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Reviewed: 01/22/00 | Updated: 12/16/02

PC owners finally have the chance to try out what's the best RPG series in the console history!

Final Fantasy VII revolutionised the RPG genre in 1997. Its significanceto the game market is asolutely undeniable-a game that sold millions ofcopies worldwide; the most revered specimen which all RPGs looked upon to.

Yes! If you read many reviews regarding Final Fantasy VII in any gamemagazines such as Electronic Gaming Monthly, Gamepro, or whatever website,you probably heard people saying that it was Final Fantasy VII who introducedpeople to RPG series. I know there are people who agree and disagree withthis statement. [An example is Dingo Jellybean who disagree with thisstatement in his Final Fantasy Anthology.] Yes, Dingo Jellybean's right!What about games like Final Fantasy VI which also sold millions of copies inJapan? I strongly agree with him. But, if you look at it from differentangles, Final Fantasy VII is a very important title to the PlayStation.Why? Before Final Fantasy VII were released, RPGs were never the mostimportant genres for the PlayStation-the game that puts Sony in theno 1 leading hardware manufacturer. And, most of my friends haven't playedthe past Final Fantasies before other than VII and VIII.

When Final Fantasy VII was released, it recieved many critics as wellas compliments. Face the fact! Final Fantasy must change! Whether youlike the prerendered backgrounds or not, i have to admit that the gameis really great! PC gamers finally have the chance to try what's the bestRPG series!

To make things short, i won't go into details about the story, gameplayetc since i have described everything quite detail in my PlayStation FinalFantasy VII review. Instead, i will like to focus on my personal thoughts about the PC version.

First of all, the game has four discs, and it contains one extra discfor installation. No big deal, right! So, should i buy it or not?

As usual, if you have a good hardware, meaning with a PC that has atleast 233 MHZ, MMX technology, having a good 3-D accelerator, a goodsound card and preferrably a controller for us with the PC, buy it atall cost, even if you have the PlayStation version again!

Buy it to relive the classic feel again! Yes, assuming that you havea very good PC... Imagine how much better the graphics will be! Smoothergraphics, slower load times, better sound and so on...And, think!

BUT if you have a PC with NO DECENT 3-D accelerator, sound card, or noMMX technology or have a very slow computer, and ALREADY has the PSX version,don't waste your money and time again to buy the PC version. Instead, ifyou want to play Final Fantasy VII again, it's recommended that you playthe PSX version.

Why? I have seen people with a very slow computer, trying to make FinalFantasy VII works on their PC. Guess what's the result? Pathetic super longload times, super-weak control etc that brings shame to this great game.And, you now know why i say you buy the PSX version instead! If you havea slow computer, don't play Final Fantasy VII on your PC as this seemsto downgrade Final Fantasy VII's quality.

One bad thing about playing Final Fantasy VII on your PC is that you haveto play it with your keyboard unless you have a controller for PC. Definitely,a keyboard doesn't suit for playing a RPG game.

Well, come to the most interesting part of this review now. So, withouta publisher, how is Square going to bring Final Fantasy VII to the PCversion? Simply enough, Eidos will be the helping Square to publish FinalFantasy VII for the PC.

Eidos is helping Square to correct some grammatical errors and somesentence structure for the text. And, if you have played the PSX version,you will understand why. [Expect grammar erros, some abusive or foullanguage in PSX version!] But, that's what brings in the disappointment!Eidos changes the text too much and this makes the PC version look verybadly translated! [Too bad, Square Electronic Arts, SquareEA was notformed at that time, if not, this publishing license would definitelygo to SquareEA for sure!]

The PC version does not differ much from the American PSX version. Thetwo weapons, specifically Emerald and Ruby weapons are there. The only thingextra is that it contains four discs, with one that is for installation.Other than some text differences, the porting from the PSX to PC is adirect port.

Nevetheless, Final Fantasy VII had lived up to its name, and the PC versionmanaged to sell quite impressively well. A pity that neither Final FantasyCollection nor Anthology would be released for the PC. For your information,FFC/A is a compilation of the past Final Fantasies. [IV to VI!] Perhaps,Square thinks that the game is too old! Right now, Final Fantasy VIII ison its way to the PC version and it will be released somewhere in lateJanuary 2000. Let's hope it turns out great!

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