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""FF7 for the PC? And you thought it was awesome on the PSX!""

I was dazzled by the release of Final Fantasy VII. The graphics, sound, story, fun, and gameplay were spectacular. Everyone thought that nobody could outdo Square. Well, Square just outdid themselves with the PC release of Final Fantasy VII.

GRAPHICS (10/10): These graphics are spectacular! A million times better than the PSX version (and you thought that was good!). The animation moves at a fine pace, and the FMVs are breath-taking (not as much as FF8's though). But there's one drawback. I really hope you have a really good 3D accelerator. I played it on my 3D-free PC and it looked like total c***! But I played most of it on my cousin's awesome PC! Overall, the graphics are breathtaking, definitely better than PSX!

SOUND/MUSIC (10/10): Once again, the sound/music depends on the drivers you have in your PC. Playing it on a PC with the newest Yamaha drive, I thought the music was better than the PSX. The songs are the same as on the PSX but better (depending...). The sound effects sounded basically the same as the PSX version for me. Greatjob Square!

CONTROL (10/10): Almost-perfect response time. Better hope you have a controller or you're gonna have a hard time with the non-rotatable backgrounds. Heh-heh.

STORY (10/10): For some reason, many gamers have complained that FF7's story is the most overrated piece of s*** they have ever read. I will agree about the bad translation, but Eidos altered the text a ittle bit, making many spelling and grammer fixes. The story begins with Cloud Strife, a mercenary that used to work for Shin-Ra, the evil company that is trying to suck out every last drop of the Planet's nergy for money. Cloud joins a group called Avalanche against the Shin-ra. After a bombing mission, the story heats up as you meet several comic, serious, and fun characters and enemies. Honestly, this is one of the greatest stories ever in a Final fantasy game or even a game.

GAMEPLAY (10/10): Nice, nice, nice. The same as the PSX version. Battles are Final Fantasy style. Level-ups are gained quickly. Battles are fast-paced. You get materia orbs which give the characters powers like magic. Materia grows stronger every time it leves up.
There are many things to do. There is a theme park and many mini-games like chocobo racing. The game spans 3 CDs and takes about 50 hours for anyone that searches for everything and gains levels to 99. Awesome gameplay.

FUN FACTOR (10/10): Fun, fun, fun! With so many thigns to do, so many levels to gain, and a great story, you will want to play this fun adventure over and over and over and over!

OVERALL (10/10): Great! I have left some things out, but I will include more details in my coming PSX review of the game. Thogh great on the PC, I sold mine and bought the PSX one because my computer is so crummy. If you have a GOOD COMPUTER, buy the PC version even if you have a PSX. No good PC, buy PSX. And did I mention that you can e-mail your files?! This adds even more! Well, gotta go! hope you enjoyed. Read the PSX review for more details!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/02/00, Updated 02/02/00

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