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Reviewed: 01/31/03 | Updated: 01/31/03

Possibly the best thing ever created by mankind

Why only a 10? Because I couldn't go any higher. This game is amazing. The graphics were unbelievably awesome for their time, the music was good enough to inspire a Final Fantasy VII soundtrack. The story was really in-depth, and the gameplay's still fun after 200 hours of playing it. The controls were simple enough, but a bit confusing.

Graphics - 10/10
The graphics were, as I said, unbelievable. The cut-scenes were amazing, the different spells were awesome, and the various summons were more than unbelievable. The backgrounds were great, and the characters were detailed enough to almost make me believe they were alive. The graphics definitely deserve more than a 10.

Music/Sounds - 10/10
The music was amazing. I've often found myself humming some of the songs. The sound effects weren't perfect, but they didn't take anything away from the experience.

Controls - 6/10
The controls were sometimes hard to remember if you used a number pad. They were even worse if you had a laptop. Luckily, though, they were customizable. But if you have a controller, they were even easier. I have a controller that's exactly like a Playstation controller, so that helped. Buy a controller.

Story/Gameplay - 10/10
I loved the story. It got a little confusing at times, but that's part of all Final Fantasy games. The character's stories were told detailed enough that you actually start caring about what happens to them. And the game is long. I love long games, with great stories. FFVII delivered there.

The gameplay was fun. I've played this game more than 200 hours now, and I still haven't gotten tired of it. The battles are cool, the bosses challenging, and there's enough mini-games and side-quests for the game to not get old. It does take a while to get everyone's limit breaks and to level up all your materia, but those things aren't required.

Replay Value 9/10
The game itself doesn't change, but unless you have a walkthrough, you probably missed about 1/4 of the game. The second time I played through the whole thing, I played with a guide. I couldn't believe how much stuff I missed.

Rent, Buy, or Skip?
Definitely buy. But I'd probably buy the Playstation version instead, unless you get a controller for your computer, or if you have Windows XP, because you need to find patches for some of the cutscenes, namely the Chocobo Races and Submarine game. Of course, the graphics are better on a computer.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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