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"A Great Way to Kill Some Time on a Rainy Day."

Let me start off by saying I am a big time Sim/Strategy fan. So I like to nit pick when it comes to reviewing any game from the Genre. I have been a fan of the Civilization series since I played Civilization 2 on the Playstation a few years back.

After picking up Civilization: Call To Power, I was sketchy as to how the game would compare to Civilization 2. The game only cost me 10 bucks brand new so I figured there had to be a catch. Much to my delight, there was no catch at all. The game met and exceeded my expectations.

Story: You start out with the choice of ''Tribe'' you want to become leader of, such as Americans, English, and Zulu to name a few. From there you will be set on a very small piece of land with only a few followers. You have to turn these two followers into a huge nation. Making enemies and allies along the way, you will have to use strategy and common sense to make your way up though time and become the most powerful nation on the planet. As you go you must keep making advances such as Bronze Working, and Shipbuilding.
You will slowly move from building castles and fortresses to Planes and Space Travel. The whole time you will have to keep your people happy, and your enemies at bay. It's a very full plate to have, and a very hard task to handle.
Final Story Grade = B

Graphics: Keeping in mind that this is a Strategy based game, the graphics don't really need to knock you off of your feet to get the games purpose across. Call to Power does raise the bar for this Genre in my opinion. It starts out as your basic movement of players across the board. The player models are done well and very detailed. This is a huge step up from the PSX version.
The battle scenes are pretty basic, but still fun to watch and a very welcomed addition. This screen gives you a better idea of what your men are up against, it also tells you what advantages you or your enemies have.
The advance scenes really got a great make over in Call to Power. Some of the cut scenes for advances are just breath taking. They are were beautifully done with computer animation. Final Graphics Grade = B+

Sound: The best part about Civilization is the catchy music it always delivers. It's not your new age pop music either, this is classic instrumental music that stays in your head all day and makes you want to come back to play some more. There are some great tracks on Call to Power that make you feel a lot more into the game.
Now your followers have voices and spout off random phrases
that go along with their character. This is a nice and often funny addition to the series.
Final Sound Grade = A

Replay: This is where the game really gets the thumbs up. If you play it once, you will never stop playing it. This is the kind of game that you can just sit down and play for hours apon hours and still have the itch to play more. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to move your Civilization up the ladder of time. If you are lucky enough to conquer all, then you can start all over again with another Nationality.
Every time you start a new game you can edit it to your liking making for endless scenarios to play with.
Final Replay Grade = A

Final Verdict: For 10 Dollars, this game is a steal. This is one of those ''Hidden Treasures'' that gamers look for when the funds are low. If you have an extra 10 bucks in your pocket, then head out to your local retailer and
grab this game. Warning: Your social life may be affected!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 09/05/02, Updated 09/05/02

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