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"The best RPG for the PS hits the PC"

Graphics - 8
True, graphics are a quite a bit clearer then its PlayStation counterpart, but that only applies to character graphics. The truth is, the backgrounds have much to be desired when compared to the original PlayStation version. The scenery is riddled with pixilation, which seems to be one of the the only downfall of this game. The battles are flawless, the characters are beautifully redone but the music stays the same.

Sound - 10
All I can say is, just like the PlayStation version, great sound. Squaresoft sure choose the right music for the job. FF7 has some of the most unique music you'll ever find (and I don't mean unique in a bad way).

Storyline - 10+
This rating doesn't due FF7 justice, but 10 is the highest I can give it. FF7 has the most riveting storyline you'll ever find in an RPG. It's not your standard ''rescue innocents, save the world'' kind of stuff, there is soooo much more to it, you just never know what to expect. It'll draw you in, and you'll never want to come out.

Characters - 10
No matter were you come from, chances are at least one of the characters from this game will appeal to you. With such a diverse arrangement of personalities, you just can't help yourself from thinking these people are real. As mentioned before, every character is beautifully detailed, a definite improvement over the PlayStation.

Concept - 10+
The concept of this game is known as materia, and the guy at Squaresoft who thought this one up should get a prize. Materia is magic, bad not just as simple as that. Materia ties very much into the believe system, and that is, when you die, your energy, mako, enters into the lifestream to be recycled into new life. While, you see, the enemy, known as Shinra, takes this mako out form the lifestream and transforms it into energy that people can use. All materia is simply conventrated mako. So, I guess you can be considered enemies of the planet too. So, to summarize it for you, materia is concentrated lifeblood of the planet. Um, they explain it better in the game. But here’s the cool part, materia isn’t just lightning, fire, earthquake spells. There’s also support, independent, command and summoning materias. So, say you have lightning materia. Well, just by itself you can only hit one enemy, but link it up with the support materia “all”, you can hit all the enemies. You can also level-up your materia which lets your materia learn more powerful versions of the spell.
Independent materia is kindof tough to explain. It mostly has to do with changing your stats. Command alows you to use special commands such as stealing from your opponent or morphing him into an item. Summon is like magic materia only much more powerful.

Control – 6
This is another really bad thing about the computer. When you have games with soo many commands, the keyboard really gets annoying to use. However, the same can apply to a controller for the computer. If you don’t have a controller that has enough action buttons, you’re really missing out on the game.

Overall – 9
I my opinion, still not as good as the PlayStation version, but it’s close. If you own both a computer and a PlayStation, get it for PlayStation.

Computer systems I’ve tried this out on:

Processor: AMD K6-2 300
Ram: 64MB
Video card: 4MB
Howed it fare: badly, ran jerky

ProcessorPentium 233
Ram: 64MB
Video Card: 2MB
Howed it fare: Badly, ran jerky but slightly better then the AMD mentioned above

Processor:Pentium 2 300
Video Card: 2MB
Howed it fare: Ran smooth, some jerkiness, but hardly noticable

Processor:Pentium 2 450
RAM: 128MB
Video Card: 16MB
Howed it fare: superb, ran smooth

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/21/00, Updated 07/21/00

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