casting Cure(pair it with the All materia if you'd like).
    Boss: Aps
    HP: 1800
    MP: 0
    Drop: Pheonix Down
    Difficulty: Easy
    Woah, cool HP huh? Meh, don't let it intimidate you, this boss's fairly easy. 
    Aps will be using sweep attacks, but his main offense is Sewer Tsunami. This 
    one damages all targets on the battlefield for decent damages. The best way 
    to win this battle is simple; use Cloud's Cross-Slash and Aeris's Seal Devil 
    limit breaks. Doing that will let you get several turns to attack the boss 
    without letting him get his, because Cloud's Cross-Slash paralyzes the enemy 
    while Aeris's Seal Devil will cast Stop(along with Silence but meh). If you 
    don't have them yet, then simply use physical attacks and elemental spells 
    from the Materias you probably bought earlier in a Materia shop. Having a 
    character with a Restore(Cure)+All combo can be cooly(new word!) usefull as 
    Boss: Reno
    HP: 1000
    MP: 0
    Drop: Ether
    Difficulty: Easy
    This battle isn't tough but, you could actually get a Game Over screen if 
    you're not cautious in your actions. Reno will be using Pyramid, which traps 
    one of your character in a Pyramid. While trapped, your character can't do 
    any action, and if Reno manages to imprison your whole party, you lost and 
    it's game over. What to do? Always make sure you got a last spare turn before 
    taking any action and hit your allies when they get trapped in a Pyramid(no 
    worries, won't damage them). Other than that, Reno will be using an Electro-
    Mag attack, which deals fair damages on one target and sometimes paralyze. 
    He'll be using some physical attacks too but meh, it's not like if they were 
    any dangerous. Keep focusing on using your attacks on him(magical or 
    physical, you decide) and make sure he doesn't trap your three characters. 
    Like always, Restore Materia paired with All is cool.
    Tip: On the 67th floor of the Shinra Headquarters, you can meet enemies named 
    Moth Slashers. They can be stolen for Carbon Bangles. These protecting 
    equipments are great for this point of the game. Now also, you'll meet some 
    quite good soldiers named 3D SOLDIER(or something like that). You can steal 
    them an Hardedge, a great sword for Cloud that will nearly double his damage 
    potential. Make sure you get these!
    Bosses: HO512
    Hps: 1000 
    MPs: 120
    Drop: Talisman and Grenades
    Difficulty: Medium
    Let's see... You got that mutated specimen H0512, and he can summon little 
    guardians named Opt. Where does he put them? Right in front of him, meaning 
    that he's in back row. Since he's in Back Row, your physical damage will be 
    two times weaker. So what you gonna do? Eliminate the Opts? Sounds smart but 
    it's not. The boss will automically revive them. Stuck? Nah, as you could 
    see, you now have a new ally named Red XIII. He's a powerfull fighter, and he 
    brought his own Materia with him! Even better, he brought the needed Materia 
    combo, which is made of Fire paired with All Materia. Cast it once, then have 
    him simply cast it on the boss over and over. Your two other characters 
    should be healing and attacking(even if H0512's in back row, Cloud can still 
    damage him for decent damages with that new sword he got. That is only if you 
    did listen to me a few moments ago though!). To talk about the enemies' 
    attacks well, H0512 will be use a Shady Breath that inflicts Poison, and 
    it'll be useless to cure the status with Antidotes since he keeps casting it. 
    You can always use a Star Pendant on one of your character though. The Opts 
    will be charging you and they will also dare to cast Lvl 1 elemental spells 
    like Fire and Ice. I keep typing it, but once again, the Restore+All Materias 
    paired combo will be helpfull. 
    Bosses: Hundred Gunner
            Heli Gunner
    HPs: 1600
    MPs: 0
    Drop: Mythril Armlet
    Difficulty: Easy
    This isn't really a boss battle, but it's still more challenging than a 
    normal random encounter. First, you'll have to destroy Hundred Gunner. That 
    machine will be in the other elevator, so it's
    out of range for your unranged physical attacks. What to do? Well, Barret can 
    attack with his gun, so no problem for him. Now for Aeris and Red XIII, equip 
    them with some Bolt Materias because as you know, machines don't like 
    lightning much. Other than that, you could use Grenades. To talk about the 
    attacks, the enemy will be using Artillery offenses like Aux Artillery. It 
    will also(late in the battle) charge its seed canon to unleash the Wave 
    Artillery, which damages all targets. Once you've dealed with the Hundred, 
    Heli Gunner will arrive. This one will be using canon attacks like AB canon 
    and C canon, but its best attack will be that spinning swipe one, which deals 
    a good ~ 90 of damage. Once again, you can't touch it without long range 
    attacks so keep casting Bolt and make full use of Barret's gun. And yes, 
    Restore+All Materia's a good friend here, like always.
    Bosses: Rufus and Dark Nation
    Hps: 500
    MPs: 0
    Drop: Protect Vest and Guard Source
    Difficulty: Medium
    Oh nice scene, you got the main character of the game, Cloud, going one on 
    one with the Shinra Inc. president! Oh crap... Out of nowhere, some panther 
    joined the duel. I guess Rufus had it hidden in his pocket. Meh, believe it 
    or not, but that 140 HP Dark Nation will be adding a certain difficulty to 
    this battle. See, it will cast Barrier on both Rufus and itself, so then your 
    physical attack damage potentional will be weaken by half. Now, I know what 
    you're thinking; "that mage's an idiot, I'll just use teh elemental spells!". 
    Well sorry, but the Dark Nation will ALSO cast MBarrier, which will reduce 
    your magic power damage. What to do? Well, you can use different strategies, 
    but the first thing to do is to eliminate the Dark Nation. That panther is 
    protected by a Barrier and a MBarrier though, and she's also in back row. 
    Little problem here huh? Your physical damages will be weaken by 4, so you 
    either take care of her with these physical offenses(will take a few turns) 
    or you try elemental spells(yes she's behind a MBarrier but the back row 
    factor won't have any effect on your magical damages). Once the pet's gone, 
    it's time to beat down Rufus. He'll be using his Shotgun for 40-50 damages, 
    and he'll be quite fast, so the Restore Materia will be as usefull as it was 
    against the Dark Nation's Bolt. The Barriers casted in the beginning of the 
    battle probably won't be active anymore by now(or if it still is then it 
    won't take long until it wears off) so your damage power will be back to full 
    potential, and if you did as I told you to earlier(stealing an Hardedge from 
    the superior solider enemies in the building) you should be dealing over 100 
    damage on Rufus. Since he's got only 500, just attack(and heal when needed) 
    and the new Shinra President will eventually flee(with some smart ass talking 
    indeed, why do they always open their holes AS they are leaving?).
    8th one
    Boss: Motor Ball
    HP: 2600
    MP: 120
    Drop: Star Pendent
    Difficulty: Medium
    This battle is interesting. First, you are back attacked and then, the boss 
    gets a free initiative charge attack on you, dealing around 20 damages on 
    whole party(bah). The Motor Ball's a machine as you can see, so Bolt Materia 
    will be your friend once again. Equip it on one of your character, and let 
    that character in back row. Your two other characters should be in front row 
    using physical attacks(OR, you could have your 3 characters equipped with a 
    Bolt Materia each and have them all in back row). Have one character with the 
    Restore paired with the All Materia again but don't waste the All bonus yet. 
    Why? Well, the Motor Ball will be using the charge offense he used in the 
    start of the battle, and it will also be using the Twin Burner, which deals 
    around 70-80 damage on party. Nothing too rough yet? Well, once in a while
    (after a few turns), you'll see the robot revealing a little part of its 
    mechanic. At that moment, it'll use the Rolling fire attack, which will deal 
    around 200 damage on your crew. Once he's done that, it's the time to use the 
    All bonus with Cure(make sure your 3 characters are alive though). But as you 
    could've guessed it already, there is a positive fact linked to such damage; 
    your limit break bars will be filled up quickly, so then you can unleash your 
    best limits on the boss. The Motor Ball is the highest HP user you battle so 
    far, so be patient and show you really are!
    Tip: East of Midgar is a rocked area near the mountains. Custom Sweeper 
    enemies can be found in here(greenish machines), and they like to use Matra 
    Magic. This ability can be learned with the Enemy Skill Materia, so make sure 
    you learn it. With it, you'll be able to damage all enemies for 200(that's 
    for now, it'll increase as you level up)damage points.
    Boss(well...): Dragon
    HP: ???
    MP: ???
    Drop: ???
    Difficulty: Hi, my name is Euuuuuuuugene!
    Don't ask, I just felt like including this battle. You're controlling a 16 
    years old Cloud who's level 1, meaning that his stats are crappy. For 
    example; he's got 140 HP only. Also, if you try to attack the Dragon, you'll 
    damage it for around 25-30 damage(15 in back row). Now that monster will be 
    using physical attacks for around 1000 damage, and his flame thrower will 
    deal nearly 1000 points as well. What can you do? NOTHING! Game Over.
    Just kidding, I forgot to tell you that you actually have an ally in this 
    fight; Sephiroth. How is he? Bah, just level 50 with nearly every elemental 
    spells Materias all mastered. But he's not using them, instead, Sephiroth 
    will toy the dragon with his Masamune, dealing around 3100 damage each sword 
    hits. He cannot be damaged either, since every offenses will be dealing 0 
    point of damage on him. After two turns, the Dragon will be dead, and the 
    victory is won, lucky Sephiroth had the 16 years old Cloud as his ally!
    Optional Boss: Midgar Zolom
    HP: 4000
    MP: 348
    Drop: Nothing
    Difficulty: Hard
    The Midgar Zolom is a VICIOUS snake with the duty of guarding the marshes. 
    Fighting him is entirely optional, and it’s rather smart to avoid him by 
    using a Chocobo- when you have to pass through the marshes to continue on 
    with the story early in the game. After the Gold Saucer events though, you 
    can come back to the marshes with that Fire Ring you found in Costa Del Sol 
    earlier. But why would you fight him? I thought it was fairly obvious, but 
    I’ve received quite a few e-mails about it. Well, the Midgar Zolom will be 
    using various attacks including Beta, which is one of the best enemy skill 
    that you can get in the first disc. Now, to learn an Enemy Skill, you have to 
    actually win the fight, and that’s not easy because it will be dealing around 
    1100 points of damage on your whole party. That’s where the Fire Ring joins 
    the show. See, Beta is fire elemental, and the fire ring allows you to be 
    immune to the fire elemental attacks, meaning that as you’ll get Beta’ed, 0 
    damage will be dealed. It might take you a few tries though, because Beta 
    isn’t the zolom’s unique attack. He will also use some 450ish damage charge 
    attacks, along with an annoying tail swipe that eject one of your character 
    out of the battle(can’t come back- in the battle that is). You could also 
    just wait ‘till even later in the game when you’ll be able to do some world 
    travelling but, getting Beta as early as possible is the best. So equip the 
    Fire Ring, learn Beta, then end the battle by using your best limit breaks.
    Boss: Bottomswell
    HP: 2500
    MP: 100
    Drop: Power Wrist
    Difficulty: Rather Easy
    The battle isn't tough, but just like when you were fighting Reno, you have 
    to be cautious in what you're doing because Bottomswell will be trapping your 
    characters in bubbles. Bubbles in which you are getting damaged as the time 
    passes. The enemy will also be using Big Wave, which deals around 100 damage 
    on party. The strategy? Well first, you must learn how to deal with the 
    bubbles. Remember what did you do to get rid of Reno's Pyramids? Well, once 
    again you gotta hit the trapped allies but this time, you have to use magic 
    spells(again, it won't damage them tabarnaks). There you go, problem fixed. 
    Now second problem in this battle, Bottomswell is a flying enemy, and he's 
    out of reach for your grounded physical attacks. What can you do? Well, the 
    best way to reach a ranged enemy is by using magics, but you can still play 
    with physical attacks. How? Well, there are characters like Barret and Yuffie 
    who can both damage the out of reach enemies using their ranged attacks. 
    Also, you could obtain the Long Range Materia in the Mithril Mines earlier, 
    so equip it on one of your physically melee character. With it, you'll be 
    able to reach the boss. Last thing I have to mention here is still totally 
    enigmatic to me. Here it comes: I could've sworn that the Bottomswell once 
    used the Aqualung ability on my party during one of my various playthroughs. 
    But it only happened once, so I don't know, am I just crazy or...? Because 
    the Aqualung can be learned as an Enemy Skill, and it's pretty damn good for 
    this point of the game. Just equip that materia to be sure, in case I'm not 
    mentally deranged and that the boss really does use that attack once in a 
    very long while. 
    Boss: Jenova*Birth
    HP: 4000
    MP: 110
    Drop: White Cape
    Difficulty: Easy To Medium
    Impressive HP indeed, but this battle isn't hard. Sure if you forgot to get 
    some levels while you had some free time on the World Map earlier, then the 
    battle won't be easy, but Jenova*Birth's very ownable. She'll be using Laser 
    attacks mostly, like Tail Laser and W Laser. They aren't too dangerous(around 
    150 damage)but the thing is that the boss will usually use them twice per 
    turn. Jenova's best attack however has to be Stop, which will stop one of 
    your character. To win, charge her melee style or play with magic spells and 
    Enemy Skills(Matra Magic and Flame Thrower). You should have the lvl 2 
    elemental spells like Fire2 and Bolt2 as well by now, so use them. You should 
    also try that new Summon Materia you got from Priscilla(Shiva). To heal, keep 
    using the good old Restore materia. 
    Boss: Dyne
    HP: 1200
    MP: 20
    Drop: Silver Armlet
    Difficulty: Fair
    Dyne will be using his gun to attack you for around 150 points, and he'll 
    also be using S.Mine, which is a bit stronger than his normal attacks. Later 
    in the battle though, he'll start using the Molotov Cocktail, which is his 
    deadliest move. The best thing to do is to actually let Dyne attack you so 
    Barret's limit bar will keep increasing. Cure whenever you need, and unleash 
    your best limits to eventually deplete Dyne's total HP, thus making you the 
    winner of this duel.
    Tip: After the Gold Saucer event(when you’re out of the place and that you 
    got Dio’s Buggy), you can take a break and have some fun with a few quests. 
    I’ll list two suggestions below:
    - As you’re out of the Gold Saucer, you can get back to Junon for 100 gil 
    from Costa Del Sol(at the dock). Meaning that you can go after the Mythril, 
    which is a must-be-obtained item for Aeris’s level 4 limit manual. You can 
    also go battle the Midgar Zolom with that fire ring you found in Costa Del 
    Sol, totally useless story wise but great to get the Beta Enemy Skill(read 
    the strategy for this optional boss above Dyne’s).
    - In the Gold Saucer, a new ally joined your crew; Cait Sith. Good thing 
    about it is that he brought the Manipulate materia, which is one of the most 
    amazing materia in the whole entire game(in my opinion at least). With it, 
    you can take control of your enemies and have them use their own attacks on 
    either you, or on themselves. The point? Well it’ll give you an easier time 
    to learn some enemy skills. Read below.
    Big Guard: At the beach near Costa Del Sol, you can find octopus enemies 
    named Beachplug. These can cast Big Guard, which is one of the best enemy 
    skill in the game. But to learn an enemy skill, it must be used on you, and 
    why would they cast that supporting spell on you? That’s where the Manipulate 
    materia comes to help. Use it to manipulate them, and then have them cast Big 
    Guard(pick from their skill’s inventory) on your party, allowing you to learn 
    Aqualung: Around the Gold Saucer in the desert, you can meet Harpy enemies. 
    These cool looking fiends can use Aqualung, so just manipulate them(since 
    they rarely use it)and have them cast it on you, allowing you to learn that 
    great enemy skill. It’s a good way to fill up your limit break bars quickly 
    as well.
    - You can also level up quite easily in Junon. See, the town is divided in 
    two parts, and in the middle, there is some sewer like tunnel with a group of 
    Shinra soldiers training. On the wall, there’s a red switch, turn it on and 
    the alarm will be activated. From now on, you’ll be able to run in random 
    encounters here, and the machines you’ll battle will give you PLENTY of EXP
    (some red robots that appear in group or 2 or 3 will give 700 EXP each, 
    meaning 1400 when fought in pair of 2 and 2100 in team of 3!!! They are also 
    generous for AP). They are quite tough though, so you’ll be happy to have 
    learned powerfull enemy skills like Beta and Aqualung. When too low on HP and 
    MP, you can just get out of the tunnel and go spend a night in Junon to 
    regain your health/mana. There are many shops around too, so make full use of 
    this opportunity.
    Bosses: Reno and Rude
    HPs: 2000 each
    MPs: 80
    Drop: X Potion, Fairy Tale
    Difficulty: Easy
    Nothing hard here, and it’s a simple battle. Both Reno and Rude will be using 
    physical attacks, along with level 1 elemental spells. Don’t worry, Reno 
    won’t be using his Pyramid ability so unless your stats are too low because 
    you haven’t been leveling up much lately(which I doubt if you red my tips 
    above), it’s not easy to die in here. Both got decent HP, so you could use 
    your best enemy skills(Beta or Aqualung) once or twice and the victory is 
    yours. Again, that is only if you red my tips above(or if you still somehow 
    managed to get them before that point). Otherwise, just have fun with your 
    physical attacks, or why not toy with your summon materias. Choice is yours!
    Boss(well...): Stinger
    HP: 2200
    MP: 60
    Drop: nothing
    Difficulty: Medium
    These stingers aren’t bosses, but they are still challenging enemies that 
    cannot be avoided, so I’m writing a strategy for them just in case you are 
    having trouble in your playthrough. From what I’ve seen, they have two 
    different attacks only; Sting Bomb and normal physical attacks. Their 
    strategy is simple, they use the Sting Bomb, which is gravitonnial attack, 
    taking away around 4/5 of your current HP(not sure about the %), and then 
    they use their physical attacks for around 100-130 points, double the number 
    since they usually use them twice per turn. Have one character with the 
    Restore Materia(cure2 learned) paired with All materia, and then your two 
    other characters should be using their best enemy skills OR melee attacks, 
    assuming that they are strong. Best way to win is to end the battle quickly 
    so the Stinger doesn’t have too much time to bring chaos to your party. 
    Boss: Gi Nattak
    HP: 5500
    MP: 200
    Drop: Wizer Staff
    Difficulty: Easy
    Gi nattak is far more annoying than tough. What an irritating battle. The 
    boss will be teaming with two Soul Fires. Now you see, two soul fires will be 
    thrown in your characters, from Gi Nattak himself. Now what will they do 
    while they’re "inside" your characters? They will cast Fire2, which will 
    damage your character. Other than that, Gi Nattak will be using his spear to 
    attack your party, and he’ll be draining both your HP and your MP using 
    various leech spells. Such a pansy! To win, use any elemental spells you got 
    except for Fire. Ice2 and Bolt2, along with your summons are good. Don’t use 
    Beta, since it is fire elemental, and forget about Aqualung since it deals 0 
    damage on the boss for some reason. Now yes, I’ve been emailed a lot about a 
    strategy to beat down Gi Nattak, which is of using curative spells. Using the 
    Life spell or throwing a Pheonix down also works to defeat this boss, since 
    he’s an undead. Keep in mind that it has more chances of missing, so either 
    waste your turns by trying to finish off this battle so quickly or go with 
    the strategy I just gave you above.
    Boss(optional): Lost number
    HP: 7000 
    MP: 300
    Drop: Cosmo Memory
    Difficulty: Tough
    Found in the Shinra mansion’s locked safe, Lost Number is optional, you don’t 
    need to defeat him for the story’s sake but, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to 
    eliminate him, since you’ll get Red XIII’s level 4 limit manual if you do. 
    Now for the strategy, well, Lost Number will be fighting you in two different 
    forms: one in which he’s a total melee warrior, and the other while he’s some 
    mage. While being a physical opponent, his punches will be devastating, 
    causing 600-800 points on one target. His vitality will also be so high that 
    your physical attacks won’t be causing much on him. Now to talk about when 
    he’s in his magical form, well he’ll still be using physical offenses but 
    they’ll be twice weaker than when he’s in his physical form. Of course, he 
    will also use magic elemental spells. Last thing you need to know about this 
    form is that he’s very resistant to magic. To win, you must first be able to 
    tell in which form he is. As I told you already, your physical attacks will 
    suck badly when he’s in his physical attacks, so you’ll need to rely on magic
    (and enemy skills). Your limit bars will be filled up in a few turns because 
    of Lost number’s damage potential, but your limit breaks won’t work well 
    here, because as you know, most(or actually every) offensive limit breaks are 
    physicals. Now when he is in his magical form, he’ll be actually easier. 
    Magics won’t work well as you know, so you’ll have to rely on your physical 
    attacks AND limit breaks(when your limit bars are full). Don’t give up, the 
    battle will be long if you haven’t worked on your levels much, since Lost 
    number has 7000 HP. But he is still far from being an undefeatable boss.
    Boss: Materia Keeper
    HP: 8400
    MP: 300
    Drop: Jem Ring
    Difficulty: Medium
    I like this battle, Materia Keeper is a good boss. Let’s see his attacks now. 
    Usual physical attacks; dealing around 300 points on one target, Hell Combo; 
    which damages one target for 500-700 damage and Trine; harms party for around 
    500 points, can be learned while wearing an enemy skill materia.  If you did 
    as I told you earlier, you should have Big Guard in your enemy skill list so 
    if your levels are low(or even if they’re high), it wouldn’t be a bad idea to 
    cast it on your party. You could also need a character with the role of a 
    white mage in here(Restore materia paired with All materia) with Cure2 
    learned. You may want to put your characters in back row, but don’t forget 
    that it isn’t such a bad thing to get heavily damaged(when you got a 
    character who’s constanly healing the party) because it helps out your limit 
    bar to get filled up faster, allowing you to use your best limit breaks to 
    deplete the boss’s HP. Avoid any fire elemental attacks though, because the 
    boss absorbs them. Materia keeper has 8400 HP so don’t give up, the battle 
    isn’t hard, just plan out your moves before acting and you should be 
    Boss: Palmer
    HP: 6000
    MP: 240
    Drop: Edincoat
    Difficulty: Easy
    This boss is like a joke battle. Palmer will be doing two things in this 
    fight. One of them is taunting you with his fat ass, basically yelling "kiss 
    my ass" at you. The other action is actually an attack, Palmer will be 
    casting Fire2, Ice2 and Bolt2 with his Mako Gun. But he won’t be damaging you 
    much, so as I told you already, it’s a joke battle. Nothing serious here. 
    Simply assault him with your offenses to end this battle quickly. As you 
    deplete his total HP, Palmer will avoid the Tiny Bronco coming(by itself it 
    seems...) to then flee. But out of nowhere, some truck will waste him. Oh 
    Tip: There you go, you now have a new engine; the tiny bronco! As you 
    witnessed it in the cut scene, a Shinra soldier was able to damage its tail 
    so you can’t fly with it. You can still use it like a boat as Cloud suggests 
    it in the sequence though, so of course, in any FF, whenever you get a 
    travelling engine, it means that a few side quests are now at your 
    disposition. Indeed, I am listing them below, since some of them will let you 
    acquire cool items and stuff.
    - Yuffie’s sub quest at Wutai can be done now.
    - The tiny bronco allows you to travel through the rivers, so use that 
    advantage to visit the unknown(for now) cold continent north of the map. You 
    can enter the Bone village here, so ignore every single person in here and 
    head to the next screen north of the place. You’ll enter a weird forest, but 
    there is nothing here so head north to the next screen. Now in here, check 
    the trees around. Sometimes, you’ll see something red flashing. Grab it to 
    obtain the Kjata summon materia.
    - With the tiny bronco, you can access a great place to level up(especially 
    when you’re around lvl 30) south on the world map(you need to contour the 
    east continent). It’s a small part (strangely formed) of the island named 
    Mideel. You can fight Head Hunters here, green lizards that are actually not 
    very strong but quite fast, and they appear in groups of 3 or 4. Each gives 
    650 EXP, so when they are in groups of 3 you get 1950 EXP, and when in groups 
    of 4; 2600 EXP! They are also generous for AP, so sail there and level up as 
    you’d like. If you are planning to level up for hours here, then go pop some 
    country music in your 50 years old music box and let it encourage you!
    Of course, I was kidding for that last part, unless you really are a country 
    music fan...
    Oh well, next !!
    Boss: Red Dragon
    HP: 6800
    MP: 300
    Drop: Dragon Armlet
    Difficulty: Medium
    Heh, if you played FF6 you should recognize this boss. Oh actually, maybe 
    not, because the only thing that the FF6’s and this FF’s red dragon has in 
    common is the name. Other than that, this guy’s a joke compared to his older 
    brother found in the previous Final Fantasy. Well, for the strategy, it 
    wouldn’t be such a bad idea to cast Big Guard on your party if once again, 
    you didn’t listen to my advice of leveling up earlier. Otherwise, the battle 
    will be fairly quick. Need to know the boss’s pattern? Well, he’s gonna use 
    his huge jaw as a weapon to physically hit you for around 500-600 damage. 
    He’ll also use the Red Dragon’s breath(or something like that) for around 
    same damage(add one or two hundred points). He could have other attacks but 
    these are the only ones that you need to watch out for. Decent damage right? 
    Well, have Regen casted on your party if you’d like, but Big Guard should be 
    everything you need for your own defense. To take down the dragon, you could 
    use ice elemental attacks because as you know, dragons hate cold. But oh 
    well, physical offenses are always an alternative. By now, you should be 
    doing fairly high physical damages with your characters, especially if you 
    got their latest weapons, like the Nail bat for example, which is Cloud's 
    best weapon in disc1 while it’s actually the ugliest weapon to ever be part 
    of a Final Fantasy. A baseball bat? Come on Square? Why not an hockey stick 
    while you’re at it. *Is hoping they aren’t reading this*
    Boss: Demon Gate
    HP: 10 000
    MP: 400
    Drop: Gigas Armlet
    Difficulty: Tough
    A formidable opponent indeed, Demon Gate is known as one tough boss- if you 
    didn’t take the time to level up your characters properly. You will also have 
    an hard time if you didn’t manage to acquire a few abilities. But let’s first 
    talk about his attacks. Demon Gate will be using his huge arms to physically 
    damage you for up to 800 points. He will also use Demon Rush and Cave in, 
    which are both quite dangerous, dealing around 900-1100 damage on party. If 
    you don’t have any way to reduce the damages taken, you’ll want to have your 
    three characters in back row. But if you did listen to my advice of learning 
    the Big Guard enemy skill, then you can have your characters in the front 
    row, even for those who don’t in need to be set in front to deal the maximum 
    damage. Why? Your friends in this battle are your limit breaks. You will want 
    to have your limit bars filled up, so taking lots of damage is good- assuming 
    you have a supportive character who’s gonna be healing the party constantly. 
    If you were able to learn Regen, then cast it(Restore paired with All for 
    sure)so you’ll be able to chill out a bit on the healing side. Other than 
    limit breaks, you can also try out your brand new summon materia, Bahamut the 
    king of all dragons! What ever you do, don’t give up, Demon Gate is what we 
    can call an high HP user(10 000 is the max you should’ve met so far, with 
    Godo if you did Yuffie’s side quest). 
    Boss: Jenova*Life
    HP: 10 000
    MP: 300
    Drop: Wizard Bracelet
    Difficulty: Medium
    This time around, Jenova*Life can damage you quite easily, so you will need 
    an healer in here. The boss will be using Blue Flame, which deals around 500 
    damage, nothing to worry about. The best attack she’ll use is the Blue laser, 
    which will deal around 450 points, but multiple that number since she will 
    use it 2-3 times per turn. If you have Regen, don’t feel guilty about casting 
    it. For your offense, I wouldn’t recommend any magical attacks, because 
    Jenova will simply cast Reflect on herself if you do try to cast some. The 
    art of melee attacks is your bet in here, so that also includes your limit 
    breaks if the bars happen to be filled up. Jenova*Life is another 10 000 HP 
    user(looks like it’s the cap for Disc 1), so the battle could take a while if 
    you don’t have a strong party. If you did train your characters and learned 
    strong limit breaks such as Meteorain from Cloud or Stardust Ray from Red 
    XIII, the battle will be over in a few turns. This is the last battle of disc 
    1, so give it all you got and unleash your anger for what just happened in 
    that cut scene before the fight started!
    Disc 2 bosses strategies
    Bosses: Schizo Left head
                   Schizo Right head
    HPs: 18 000 each
    MP: 350 each
    Drop: Dragon Fang
    Difficulty: Rough
    This is an original and interesting battle against some dragon like boss. 
    It’s two headed though, and both heads are targets. If they are targets, they 
    should be able to have their own list of attacks. Guess what, they do! Now, I 
    will need to name both heads for the battle, because both got their different 
    chart of attacks, along with different resistances. So, the scaly head(the 
    monster’s right head) will be fire elemental, meaning that she uses the fire 
    breath and that she absorbs fire as well. Therefore, her name is Fire Head. 
    Now the other head, the horned one(the monster’s left head) will be an ice 
    elemental, meaning that she uses the ice breath and that she absorbs ice. 
    Therefore, her name will be Ice Head as you guessed it. The body will be 
    using one attack as well, which is some Quake like spell, dealing around 600 
    points on party. In last, when you deplete one head’s total HP, she uses a 
    lightning elemental attack that damages your party for up to 1200 points of 
    damage. To talk about the heads breathes(Fire and Ice), well both will be 
    dealing 700 points on one target. You need to know one thing though, these 
    damage powers I just told you about were done on my party without any 
    elemental resistance. So if you got set ups that can reduce these damages, 
    you’ll be damaged way less. Now for the strategy, well Enemy skills that harm 
    all targets aren’t good here if they are Fire or Ice elemental because they 
    will damage one head and heal the other. Same thing goes for summons, along 
    with black magic spells that are paired with All. So if you are planning to 
    use these, then remove any All materia you have paired(except for the one 
    paired with Restore of course!)with Fire or Ice. Physical attacks are alright 
    in here, especially if you added fire or ice damage to your weapons. Once 
    again, if you do that, make sure you don’t hit the wrong head; fire 
    attack+fire head= absorb, just like ice attack+ice head= absorb. If you don’t 
    have any set ups that can protect you from the heads breathes, then Big 
    Guard+Regen on your characters will be quite usefull. What ever you do, don’t 
    give up, you got 36 000 HP total to deplete(if you’re eliminating one head 
    after another)since Fire head and Ice head both got 18 000 HP each. 
    Boss: Jenova*Death
    HP: 25 000
    MP: 800
    Drop: Reflect Ring, MP Turbo Materia
    Difficulty: Hard
    Not bad, but not challenging. This time, Jenova will be using fire elemental 
    attacks, so if you have the right stuff to be totally immune to fire, then 
    you don’t even need a strategy. If you don’t, then read on. I’ve seen her use 
    two attacks only; Red Laser, which deals around 700 points on one target, and 
    Tropic Wind, which is weaker by 200 points(about). The trick is that 
    Jenova*Death will be abusing of her Red Laser, using it more than twice per 
    turn. That’s why you’ll like Big Guard and Regen(considering you didn’t equip 
    an anti-fire set up). For the attacks, use what ever you feel like using. 
    There isn’t much of a strategy to give here, just plan your actions alright 
    and you should definitely be victorious.
    Boss: Ultimate Weapon
    HP: 18 000
    MP: 400
    Drop: Nothing
    Difficulty: Moderate
    What a cool looking beast! This fight isn’t serious, Ultimate Weapon will 
    just give you a preview of his power, because after a few turns, he’ll fly 
    away. But oh well, as I always do, I’ll list his attacks. Quake2 should be 
    the first attack he uses, which will deal a fair amount of damage on your 
    party. He will also use his huge claw to swipe a target for around 700 
    points. His strongest attack however, has to be Ultima Beam(the name’s 
    Ultimate Weapon after all), which deals nearly 1900 points on party. But as I 
    told you, you cannot kill the Weapon in this battle, because he will fly away 
    after a few turns. If you love that Curse Ring you found in Mideel, then you 
    can try to steal another one from Ultimate Weapon, though I’d recommend you 
    to work on your offense instead, simply to show him your strenght (-_-().
    Tip: Now wouldn’t be such a bad time to go have fun around the world with 
    Cloud as your party leader. With the Highwind, you can take on a few quests 
    that I will list below, as I always do.
    - If you haven’t done it already, Yuffie’s subquest in Wutai is still 
    - You can start to breed chocobos now in order to get yourself a Gold 
    Chocobo, refer to the Chocobo Breeding(8-) section of this FAQ for a guide 
    about it.
    - If you did listen to my tip just above, you could go pay a visit to the 
    Ancient Forest with your Gold Chocobo(or Black) which is located south of the 
    Cosmo Canyon. You could get cool items there, like Cloud’s second best weapon 
    in the game(Apocalypse).
    - With Cloud back in the party, you can witness an interesting secret scene 
    in the Shinra Mansion at Nibelheim(Library). 
    - You can visit Midgar again. A man there will tell you that he lost his key 
    to enter the town. Go dig it at Bone village(near the crashed plane’s 
    cockpit) then come back and enter Midgar. You can obtain Tifa’s ultimate 
    weapon(refer to my characters’ ultimate weapons section) in the Wall Market. 
    Other than that, there isn’t much to do there, but it’s always fun to revisit 
    it for good old time’s sake.
    Boss: Carry Armor
          Right Arm
          Left Arm
    HPs: 24 000
         10 000
         10 000
    MPs: 200
    Drop: God Hand
    Difficulty: Medium
    This battle is known to be fairly tough, and yes I have to admit that if you 
    don’t have the right abilities, this boss is a rough one. Let me explain the 
    strategy used by that machine: it has a main body and two arms. The arms will 
    be attacking you dealing 1/3 of the damage you inflicted on it with your last 
    attack. Also, both arms will be grabbing your characters, making you lose 
    control of that chosen character. To talk about the main body, it will be 
    using the Lapis Laser, which deals around 1500 points on party. Quite an evil 
    machine isn’t it? For the strategy, let say you gonna need PROTECTION. Why? 
    Here, I explain. See, the main body has 24 000 HP, and both arms got 10 000 
    HP each. Unless you got that Slash-All materia(meaning that you probably 
    listened to my tips above and that you visited the Ancient Forest with a 
    Black or Gold Chocobo), the best attacks to use in our situation will be all 
    targets magic spells. Which ones? Magic Breath is extremely powerfull, along 
    with Bolt3(Bolt materia paired with All), both offenses being great in this 
    battle. But as I warned you already, the arms’ damages will be based on 1/3 
    of yours, meaning that say you deal 2400 points(random points I chose) with 
    Magic Breath, the arms will counterattack for 800 points on your party, and 
    since they are quite fast, you’ll get struck for 2-3 times that damage. Don’t 
    forget to count the main body’s Lapis Laser, which deals over 1400 points. 
    Solution? Big Guard+Regen on party indeed, giving you nice defense along with 
    Haste and of course, the possibility for you to chill out on wasting turns to 
    cast healing spells. Summons can also be used in here, heck, anything that 
    targets all and that deals high damages, considering that you can survive the 
    counter attack afterward. 
    Tip: I’m annoying with my tips right? Guess what, I don’t care! After a a few 
    events(following your victory over the last boss above), you will have a new 
    travelling engine; the submarine. If you failed the Submarine mission, then 
    you can still get another one(refer to a FAQ/walkthrough). With the 
    Submarine, you can explore the sea, so board it and get underwater. Travel to 
    the west continent and check for a red submarine. Examine it to get a Huge 
    materia. Now, head north from the red submarine hugging the west continent 
    until you see a hole. Head in there to follow a small path in which you will 
    see a crashed plane. That’s the sunken Shinra plane, and I HIGHLY recommend 
    you to visit it, since you’ll be able to get AWESOME items like the Double 
    Cut materia, Yuffie’s ultimate weapon, and more over there. You will go 
    through a boss battle as well, so the strategy is just below.
    Bosses: Reno and Rude, "The Turks"
    HPs: 15 000
         20 000
    MPs: 230
    Drop: Elixir
    Difficulty: Tough
    My god, what an awesome place is the Sunken Shinra plane. Not only that you 
    were able to get the Double Cut materia and Yuffie’s Conformer in the room 
    you just visited, but you can steal Reno in this battle for a Touph Ring, 
    which is simply one of the best accessory in the game, giving 50 points to 
    your Spirit and Vitality stats. You can also steal Rude for a Ziedrich, which 
    is a GREAT armor for your stats, though I don’t recommend you to equip it 
    since there are no slots on it. Back on the strategy for this battle, you 
    must be warned that this fight isn’t all that easy however. Reno will be 
    using the Neo Turk Light, which confuses one of your character. Equip Ribbons 
    to fix that problem. Other offenses he will use are normal attacks, dealing 
    around 500 points. To talk about Rude, I’ve seen him use level 2 black magic 
    spells such as Ice2, along with solid physical attacks, dealing around 1600 
    points. Big Guard(with Regen as a plus)is nice here, and for your attacks 
    well, you decide. Physical attacks, enemy skills, magics, summons, all are 
    good. Your limit break bars should be increasing quite easily because of the 
    enemies’ attacks so use them whenever you get the chance. If you have Yuffie 
    in your party, you can have an easy win by equipping the Double Cut materia 
    on her, along with her ultimate weapon, allowing you to deal over 10 000 
    points per turn. If you don’t, then use what ever works well.
    Quick note: Oh and by the way, you might have seen a huge green THING messing 
    around in the ocean. That is one of the toughest boss in the whole game, so 
    do_not_try to fight it yet, since I am 95% sure that you don’t have the 
    required items, nor the levels, for now at least.
    Bosses: Rude
            Attack Squad(well SOLDIER)
            Attack Squad(well SOLDIER)
    HPs: 9000
    MPs: 240
    Drop: S.Mime
    Difficulty: Easy
    Quickly dispatch of the Shinra soldiers, which are both weaklings. Rude on 
    the other hand is alright, but I thought he was much better when you fought 
    him just earlier in the sunken place(if you visited the place). He will be 
    using Grand Spark, which deals around 530 points on one target, but he will 
    always(at least I think so) use it 3 times in a row. Other than that, I’ve 
    seen him use physical attacks, along with MBarrier. I’ve never seen him use 
    Barrier though, but that would be entirely possible. There isn’t much of a 
    strategy here, other than using your best attacks to quickly win this battle. 
    Oh and, I wouldn’t bother trying to steal him. You can get a Ziedrich but as 
    I said it earlier, that good-for-stats armor has no slots on it, and also the 
    fact that the chances to successfully steal it seem so low.
    Boss: Diamond Weapon
    HP: 50 000
    MP: 3000
    Drop: None
    Difficulty: Medium
    This isn’t as hard as it may seem. Sure Diamond Weapon is an high HP user, 
    and he’s immune to physical attacks(at least for half of the battle), but you 
    shouldn’t have too many problems. As I just told you, physical attacks won’t 
    work, so you will have to rely on magic. That includes enemy skills(Trine and 
    Magic Breath working quite well here), magic spells(Bolt3 and Ultima being 
    the bests) and, of course, summons such as the 3 Bahamuts(Bahamut, Neo 
    Bahamut and Bahamut Zero), Typoon(if you conquered the Ancient Forest), Ramuh
    (believe it or not), etc. To talk about Diamond Weapon’s attacks, well he 
    will be using some laser shot with his head, causing around 800 points on one 
    character. After a while though, he will start a countdown in which he 
    charges himself to use the Diamond Flash, which is his best attack, dealing 
    over 2500 points on party. However, as he does that, he reveals a 
    vulnerability to physical offenses, allowing you to make full use of your 
    weapons, physically talking. Double Cut materia works quite well, along with 
    your best limit breaks. Good old Restore+All combo will still be a friend in 
    this boss battle, allowing you to heal with Cure3 and put your party in Regen 
    status. Big Guard will be good too, as always. Diamond Weapon will give you a 
    shitload(oh crap, I said the S word!!!)of EXP and AP, so make sure your 3 
    characters are alive as you win the battle, and that you have equipped need-
    to-be leveled materias.
    Tip: Once Diamond Weapon is rocked in that awesome FMV, Ultimate Weapon will 
    be hovering above the lake near Junon town. You can undertake the quest of 
    taking him out in order to acquire Cloud’s best weapon. Refer to the Ultimate 
    Weapon section(9-) of this guide for more infos. Also, please consider that 
    this is your last chance to do some world tours in Disc 2 before moving on to 
    disc 3, so it’s your last call to do Yuffie’s subquest in Wutai.
    Bosses: The Turks, Elena, Reno, Rude
    HP: 30 000
        25 000
        28 000
    MP: 0
    Drop: Elixir
    Difficulty: Tough
    The final battle with the Turks, and this time, Elena will join. Let’s first 
    describe each bosses: Reno will be using the Electropod attack, which deals 
    around 1000 points on one character. He will also absorb ice elemental 
    arracks. To talk about Elena, well she will be throwing grenades at your 
    party for around 500 points, and she will change to back row whenever you hit 
    her while she’s in front. Just like Reno, she can absorb an element, which is 
    lightning. Finally, Rude will be using his good old physical attacks for 
    around 1800 points on one target. Just like his partners, he can absorb an 
    element as well, which is Fire. Knowing this, you shouldn’t be thinking about 
    using enemy skills other than Big Guard, because elemental attacks that 
    target all enemies aren’t a good idea in here, since you’ll be damaging two 
    Turks and healing the last one. Non-elemental offenses are great though, like 
    Ultima. You could use powerfull summons as well, like the Bahamuts. Physical 
    attacks being my favourite ones, I would advice you to make full use of any 
    Command materias linked to them such as Double Cut and Slash-All. Limit 
    breaks, as always, are your best friends. However, please do not forget to 
    steal Reno for another Touph ring. Elena has a Minerva Band, while Rude’s got 
    a Ziedrich but meh, the Touph ring should be your single preoccupation. To 
    win the battle, even I am not sure about what you have to do. It seems that 
    as you deplete one of the Turk’s total HP, the battle will end. I can’t 
    confirm it though, but I always took care of Reno beforehand so whenever he 
    fled, his partners followed him.
    Boss: Proud Clod
    HP: 60 000
        24 000(Jamar Armor)
    MP: Unknown
        200(Jamar Armor)
    Drop: Ragnarok
    Difficulty: Easy
    That’s a big enemy, but he’s far from being tough. Thing is, he has different 
    parts that will attack you, and they have their own turns. Funny, because you 
    can only target two parts; the main body and the jamar armor. You win the 
    battle as you deplete the main body’s total HP(60 000), but you really SHOULD 
    take care of the armor first. Why? Because it will use Materia Jammer, which 
    disables your materias. To talk about the body’s attacks, well its knees will 
    be using two(or maybe more) different elemental offenses, such as Fire and 
    Ice. It has machine guns as well, and once the body has taken enough damage, 
    the whole Proud Clod will bow before you. That doesn’t mean that Scarlet and 
    Heidegger are giving up, since the Clod will now use a new attack; Beam 
    Canon, which damages your party for 1000 points. As you can see, this boss 
    isn’t all that tough for an anti-Weapon machine, so there isn’t much of a 
    strategy. Just have Regen and Big Guard to be safe, and you should be more 
    than fine.
    Boss: Hojo
          Poodler Sample
          Bad Rap
          Helletic Hojo
          Right arm
          Left Arm
          Lifeform Hojo Na
    HP: 13 000
        10 000
        11 000
        26 000
        24 000
    MP: 250
    Drop: Power source
    Difficulty: Easy
    Good, you can now make this sick BASTARD pay for all of his crimes.
    Hojo has like, 3 forms, so I’m gonna divide them 3 below, giving you the 
    different strategies.
    First form- Nothing hard, he’s in his human form, and he will summon two 
    experiments to help him: Poodler Sample and Bad Rap Sample. It’s useless to 
    kill them though, because Hojo will just re-summon them. Basically just 
    target Hojo, and if you’re good enough, he shouldn’t even be able to get a 
    turn before you defeat him.
    Second form- What an ugly monster, Hojo now looks like Jenova, but he 
    actually got two arms. That’s the Helletic Hojo, and he can be alright. The 
    main body will be using Confu(funny chocobo animation), so make sure you have 
    Ribbons equipped or else.. To talk about the arms, well Hojo will be using 
    his right one to attack you physically for high damages, while his left one 
    will be doing.. huh, nothing? Seriously, I’ve never seen it act. Not like I 
    ever cared. Concentrate your attacks on the main body mainly, because Hojo 
    will be reviving them if you beat them down anyway. If they really are 
    getting in your way, then just have a summoner using the best summons you got.
    Third form- What the heck is that.. I would’ve thought that his final form 
    would be gigantic or something, yet you’re stuck fighting some unoriginal 
    cheap skeleton. Lifeform Hojo will be abusing of abnormal statuses in here, 
    so Ribbons will be once again your living allies(even though they’re 
    accessories, tee hee). He will use physical attacks as well but they’re so 
    pathetic. This Hojo’s arsenal is mainly the abnormal statuses so if you have 
    Ribbons, then he’s useless. This battle is basically just to give you the 
    opportunity of PUNISHING Hojo for what he’s done to tons of living beings.
    Disc 3 bosses strategies
    Tip: The North Crater is the last place to visit because you meet the final 
    confrontations down there, thus ending the game. I wouldn’t do that now 
    though, because there are many optinal quests you can take on. As always, 
    there they are, listed below:
    - You can go talk to Bugenhagen in Cosmo Canyon in order to obtain Red XIII’s 
    ultimate weapon(Limited Moon) now.
    - If you haven’t already, you can go breed chocobos in order to get a Gold 
    Chocobo. Chocobo with which you can obtain the best materias in the game. 
    Refer to the chocobo breeding section of this guide(8-)for more.
    - Ruby Weapon can be fought now in the desert around the Gold Saucer. Check 
    out the Ruby Weapon section for more(10-).
    - Emerald Weapon is still messing around in the ocean. You could’ve tried to 
    defeat him in Disc 2, but I adviced you to wait until Disc 3, which is now. 
    Check out the Emerald Weapon section for more(11-).
    - Now wouldn’t be a bad time to visit the Battle Square at the Gold Saucer. 
    You could get GREAT rewards(such as the Omnislash manual and the W Summon 
    materia) for participating in the battles there. 
    - Any side quests(except for Yuffie’s) can still be done(such as the Ancient 
    These are entirely optional, and time consuming, yet I still highly recommend 
    you to check them out. With that done, here we go for the final 
    confrontations in the North Crater!
    Boss: Jenova*Synthesis
              Right Arm
              Left Arm
    HP: 60 000
        10 000
    Drop: Nothing
    Difficulty: Easy
    A fair battle, actually cake if you took the time to complete various side 
    quests in order to get better equipment/materias. You should take care of her 
    tentacles first, since they will be slapping you for around 1500 points, 
    along with inflicting Silence. Afterward, use your best offenses to quickly 
    dispose of the main body, which won’t do much. Double Cut materias mastered 
    to 4xcut is great in here, just like any other summons or enemy skills and so 
    on; nothing worth a strategy. After some time though, Jenova will use a 
    Countdown and if it reaches 0, she will cast Ultima as a final attack. Just 
    make sure you beat her down before she gets to do that; who would want a draw 
    in such a simple battle.
    Boss: Bizzaro Sephiroth
          Right Arm
          Left Arm
    HP: 40 000
         10 000
    MP: Unknown
    Drop: Nothing
    Difficulty: Medium
    Alright, this is quite a weird battle. As you can see, Bizzaro Sephiroth has 
    different parts; his head, two arms, a core, and the body itself. Deplete the 
    body’s total HP and you’re the winner. The other parts can attack you though. 
    What to do? Well, as you know, you have two parties. How to switch party? 
    Deplete one of the part’s total HP(except for the body, if you do that, as I 
    just told you, the boss is gone) and you’ll be asked if you’re worried about 
    the other party. Reply yes to switch, though I’ve never seen the point of 
    doing it. Something else that is enigmatic to me is the fact that you cannot 
    damage the core- unless you have the other party. With that one party, once 
    you’ve damaged the core enough, you’ll be told that Cloud’s party(the other 
    one) can now damage it. So switch again and take care of it once and for all. 
    Point of doing it? I suppose it’s simply to block the boss’s ability of 
    reviving his defeated parts(but I’m not sure). As I told you already though, 
    I’ve never bothered with Bizzaro’s parts. Instead, I always took care of the 
    body quickly. If you want to do that, then you must be warned of one thing; 
    Bizzaro Energy. What’s that? An healing spell that heals the body for up to 
    6500 points. When does he use it? Each turn basically, meaning that you must 
    be able to deal more than 6500 points on the body each turn, otherwise it’s 
    useless. But how? Multiple hits offenses such as Double Cut(mastered to 4xcut 
    if possible). Limit breaks working well here, but I wouldn’t count on them. 
    Summons are cool too, along with your enemy skills. Personally, I’ve never 
    had any trouble with this battle since each times I beat the game, I had 3 
    Double Cut materias mastered on my 3 main characters.
    In other words, if anyone has a better strategy involving correct infos about 
    this boss with which(the strategy that is) you’re assuming that we can’t deal 
    more than 6500 points per turn is invited to send anything he knows to my e-
    mail address(check e-mail section).
    Boss: Safer Sephiroth
    HP: ?
    MP: ?
    Drop: Nothing, it's the last boss bud!
    Difficulty: Hard
    This battle will be pie with top notch materias such as Double Cut(mastered 
    to 4xcut), along with nice stats. If you don’t have any of these though, then 
    you’re in a fairly rough battle. Safer Sephiroth will be using a large list 
    of attacks: Wall, Break(petrifies one character and deal a damage bonus), 
    Flare, Doom, Dispel, Pale horse, Shadow Flare, Dein, a swipe physical attack 
    and in last but not least, the 2 hours animation Super Nova.
    The thing is, the damage of these attacks are a total mistery to me. From 
    what I’ve heard, Safer Sephiroth’s stats could be based on Cloud’s(or 
    party’s) level. I didn’t agree but after a few tests, I do, in fact, have to 
    admit that there is something weird going on. Super Nova’s damage seems to be 
    gravitational, though I’m not sure. For the other attacks, I have no idea. 
    Shadow flare once dealed 6500 points on one of my char, then in another 
    battle, it dealed around 3000 damage only. Could be the low stats for the 
    first test but still, a 3500 points difference is big. But oh well, for the 
    strategy, I’d recommend you equip Ribbons on your characters so you won’t 
    have to care about Safer’s abnormal statuses that he’ll use. Big Guard and 
    Regen are always cool but Safer will probably Dispel them so it could be a 
    wasted turn. For the attacks, use_everything_you’ve_got. Double Cut, Summons
    (except for KOTR, come on be fair!), magic spells(Quadra magic helps in 
    here), limits, everything! This is the last losable battle, and there is no 
    New Game+ in FF7. Therefore, you can use every single last healing items you 
    have in your inventory. 
    36th and FINAL battle
    Final battle: Sephiroth
    HP: Die after one hit
    MP: what?
    Drop: End of game
    Difficulty: Omnislash rules!
    (-_-(-_-(-_-)-_-)-_-), no idea why I’m doing this but oh well, it’s always 
    fun to describe a battle, even if it cannot be lost. Sephiroth, the real 
    Sephiroth, wants one last encounter. It’s a one-on-one duel though, between 
    Sephiroth and Cloud. Even if you didn’t take the time to get the Omnislash at 
    the Battle Square, you will still have it in this duel. What else? Cloud’s 
    limit break bar will be full, allowing you to unleash Omnislash on Sephiroth 
    right at the start. You could always just Defend or change row, giving 
    Sephiroth a chance to get his turn and slash you with his Masamune. But then, 
    Cloud will automatically counter attack, winning the battle. Indeed, it’s way 
    cooler to win with Omnislash, so just use it and feel this game’s magical 
    power one last time before you get your ending!
    Congratulation, you can now add Final Fantasy VII to your "owned and beaten" 
    game collection!
    4- General tips
    This section contains general tips(as the name says it)about Final Fantasy 
    VII, so use it at your advantage.
    - Let’s cheat
    Warning: If you want to be 100% legit, do NOT use this tip that I’m about to 
    give you.
    What is it about? The Duplication Trick. With the W Item materia, which is 
    found in Midgar in your second visit(in the tunnels similar to the ones you 
    passed through way earlier in the game, keep heading south down the screens 
    and you’ll eventually reach the materia), you can duplicate any battle items
    (items that can only be used in battles) up to the limit, which is of 99.
    How? Equip the W Item materia on one of your character and enter a battle. 
    With that character, select an item in your inventory to then pick a target
    (doesn’t matter which target). You’ll be able to use a second one(the 
    materia’s ability), so select the item you want to duplicate but then, don’t 
    pick a target. Instead, cancel(by pressing X). Select that one item again, 
    and you’ll see that it has increased of a 1. Cancel again, then pick, then 
    cancel, then pick, the item is duplicated each times! As I said it already, 
    it IS cheating, so if you want to be fair and stay legit, this trick isn’t 
    for you. But if you don’t give a duck, then have fun!
    - Best place to get EXP and AP
    This tip is for the ones who are in Disc 3 and are willing to get some levels 
    for their characters AND their materias for different reasons, like going 
    after the Weapons for example. Believe it or not, but that place is actually 
    the North Crater.
    The location? Well, go down the North Crater until you meet a crossroad(after 
    several areas). You’ll be asked to choose between the left and right path. 
    Take the left one, and keep going down the screens until you reach yet 
    another crossroad. Choose the "up" option to enter a well drawn area. To 
    recognize the place, the Jurassic Park like theme you were hearing will 
    switch to a new relaxing theme. In here, you can meet enemies like the Magic 
    Pots. You can’t damage them unless you feed them an Elixir, but they are 
    worth well the effort, since they give 8000 EXP each, along with 1000 AP. 
    They usually spawn in pair of 2, so double these numbers I just wrote. If 
    you’re low on Elixirs, you can either use the Duplication Trick(read the tip 
    just above) or you could Steal/Mug the Tonberries that can also be found in 
    this area. Still in the same place, you can also meet Mover enemies, which 
    are really like pink balls. These give 0 EXP, but 800 AP each, and they 
    always appear in group of 3, so triple it for 2400 AP at all(they give 90 000 
    gil in total as well, if you care). I recommend you to use this place for 
    your leveling up business for both your EXP and AP, especially if you got 
    multiple AP gaining equipment. 
    - The heck is lucky 7?
    In a battle, if one of your characters’ HP drop to 7777, he/she will get in 
    the lucky 7 mode. Now, I never thought that it was a reliable "mode" to use 
    since I actually never tried to use it. But if anyone would wish to 
    contribute to this FAQ with informations about it, you are invited to do so. 
    You will get all the credits, indeed.
    - Let’s buy money with money!
    Or actually, should I say: "let’s buy toy money with real money!". Toy money? 
    How does that sound to you? GP right? Well yes, you can buy GP with gil. At 
    the entrance to the Gold Saucer(behind the tram), you can find a man selling 
    1 GP for 100 gil, and he sells 100 GP max, so 10 000 gil spent at all. He 
    RARELY appears though, so I wouldn’t consider that a source for GP gaining. 
    Still, you can always try it.
    5- The secret characters
    As you can guess it reading the name, this section is about the secret 
    characters found in FFVII. There are two of them; Yuffie and Vincent. Below, 
    you will learn how to have them join your party.
    a. Yuffie Kisaragi
    On the world map on the east continent, search around the Junon and Fort 
    Condor territory to spot a few forests. In these, you can battle enemies of 
    course, but sometimes, you will get to face a female ninja. Defeat her to 
    find yourself on a field. The ninja will be on the ground, and you will see a 
    save sphere to your left. Now, you need to do exactly what I tell you to, 
    because if you don’t, that female ninja will escape and snatch some gil. 
    First, talk to her. She will talk trash and challenge you to one more battle. 
    Refuse by choosing:
    Not interested.
    Seeing that you’re not fighting her again, she will think that you’re scared 
    of her. Enter her game in a sarcastic way by replying:
    Mad, she’ll simply decide to leave you there. Don’t let her by choosing the 
    next option:
    Wait a second!
    Since you’re insisting for her to stay, she’ll wonder if you would actually 
    like her to join you. Reply:
    That’s right.
    Now here’s the catch, she will accept, but do not ask her name. Instead, 
    choose the next option:
    Let’s hurry on.
    You now get to name her, default name being Yuffie.
    b. Vincent Valentine
    The first time you get to join Nibelheim is in Cloud’s flashback. In that 
    one, there’s like nothing you can do. But in your second visit, you’re in the 
    present with the party. In this second visit(from this time I mean), you can 
    obtain the secret character. You need the Key to the Basement, which was 
    obtained in the locked safe found in the mansion. Here is the combination:
    Right 36, left 10, right 59 and right 97.
    You have to battle Lost Number indeed, so refer to the Bosses’ strategies 
    section of this guide(main section of the FAQ by the way) for the strategy. 
    In the safe, you get the Odin materia along with the Key to the basement. 
    With the key, head downstairs in the corridor before the library. You can see 
    a door left to it, open it with the key and go examine that coffin in this 
    new room. A man will emerge of it, that individual being the experiment you 
    may have red about in the files found in the main hall of the mansion. When 
    you get the choice, choose the option:
    Talk about Sephiroth.
    Both Cloud and the red cap man will be surprised as both know Sephiroth(like 
    oh my god wow, so surprising!). Next option to choose is:
    Who are you?
    You learn that he is Vincent Valentine, but he has no intention of joining 
    you. So just give up, and leave the area. In the corridor, try to leave to 
    the upper level of the mansion and Vincent will come back and accept to join 
    you. There you go! You now have a new member in your crew!
    6- Materia Listing
    Basically a listing section, which is as you probably can guess a real pain 
    in the butt to type so you better use it!
    Magic Materia
    Magic                     AP to next level
    Cure                      2500
    Cure2                     17 000
    Regen                     25 000
    Cure3                     40 000
    Location: Lot of shops in Midgar sell them, as well as other 
    cities/villages around the world.
    Magic                    AP To next level
    Fire                     2000
    Fire2                    18 000
    Fire3                    35 000
    Location: Lot of shops in Midgar sell them, as well as other 
    cities/villages around the world.
    Magic                     AP to next level
    Bolt                      2000
    Bolt2                     18 000
    Bolt3                     35 000
    Location: Lot of shops in Midgar sell them, as well as other 
    cities/villages around the world.
    Magic                     AP to next level
    Ice                       2000
    Ice2                      18 000
    Ice3                      35 000
    Location: Lot of shops in Midgar sell them, as well as other 
    cities/villages around the world.
    Magic                     AP to next level
    Poisona                   1200
    Esuna                     52 000
    Resist                    60 000
    Location: Shop in Kalm village.
    Magic                      AP to next level
    Quake                      6000
    Quake2                     22 000
    Quake3                     40 000
    Location: Shop in Kalm Village
    Magic                     AP to next level
    Life                      45 000
    Life2                     55 000
    Location: Shop in Junon Village
    Magic                      AP to next level
    Bio                        5000
    Bio2                       20 000
    Bio3                       35 000
    Location: Shinra Floor 67(and shops around the world)
    Magic                      AP to next level
    Mini                       8000
    Toad                       24 000
    Location: Mount Corel(and shops around the world)
    Magic                      AP to next level
    Haste                      8000
    Slow                       20 000
    Stop                       42 000
    Location: Shop in Gongaga Town.
    Magic                      AP to next level
    Sleep                      10 000
    Silence                    20 000
    Location: Shop in Junon(and other shops around the world)
    Magic                      AP to next level
    Confu                      12 000
    Bersek                     25 000
    Location: Shop in Gongaga town.
    Magic                      AP to next level
    Sleep                      10 000
    Silence                    20 000
    Location: Shop in Junon.
    Magic                     AP to next level
    Escape                    10 000
    Remove                    30 000
    Location: Shop in Rocket Town.
    Magic                    AP to next level
    Comet                    12 000
    Comet2                   60 000
    Location: Forgotten City.
    Magic                     AP to next level
    Barrier                   5000
    M-Barrier                 15 000
    Reflect                   30 000
    Wall                      45 000
    Location: Shop in Rocket Town.
    Full Cure
    Magic                     AP to next level
    Full cure                 100 000
    Location: Cosmo Canyon.
    Magic                     AP to next level
    Demi                      10 000
    Demi2                     20 000
    Demi3                     40 000
    Location: Cave of the GI once you defeat GI Nattack.
    Magic                     AP to next level
    Freeze                    5000
    Break                     10 000
    Tornado                   15 000
    Flare                     60 000
    Location: Mideel.
    Magic                     AP to next level
    deBarrier                 6000
    Despell                   10 000
    Death                     45 000
    Location: Shinra Mansion(Nibelheim).
    Magic                      AP to next level
    Shield                     100 000
    Location: North Crater
    Magic                       AP to next level
    Ultima(can't use it)        5000
    Ultima                      100 000
    Location: North Corel(Huge materia event, stop the train and get it for free 
    or don’t and buy it for 50 000 gil).
    Summon Materias
    Summon                      AP to next level
    Lvl 1                       2000
    Lvl 2                       14 000
    Lvl 3                       25 000
    Lvl 4                       35 000
    Lvl 5                       MASTER
    Location: Chocobo ranch, watch the Chocobo’s dance.
    Summon	                AP to next level
    Lvl 1                       4000
    Lvl 2                       15 000
    Lvl 3                       30 000
    Lvl 4                       50 000
    Lvl 5                       MASTER
    Location: Priscilla’s reward for helping her out.
    Summon                      AP to next level
    Lvl 1                       5000
    Lvl 2                       20 000
    Lvl 3                       35 000
    Lvl 4                       60 000
    Lvl 5                       MASTER
    Location: Shinra cargo ship.
    Summon                      AP to next level
    Lvl 1                       10 000
    Lvl 2                       25 000
    Lvl 3                       50 000
    Lvl 4                       70 000
    Lvl 5                       MASTER
    Location: Chocobo Square in Gold Saucer’s prison.
    Summon                      AP to next level
    Lvl 1                       15 000
    Lvl 2                       30 000
    Lvl 3                       60 000
    Lvl 4                       80 000
    Lvl 5                       MASTER
    Location: Gongaga town(at the Mako reactor).
    Summon                      AP to next level
    Lvl 1                       16 000
    Lvl 2                       32 000
    Lvl 3                       65 000
    Lvl 4                       80 000
    Lvl 5                       MASTER
    Location: Shinra Mansion in Nibeilhem.
    Summon                      AP to next level
    Lvl 1                       22 000
    Lvl 2                       60 000
    Lvl 3                       90 000
    Lvl 4                       140 000
    Lvl 5                       MASTER 
    Location: Ancient Forest
    Summon                      AP to next level
    Lvl 1                       20 000
    Lvl 2                       50 000
    Lvl 3                       80 000
    Lvl 4                       120 000
    Lvl 5                       MASTER
    Location: Temple of Ancients(as you defeat the Red Dragon).
    Summon                      AP to next level
    Lvl 1                       25 000
    Lvl 2                       65 000
    Lvl 3                       100 000
    Lvl 4                       150 000
    Lvl 5                       MASTER
    Location: Touch the hot spring then defeat Snow(Great Glacier).
    Neo Bahamut
    Summon                      AP to next level
    Lvl 1                       30 000
    Lvl 2                       80 000
    Lvl 3                       140 000
    Lvl 4                       200 000
    Lvl 5                       MASTER 
    Location: Whirlwind Maze(on your way to the North Crater).
    Bahamut Zero
    Summon                      AP to next level
    Lvl 1                       35 000
    Lvl 2                       120 000
    Lvl 3                       150 000
    Lvl 4                       250 000
    Lvl 5                       MASTER
    Location: In Bugenhagen’s invention, examine one of the huge materia to get 
    Bahamut Zero(Bahamut and Neo Bahamut are required).
    Summon                      AP to next level
    Lvl 1                       18 000
    Lvl 2                       38 000
    Lvl 3                       87 000
    Lvl 4                       100 000
    Lvl 5                       MASTER
    Location: Complete Yuffie’s side quest in Wutai.
    Summon                      AP to next level
    Lvl 1                       28 000
    Lvl 2                       70 000
    Lvl 3                       120 000
    Lvl 4                       800 000
    Lvl 5                       MASTER
    Location: Beat up the Shinra Corp. at Fort Condor with your army 
    to get the materia.
    Summon                      AP to next level
    Lvl 1                       35 000
    Lvl 2                       120 000
    Lvl 3                       150 000
    Lvl 4                       250 000
    Lvl 5                       MASTER
    Location: Ancient Forest(near Canyon)
    Summon                      AP to next level
    Lvl 1                       35 000
    Lvl 2                       120 000
    Lvl 3                       150 000
    Lvl 4                       250 000
    Lvl 5                       MASTER
    Location: Shinra Sunken Plane.
    Knight of the Round
    Summon                      AP to next level
    Lvl 1                       50 000
    Lvl 2                       200 000
    Lvl 3                       300 000
    Lvl 4                       500 000(ouch!)
    Lvl 5                       MASTER
    Location: Secret island northeast of the map(Gold Chocobo needed).
    Command Materia
    Command                     AP to next level
    Sense                       40 000
    Location: Kalm town, Junon town and Wall Market.
    Command                     AP to next level
    Steal                       40 000
    Mug                         50 000
    Location: Midgar Sewers, Kalm Town.
    Command                     AP to next level
    Morph                       40 000
    Location: Temple of Ancients.
    Command                     AP to next level
    Manip.                      40 000
    Location: Fort Condor, Rocket Twon. Also, Cait Sith is equipped with one as 
    he joins you.
    Enemy skill
    No AP to gain on it, simply a command with which you can use the enemy’s 
    abilities(that you learn as you’re struck by them).
    Location: Hojo’s laboratory, Ancient City, Chocobo Sage house.
    Death Blow
    Command                     AP to next level
    Death blow                  40 000
    Location: Fort Condor and Rocket Town.
    Command                     AP to next level
    Throw                       45 000
    Coin                        60 000
    Location: Fort Condor, Rocket Town. Also, Yuffie is equipped with one as she 
    joins you.
    Double Cut
    Command                      AP to next level
    2X cut                       100 000
    4X cut                       150 000
    Location: Sunken Shinra plane.
    W Magic
    Command                      AP to next level
    W Magic                      250 000
    Location: North Crater.
    W Item
    Command                       AP to next level
    W Item                        250 000
    Location: Midgar Tunnels(second visit in Midgar).
    W Summon
    Command                       AP to next level
    W Summon                      250 000
    Location: Win 64 000 battle point in the Battle Square at the Gold Saucer.
    Slash All
    Command                       AP to next level
    Slash All                     100 000
    Flash                         150 000
    Location: Ancient Forest.
    Command                       AP to next level
    Mime                          100 000
    Location: Wutai Fire Cave(Black or Gold chocobo required).
    Support Materias
    Support                       AP to next level
    Lvl 1                         1500
    Lvl 2                         6000
    Lvl 3                         18 000
    Lvl 4                         35 000
    Location: Sector 7, Shinra Headquarters, Cargo Ship, Great Glacier.
    Support		            AP to next level
    Lvl 1(reduce by 1/2)          10 000
    Lvl 2(reduce by 100%)         40 000
    Lvl 3(absorb)                 80 000
    Location: Shinra Headquarters, Mount Corel, Nibelheim.
    Added Cut
    Support                       AP to next level
    Lvl 1                         200 000
    Location: Great Glacier.
    Added Effect
    Support                       AP to next level
    Lvl 1                         100 000
    Location: Cosmo Canyon(GI nattak).
    Steal as well
    Support                       AP to next level
    Lvl 1                         200 000
    Location: Wutai Fire Cave.
    Final Attack
    Support                       AP to next level
    Lvl 1                         20 000
    Lvl 2                         40 000
    Lvl 3                         80 000
    Lvl 4                         160 000
    Location: Reward for winning the special battle in the Battle Square at the 
    Gold Saucer.
    Support                       AP to next level
    Lvl 1(30%)                    40 000
    Lvl 2(40%)                    80 000
    Lvl 3(60%)                    120 000
    Lvl 4(80%)                    200 000
    Lvl 5(100%)                   MASTER
    Location: North Crater.
    Magic Counter
    Support                        AP to next level 
    Lvl 1(30%)                     40 000
    Lvl 2(40%)                     80 000
    Lvl 3(60%)                     160 000
    Lvl 4(80%)                     300 000
    Lvl 5(100%)                    MASTER
    Location: Win 10 races in the S rank with one of your chocobo in the Chocobo 
    Square at the Gold Saucer.
    HP Absorb
    Support                        AP to next level
    Lvl 1                          100 000
    Location: Wutai, North Crater.
    MP Absorb
    Support                        AP to next level
    Lvl 1                          100 000
    Location: Wutai.
    MP Turbo
    Support                        AP to next level
    Lvl 1(10%)                     10 000
    Lvl 2(20%)                     30 000
    Lvl 3(30%)                     60 000
    Lvl 4(40%)                     120 000
    Lvl 5(50%)                     MASTER
    Location: Temple of Ancients.
    Quadra Magic
    Support                        AP to next level
    Lvl 1                          40 000
    Lvl 2                          80 000
    Lvl 3                          120 000
    Lvl 4                          200 000
    Location: Cave near Mideel/Lifestream(Gold chocobo required).
    Sneak Attack
    Support                        AP to next level
    Lvl 1(20%)                     20 000
    Lvl 2(35%)                     60 000
    Lvl 3(50%)                     100 000
    Lvl 4(65%)                     150 000
    Lvl 5(80%)                     MASTER
    Location: Gold Saucer Chocobo Square.
    Independent materias
    Chocobo Lure
    Independant                    AP to next level
    Lvl 1(1)                       3000
    Lvl 2(1.5)                     10 000
    Lvl 3                          30 000
    lvl 4                          MASTER
    Location: Chocobo Farm.
    Independant                     AP to next level
    Lvl 1(20%)                      2000
    Lvl 2(40%)                      10 000
    Lvl 3(60%)                      25 000
    Lvl 4(80%)                      40 000
    Lvl 5                           MASTER
    Location: Wall Market, Sector 6 slums.
    Long range
    Independant                     AP to next level
    Lvl 1                           80 000
    Lvl 2                           MASTER
    Location: Mithril Mine.
    Independant                     AP to next level
    Lvl 1(6%)                       8000
    Lvl 2(12%)                      20 000
    Lvl 3(24%)                      40 000
    Lvl 4((36%)                     80 000
    Lvl 5(48%)                      MASTER 
    Location: Battle Square at the Gold saucer.
    Luck Plus
    Independant                      AP to next level
    Lvl 1(10%)                       15 000
    Lvl 2(20%)                       30 000
    Lvl 3(30%)                       60 000
    Lvl 4(40%)                       100 000
    Lvl 5(50%)                       MASTER
    Location: Temple of Ancients.
    Speed Plus
    Independant                      AP to next level
    Lvl 1(10%)                       15 000
    Lvl 2(20%)                       30 000
    Lvl 3(30%)                       60 000
    Lvl 4(40%)                       100 000
    Lvl 5(50%)                       MASTER
    Location: Battle square for 4000 battle point at the Gold Saucer.
    Enemy Lure
    Independant                      AP to next level
    Lvl 1(1.5)                       8000
    Lvl 2(2)                         50 000
    Lvl 3                            MASTER
    Location: Battle square in Gold Saucer.
    Enemy Away
    Independant                      AP to next level
    Lvl 1(1.5)                       8000
    Lvl 2(0.25)                      50 000
    Lvl 3                            MASTER
    Location: Chocobo race at Gold Saucer.
    HP plus
    Independant                      AP to next level
    Lvl 1(10%)                       10 000
    Lvl 2(20%)                       20 000
    Lvl 3(30%)                       30 000
    Lvl 4(40%)                       50 000
    Lvl 5(50%)                       MASTER
    Location: Materia Shops in Cosmo Canyon and Mideel.
    MP plus
    Independant                      AP to next level
    Lvl 1(10%)                       10 000
    Lvl 2(20%)                       20 000
    Lvl 3(30%)                       30 000
    Lvl 4(40%)                       50 000
    Lvl 5(50%)                       MASTER
    Location: Materia Shops in Cosmo Canyon and Mideel.
    Counter attack
    Independant                      AP to next level
    Lvl 1(20%)                       10 000
    Lvl 2(40%)                       20 000
    Lvl 3(60%)                       50 000
    Lvl 4(80%)                       100 000
    Lvl 5(100%)                      MASTER
    Location: Battle Square in Gold Saucer and Mount Nibelheim.
    Magic Plus
    Independant                      AP to next level
    Lvl 1(10%)                       10 000
    Lvl 2(20%)                       20 000
    Lvl 3(30%)                       30 000
    Lvl 4(40%)                       50 000
    Lvl 5(50%)                       MASTER 
    Location: Ancient City.
    EXP plus
    Independant                      AP to next level
    Lvl 1(1.5)                       60 000
    Lvl 2(2)                         150 000
    Lvl 3                            MASTER
    Location: Wonder Square at the Gold Saucer.
    Gil plus
    Independant                      AP to next level 
    Lvl 1(1.5)                       80 000
    Lvl 2(2)                         150 000
    Lvl 3                            MASTER 
    Location: Wonder Square at the Gold Saucer.
    Mega All
    Independant                      AP to next level 
    Lvl 1                            2000
    Lvl 2                            10 000
    Lvl 3                            25 000
    Lvl 4                            40 000
    Lvl 5                            MASTER
    Location: North Crater.
    HP <-> MP
    Independant                      AP to next level
    Lvl 1                            80 000
    Lvl 2                            MASTER
    Location: Cave near Mount Corel(Gold Chocobo required).
    Independant                      AP to next level
    Lvl 1                            0
    Location: Morph a Ghost Ship(Junon’s underwater tunnels) for the Guide Book, 
    then trade it to the freak in Kalm village.
    There you guys go.
    7- Characters' Ultimate weapons
    As you have probably noticed already, each characters got their different 
    types of weapons. Cloud uses swords(except for when he uses that terribly 
    ugly nail bat), while Barret uses mostly arm guns.
    But the characters also have their best weapons, which are known as ultimate 
    weapons. Indeed, since each characters use different types of weapons, there 
    are different ultimate weapons. 
    To talk about these ultimate weapons, there are ways to power them up in 
    Final Fantasy VII. Each Ultimate weapons have their different ways of being 
    powered up, so each characters have different factors. 
    Below, you will find the locations of these Ultimate weapons, their stats, 
    and of course, the ways to power them up.
    Cloud's Ultima Weapon
    Location: You must defeat Ultimate Weapon(the Weapon boss)and he will drop it.
    Stats: Attack 100
           Attack% 110 
           Magic 51
           8 slots linked in pairs of 2 on this weapon
    Potential’s factor: Cloud’s HP. The damage dealed by the weapon will be based 
    on the different between Cloud’s current and maximum HP. Meaning that if your 
    Cloud has 6000 HP in total but that he currently got 500, the damages dealed 
    will be ridiculousely low.
    Tifa's Premium Heart:
    Location: In disc 2 as you get the Highwind, head to Midgar(from the base) 
    and talk to the man there. He’ll tell you that he lost his key to enter the 
    city, so leave and head to Bone Village. Have a digging session there and dig 
    near the crashed plane’s cockpit. You should get the Key to Midgar the next 
    morning. Back at Midgar, you should now be able to open the door to enter the 
    city. In the Wall Market, head inside the ITEM shop in which a brozen machine 
    gun tried to shoot Cloud way earlier in the game. There is a chest there, 
    open it to get the Premium heart.
    Additional note: Tifa has to be in your party
    Stats: Attack 99
           Attack% 112
           Magic 32
           8 slots linked in pairs of 2 on this weapon
    Potential’s factor: Hmk, I am not sure about this weapon. I know that Tifa 
    will deal higher damages with it when her limit bar is nearly full. But I 
    also heard that the Premium Heart gets better as you "Miss" her limit breaks. 
    Not sure about that one though.
    Aeris's Princess Guard
    Location: This ultimate weapon can only be found in Disc 1 in the Temple of 
    Ancients. In the clock area, head inside the IV(actually labbeled IIII) 
    passage to reach a room containing a chest. Open it to get the Princess Guard.
    Stats: Attack 52
           Magic 22
           6 slots are linked in pairs of 2 on this weapon
    Potential’s factor: When Aeris’s allies are dead or nearly dead, her Princess 
    Guard will be dealing bigger points.
    Barret's Missing Score
    Location: The Missing Score can only be acquired once, which is right after 
    the battle with the Proud Clod in disc 2. While climbing up the stairs, you 
    should eventually come to a green chest. Open it to get the Missing Score.
    Additional note: Barret must be in your party to get the chest to appear.
    Stats: Attack 98
           Attack% 108
           Magic 49
           slots linked in pairs of 2 on this weapon
    Potential’s factor: To deal the best damage on this weapon, you need to equip 
    it with high level materias. Mastered materias will make it even better.
    Red XIII's Limited Moon
    Location: The weapon can be obtained in Disc 3. Head to Cosmo Canyon and get 
    to Bugenhagen’s house on top of the place. He will(in my opinion) fake his 
    death to encourage RedXIII to move on with his life and to get out to save 
    the world, instead of staying in the Canyon to protect its citizens. He then 
    gives you the Limited Moon.
    Stats: Attack 93
           Attack% 114
           Magic 31
           8 slots linked in pairs of 2 on this weapon
    Potential’s factor: Same as Cloud’s, just that it’s now about your MP. The 
    smaller is the difference between Red XIII’s current and max MP and the 
    higher he will damage.
    Cid's Venus Gospel
    Location: After the rocket event(in which you get a Huge materia) in Rocket 
    Town, talk to the oldman who gave you the Yoshiyuki in disc 1 three times and 
    he will give you the Venus Gospel.
    Stats: Attack 97
           Attack% 103
           Magic 42
           8 slots linked in pairs of 2 on this weapon
    Potential’s factor: Same as Red XIII’s Limited Moon.
    Yuffie's Conformer
    Location: With the submarine, head to the Shinra sunken plane. In there, go 
    into the main room and open one of the chests to get the Conformer.
    Stats: Attack 96
           Attack% 112
           Magic 42
           8 slots linked in pairs of 2 on this weapon
    Potential’s factor: This one is quite original, the higher the target’s level 
    is and the higher the weapon’s damage will be.
    Cait Sith's HP shout
    Location: In your second visit at the Shinra Headquarters, open the locker on 
    the floor 66(Cloud didn’t take it in the first visit because he said it was 
    Stats: Attack 95
           Attack% 110
           Magic 44
           8 slots linked in pairs of 2 on this weapon
    Potential’s factor: Same as Cloud’s Ultima Weapon.
    Vincent's Death Penalty
    Location: Have Vincent in your party and locate a waterfall on the Gold 
    Saucer continent(World Map helps indeed) and use the submarine to get there 
    from underwater(again, help yourself with the map). In the waterfall cave, 
    you'll get to see a flashback of Vincent. Once the cut scene is over, get out 
    of here and go run in random encounters. Win 10 battles then head back in the 
    waterfall cave. You should obtain Vincent's limit, along with his ultimate 
    Additional note: Vincent must be in your party.
    Stats: Attack 99
           Attack% 155
           Magic 34
           8 slots linked in pairs of 2 on this weapon
    Potential’s factor: The more enemies Vincent has killed using the ultimate 
    weapon, the higher his damage will be.
    8- Chocobo breeding(how to obtain a Gold Chocobo)
    Oh well, a chocobo strategy could be found in the "tips" section of the older 
    crappy ass version of this guide. But since I’m totally updating it, I simply 
    decided to write a whole section about how to get a Gold Chocobo. The point 
    of adding it to a boss guide? Meh, we gonna need it for the upcoming sections 
    about Ruby and Emerald Weapon, so it wouldn’t be fair to ignore this feature 
    would it?
    How do you breed chocobos? At the Chocobo Ranch found on the east continent 
    of the world, you can place caught Chocobos in the stalls to then feed them, 
    mate them, ride them and so on. 
    When is the appropriate time to take on this feature? I recommend you to 
    breed chocobos as soon as you get the Highwind. You can do it later if you’d 
    like, it’s just that I like to get rid of this quest as soon as possible. 
    You’re going to need a few things first, which are listed just below:
    - Money. An high amount of money, around 500 000 gil just to be safe. How 
    will you get such an amount? Shouldn’t be a trouble if you got a mastered All 
    materia to dump. They can be sold for 1 400 000 gil when mastered, so if you 
    got another high level(or even mastered)All materia as an alternative, then 
    just sell it. If you don’t have any, then wait until Disc 3 in the North 
    Crater, where you can get 90 000 gil in one battle. Refer to "Best place for 
    EXP and AP" in my general tips section.
    - Stalls. At the chocobo ranch, go talk to the Choco dude in the house(that 
    you can use as a Inn) and buy 6 stalls from him(10 000 gil each). We need 
    like four, but screw that, let’s just take over this place. 
    - Nuts and Greens. Board the Highwind and head to the cold continent. Search 
    around until you spot a house that you can land just in front of it, thanks 
    to the grass area. This is the chocobo sage house, and you can buy rare 
    greens from the sage in here. You want the most expensive ones, which are the 
    Sylkis Greens, 5000 gil each. Buy 99 of them, then leave after getting the 
    Enemy Skill materia from the green chocobo(talk to it). Now we need the nuts. 
    Board the Highwind again and head to Bone Village, and land on the grass 
    area. Run around here(Not in the forest!) until you get to meet the 
    Vlakoradus enemies in random encounters. Steal/Mug these T Rex like enemies 
    for Carob Nuts. You need 3 of them, but let’s just take 4-5 to be safe. 
    Second and last nut we need are Zeio Nuts. With the Highwind, head east on 
    the World Map. You will spot deserted islands, and most are peninsulas. 
    Search for an island shaped like a dinosaur. Land there, and run around for 
    random encounters in the forests. You will meet Goblin enemies, steal/mug 
    them for Zeio Nuts. You need one, so in a few seconds you’ll be out of here.
    - Chocobo Lure materia. You need one, and you should’ve been one’s owner for 
    a long time, as you could buy one from Choco Billy in the ranch when you 
    needed a chocobo to pass through the marshes without having the Midgar Zolom 
    biting your butt way earlier in the game. Personally, I always master mines, 
    since that materia will be quite a good friend in the catching session we're 
    about to take on.
    There you go, you got the required items. Now on to the step by step mini 
    We need two chocobos(duh!), but we need two specific ones. Go catch a few 
    chocobos at the Gold Saucer, then get back to the ranch. Talk to Choco Billy 
    and choose the "Moving" option to simply move them in the stalls, and you 
    will get to see their descriptions. We need two different ones:
    Mmm this one seems good.(this one is walking)
    This is a great chocobo!(this one is very healthy, running)
    These are the two types we need, but here comes another factor; the sex. Yes, 
    we gonna talk about SEX in here, but don’t worry, I’m not talking about the 
    SEX you are right now, you perverted jerk(oops, I said the J word!!!)!!! I am 
    talking about the gender; male and female. We need two different genders, and 
    both chocobos will need to have a different description. Shall I give an 
    example? Say you have a running(this is a great chocobo!) type, and that it’s 
    a female. Then, the other chocobo will need to be a MALE walking type(Mmm 
    this one seems good). You cannot have two running types or two walking types, 
    unfortunately. When you have the wanted chocobos, it’s now the time to mate 
    them. But save your game before. Back in the ranch, choose the "Mate" option 
    from the list, and then you’ll be asked which chocobos you want to mate. Pick 
    the two freshly caught chocobos and give them a carob nut. The next morning, 
    you should have a coloured(green or blue) chocobo! If you don’t(and get a 
    normal chocobo), just soft reset(just told you to save remember?) until you 
    get a coloured one.
    Once you do, you need to give your chocobos a little break so head outside of 
    the ranch. Win a few battles(7-8) and your chocobos should be ready again. 
    Save, and get back inside the ranch again. Mate the two chocobos you just 
    mated(give them another Carob Nut) and here comes the tricky part: you need 
    another coloured chocobo, but this one must have a different gender AND 
    different colour. Need an example? Say you had a blue female, you now need a 
    green male, or vice versa. You cannot have two of the same colours, so 
    basically just keep mating your two chocobos until you get the wanted one, 
    reset whenever you’re unlucky. 
    Once you got your second different coloured and gender chocobo, you can 
    release the two normal yellow chocobos and then, you have the choice between 
    two options:
    - Go win a few battles again and mate your two coloured Chocobo with one last 
    Carob Nut to obtain a Black Chocobo.
    - Feed your two coloured chocobos with 20 Sylkis Greens each so their stats 
    get increased. When that’s done, board the Highwind and head to the Gold 
    Saucer(via Corel). Inside the chocobo square, register one of your chocobos 
    and race with them. Win the races(shouldn’t be a problem)and after three 
    victories, your chocobo will go up a rank, from C to B. Keep winning the 
    races until you get it to rank S. Once that’s done, do the exact thing with 
    your second coloured chocobo. When that is done, leave the Gold Saucer and 
    get back around the ranch. Run around to win a few battles, then save and 
    enter the ranch. Mate your two coloured rank S chocobos and give them a Carob 
    Nut. You should obtain a Black Chocobo.
    Either way, you get a Black Chocobo. But you have the right to wonder what’s 
    the point of the second option. Well, from my own experience, I believe that 
    a baby chocobo will have good stats when its parents had good stats as well, 
    and that they had an high rank(like S). Also, it seems that you have more 
    chance to obtain a wanted type of chocobo(in this situation, a black chocobo)
    when they have great ranks. 
    Oh well, now that you have a Black Chocobo, let’s get the last type of 
    chocobo we need before being able to obtain our Gold Chocobo! Board the 
    Highwind, and fly west of the cold continent. Spot some chocobo tracks, then 
    land on a grass area nearby, and then catch a maximum of chocobos here
    (Chocobo Lure materia will be your friend once again). Once you’ve caught 
    enough, get back to the ranch and move your chocobos, checking their 
    descriptions. You will get two types of chocobos:
    I really can’t recommend this one..(a tired chocobo)
    This is an awesome chocobo!(A dashing chocobo)
    Indeed, you want the second one, and it will need to have a different gender 
    than your Black Chocobo’s. This step is kind of tricky, since it seems that 
    the tired type of chocobo is way more common than the dashing one. 
    When you get the desired chocobo, you once again have two choices:
    - Wander around the ranch and win a few battles to then be able to mate your 
    Black Chocobo and your Dashing chocobo with the one Zeio Nut you got, getting 
    a Gold Chocobo the next morning.
    - Feed both your Black Chocobo and your Dashing chocobo with 20 Sylkis Greens 
    each to increase their stats. Then get to the Gold Saucer and back in the 
    chocobo square to have these two chocobos win races until they get to rank S. 
    Once that’s done, get back at the ranch, win a few battles around, save, 
    enter the ranch, mate session(with the Zeio nut) and: Gold Chocobo.
    Either way, you should get your well deserved Gold Chocobo the next morning
    (if you don’t, do as we did a few times in the process, which is reset and 
    try again!). Again, if you want to learn why did I suggest you that second 
    option, it’s the same reason I gave you earlier for the coloured chocobos(few 
    paragraphs above). 
    To talk about the Gold Chocobo, it’s the ultimate in transportation! With it, 
    you can go EVERYWHERE(except for inside the North Crater), you can cross the 
    sea, climb the mountains, everything! You will be able to reach four secret 
    caves around the world, containing some of the best materias in the game; HP-
    MP, Quadra Magic, Knights of the Rounds summon, and in last but not least, 
    the Mime materia. I will let you find these caves by yourself though, not 
    like it’s gonna be any hard to simply discover the world a bit (^_^).
    Quick note: I don’t mind helping you for the Knight of the Rounds materia, 
    since it is kind of tough to find because its cave is found on an island that 
    cannot be seen on the world map, located north east(in the corner). 
    ALSO, that Gold Chocobo is litteraly a BOMB at racing, especially if it has 
    strong origins. You can win the toughest races(in the S rank) extremely 
    easily, since a Gold Chocobo can be called a godly chocobo. Racing could 
    become your main source at gaining GP, allowing you to quit playing that dumb 
    and cheap super dunk mini game in the Wonder square to get your GP.
    With that said, the chocobo breeding section concludes here.
    9- Ultimate Weapon(the boss)
    As you defeat Diamond Weapon, Ultimate Weapon will make a come back(from that 
    point I mean, you can wait and fight him in disc3, though I recommend taking 
    him out as soon as possible). You fought him once in Mideel, but it wasn’t a 
    serious battle. He escaped after a few turns right? Unfortunately, he will 
    dare to do such a thing again, and quite a few times I might add.
    Optional boss: Ultimate Weapon
    HP: 100 000
    MP: 9999
    Drop: Ultima Weapon
    Yes, he does drop Cloud’s best weapon. Trick? You’ll see. Ultimate Weapon 
    will be waiting for you at the lake near Junon. Fly the Highwind right into 
    him to engage the battle. You will be batteling him from the Highwind’s deck, 
    and he will be out of range for your physical attacks. His attacks? Same as 
    he used earlier in Mideel, just that now it seems that his damage potential 
    has increased a bit. What to do? Well, either use characters who can 
    physically attack with ranged weapons, or either have the Long Range materia 
    equipped. Other than these, you could use magic spells and summons, along 
    with enemy skills. After a very few turns though, Ultimate Weapon will 
    escape, you won’t get any EXP/AP, and he won’t drop the Ultima Weapon. Deal? 
    Ah yes, what a bastard! You will have to chase him with the Highwind until he 
    stops at another location.
    Where? It’s random. Here, I will list the locations where he will stop to 
    battle you again: Gongaga town, North Crater, Nibelheim(over the reactor), 
    near Corel(over the reactor), Midgar, and Mideel(over the life stream). 
    Keep in mind that I’m talking about these locations on the world map. Also, 
    note that there could be other places. These are the ones I’ve seen, but I 
    wouldn’t be surprised to learn that there are others. If you do know any 
    others, then you are invited to e-mail me and tell me.
    Basically, you follow him until he stops at a location, or you just go get 
    busy somewhere(leveling up, fun in Gold Saucer, shopping, and so on) to then 
    check the locations listed above in order to find the Weapon. Sometimes, you 
    will battle him on the ground(like at Gongaga Town), in these cases, he will 
    use his claw to physically attack one target. He will also use Quake2. When 
    you fight him in the sky though(like at Midgar, if I’m correct), he will 
    replace his swipe attack for a laser like offense which deals around 1300 
    points on one target. After fighting him 4 times, he will finally stop near 
    Cosmo Canyon. That means that it will be the very last battle with him. That 
    last battle will be aerial, meaning that you will need the Long Range materia 
    again. Just one thing to watch out here is that when you deplete his total 
    HP, he will use Shadow Flare as his final attack, dealing nearly 8500 points 
    on one character. You can reduce it with MBarrier(just cast Big guard) by 
    half, and you can also learn it if you have an enemy skill materia equipped
    (you definitely should). As he dies, he’ll give you plenty of both EXP and AP
    (just like every other Weapons), and he will drop the Ultima Weapon. His dead 
    body will fall on the canyon, opening a path to the Ancient’s forest, 
    allowing you to access it by walking, if you haven’t already with a Black or 
    Gold Chocobo.
    It’s not all that tough to get the Ultima Weapon. Fighting Ultimate Weapon 
    isn’t hard, chasing him however has to be the lamest thing in the game, since 
    he will sometime take half an hour before making his mind to stop at a 
    location. Patience will be the key, if you’re unlucky that is.
    10- Ruby Weapon
    In Disc 3, you might have spotted something red messing around in the desert 
    around the Gold Saucer. Guess what, that is simply the head of a huge nemesis 
    named Ruby Weapon. It’s an optional boss, and well, he’s far from being an 
    ordinary boss. In fact, he’s the second(or simply THE, since many gamers 
    think that way for some reason)toughest enemy in the game. There are several 
    strategies for Ruby, but the one you’ll find in my guide is fairly cheap. 
    Still, it’s not like Ruby was any fair either -_-. This section is divided in 
    different parts, which are all below.
    a. His stats
    Optional Boss: Ruby Weapon
                   right tentacle
                   left tentacle
    HPs: 1 000 000(around)
         50 000
         50 000
    MP: ?
    Drop: Desert Rose(can be traded for a Gold Chocobo)
    As you can see, Ruby Weapon has different targetable parts and the main body 
    is totally beefed up on the HP. But meh, with the strategy(main one)I’m about 
    to give you, you will win this battle, 100% guarantee.
    b. His attacks
    This b. is for the ones who are going to battle Ruby without using the main 
    strategy I’m about to give(with it, you won’t even need to care about his 
    attacks). Still, here they are:
    Ultima- Actually, I’m not sure if he got it in his movelist, but he counter 
    attacks Knights of the Round(or any summons, not sure) with it for up to 7500 
    points of damage.
    Whirl Sand- A cheap offense that he can only use when you have 2-3 characters 
    alive. It consists of ejecting your characters out of the battle(until it 
    Comet2- 4000 points of damage, but he usually use it twice in a row so you do 
    the very simple math.
    Grand Sweep- Basically a physical attack, dealing damages based on your 
    vitality. It will also inflict Toad and Mini.
    Ruby Flame- Rarely use it, which deals fire damage for up to 3000 points.
    Ruby Ray- Same as above.
    Shadow Flare- Another attack that you’ll rarely see him use, which deals up 
    to 6000 points.
    His tentacles will attack you as well(when he puts them in the ground to side 
    attack you), but they will simply either damage your HP or your MP with 
    simple physical offenses.
    c. The strategy(ies, kind of)
    As I’ve told you, there is one main strategy found in my section, with which 
    you WILL push Ruby Weapon over. I will start with it, then I’ll give you 
    other suggestions. 
    First, you need to have the required stuff, listed as always:
    - One character lvl 75+.
    - Knights of the Round summon materia, doesn’t need to have a single level 
    mastered. You can get it in a secret cave northeast on the world map(Gold 
    Chocobo required).
    - Ribbon, good old anti-abnormal statuses accessory.
    - Mime materia, found in a secret cave that can only be accessed with a Gold
    (or perhaps Black) Chocobo.
    - W Summon materia, costs 64 000 battle points at the Battle Square(Gold 
    - Speed plus materia(s) mastered(or nearly), costs 4000 battle points at the 
    Battle Square(Gold Saucer).
    - Apocalypse sword, entirely optional but if you’re gonna use Cloud, use the 
    Triple AP growth from that sword as your advantage to learn materias that are 
    requiring high amounts of exp to be mastered. 
    Quick note: Cid has a Triple AP growth weapon as well if I recall correctly.
    - HP absorb, totally a must. Can be found in the North Crater and in Wutai.
    - 9500 HP+(just to be safe)
    - Magic Plus materia mastered.
    With these, you got the required stuff to doom Ruby Weapon. Equip these all 
    any way you wish(except for Knight of the rounds summon, which needs to be 
    paired with HP absorb). Kill off the two other characters, then enter the 
    battle with that lone warrior.
    Ruby will start off by putting his tentacles in the ground in order to side 
    attack you from behind. W Summon the knights of the round on all targets
    (first the tentacles, then Ruby). After the long ass animation, Ruby will 
    counterattack with Ultima for nearly 8000 points. STOP, don’t you go use an 
    Elixir on me. Just Mime yourself, you’ll see. KOTR will be summoned twice 
    once again, but you won’t waste any MP. Also, since HP absorb was paired with 
    the summon materia, you will be automatically ALL healed after the 
    animations. The mastered Speed Plus materias(s) will be giving you a speed 
    advantage as well. Bad statuses inflicted by Ruby’s physical offenses? No 
    sweat, you got a Ribbon. There you go, just keep Miming for the whole battle 
    and you won’t even need to care about the damages dealed by Ruby, since 
    you’ll be automatically healed after. Just make sure you don’t do ANYTHING 
    else than Miming your first move(which was W Summon KOTR) and eventually, 
    Ruby Weapon will be defeated.
    Indeed, that strategy’s cheap, so it’s your choice if you want to try 
    something more fair in which you have to act more. But if you want to stay 
    cheap((-_-)), you can still try out other materia combos, such as Quadra 
    Magic Demi3(with HP absorb) and so on. You can also mess around with the 
    Counter materias, you’re free to do your own different tests!
    11- Emerald Weapon
    Just like Ruby, Emerald Weapon is an optional boss. You probably have already 
    spotted him while you were exploring the ocean with the submarine. He is also 
    the hardest(in my opinion, many players say that Ruby is but oh well) enemy 
    in the game. This section is basically just like Ruby’s, as it is divided in 
    a few parts, all listed below. 
    a. His stats
    Optional Boss: Emerald Weapon
    HP: Around 1 000 000
        25 000 HP each eyes.
    MP: Unknown.
    Drop: Earth Harp(can be traded for a full mastered materia set)
    I don’t think that there is way to confirm his HP, but it is clear that he 
    has AT LEAST a million. You can see that Emerald Weapon has different 
    targetable parts as well. But they(these "eyes")won’t be active for the whole 
    battle, as he only open them in certain moments. But meh, with the strategy 
    below, you once again(just like with Ruby) won’t need to worry, nor care.
    b. His attacks
    As I said it in the Ruby section, informing you of the Weapon’s attacks is 
    nearly useless, because you won’t need to give a damn. But oh well, here they 
    Emerald Shoot- Deals around 8000 points on one character, Emerald can’t use 
    it while his Eyes are opened.
    Emerald Beam- A gravitational attack(I believe, yet some players told me that 
    I was wrong) that takes away 7/10 of your HP, and it dispels your support 
    magics as well(except for the one granted by an accessory).
    Revenge Swamp- Emerald will use it as you defeat one of his Eyes(if you 
    defeat them all, he still only use it once). It’s a physical attack basically
    (he stomps your party) to deal around 3000 points(with average vitality).
    Air Tage Storm- Just like above, he will use it as a final attack when you 
    deplete one his Eye’s total HP. The damages will be based on how many 
    materias you have equipped(1111 points per materia). 
    He could have other attacks, but these are the only ones I’ve seen him use. 
    To talk about his eyes, they will be using laser attacks to damage either 
    your HP or your MP.
    Next, the strategy!
    c. Strategy(ies, kind of)
    Just like with Ruby, there is a way to defeat Emerald Weapon without a single 
    drop of sweat. It is a cheap strategy but meh, if you aren’t seeking a 
    challenge then just use it.
    Here comes the required stuff:
    - One character lvl 75+
    - 9999 HP(just to be safe)
    - Knights of the Round materia
    - HP absorb materia
    - Mime materia
    - W Summon materia
    - Speed Plus materia mastered
    - Sprint shoes, can be obtained easily by winning the Special Battle at the 
    Battle Square(girl at the exit will give you a pair) at the Gold Saucer. You 
    can also win 10 races in the S rank(with one of your own chocobos) at the 
    Chocobo Square, still in the Gold Saucer.
    - Underwater materia, Morph the Ghost Ship enemy in a Guide book to then 
    trade it for the Underwater materia with the freak in Kalm.
    Pair the KOTR materia with HP absorb, then put all the materias, on one 
    character, and put him/her in back row. The two others should be KO. There 
    you go, you’re set. Go challenge Emerald Weapon for a battle now.
    With your Sprint Shoes equipped(along with your mastered Speed plus materia), 
    you will have a speed advantage so make full use of it to quickly W Summon 
    the knights of the round. Emerald will probably attack you before but don’t 
    worry, after the animations(of the 2x KOTR), you will regen your HP, thanks 
    to the HP absorb materia. What to do now? Simply Mime yourself again, 
    allowing you to W summon KOTR once again for free(no MP wasted). You won’t 
    need to care about healing, since HP absorb will be healing you back whenever 
    KOTR is casted. So basically just keep Miming until a certain point when 
    Emerald opens his eyes. Mime again to get rid of them, and then Emerald will 
    get two cheap shots; Revenge Swamp, which will deal around 1500 points since 
    you’re in back row, and then Air Tage Storm which deals 1111 points per 
    materia equipped. Since you have only 6 materias equipped, it will deal 6666 
    points, leaving you near death but not killed. Just quickly Mime and you’ll 
    be fully healed once again. You just must not do anything else than Miming, 
    because if you do, you will have to do your original command once again(W 
    summoning KOTR by yourself). 20 minutes limit because you’re underwater? No 
    problem, you got the Underwater materia, which lets you breath underwater. As 
    I said a few times already, it is a cheap strategy so you could try out 
    something else instead, like messing around with Demi3 and Quadra magic, HP 
    absorb, Counter materias and so on. Once again, you do what you want!
    12- E-mail
    Got questions about FF7? Go ahead and send them to blackestmage@yahoo.fr(my e-
    mail address). Make sure you include "FF7" in the topic though, and that your 
    question is not already answered in this guide. Also, don’t forget that this 
    is a boss guide, therefore, I’m not answering any questions related to the 
    story. In last, you are invited to send me contribution as well.
    13- Conclusion
    I seriously hope that the new version of this guide has helped you out with 
    the game. My English got way better, allowing me to use a better grammar. 
    Still not perfect(since I’m French)so you might have spotted a few spelling 
    mistakes, but oh well. With that said, see you in another guide!
    14- Credits
    - Squaresoft
    - Gamefaqs
    - CjayC
    - faqs.ign.com(IGN.com)
    - Neoseeker
    - Darktemplar20
    - My fingers
    Copyright 2002 Blackestmage.
    Boss guide.
    Final Fantasy VII by Squaresoft.
    -----------The End-----------

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