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"Still the absolute king even with this crappy port."

There was no need to release this game for the PC, PC gamers were not (and they will never be) prepared for something this good, they just can’t appreciate what a true rpg is, they like to play Diablo, Baldur’s Gate and all those games, games that are American rpg’s, which have nothing to do with the good ones, the Japanese rpgs, if you are one of those people then there is fire coming out from your eyes right?, ha!, like if I care, because like it or not I am right, and keep this in mind, the best two games ever for the PC are Final Fantasy VII and VIII, and I am not a console freak, I play both consoles and PC games.

Story 10/10:
The best story ever in a video game, is that simple, you can go and talk about anything you want, but this is the best one, and what is more, it is always going to be the best one. With more plot twists than you can shake a stick at, the best characters ever created, more memorable moments than it is possible to remember, and, to sum up, the most engrossing experience you will ever have, and even more if you are not into console games, because if there is something that PC rpgs lack, no matter how good they are in the end, is a competent plot, or a something next to a plot to be accurate.

Graphics 10/10:
Unbelievable, but not in a good way, because anyone would think that as a PC is much more powerful than the PlayStaion, the quality has to be much higher, but not only that is not true, the truth is that this PC port, overall, has worst graphics than the PlayStation version, and mainly because of the low resolution backgrounds, yep, it is incredible but no matter how powerful your PC is, the backgrounds are going to be blurry all the time.

Of course, the 3D graphics look better, and yeah the battles look better because the 3D models are not as pixilated and the summonings and magic spells look even more impressive, but if had to choose, the PlayStation version was better graphically.

Music 10/10:
This port comes with a “Yamaha I don’t know what” synthesiser that it is supposed to enhance the quality of the music or some garbage like that, bah!, the music quality is exactly the same one from the console version, maybe this is one of those things that only extreme purists can appreciate, but for me this is like when some one says that olives taste better if we get grab them with a fork or spoon made of wood, that rubbish man!, and if it is not rubbish, it is impossible for the human ear to appreciate the difference, so it is the same.

Anyway, this is the best soundtrack ever in a Final Fantasy and one of the best and most memorable soundtracks ever made.

Gameplay 10/10:
Obviously, exactly the same from the PlayStation version, only that the controls are a complete mess, we are able to customise the controls whenever we want, but they are still a disaster, specially during most of the mini games, the controls are so bad sometimes that there is no way to keep playing some of them, like the submarine mini game, I have only played that one once because I don’t know how I managed to beat it, I had no idea about what the hell I was doing. Overall the gameplay is faster, we engage combat more quickly, but the controls are very badly done.

Another important thing I want to talk about and that I haven’t mentioned in the PlayStation review is the translation, I have played the Spanish version, so I don’t know if this happens it the English one, (though I am sure it doesn’t), the thing is that the translation is so badly done sometimes that there is part where you can’t choose an option, it happens while breeding Chocobos, there is no way use one of the vegetables available because of the bad translation, this is not something very important because that specific vegetable is not all that useful, but that is not the point, the point is that the translation is terrible, which is intolerable, because if there are grammatical errors) as long as they are not like the ones of Suikoden II, where if was simply impossible to understand what the heel was happening sometimes), they are tolerable, but this is like a joke.

As a result:
This port is terrible, just terrible, maybe it is faster, but with bad controls and blurry backgrounds, the PlayStaion version was way better, and then we have the fact that the game’s configuration, I mean choosing a correct graphic and sound card that actually works, is a nightmare, the sound card was specially troublesome. But hey!, it is Final Fantasy VII, the best game of all time, if you don’t have a PlayStation but you know what is good then this is the opportunity you have been waiting.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/31/03, Updated 03/12/04

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