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"A console style RPG game worth playing if you do not have a PS"

This is the first Final Fantasy for the PS. I believe it was also the first one for the PC. Some call it the best FF and this might be justified considering that fact that it is one of the most popular message boards on GameFaqs.
But is it really that good ? For this review I will make comparisons of it with the other FF games that I have played.

- Yes it is still the same storyline as the one in the PS. Yes I know what that means if you have played the PS version. The same sad death still takes place in this one. I will not spoil it for you here by telling you who and what died. Personally for me I really like the storyline of Final Fantasy VII in the beginning. The stories of Cloud's past as a soldier and his admiration for Sephiroth. The ancients race and those alien stuff really made me intersted. Unfortunately they really feed me with too much information in such a short span of time. This is actually the worst FF series that I have played in terms of story line. There are too many questions that are left unanswered and there are just too many loopholes too. I simply gave up thinking about how the story would fit after 20 hours of gaming. Also the main villain Sephiroth really did not have much impact compared to the other villains in the FF series. He hardly made much apperance in the game that you really wonder why was he choosen to be the villain. Yes he did do that terrible thing to someone in the game but still the impact is not there.
If you were to compare it with the other FF games you will find that FFVIII's story was better and much simpler.FFIX's story was funny and also still simple enough to understand.FFX 's story was such that it has some complicated elements there but it was still not as complicated as this one. Thus for me storywise the best is FFVIII followed by FFX. Even FFIX is better than this in terms of storyline.

Yes the FMVS are really great and excellent. This was the first or one of the first games on the PS to have FMVS and tons of it for an RPG. When it was converted to the PC the FMVs are still great and excellent simply because they were not popular or done really well yet when the PC version was made. But this game also suffers from inconsistent quality of graphics just as it suffers from inconsistent quality of storyline. Yes the graphics looked different when the guys are in FMV and when they are in their normal 3D adventuring mode. Yes just looked at the arms if you really need me to tell you that.

Character Design-6/10
Seriously this one is tie with FFIX in terms of character design. I really much prefer the character design of the characters in FFVIII and FFX. Also seriously in the other FF games the main villain did not look better than the main hero. But in this one seriously I would have replace
Sephiroth as the hero and made cloud the villain. Fortunately they never made the villain looked better than the hero from FFVIII onwards. Between Squall and Seifer and Ultimecia and Edea I can accept Squall as the hero.
Kuja looked too feminine that I would not have prefer him as a hero over Zidane. Then lastly I really could accept
Tidus as the hero and Seymour as the villain in FFX.

Yes the soundtrack is really good and quite nice. It was one of the nicer RPGS with a decent music. Compared to most PC RPGS this one was refreshing for a change. But it could not be compared in terms of quality to Final Fantasy VIII, IX and X.

Well this one is better than FFVIII in terms of gameplay.
Seriously I love the materia system although the grid style in leveling up in FFX was better. But compared to FFVIII and FFIX this game FFVII is better in terms of gameplay.

Conclusion- This game may have one of the weakest graphics, sountrack and character design compared to the other FF games. But its gameplay system is much better than FFVIII and FFIX. You should really get this game if you have not played a console style RPG before.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 06/17/03, Updated 06/17/03

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