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"The best RPG ever is even better!"

Final Fantasy VII is probably one of the best games to date. Many people already bought it on the Playstation, but if you have a good computer with a 3D Accelerator and a good MIDI player, getting FF7 for the PC is almost a MUST!

Graphics (10/10): The graphics are dazzling! Regardless of some people who think the characters look too choppy, I think they look just fine. And the FMVs…they are totally AMAZING! All the cinema scenes are awesome and I think that they are even better than the N64's graphics! If you have already beaten the game, you would know how cool the ending cinema scene is!

Sound/Music (11/10): Nope, no error there. The music is just the best I've ever heard. It gives more meaning to the game, and even help you out. I mean, what's better than the Boss Music to pump you up during a boss fight, or Aeris' Theme when something really bad happens (I'm not gonna make this a spoiler!)? And the songs J-E-N-O-V-A and One Winged Angel at the end of the game are cool!

Story (10/10): The storyline of FF7 must be the best there is, the best there was, and the best there'll ever be! The plot is great, and it's a kind of up and down story. What I mean is, say someone was about to die, but then was saved. Or the other way around, say you just won a battle or finally made it in to a secret place, and someone dear to the game dies (That's it! No hints on who!). They story was made to seem so real. I mean, even my feelings changed because of it! There were parts that I cheered, that I cried, felt scared, and many other things.

Controls (9/10): The controls may seem hard to execute at first, but after the first level, you'll get used to it. Some people say if you don't have a gamepad, FF7 is almost impossible to play. However, as I played it, I found out it is quite easy using the numeral pad. The template the game comes with to put around the numeral pad makes it a lot easier. I say, it's better then the Playstation! Who want's to figure out what the heck is L1 and R2?

Fun (15/10): Really! The fun in this game deserves that rating! With a lot of mini-games and sidequests, you can always take your mind of the main objective for at least a little while. Who doesn't love chocobo racing? That's the best mini-game any Final Fantasy game has to offer!

Overall: 10000000000000000/10! Okay, just kidding. But I'd give it the highest rating possible, AKA 10/10. This is the best RPG, game, and thing to do on weekends ever!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/20/00, Updated 02/20/00

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