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"Good and Bad"

Final Fantasy VII can simply be summarized into 2 words, extremely cool. In my opinion, it is the best game out there, and believe me, I have played a lot of games that were very good, including Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy X and Grand Theft Auto 3.

Sound: 8. The only reason it gets this is because of the song ''Pure Heart.'' The world map is as I say, meh. The only other music from this that I really like is the Airship music. I personally think downloading the ''Pure Heart'' is worth downloading and listening to.

Graphics: 7. I know this is a review for the PC version of this game, but I recently borrowed Final Fantasy VII for the Playstation. I have now beaten both and in my own opinion, the PSX version has much better graphics.The only real good graphical part of this game is the screen shots(the graphics get enhanced during them.) If Square Soft remakes this game for the PS2, I would definitely get it because of the enhanced graphics.

Story: 10. As I mentioned in the start, I said this is my favorite game of all time and that is because of the plot line(story.) This is a game of tragic and sad happenings. Now that I have replayed it, I am surprised I did not cry when something happened that I can not mention (if you have played this game, you might know when it is.) This game will represent each of the characters in an extremely well way.

Gameplay: 10. This game will catch anyone who plays its attention. The first time I played through this, I was so addicted to it, I would play three hours a time. And especially after the story unfolds, you might start playing nonstop. The way that materia folds into this game is like how butter goes on toast. It fits perfectly. You will almost never find better game play for another game

Buy, Rent or don't bother: I would really suggest you buy this game. If you do, You will have a game you will cherish forever. I would really say not to rent this game unless you get it for 4 days or more and play it nonstop. The only reason I would think you should not buy this game is because you are impatient because you will be battling for about 25:00 hours if you do everything here.

Replay value: The first time I played this was not enough for me. I used Yuffie, Cid and Cloud. The second Time Red, Barret and Cloud, And the Third time, I used Barret, Tifa, And Cloud. I would suggest you not to try and relay the game right after you beat it because it can be boring then, so I would suggest you wait about 2 months before replaying it. Also, The first time I played the game, I did not do all of the many side quests, so it makes there something to replay it
Overall rating: 10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/09/03, Updated 01/09/03

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