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    Beginner's Guide by CGorman

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      ######       ## ##              ######                    ##
      ##  ##       ## ##              ##  ##                   ####
      ###### ##### ## ##  ####  ##### ##     ##### ##### #####  ##    ####  #####
      ## ##  ## ## ## ## ###### ##    ##     ## ##  #### #####  ##   ###### ##
      ##  ## ## ## ## ## ###    ##    ##  ## ## ## ## ##    ##  ##   ###    ##
      ##  ## ##### ## ##  ##### ##    ###### ##### ##### #####  ####  ##### ##
                       *****  *   *  ***   ***    ***   *   *
                         *     * *  *     *   *  *   *  **  *
                         *      *   *     *   *  *   *  * * *
                         *      *    ***   ***    ***   *  **
    ---------------------------[ General Information ]----------------------------
    Author (Pen Name): CGorman
    Author (Real Name): Ciarán Gorman
    Country: Ireland
    CRP: http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/recognition/15853.html
    Email: cgorman03@hotmail.com
    Game: Rollercoaster Tycoon
    Developer: Microprose/Chris Sawyer
    Publisher: Hasbro Interactive
    Platform: PC
    Type: In Depth: Beginners Guide
    Version: Final
    Completion: 100%
    Date Created: ??:??:?? GMT, 30th December 2001
    Date Modified: 22:15:13 GMT, 30th September 2003
     This FAQ is copyright CGorman (Ciarán Gorman) 2003, and may only be used for
    non-profitable causes, e.g. Gamefaqs.com. If you want this FAQ, just steal it
    and I will sue you, because it is to be exclusively hosted through the
    internet by Gamefaqs, and no other website or affliation, except of course
    any website I may own. Use of this FAQ through other mediums such as print,
    is available through nogotiation. "Rollercoaster Tycoon" is a copyright of
    Chris Sawyer/Microprose. The above ASCII Art is also (C) Ciarán Gorman 2002.
     This FAQ may contain spoliers, mistakes etc., but any personal loss incured
    by such is understood to be of your own free will and I hold no resposibility.
     Please email me if you have a problem, I strive to answer all valid and
    decent questions, and add them to my FAQs with credit for the individual who
    asked the question. But I will not answer any foolish or ignorant questions, I
    do not have time for such, as I can get up to 20 emails in one day, so please
    think before you email me, and check out any other FAQs for the answer, and of
    course read this one fully.
    ---------------------------------[ Contents ]---------------------------------
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                                    4.2 - G
    1.1........................................................Version History/Log
    1.2..........................................................Reasons & Answers
    2.0.................................................................The Basics
    3.0...........................................................Forest Frontiers
    3.1.............................................................Dynamite Dunes
    3.2.................................................................Leafy Lake
    3.3............................................................Diamond Heights
    3.4..........................................................Evergreen Gardens
    4.2...............................................................Golden Rules
    4.3...............................................................Further Help
    ----------------------------[ 1.0 - Introduction ]----------------------------
     Hello everyone, this is my first FAQ ever, so please e-mail me with comments,
    suggestions and of course dislikes. I have written this FAQ on the first five
    levels, because they are the first levels a gamer will tackle. They are not
    that hard but must be played to get used to the game. Also at the end I have
    included a tips section which may also be of use to the more skilled player.
    -------------------------[ 1.1 - Version History/Log ]------------------------
    Version: 1.0
    Completion: 75%
    Date: 30th December 2001
     -  Wrote main sections, including the guides for each level, pretty good, but
        still room for improvement.
    Version: 2.0
    Completion: 79%
    Date: 10th January 2002
     -  Finished off level guides completely, added a tips section and a golden
        rules section.
    Version: 2.5
    Completion: 83%
    Date: 14th January 2002
     -  Added a construction guide aswell as updates to the tips section and made
        a few corrections in spelling and format.
    Version: 3.0
    Completion: 87%
    Date: 21st January 2002
     -  Updated several sections, including; construction guide, tips section and
        the golden rules section.
    Version: 3.5
    Completion: 92% (now reworked to 90% because of later FAQ changes)
    Date: 30th January 2002
     -  Made general updates all round, noting hugh.
    Version: 4.0
    Completion: 97% (now reworked to 92% because of later FAQ changes)
    Date: 24th February 2002
     -  Started the basics section aswell as general updates to the rest. Changed
        heading as well as change section positioning.
    Version: Final (now reworked to version 4.5 because of later FAQ changes)
    Completion: 100% (now reworked to 95% because of later FAQ changes)
    Date: 26th February 2002
     -  Spellchecked the guide and deleted the construction guide after seeing a
        FAQ made by AlaskaFox which seemed to be far better!
    Version: Final
    Completion: 100%
    Date: 1st August 2002
     -  This is the update that caused all the above reworkings! Changed format
        and layout completely (what was I thinking in december!) Also added the
        last 5% to the guide aswell as making a change to the header.
    Version: Final
    Completion: 100%
    Date/Time: 22:15:13 GMT, 4th October 2002
     -  Yes, yet another version! This time just a tiny bit of reformating and a
        few general changes.
    Version: Final
    Completion: 100%
    Date/Time: 30th September 2003
     -  New email + internet exploer note.
    -------------------------[ 1.2 - Reasons & Answers ]--------------------------
     Ok, this type of guide is proably not that common, but what the heck, I
    believe it can be helpful, and this game is hughly popular, so why not!
    -----------------------------[ 2.0 - The Basics ]-----------------------------
     I will explain the basics of the game in this section.
    -=The game=-
     Ok, you have just bought the game and installed it, you have proably read
    about it on the back and started the first level. If you are confused then
    this FAQ might help. The main aim in the game is to build a theme park. If you
    want you can just mess but it is more rewarding to complete the game. The
    first thing to do will be to build a few rides and set the prices, but don't
    neglecgt your visitors needs like shops. (Looking back I feel this paragragh
    was totally worthless, but you may derive some use from it)
    -=The FAQ=-
     I try to answer simple questions as I go through each level guide, so if you
    question is not found in the help sections, it proably is in the guides.
     F1 = Land menu
     F2 = Water menu
     F3 = Scenery & Gardens menu
     F4 = Path Construction menu
     F5 = New Rides & Attractions menu
     Pause/break = Pause
     1 = Underground view
     4 = See-through trees
     8 = Land Height Markings
     0 = Ride/Path Height Markings
     Page Up = Zoom Out
     Page Down = Zoom In
     Enter = Rotate Screen
     M = Recent Messages menu
     G = Guests menu
     F = Finance menu
     Cancel/back = Close menu
     D = R&D menu
     S = Staff
     Tab = Map screen
     R = Rides & Attractions menu
     P = Park Entrance menu
    --------------------------[ 3.0 - Forest Frontiers ]--------------------------
    Level: 1
    Area: 177,100sq.ft
    Objectives: o 250 guests
                o 600 rating
                o By October Year 1
    Game Description: "Deep in the forest, build a thriving theme park in
                       a large cleared area."
    Initial Loan: £10,000
    Loan:  Up to £30,000
    Rides: Monorail, Haunted House, merry-go-round, Car ride, Spiral Slide, Wooden
           Roller Coaster, Steel Mini Roller Coaster, Twist, Swinging Ship, Boat
           Hire, Burger Bar Drink Stall, Popcorn Stall and The Toilets.
    My Rating: 7/10
     The very first thing I would do is go to the research menu and select max
    funding, then start reaching "Trill Rides" and "Roller Coasters." Roller
    Coasters because you can borrow plenty and you need to attract plenty of
    people early on. Trill Rides because they are small, cheap and if used
    well they can make up to £2,000 per hour.
     Next open your park and leave the entrance price at zero. You should build
    a few cheap rides like a twist or merry-go-round. Charge there excitement
    rating, e.g. If the excitement rating is 1.74 you charge £1.70. You always
    round your figures down, e.g. 1.99 is £1.90 not £2.00. This means for a
    roller coaster with an excitement rating of 7.69 you can charge the nice
    amount of £7.60!
     If you start charging at the entrance, people will refuse to go on
    your rides.
     Placing trees or other things like flowers beside a ride, the excitement
    rating will increase by about 0.20, but if done well on rides like a monorail,
    it can double!
     Now that you have some rides, you should hire some staff. Hire 2 of each.
    Later when increasing staff only go by the amount of rides so if you have
    25 rides you should have 25 staff. Try to keep an even number of staff. Always
    have the same amount of guards as handymen or mechanics as entertainers. They
    are always needed.
     If you are having rating problems then you should break the rule
    and hire extra entertainers.
     Next you should borrow up to £10,000 and build a top of the range roller
    coaster near the back of the park. The reason that I have said the back,
    is that it will keep people away from the exit, without harming your ratings.
     You should place benches and bins mainly at the exit of the roller coaster
    to avoid having to clear up vomit. At the exit of your biggest roller coaster
    you should place a toilet and charge £0.10 for it. Some people say not to do
    this but unless the satisfaction drops below 60%, then it is ok. People will
    willingly pay after a very intense ride.
     By now you should have well over a hundred people in your park. But the
    second you stop building people will slowly stop coming. So when this happens
    put all the advertisements and marketing on even the free entry, even though
    it is already free, it just reminds people of your park. If you can not
    afford them all, then you should start with the most expensive ones. After
    that you should spend about £2,500 per month. Always choose six weeks or you
    will never have time to build.
     I would usually say to always try to decrease your debt, but this park is
    only a year long, so borrow plenty for building and advertising. When people
    start complaining about there being no where to eat or drink, you should build
    at least one burger bar and drink stall. The ideal place to build these is at
    the back of your park because people are hunger and thirsty after crossing the
    whole park and are twice as likely to buy something.
     Near the end of September you should be taking in about £6,000 in ride
    tickets alone.
     Since you have so little time to research in this level you can get away with
    building more than one of each ride. Mainly thrill rides because it doesn't
    really work with gentle rides.
     In the first week of October you should check the park rating and the number
    of guests in your park. Although you only need 250 guests, it should be of
    no surprise if you have over 700 or even a thousand. The real worry is the
    park rating, later you will be able to have ratings of up to 999, but if
    your still a beginner, aim for 700 or more. If the rating is below the vital
    600, you should hire more entertainers and handy men, lower ride prices and
    listen to guest complaints.
    ---------------------------[ 3.1 - Dynamite Dunes ]---------------------------
    Level: 2
    Area: 264,880sq.ft
    Objectives: o 650 guests
                o 600 rating
                o By October Year 3
    Game Description: "Built in the middle of the desert, this theme park
                       contains just one roller coaster but has space for
    Initial Loan: £10,000
    Loan:  Up to £15,000
    Rides: Miniature Railway, merry-go-round, Car ride, Spiral Slide, Wooden
           Roller Coaster, Mine Train Roller Coaster, Twist, Log Flume, Ice Cream
           Stall, Drink Stall, Burger Bar and The Toilets.
    Unique ride: Dynamite Blaster
    My Rating: 8/10
     This park has loads of space, but very little money to build rides so as
    always start with small, cheap and quick trill rides, like the twist. As I
    said last time don't stop building when you run out of rides, build the same
    ride at the other side of the park, this is especial true in such a big park.
     Even though you have so little money you should still spend max on your
    research and as I said before trill rides are the first thing you need
    to research because they are small and cheap.
     Once you have three or four rides built, you should think about building a
    miniature railway the whole way around your park, since there are a good few
    hills in this park, it doesn't matter if you have to build under ground, it
    actually adds to your rating. Try to have as many stations as possible, and
    space then evenly. Theme the track until you have an excitement rating of 4
    or over, therefore a ticket price of £4.00! It seems weird but this is your
    must important ride in the whole park, and if managed well, it will contribute
    up to £12,000 per hour!
     This park is very easy, so take your time in building a good park, and listen
    to customer complaints and fix them. It is easy to get a park rating of up to
    999 in this park if you try.
     In this park you are given the chance to buy land, I have one thing to say
    about this, DON'T, it is a complete waste of money, and in a park with so
    much land and so little money, it is completely insane.
     By the end of the first year you should have all the guests you need and then
    some, if not you are not listening to me. You should also have about seven or
    eight really good rides and some shops as well.
     The next thing you MUST do, is build your second roller coaster, it should be
    a Mine Train Roller Coaster and should have a photo piece, preferable near a
    steep drop. On average one in five buys a photo, so if you're charging £2.00,
    you should make an extra £2,000 per hour on a fairly good roller coaster.
     Now go to the research screen and start researching roller coasters ASWELL as
    trill rides. The ride you are hoping to get is the "steel roller coaster."
    This is my favourite because it takes so little room if you use the "pre built
    powered launch roller coaster," and since it is so small more people can use
    it in less time, but since it is a roller coaster it still has a high
    excitement rating! So it should come as no surprise if you get over £6,000 per
     Now that you have seen a powered launch roller coaster, you will be ready to
    build your own. Try to build different types like one with two loops or no
    loops. Later on in the game you will be able to build this type of roller
    coaster with other roller coasters like ones with half loops or twists. Since
    this is a roller coaster, you should be able to add a photo point. When you
    have your roller coaster built select "Powered launch Mode" and have a test
    run, increase the speed to match the track height.
     You should be able to build about five of these around your park, but make
    sure they are all different. You should get about £7,000 per hour from each.
    So that is 5x£7,000+5x£2,000=£45,000 per hour!
     At the end of year 2 you should have twice as many guests as required and
    about 10 small rides and 6 roller coasters not to mention about 6 stalls! Not
     Now we are back to trill rides, at this stage you should have researched the
    cinema. I have only two things to say, ONLY BUILD ONE, and DON'T CHARGE THE
    EXCITEMENT RATING. Unlike other rides people will only go to the cinema ONCE,
    unless you change the movie ever few months. The ideal amount to charge is
     By now you should have also have researched GoKarts. These are great at
    collecting money. When building one with race mode, you should always leave
    it on one lap only, this will bring the excitement rating up by about 1.50.
    You will notices that the winner does a 2nd lap, this is really his prize! In
    a large park like this one 2 GoKarts should be built, one on race mode and the
    other on continuous mode. If built well they should take in about £5,000 to
    £6,000 each.
     Finish off this level by checking your rating and guest number. As I said
    before you should have several times your objectives.
    -----------------------------[ 3.2 - Leafy Lake ]-----------------------------
    Level: 3
    Area: 360,140 sq.ft
    Objectives: o 500 guests
                o 600 rating
                o By October Year 3
    Game Description: "Starting from scratch, build a theme park around
                       a large lake."
    Initial Loan: £10,000
    Loan:  Up to £50,000
    Rides: Monorail, merry-go-round, Car ride, Ferris Wheel Steel Mini Roller
           Coaster, Wooden Roller Coaster, Twist, Boat hire, Ice Cream Stall,
           Drink Stall, and the Toilets.
    Unique ride: none
    My Rating: 5/10
     This park has even MORE room than the last but most of it is in the lake,
    which is VERY expensive to build on. So to help the park has a maximum loan of
    £50,000! Now as I said before loans are dangerous, and that you should not
    borrow money after the 1st year unless totally necessary. But I did not say
    you couldn't borrow as much as you want in the 1st year, so go ahead and
    borrow the fifty grand!
     First things first, go and build the two biggest roller coasters, woodchip
    and mischief over the lake. As I said this is very expensive, but it will
    increase the excitement rating of the ride by about 0.50 to 1.00. Each roller
    coaster should cost about £10,000 each maybe £12,000. Now DO NOT go ahead and
    build paths for them or open your park.
     Next head over to the only large piece of land. It might seem small, but it
    is almost the size of Forest Frontiers! Now build a steel mini roller coaster
    and another wooden roller coaster of your own design, before this you should
    save, so if you make a large mistake you can load back. You want an intensity
    rating of below 10.60 (extreme) and an excitement rating of over 5.00. People
    will go on extreme rides but only some and will not willingly pay over a
     Now you have four roller coasters and £10,000 you can open your park and
    build paths to your rides. As I said before as soon as possible you should
    start researching trill rides and roller coasters. And of course give max
     Next you litter your park with trill rides, gentle rides and powered launch
    mode roller coasters. Stop when you are at £1,000. I say this because you
    are going to build a monorail around your entire park EVEN the large grass
    area. You may run out of money, if this happens, leave your PC running and
    go and watch TV or something, by the time you come back it will be October
    year three and you will have several thousand pounds in the bank!
     Finish off your monorail and start building stalls and toilets all around
    your park. Also build about 3 boat hires at different points around the lake,
    these should take in about £700 to £1,000 an hour.
     At the end of year one you should have all your objectives completed and be
    taking in about £10,000 in ride tickets a month.
     Now on to the hardest part, complaints. Try to fix the top five complaints,
    they are usually something like "there is a lot of litter in this park," or
    "the vandalism in this park is really bad."
     Continue year two by fixing complaints, themeing your park and building new
     Sometimes after building a large ride beside another, its excitement rating
    will improve, so every couple of months you should check ALL your rides
    excitement ratings and adjust the ride ticket price if necessary, this can add
    up to £1,500 on to your ride ticket income each month, that's more than
    £25,000 a year! Enough to build 2 very good roller coasters!
     Now spend year three improving guest numbers and the park rating. Also add
    some more small rides.
     You should fly through year 3 like this and by October run out of space to
    ---------------------------[ 3.3 - Diamond Heights ]--------------------------
    Level: 4
    Area: 630,960 sq.ft
    Objectives: o Park value of £20,000
                o By October Year 3
    Game Description: "Diamond heights is already a successful theme park
                       with great rides-develop it to double its value."
    Initial Loan: £1,000
    Loan:  Up to £25,000
    Rides: Miniature Railway, merry-go-round, Car ride, Haunted House, Steel Mini
           Roller Coaster, Steel Roller Coaster, Wooden Wild Roller Coaster, Boat
           hire, Swinging Ship, Log Flume, Ice cream Stall, Pizza Stall,
           Information Kiosk and the Toilets.
    Unique rides: Agoraphobia, Arachnophobia, Claustrophobia, Doppelganger,
                  Grimble's Gallopers, Indiana Jane Railway, Shortstuff's Slide,
                  Snake River Falls.
    My Rating: 8/10
     The first thing you do is adjust the prices of the eight rides to there
    excitement ratings, you will see that you will be able to charge over £7.00
    for 3 of them!
     Next you will need to build plenty of stalls mainly pizza stalls, and
    information kiosks. Then as always go to the research screen and research
    trill rides and roller coasters.
     As you can see this park is massive, the biggest yet, so go ahead and
    borrow £25,000 and build about 2 roller coasters and a few trill rides.
    When that's done build 2 or 3 powered launch mode roller coasters.
     Since your objective is to double your PARKS value NOT your COMPANYS value,
    don't worry about money, or guest numbers, remember if you build a good
    park people will come and money will pile up.
     This park will always have a problem with litter, so hire as many handymen
    as you can (about 20 should do) and place plenty of bins around the park.
     If money does become a problem, just leave the computer running for a couple
    of months (game months not our months!) until you have a good bit of money.
     You will find sadly that later in this level, things start to crash, like
    that 20 something thousand pound roller coaster you have! So to avoid
    this, select "check every 10 minutes" on the ride screen of ALL your roller
    coasters, then hire about 150 15 mechanics.
     At the end of year one you should have a park value of at least £15,000 and
    a company value of about -£5,000.
     In year two try to save your money for a building spree in year 3.
    Finally in year 3, first thing, IGNORE ALL YOUR GUESTS, yes all, second BUILD,
    BUILD, BUILD. Build up to 3 of EVERY ride. By the end you should have a park
    value of at least £30,000.
    --------------------------[ 3.4 - Evergreen Gardens ]-------------------------
    Level: 5
    Area: 925,980 sq.ft
    Objectives: o 1,000 guests
                o 600 rating
                o By October Year 4
    Game Description: "Convert the beautiful Evergreen Gardens into a
                       Thriving theme park."
    Initial Loan: £10,000
    Loan:  Up to £40,000
    Rides: Miniature Railway, merry-go-round, Car ride, Haunted House, Steel Mini
           Roller Coaster, Steel Roller Coaster, Monorail, Hedge Maze, Wooden
           Roller Coaster, Twist, Ice cream stall, Burger bar, Drink Stall,
    Unique rides: none
    My Rating: 2/10
     I hate this park, it is easy to clear but is so long and there is so, so many
    trees. The very first thing I would do is clear ALL the trees. Then like the
    last 4 levels, start researching trill rides and roller coasters.
     Next build plenty of trill rides at the entrance and roller coasters at the
    back of the park. Borrow the £40,000 and build, build, build. The one good
    thing about this park is you have a decent amount of money and plenty of land,
    the bad thing is water takes up a lot of it and trees, well the trees speck
    for themselves!
     Because of the colossal size of this park you will be able to build as much
    as you want and for once spread them out. Again because of its size, stalls
    will do very, very well.
     A miniature railway should be built as soon as possible, to if you want, and
    information kiosks should be built everywhere.
     By year three you will want to give up, this is understandable but don't.
    Gentle rides are important in this level, so build up to three merry-go-rounds.
    Also hedge mazes are great for filling up some of the thousand corners in this
    --------------------------------[ 4.0 - Tips ]--------------------------------
    o Borrow all you want in the first year, but try to repay it by year three,
      this is important if you start to have problems later on, like guests being
      scared away after a crash etc.
    o Charge the excitement rating for your rides, and always round down, e.g.
      7.59 is equal to £7.50. This will only work if you have no entrance fee.
    o Listen to customer complaints, because you might even be able to profit from
      them when, say they are hungry or something.
    o Only charge £0.10 for the toilets no more no less. Some say this is a bad
      idea, but customers don't mind in this game. Some toilets can make up to
      £500 pre hour.
    o Be creative when building rides, it will pay off, e.g. the powered launch
      roller coaster, you can build up to ten of these in the one park and still
      make huge profits from them, as long as they are different.
    o Fill any small spaces with flowers, this will boost your ratings greatly,
      and is very cheap.
    o Build seats and bins at ride exits, you can build a thousand seats in your
      park and not make a difference, but if they are built in the right places
      they will be rewarded with good ratings, and this is great PR, if done well.
    o Hire one member of staff for every ride so that if you have 40 rides you
      have 40 staff. This is a great way of making sure you are not overstaffed.
    o Don't hire 15 handymen and only 5 entertainers, hire the same amount.
    o If you are having trouble with litter, don't go and hire a heap of handymen,
      just place the ones you already have in the worst areas. The same goes for
    o Borrowing is OK, but it will affect the company value hughly. All thought it
      doesn't seem like a lot, but interest will add up, say if you are paying £50
      per month in a four year park (8 months to a year) you will end up paying:
      8x50x4=£1,600! That is enough to build one of my beloved powered launch mode
      roller coasters, these as I said make over £5,000 per hour and a four year
      level lasts for about 3 hours! That is £15,000!
    o If you pay back your loan you sometimes will be able to borrow much larger
      amounts of money. This not always necessary, if you just have a VERY high
      park value you probably will be able to borrow a lot more.
    o Give your guests space, if they start complaining about crowding, well then
      make the paths bigger. Always keep paths about 3 squares wide. This does not
      apply to ride exits.
    o If you have not got the objectives within a month of the end, take out a
      large loan and spend ALL of it on ads, complaints and themeing, this should
      boost your guest numbers and park rating.
    o Do the short levels first, it is almost impossible to lose a level, so it is
      wiser to do all the short levels first, this gets rid of boredom from the
    o The only ratings you need to worry about on rides is the excitement and
      intensity, if they are good then the rest will be ok.
    o Don't waste space with gentle rides and themeing.
    o Feed your guests, build plenty of stalls ALL over your park, you can build
      up to 20!
    o Don't overcharge, as this will ruin your reputation.
    --------------------------------[ 4.1 - Q&A ]---------------------------------
     Q: How big of a loan is TOO big?
     A: It depends from level to level, if the level is only one year long, then
        take as much as you want. However if the level is four years long, try to
        pay most of it back, SEE: Tips 11 & 12
     Q: How many rides should a very good park have?
     A: It depends on how big the park is, If it is a really small park below
        150,000 s.q.ft, then 15-20 is good, if it is a small/medium park from
        150,000 s.q.ft to 300,000 s.q.ft, then 20-30, if it is a fairly big park
        from 300,000 s.q.ft to 500,000, then 30-40, and if it is above 500,000
        s.q.ft, then at least 40 up to about 100 or so!
     Q: I never have enough money to build big roller coasters, what do I do?
     A: This will always be a problem because a decent roller coaster costs over
        £10,000, and as I said you will be doing well earning that much in an
        entire month, excluding research, marketing, loan interest, wages,
        food/drink stock, ride running costs, etc! So the main option is usually
        borrowing, as I have continuously said try not to borrow. The best way is
        simply, leave the game running and go and watch tv or something! Another
        option is cut costs, e.g. cut marketing, lower funding for research etc.
     Q: The game has suddenly turned purple/pink/yellow, what do I do?
     A: This sometimes happens to older copyies, like mine, mainly after saving.
        This is easy to fix. When it happens, just go to the save menu and then
        cancel it, it should be OK then.
     Q: How do you deal with trees?
     A: There is no easy way to deal with trees, so get ride of them as early
        as possible. (just right click on them when using a building tool)
     Q: How intense is too intense for a roller coaster.
     A: It depends on the type of roller coaster, but generally anything over
        Extreme is too much for everyone but a few.
     Q: How do I build a really good roller coaster?
     A: Just build what you your self would like to ride on.
     Q: My park is two small, and there is no land for sale, what do I do?
     A: Try to buy the construction rights, if you can not just build under
        ground, and high up, try to build small roller coasters, like powered
        launch mode ones.
     Q: When I try to hire more staff, I can't, what do I do?
     A: There are is a maximum number of staff you can hire, so use them wisely.
    ----------------------------[ 4.2 - Golden Rules ]----------------------------
     1. Never ignore your customers.
     2. Never leave dead ends on your paths.
     3. Never borrow after the first year.
     4. Never give up!
     5. Never charge at the main entrance AND ride entrances.
     6. Never misuse money.
     7. Never ignore other people's advice.
     8. Never reinstall the game, because all your hard work will be destroyed.
     9. Never charge over a tenner for a ride, even if the ride excitement rating
        is higher.
    10. Never waste your money on building rides you have no experience
    11. Never forget to theme ALL your park.
    12. Never build crap rides just because you have no money.
    ...Oh and this is not a joke, these rules will make or break your park.
    ----------------------------[ 4.3 - Further Help ]----------------------------
     Now that you are no longer a newbie at this game, you will not need any more
    help from a beginners guide - but you may need a more advanced type of help -
    so try any of the following for a bit of help.
    o The readme file, always helpful.
    o Any of the other FAQs at gamefaqs.com
    o http://www.tycoonresource.com
    o http://www.rollercoastertycoon.com
    ------------------------------[ 5.0 - Credits ]-------------------------------
     No good FAQ can be written by one person, there are always others who help,
    so here are mine.
    o Gamefaqs.com and CJayC for hosting this FAQ and all my other FAQs.
    o Hasbro Interactive, Chris Sawyer and MicroProse for creating such a great
    o Me for writing it.
    o You for reading it.
    o Crayonkid2000 for reminding me about the trees.
    ------------------------------[ 5.1 - Farewell ]------------------------------
     If nobody like you read my FAQs, I would'nt write them - so thanks for
    reading this FAQ, I hope it has been helpful in every way possible, if not,
    please let me know
    (C) CGorman 2003

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