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"Behind enemy lines, again."

After the big success that was Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines, Spanish developer Pyro Studios decided that it would be nice to get some extra money with a completely unnecessary expansion pack with a couple of new missions and only two or three improvements. Also this game ca be taken as an expansion pack (yet for me it IS an expansion pack), Beyond The Call of Duty doesn’t require its predecessor to function, so it is fine if you don’t have the first one.

Beyond The Call of Duty offers eight new bloody hard missions, which has nothing to do with the ones of the first game. These new missions are even harder than the ones of the previous game, yes you read well, even harder, but with all they are not impossible, not near. Anyway, even if they aren’t THAT hard, if you haven’t played the first game the chances to beat these eight new missions are very few.

The new features are few and irrelevant (like in any other expansion pack by the way, so we can’t blame Pyro for that), there are two or three new gadgets like a package of cigars, handcuffs, a noisemaker, and a few more crap I can’t remember. The scenarios however, are completely new, but the main objectives are similar to the ones of the original game, espionage and sabotage more than anything.
Probably the most interesting new feature in this add-on is the three new characters: a female commando called Natasha, a resistance contact, and a Yugoslavian partisan. Anyway, these new characters are only available in few missions, and they can only distract the enemy.

The graphics are as good as they were before, there is not a single difference, not even a single improvement, which is not a bad thing at all considering how good thy were in the previous game. The music is basically as non-existent as it was in the first Commandos, and I can’t remember if there were new voices, but I guess not (well, excepting for the new female character).

So, if Behind Enemy Lines leave your craving for more, if you want to bury your face in the mud again, or if you miss those big muscles the green beret had, this expansion pack is for you, otherwise, go get the sequel.

””My lack of vocabulary and grammatical errors (if there’s any) are because I’m not from an English speaking country, sorry.””

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 12/08/03

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