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Square Hit the Lucky 7

Final Fantasy VII is possibly one of the best Squaresoft RPGs ever made, well I think so. I just love this game, it is too addictive, too fun, challenging, and this is probably the dream RPG. In the future, this game will become a classic. It took me 2 months to beat Final Fantasy 7, and everyday I would play about 2 hours. So you see how addicting it is? This may be the best Final Fantasy game in the Final Fantasy series to a lot of people. Final Fantasy 6, 5, and 8 are also great, but I would get this game over all those other games. I would always keep my Final Fantasy 7 CD Case because I’ll never know when I’ll start over or continue my third attempt to beat the game. I love this game because it’s not those quick RPGs you can beat and trash, it took me about 60 hours to beat this game and get everything I needed.

10/10: Final Fantasy VII is just a RPG with great gameplay. It’s a big strength that Square got FF7 to be strong in gameplay, because that’s what people look for in RPGs before buying them. The storyline and music makes the gameplay so great, and possibly the materia system. There’s also some cool summons like: Bahamut, Odin, Neo Bahamut, and Phoenix. The materia system is a real simple way to equip magic and commands on your characters. It is similar the the Junctioning system in FF8 if you are familiar with that. There’s lots of materia, and also secret ones, challenging you to look for all the materia in the game. Another great thing about materia is when you level it up, you can master it and create clones and new command abilities. Now if you play the game for a very long time, you can master all your materia for one group and earn a big master materia. Then there’s also the equipping system, where you equip all kinds of weapons, armors, accessories(much like Relics in FF6), and materia. Be careful on over loading characters with materia, because it causes a bad effect. The materia system causes you to think before you do, sometimes you’ll make big decisions. The world of Final Fantasy 7 seems very large and is full of danger, enemies, allies, quests, and materia. This game is so fun to play because of the storyline, making you addicted and forcing you to continue further in the game and beat it. As you go deeper into the storyline, you’ll experience hard missions and quests that are quite challenging as well as a few fun mini games that you’ll want to try. The battle system is really cool too, because there is a simple way of battling your enemies. Boss fights get fun too, it’s sort of like testing your skills. You’ll be testing your mind to get out of many hard puzzles in the game too, like in the Temple of the Ancients(ugh). Final Fantasy is one of the most enjoyable RPGs to play, whether this is your first RPG or just another RPG you bought. Trust me, buy this game whenever you can get a hold of it because it’s worth it. There’s also a few challenging side quests that you need to accomplish/beat. For instance, the Weapons, you’ll take 10+ hours preparing yourself to get the prize of beating these super hard optional bosses. You’ll spend 40+ hours on beating the game.

8.3/10: Hey, this may not be the best category of the game. Many people have said the characters look a little funny and ''blocky,'' and that’s true. The graphics aren’t that great because this game released in 1997! What do you expect from that time? At least Square didn’t make animation and another 2D Final Fantasy. This time, the characters are more like ''3D'' Dragonball Z characters. They have big heads, blocky arms, and little bodies. As for Cloud, he looks three feet tall with a four feet sword. I still think some of the characters look cool. The battle animation is awesome, a little better than the characters on the map. Summon and magic animation is really awesome! This was a great graphics boost from FF6 that Square made. Summons look pretty much 3D and so does the magic. Some limit breaks also have cool graphics. The backgrounds of the cities are actually a little better than average. But the world map’s graphics are just plain terrible. Of course in most Playstation games, we see those 3D cinemas. But then Square converted all the cinemas onto the PC, and they didn’t do too bad on it. There’s 60+ minutes of cool cinemas, and you’ll really enjoy them. Although graphics are mostly ''blocky,'' that doesn’t bring the game too much. If you have a really good PC, then the graphics are just as good as PSX’s version of Final Fantasy 7. But for those with an old computer, you’ll be sorry you bought this game because everything will be slow. The graphics will just stink for you. I’ve had this problem on my old, old computer. It was just terrible. You want the video card of your computer to be new, so the game will go faster, clearer, smoother. But the graphics will never get as good as FF8’s even if you have a computer 1999 and up. Terrible computer and graphics will slow you down from continuing on the game. For some reason, the gameplay and storyline are too great, making the graphics just plain not matter even if you have a good video card.

10/10: Now we just love this category in RPGs, it is one of the most important categories in an RPG. Definitely, this is probably Final Fantasy 7’s greatest strength along with the gameplay. I don’t get why some people hate the storyline just because it is a little futuristic, but it is just very awesome. Like Final Fantasy 8, this game isn’t totally futuristic. There has been a little Medieval Times stuff added in, like swords and spears. So you combine it all into a world of advanced and ultimate weapons. I like the idea of the world of Midgar, it’s like the government went overboard in building, causing disasters, pollution, and deaths just because they want energy and power. The plot is cool: A ex-soldier joins a rebelling group against the Shinra(evil government) to stop them from draining energy from the world. Cloud goes to travel around the Final Fantasy 7 world and he encounters many enemies, allies, and fates. This game isn’t one of those happy stories, it’s a balance of great events and tragedies. It was a really great idea for Square to not make the cities look too advanced(or we’ll think it is quite strange). I think that Midgar is one cool looking dump. The characters in this game are also cool, they have a different background. Here’s a little scoop on people you’ll meet.

Cloud Strife: A Ex-Soldier who seems cocky, uncaring at times. Cloud is a really skilled with his sword and magic. As Cloud joins the AVALANCHE, he’ll learn about his fates and understand more about matters he never did.......

Barret Wallace: A big, tough street looking guy who seems to have a big heart for his daughter. Barret doesn’t have a good history in his life, it was full of tragedies and hate for him. Barret has a gun arm and he is the leader of AVALANCHE.

Tifa Lockheart: She’s a real tough woman who can kick ass. Tifa is from Cloud’s hometown, and she seems to have feelings for him, but it doesn’t look like she always shows it. Tifa uses hard gloves/knuckles to beat her opponents down.

Aeris Gainsbourough: The only Ancient living of the time. Aeris is the last Ancient left on the Earth. It seems the Shinra want to kidnap her and experiment with her. But with Cloud with her side, she won’t be caught.

Shinra: An evil corporation full of fearless people. The Shinra will do anything it takes to take the World. They are draining the World’s life, and the AVALANCHE are trying to stop them.

Sephiroth: This is one bad ass villain. He is so skilled and obsessed with his powers, that he wants to destroy human kind. Sephiroth has quite a history too. You will see what he was up to before he became a dominator. Sephiroth, a one man team is even more powerful than the Shinra.

The storyline is really awesome huh? Once you get deeper into the game, the storyline gets interesting and full of events that you just can’t miss. Trust me, this game has one of the best storylines in the Final Fantasy series. Square did a great job here. Instead of having a similar time setting as the other Final Fantasies made a long time ago, Square succeeded in trying something new.

9.4/10: Another great quality in this game. Final Fantasy VII has many great themes, although most of them aren’t as popular and good as ''Eyes On Me'' in Final Fantasy 8. What do you expect? Back then, video games don’t have great audio sounds like now. The sound effects are just cool, but this game has a BIG archive of cool themes. The boss theme is kind of cool(by Metallica). Aeris’s theme is kind of emotional, touching, and a little relaxing. But when you want something more metal, try the boss theme. The battle music is the best I’ve heard in the Final Fantasy series. Final Fantasy 6 music wasn’t that great, and Square really jumped the music along with graphics and gameplay. The battle sound effects are ok, because the magic graphics really go along with the sound effects. Final Fantasy 7 was also really strong in this category.

7.6/10: Challenge? This game isn’t that hard nor that easy. It is practically in the middle because there are parts in the game when you can get frustrated. Some boss fights are really difficult, because certain ones you need strategy and tactics to beat. Finding new weapons and materia for your characters is fairly hard, because there are about 10+ weapons for each of the characters, and you’ll have to go through a few side quests to find the best ones. There’s also lots of armor, and the best ones have some factors and strong points, so you’ll have to narrow down which armor is best for your characters. The materia search and leveling up will take quite a while, and a lot of the materia you can’t find unless you go on side quests. You’ll probably be leveling up your materia and finding all of them before fighting the difficult last boss. There’s also a few hard mini games in Final Fantasy 7 that takes practice, and some of them you’ll get great prizes. This game isn’t a too hard RPG, if you are looking for the hardest RPG. But if this is your first RPG, you are in luck because this game is a little challenging and it should really start your quest in beating other RPGs.

9.4/10: On the computer, the controls are simple and organized. The controls are way on the right of the key board, and there aren’t too many controls in the game to make you frustrated. I got the controls right when I played it on the first day, it wasn’t that hard to figure out and get used to.

When the characters move however, it is really easy to control. They stop and go the direction you go, when you release the 8 key, they’ll stop moving. The control of the game is very stable, it doesn’t get you all mad and frustrated like some other computer games; like when you let go of a key, the character still moves.

Replay Value
9.2/10: After beating the game once, you’ll have the urge to play this game again. The reason why the game is so replayable is because of the gameplay, addictiveness, storyline, and just materia. You’ll want to start over to fix your mistakes in your last file, do some quests you didn’t do, and try to be more ultimate by leveling up and getting certain weapons and armor you didn’t know about, and getting more materia. This game isn’t at all expensive, but the good thing is, you’ll want to play 3+ times! It is sort of like buying 3 RPGs and beating them. This is how Final Fantasy 7 is like.

Fun Factor
8.7/10: Just too addictive explains it. That’s one big reason why this game is too fun. The gameplay, battle system, materia system, and quests make you want to play this game more, and it is very enjoyable. But no one is going to play this game and forcing themselves to beat it if they hate this game. I don’t know why people judge the fun of this game by graphics, because that barely effects the game. Some people will play with their friends and beat this game, which is a fun idea. I still play this game and I bought it 1 year ago.

10/10: This is the best RPG I ever played along with Final Fantasy 6. This game is everything of Final Fantasy 6 except better graphics. This game only costs $19.99 for the PSX and maybe the same for the PC version. The price is really worth the game, even if it is a little old. But hey, if you want to try a awesome Final Fantasy game, this is it.

-Really fun

-It may be too old

What are you waiting for? You should buy Final Fantasy 7 today if you don’t have it! And if you do, continue your game! Just don’t wait too long to get this game, because they might not make it anymore.

''Now that’s just great''-Andy007

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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