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"The Greatest Game Of All Time, On The PC!!!!!!"

Final Fantasy VII is, in many peoples opinion, the greatest RPG, if not video game in the history of the gaming industry. But how would this instant classic fair on its computer counterpart? With so many perfect features, it would be nearly impossible to make a bad game out of what Square had created. If you are looking for a great RPG for your computer, stop right here and get this game.


As a soldier, Cloud Strife, joins a rebel group, AVALANCHE, against and evil corporation, Shinra. But what seems to be an quick battle turns out to me much much more. You learn though time, that what you remember is not necessarily what happened. This struggle engulfs you. During this time you have to stop a once great soldier, Sephiroth, from his aspirations of world domination. Without giving too much of the story line away, that is about it. With such a complex story line that is presented to you, it is imperative that you play through the game at least three times just so you don't miss a detail and comprehend what Square was trying to put down.


Before Final Fantasy VII came out RPG's were not a very attractive genre, but that all changed with the introduction of Final Fantasy VII. When you first start off the game you will go through a spectacular looking FMV that is well over 1 minute long. This is the first of many FMV's that will amaze you over and over again. Not only will the FMV's amaze you, but what seems to be a regular now, was innovative with FFVII, backgrounds. Yes, backgrounds. Before backgrounds were just a wall with some pictures on it. In FFVII, you will not find one background like that. Every time that you look, you will see 3 dimensional forms done with absolute perfection. With all of the great images seen, there has to be one thing that critics have to say bad about this game, and that is character designs. Outside of the FMV's, characters look extremely unrealistic. They have absolutely no elbows and a large bulge for the rest of their arms and legs. This is no reason to not get this game. Overall, Final Fantasy VII is visual perfection.


Immaculate. What else can anybody say about these controls? Square has perfected the simplicity of controls that so many games out now so desperately need to use. Once you learn what the buttons are, you will instantly have them mastered. One thing that have always been perfect in Final Fantasy games were the fighting controls. This was no exception to the rest of the series.


As soon as you play this game, you will hear the first of many beautiful tracks on what is quite possibly the greatest soundtrack on a video game of all time. You will be enthralled every second that you play, from the battles to the ever so sad music when......... happens (sorry I just can't say it, I can't tell you what happens), right down to One Winged Angel (The last song that you hear in the game). There has never, been a game that has had this great of a soundtrack, which spans 4 CDs.

With a perfect soundtrack, it is a shame that the sound effects did not hold up on their own. Mediocre would be the best term to use when describing the sound effects. Still, the overall presentation of sound in Final Fantasy VII is incredibly fantastic.


Just like every other RPG out there, once you get past the first hour of playing you will start to see the real game. This is when you will start to fall in love with this game. By the time that you get out of Midgar you will be enthralled with the game. Finishing the first disk, you will have become emotionally attached to the charactures. Finally when you beat the game, you will feel a triumph beyond all other. You will end up loving the game, and have it change your life. There are not many games that people have said that they loved and will never forget, but everybody that I know that have beaten Final Fantasy VII has said this. Breath taking is the only word that can be used to describe such a perfect game.


As soon as you beat Sephiroth in the last fight and watch the final FMV of the game, and then when you see....... (Sorry, it happened again) you will be confused, yet oddly happy. Not knowing what you have just seen, or experienced, you will want to know what really happened. Playing through it a second time around, or third, or fourth will still enthrall you. I have never seen or played a game with such an incredibly huge replay value.


There seem to be an endless supply of difficult RPG’s out there for you to play. It seems as though Square did not want you to spend your whole time just trying to beat an impossible boss, but to spend more time trying to understand the complex story line. The challenge of the actual game itself is not very great, but if you are trying to get through every little detail and beat the Weapons without using any strategy guide, the challenge is quite hard. Depending on your outlook, and which time you have played the game, the challenge will vary.


Unfortunately, no RPG has ever had any real multiplier mode. Final Fantasy VII can not really be played with two people at all. This is the aspect of the game that most makes me mad, even though I know there is not any way to put multiplayer options in the game and still make it as
good as it is.


If you are a fan of Role Playing Games, then you have noticed that there are many aspects of every game that seems to resemble that of other games that you have played in the past. With Final Fantasy VII this is no exception. However, with there are some things that no other RPG has had before it and after it. The materia system is one of those things. A simple system used to help you on your troubles, which can be used to make a complex series of combinations that can make you practically invincible. All around, Final Fantasy VII is the most original Role Playing Game that you can get.


Until I played Final Fantasy VII, I could not enjoy playing role playing games, but as soon as I started playing it, I had enjoyed it. Even when I lost some of the longest battles, which can take over an hour, I was enthralled with the game. Final Fantasy VII is a strange game, no matter how many times you have played it, it continues to entertain you. I love this game.


There is not a doubt in my mind that you should buy this game. All I wish is that you can get as much enjoyment out of Final Fantasy VII as I have.

OVERALL: 10/10

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/27/01, Updated 10/27/01

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