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"Civilization, a GREAT new turn based strat game!"

What to say, what to say? Well, this is one of the greatest srategy games ever! It isn't the best though, Starcraft is. Anyway Sid Meier did a great job of thinking of Civilization, because it is a reallllly good game, and because it has made so many successful sequels. You can choose one of forty-two civilizations (You can also modify it to have more, or make some your own! I made a Star Wars civ in my version of the game! Download it at under mods!) that actually have nothing really to do with gameplay, except that the cities names are from your Civilization (IE Americans have Washington DC, and the Egyptians have Cairo, etc.) Also, when you choose your Civilization (IE Egyptians, Americans, Zulu, Canadians, etc.) they will have a choice for male or female. If you choose male, you will get a male leader name (American male George Washington, Greek male Alexander The Great, etc.) which you can change to fit your tastes. Female obviously has female names. Depending on the name you choose, your civilization's population will use your leader's name when they say something about building a monument. Also any rival civilizations will call you by their name too.

In Civilization your main focus is to build a thriving civilization starting with only one or two settlers. (A settler is a little guy that creates a city where ever you want one.) A key factor in creating a thriving civilization is keeping the happiness of your civilization VERY high. You can do this by creating buildings (such as the Coliseum, a Theater, a Drug Store, etc.,) building wonders (Ramayana, or a few others that keep happiness up,) setting wages high (which depletes your gold supply,) making workdays shorter (which makes building go slower,) giving more rations (which depletes food and leads to starvation,) or turning some workers into entertainers. You also need to have many cities, and many military units to keep your enemies at bay. There is a thing called production, which lets you build things faster. You need as much production coming in from your cities as possible, in order to keep your buildings, units, and wonders building faster. You also need to keep a high flow of food, by creating farms, and gold. Without gold your workers won't be happy, because they aren't being paid much, would you work if you weren't paid much?

The main unit in the game is the settler, without him nothing would be possible, no settler means no city, no city means no units, no units means your dead! The placement of your cities is a key factor in this game, if you place your city in the desert, you will not get much of anything, no food, gold, or production. If you place your city in the rainforest, you've almost got it made, gold, production, and food. The terrain also plays a key role in moving your units. If you noticed when you started warriors can only move one space per turn, but Mounted Archers can move three. Also, if the Mounted Archer goes on a river, it can move six spaces per turn, whereas the warrior can move two. Also, Mounted Archers can NOT move across mountains, but warriors can. Why is that? Well, certain units have certain attributes. The warrior has one movement point per turn. Mounted Archers have three movement points. Also the terrain has different attributes. Certain terrain (like rivers) only cost 0.5 movement points to cross, while forests cost two or three.

You can also build underwater cities, and space cities. The underwater cities are like the land cities, but the warriors, and units like that cannot be moved without going through underwater tunnels that you must build. The space cities do not have any goods to trade.

Fun Factor= 10

This game is really fun to play, because it is so addicting.

Graphics= 10

The graphics are pretty good, but the sprites sometimes disappear for a few seconds, which gets really annoying.

Sound= 7

The sounds are repetitive, and the music keeps repeating and also gets very annoying.

Control= 8

The controls are hard to learn, and it gets very annoying when trying to select a city after moving a unit, and then the unit goes to the city. This could be a bad thing if you are trying to get your units into strategic positions.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/01/99, Updated 10/26/01

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