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"This game has gone way beyond the boundaries of perfectionism!"

I have been playing RPG since I first got one way back in 1991. Through the years, I've seen many great Role-Playing Games as well as those that are very much hyped and overrated. When I got my hands on Final Fantasy 7 for the Playstation, I was so exhilarated, as the game is nothing less than perfect. Now, Square made a turn and translated the game to the PC. There's one conclusion that I've come up to, this game has gone way beyond the boundaries of perfectionism.

In this game, you'll be joining Cloud; a young member of Shinra's SOLDIER, and his friends in their quest to save the world from a powerful being beyond imagination. Cloud's past is a mystery to all, as well as himself. He tries desperately to know who he is and what his reason for living. Cloud and friends will go around the world solving mysteries and getting clues, as well as fight evil monsters and other fiend. This is one great adventure you don't want to miss. Here are the criteria where I based my judgement for this excellent game.

Gameplay/Controls (10 pts): Final Fantasy VII has the complete RPG element everyone desires to play. Like most RPG, this game also requires you to move around and interact with people and different object. But unlike other games, this game has more to offer. You can do lots of things as you progress through the game. encounter different persons and talk to them to gain information or just simply to pass time. You can search for different treasures and you can involve your characters in different side quests and each of them having its own rewards and challenges. The 'Fun' level of the game is overflowing. you'll enjoy lots of mini-games like Snowboarding, Submarines, Cycling, Chocobo Racing, and more. The game also has a nice navigation system that is very easy to use. For the controls, it very easy as it is well mapped to the keyboard. It's compiled nicely to the keypad on the right area of the keyboard. Not to mention a cardboard guide to tag along.

Storyline (10 pts): This game has got to be the best game, with regards to its storyline. It's very well planned. Right from the start of the game, I bet you won't stop playing the game, because you'll want to know what will happen next. There are also lots of surprise elements in the game, some are shocking, some are exciting, and some will even petrify you. The story is also very detailed and very in-depth. Each character has his or her own story and square managed to combine all those into one excellent storyline.

Graphics/Sounds (10 pts): For the graphics, this game is the first Final Fantasy to step into the 3D realm. Not to mention that the Final Fantasy VII PC version looks perfect with a 3D Accelerator card. It brings Final Fantasy VII to new heights. Every detail is taken into consideration. The backgrounds, the battles, the characters, the weapons, the battle effects, the monsters, everything is very pleasant and appealing to the eyes. The graphics are also well programmed and you'll see very little flaws or no flaws at all. For the sound effects, this game has a very nice collection of music. It is one of the best collections I've seen for any RPG game to date. another point of consideration is the sound effect. Every sound during battles, interaction between other people, and also with objects, are unique and very realistic!

Re-play Value (10 pts): For the re-play value, this game has much to offer even if you repeat it. The story is so good that it will be nice to repeat the game once more. You can also do different things such as complete a game as fast as possible, complete the game with every item/equipment and secrets finished, complete a game with maximum stats for your characters, and more.

As a conclusion, if you don't have this game yet and you are an avid RPG fan, then I suggest that you really but this game at once. This game deserves the title, ''The best RPG of all time''. You'll never regret that you spent your hard-earned cash for this game. Enjoy the game.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/07/01, Updated 01/07/01

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