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"There has been no other Final Fantasy like this!"

INTRO: Yeah, I know that alot of people would dismiss this review as yet another ''This game is great...blah blah blah!''
review, but give it a chance, because even though FF7 is (in my opinion) the best game out of the Final Fantasy series, but it is anything but flawless though.

STORYLINE: An evil energy company called ''ShinRa Corps.'' is planning to suck the world dry of it's precious Mako energy and is also polluting the delicate balance of the world.It is up to a rag-tag rebellion group called ''The Avalanche'' to go and destroy ShinRa. However, matters are only going to get worse, because a couple creatures that were involved in ShinRa's experiments have broken loose and want the world for themselves.

Very interesting storyline, but if that is not enough, the sub-plots are also well-done too.

CHARACTERS: Very interesting, but one thing, I did not like the main characters (Cloud, Tifa and Aerith) at all! I thought they were the most one-dimentional and are pretty mmuch there for their looks. However, most the other heroes, villains and supporting cast is pretty well done and hold my interest.

GRAPHICS: Even though the graphics are not as detailed as the graphics in FF8, but they are rather decent and plus, I kinda prefer the cartoon-like graphics. The best parts of the graphics are the spells and Full-Motion Videos.

GAMEPLAY/PLAY CONTROL: The new setup for the fight commands are the Limit Breaks and the Materia spell system. The Materia system is good, but the bad thing is that once you remove one materia, you lose your ''special abillity''.

However, the Limit Breaks are pretty descent and that is what seperates the characters' own special abillities.

FUN: Yet another game that will suck up you time and will get you addicted. Okay, I admit it, there are some ''Side-quests'' I could do without, but at least they are optional. It's the plot and gameplay that make it fun the most.

CHALLENGE: MEDIUM. Okay, some parts are easy as making a PB and J Sandwich while others require some good thinking. So medium it is!

OVERALL: If you want an intro to the FF series or just want to escape from the ''Let's save the World with the Crystals'' type of plots, FF7 it is!

WOULD MITORA PURCHASE THIS GAME: Heh heh, what do you think, I got this game long ago. If I did not like it, would you think I'd go far to purchasing it?

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/02/01, Updated 06/02/01

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