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"One of the best RPG's I've ever played."

Graphics - 7/10:
For computer or playstation, the graphics for this awesome RPG was nothing close to superb. With box-like hands, and square-ish polygons, the graphics are nothing to what can be made nowadays. Take note that this game was made quite a while ago, and was decent enough back then. The over world in the game looked fine enough, though hardly graphically-intense.

Music/Sound - 10/10:
Nobou Uematsu has done a stunningly superb job in creating the sound for this game (as with almost all his other games too :D). From the addictive, jumpy ''Gold Saucer Theme'', to the soft and beautiful ''Aeris Theme,'' Nobou has done it once again with music second to none. Each area had music which fit just about perfectly. Ex. The Costa de-sol theme, absolutely matched the beach and holiday feel, and The Gold Saucer Theme, a Disney Land type music which goes perfectly. Character themes were yet again amazing, and the mood was set dramatically by the music. Sounds were good as always. Beeps for switches, typical alarm sounds, cell phone rings.

Gameplay - 10/10:
There is so much to talk about here, but I'll have to keep it as brief as I can. The tried and true battle system is nothing new, but will always be fun. Being able to have up to 10 or so options in the battle menu was cool, and Limit Breaks are first introduced in Final Fantasy here (Or so I believe).
The system the game was based around, was referred to as the Materia System. Basically, you buy or find ''materia,'' which can be equipped onto you, depending on how many slots your weapon or armor can take. Materia includes Summons (Bahamut), Magic (Fire), Commands (Sense), and Abilities (4x Slice). The system in my opinion, rocks. Wonderfully built, easy to learn, and hard to master (for there were many combinations).

Story - 10/10
The storyline of the game was actually amazing unique. The story is kind of wavy at the start, until you really learn about it. You basically start off as an ex-soldier (soldier is an army), and is with a rebel group named Avalanche. You start off simply by trying to save the world from dying because a big company is eating up the world's supply of Mako. Later on though, you learn more of who you are, and then you actually have a reason to fight, and a person to fight. The story goes on.

Replay Value - 9/10
There is replay value for this game, though it is not really that huge. The RPG has many secrets that you can always find out and replay the game to get. Mastering the game takes more than one time, and many people play again. There is also the option to raise and breed chocobos, and I played a whole new game to breed a gold chocobo and race it. Looking back at it a year later will most likely make you want to go back and play it because of the amazing character development and story and you will want to remember it again, and play the role of the characters again.

Overall - 10/10
The game is overall, one of the BEST RPG's I've ever played. This is easily my favourite RPG I've ever played, and is always listed as my best, whenever people ask. I recommend any RPG gamer to play this game before they touch any other. THIS RPG was the one game that started off my RPG career, and brought me to like it so much, and I'm even making a site on it now! Play this game, and I'm extremely sure you will enjoy it.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/11/03, Updated 02/11/03

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