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"The greatest RPG hits your PC!"

Yes that’s right, the greatest RPG to hit the PSX is playable on anyone’s PC. The game that was originally released in 1997 is now remade to be playable for you PC. The graphics are just as good, if not better for some computers. If you don’t have a PSX or PS2 then you definitely need to get this legendary game!

The gameplay is FF7 is great! It can really addict players. This is one of those games that well cause you to lose sleep. When you play FF7, you play for hours at a time. Unlike some RPG's FF7 doesn’t constantly bore you. The Materia system is a great way to use magic and allows you freedom to choose the right magic for each of your characters. The gameplay is really no different then the PSX version, which is a really good thing. What you do in FF7 is wait as the time meter goes up. When the time meter is full your character is allowed to attack, use magic, summon a monster, or use an item. Each character has their own time gauge and well eventually be able to attack accordingly to the materia and weapons it has. The freedom that is allowed in the Gameplay is really a plus that really adds to this great game. The only drawback however is that some random battles will get you frustrated. This game isn’t for those that are impatient. I give gameplay a 9/10

The story in FF7 is really what brings you back to play more. It really involves each character in your group. There are seven mandatory characters that enter your group no matter what. They are Cloud (an ex-soldier), Tifa (Cloud's childhood friend), Aeris (a flower girl), Barret (leader of Avalanche), Red XIIV (an experimental specimen), and Cid (a pilot that dreams of going into space). Along with all the characters that will come into your party no matter what, there are also two secret characters. Yuffie (a Materia Hunter) and Vincent (an ex-Turk). Every one of these character’s pasts well be explained and you’ll care about each character more and more as you advance in the game. Besides the nicely designed and written characters, the actual plot and gameplay is boastful done. One of the best stories in a game since as far as I can remember, and definitely the greatest story that has been in any game so far for the PSX. I give story a perfect 10/10.

I cannot honestly say that the Graphics are great, but they are good. After playing FFX the FF7 graphics aren’t as great as they once seemed but they are still good. You also have to consider that the game came out in 1997. But one must also love the unique way the design of each character is designed. For a game done in 1997 this is really an amazing game. The cinematic are done incredibly too. Some of the cinematics are truly eye popping. Running the cinematics on a good computer will really be nice and smooth, possibly better then the PSX. After considering that all this was done 5 years ago (when I wrote this review in 2002) I give Graphics 9/10.

The music is awesome in FF7. It has catchy beats and it also really matches the event and area that your in. Some people think sound and music is a small part in a game, but I think that it can make a dull game better. In FF7 everything matches. The makers really did a good job putting the right songs in the right places. Unlike in the newer games like FFX where voice acting has become a norm, FF7 is totally silent, which can be a good and bad thing. Some people really don’t like the voices done in some of the newer games out, and some love the fact that they can listen and forget about reading. I for one like the silent speech simply because I like to imagine there voiced to how I think it should sound. The way people think it should sound is also different from person to person, and it’s impossible to get the voices perfect so everyone wants it. Besides the music they also got the actual sounds right. From jumping too slashing they did it all perfectly. I give sound/audio a 10/10

When I play RPG's the replay is usually low. In FF7 the replay isn’t wonderful, but it is still good considering it is an RPG. I beat the game at least 3-4 times and it really hasn’t gotten old. Getting everything is also a challenge and that can keep me coming back for more. The storyline is also great to relive unlike many RPG's that seem like work to watch over again. In FF7 nothing gets completely tired and the gameplay stays interesting. I’ve known people that claim they’ve beaten the game 30+ times and were still playing it over and over. FF7 has the title of one of the greatest, if not the greatest RPG because not only is the story and gameplay great, but the replay is above most games also. I give replay 8/10.

Buy or Not:
Definitely Buy!! You can pick up a new one for 20-30 bucks at some stores! This is really a bargain considering all the hours of fun you’ll be having! I recommend this game to anyone that has ever picked up a controller. A true game for the ages, you will be playing for years! This is the best game that I have ever played, and I am sure that you will love it just as much as I do! So if you haven’t played this game yet and you don’t have a PSX or PS2 then be sure to pick this game up as soon as you can!

Overall: A perfect 10/10!!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/11/02, Updated 08/11/02

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