Review by Future-Trunks

"Mediocre at best"

If you like games with mediocre graphics, gameplay, control, and sound, then you'll get a kick out of this game! Yeah, right. It's not THAT bad of a game, but it's not worthy of the South Park name, that's for sure. It's based on the infamous cartoon of the same name.

Graphics: 7/10
Come on!!! How hard can it be to make south park graphics 3-d??? They are blocky and polygonal and look like they are just random shapes with the characters' faces pasted on. They could have been a loooot better, but they're ok.

Music/Sound FX: 6/10
Again, not bad, but not good. They are blah and uninspired, but they aren't horrible. Not much to say about them.

Play Control: 5/10
Slow and sluggish, and really uneven. It's really hard to get around in this game. Again, not much to say. Very mediocre indeed. There's too many buttons, first of all. And having poor play control brings the gameplay down too - no game is fun to play when you need a pentium 4, 1 ghz computer to run it smoothly (and it came out in '98! ha!)

Innovation: 2/10
Hahahahaha! NO. First person shooter. And a very bad one. We've seen it many, many times before. It gets a 2 for having wacky guns (albeit not very original) and for having snowballs as the unarmed weapon (instead of 'slappers' or a punch)

Gameplay: 5/10
Once again, mediocre. It's not much fun to play and the multiplayer is ok, but it's sooooooo laggified it's not even funny. you can choose between almost ALL the south park characters (in MULTIPLAYER, that is. In single player, you're stuck with Stan). Then you go around and hurt each other. In single player and multiplayer, throwing snowballs is your 'unarmed' weapon, which, I admit, is pretty original. Then you pick up wacky guns just lying there and you have to find your south park friends and then you go onto the next level and yada yada yada. Overall the gameplay is mediocre.

Reviewer's Tilt ('borrowed' from 6/10
I have to boost the score up a bit. If you look past it's weak points it's pretty fun. But, it just isn't worth playing. It could have been a lot better.

Buy or Rent?
Well, you can't really rent a computer game, but don't buy it. This would be a renting game if you could, but you can't. So, I advise you to stay away unless you are a die-hard fan of South Park.

Overall: 5/10
The intro line says it all: MEDIOCRE AT BEST.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 10/21/01, Updated 10/21/01

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