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"The Greatest Game Ever Made, End of Story"

Final Fantasy 7 Review
By Tyrael Odium

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I was never a RPG fan until when I went over to one of my friend's houses back in grade 7. We were sitting around playing on his PlaysStation (I had a Nintendo 64 and a PC at the time) when he asked me if I would like to play Final Fantasy 7. At first I had no idea what the game was, or what it was about, but I decided to give it a shot. Little did I know that I was about to play the best game on the entire planet, and it would quite easily become my favorite game of all time. I picked up the controller and I was under the games spell from the moment I turned it on. I went out a few days later and bought the game for PC and spent months on it non stop trying to find every single little thing inside the game, and I have become such a good player at the game that I now know where nearly everything is, how to get it, and how it is used. Well that is a good enough introduction; let's get to the part where I tell you why this game is so great.

Graphics 10/10

I know that now the graphics are not that all that great, in fact, they down right suck, but keep in mind that I'm writing this review thinking that the game was just released like 2 weeks ago so bare with me please. When this game was released the graphics were the pinnacle of video game appearance, absolutely nothing had better visuals. What really impressed me were the environments and the backgrounds, some of them actually made me drool. Exploring these environments was really easy, the camera angles were all perfect and I had no trouble seeing where I was going (except for temple of the ancients), and even if you had some trouble you could just press the select button, and have cursors above your head, and the entrance and every exit of the area that you were in. The animations were all very well done, and the characters moved very smoothly, and what is more, the graphics improved during all of the battles. The characters became very detailed, although the animations were a little jumpy at times, epically when you were just doing a regular attack. Another incredible aspect of the battles were some of the crazy spells and summons, later in the game the summons got very LLOONNGG, and could take up to 2 minutes to just finish watching one of them.

Gameplay 10/10

Some people have the nerve to say that there was no strategy to this game at all, that it was all just button mashing and such, and I am here to tell you that those comments are all lies. This game has lots of strategy and it is still a hard game, even for players who have beaten it already and know it front, back and center. There are nearly limitless combinations that you can put your materia into, and each combination has many purposes, and is used for a distinct fighting technique. One very good combination that has saved me from the game over screen several times is the “final attack” materia combined with “phoenix”. What that combination does is, once the character, who is holding that materia, dies the Phoenix summon is then used, and for those of you who don't know, when the Phoenix spell is used all of your K/Oed party members are revived, giving you another chance to defeat a weaker enemy. The controls (for pc) are a little hard to get used to at first, and very hard to use if you are on a laptop, because you have to use the NUM PAD for the game controls, but the good thing about that is that you only have to use 1 hand to play the game, and it allows your left hand to be completely free to do whatever else (I normally found myself eating with that hand). But other than the controls, no real gameplay aspects are different from the PlaysStation version at all (considering that they are the same game and all)

Plot 10/10

Now I'm going to try to not reveal too much of the plot, because of the spoilers rule, but I mean, its 2005 now, who hasn't already played the game and gets the idea of what it is about. Now the game starts with you and your party, a terrorist organization knows as “Avalanche”, making a raid on a mako reactor. Your intent is to destroy the reactor to help the planet live longer, the idea behind that is (this part is long but ill try to wrap it up) whenever somebody dies, their life force goes back to the center of the planet and turns into a liquid, and later fuses with some other life force to become another living thing. The Company Shinra is drilling to the center of the earth and sucking up this liquid called MAKO and is using it to provide electricity to the world, and Avalanche is trying to stop them because if there is no more MAKO left, the world will die (explained much better in a cinematic at Cosmo Canyon. After the deed is done, you try to make another raid on another reactor and you are caught by the president of the company, and separated by your group members, when you get back together you make an assault against the Shinra headquarters to try to save the life of somebody else. Wile you are there, you find out that your arch nemesis is still alive, and you must go on a long quest to try to find him and defeat him AGAIN. The game then takes you on many twists and turns, and you normally have to play the game more than once for all the information to sink in and for you to understand the game completely.

Total 0/10 (just kidding it's a perfect 10)

What else is there to say, this game has terrific graphics (for its time), incredible gameplay, and a plot that just won't quit. In fact square (squareenix now) has yet to come up with a plot that surpasses this masterpiece. Once again, I hope that you have found this review to be helpful (although by this time I doubt that it will be)

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/20/05

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