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    Finance FAQ by GurraJG

    Version: 1.50 | Updated: 08/07/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                 RollerCoaster Tycoon
                        & Corkscrew Follies / Added Attractions
                                  & Loopy Landscapes
                                      Finance FAQ
                                     Version: 1.50
                           By: GurraJG (ggullberg@gmail.com)
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    [1]  Introduction
    [2]  The Basics of Finance in RollerCoaster Tycoon
    [3]  Ride Pricing
          [3.1] Ride Finance Window
          [3.2] Transport Rides
          [3.3] Gentle Rides
          [3.4] Roller Coasters
          [3.5] Thrill Rides
          [3.6] Water Rides
    [4]  Shops and Stalls Pricing
          [4.1] Shops and Stalls Finance Window
          [4.2] Food and Beverages
          [4.3] Souvenirs
          [4.4] Information Kiosk
          [4.5] Bathrooms
    [5]  The Park Window
          [5.1] How to Set the Entrance Fee
          [5.2] The Entrance Fee Window
          [5.3] Buying Land
          [5.4] Buying Land Construction Rights
    [6]  The Finance Window
          [6.1] Taking and Repaying Loans
          [6.2] Park Value and Company Value
          [6.3] The Various Graphs
          [6.4] Advertising
    [7]  Construction Costs
    [8]  Dealing with Various Problems
          [8.1] "I'm not paying that much to go on..."
          [8.2] Negative Profit Ride
          [8.3] Dept
          [8.4] Negative Income
    [9]  Miscellaneous
          [9.1] Research Financing
          [9.2] The Weather and Ride Pricing
          [9.3] Staff
          [9.4] Monetary Units
          [9.5] Cheats
    [10] FAQs
    [A]  Legal Section
    [B]  Credits and Thanks
    [C]  Contact Info
    [D]  Version History
    =                                Introduction                                 =
    As a big fan of RollerCoaster Tycoon, it only seems natural to FAQ for it. But,
    I choose a little lesser know side of RollerCoaster Tycoon, namely the
    financial part of it. Sure, you have to be good at builidng Roller Coasters to
    be any good at this game, but you also have to be able to manage your finances.
    What is so good about RollerCoaster Tycoon is that it's easy to work the
    finance system. However, you still have to know it, that is why I made this
    FAQ. Enjoy!
    =                The Basics of Finance in RollerCoaster Tycoon                =
    As I've said in the introduction, the games economic system is very well done,
    because it does show ride construction, staff wages, loan intreast, etc. but it
    is all done in a very simple fashion so even a 10-year old could understand it.
    The basics of finacing in this game is really simple. All you really need to do
    is to price your rides (see section 3), set a park entrance fee (see section
    5.1) and set prices for stalls (see section 4). Obviously there is more to it
    than that, but that is the real basic stuff. Other things you can do
    -Advertise (see section 6.3)
    -Hire Staff (see section 9.3)
    -Take Loans (see section 6.1)
    These are just some of the things you can do in RollerCoaster Tycoon, but there
    are a lot more. And that's what I'm going to cover in this FAQ.
    =                                Ride Pricing                                 =
    In this section I will give tips on how to price the various rides. Please,
    however, note that this is how I would price the rides and everyone has their
    own style of pricing. This is my way. Also, keep in mind, that since you CAN'T
    set a park entrance fee in the Loopy Landscapes Scenarios, don't be afraid to
    price a little more then I mention here. These are mostly intended to work for
    the scenarios where you CAN set the park entrance fee.
    Also, for pricing on Shops and Stalls, go to section 4.
    That said, let's get to it...
    -                             Ride Finance Window                             -
    To acces the Ride Finance Window for a ride, simply click on the ride. Then, on
    the screen that appears, look at the top. There you will see an icon that looks
    like a coin. Press on it an you will be taken to the Ride Finance Window. Here
    is a rundown of the different things that appear in the window:
    Admission Price
    This is where you select how much the Admission (price) for entry to the ride
    should be. Use the arrows to adjust the price.
    This shows how much money the ride is making per hour.
    Running Cost
    This is how much it costs per hour to operate (run) the ride.
    This is how much money you make per hour after the running cost is subtracted
    from the income. In other words, this is how much you actully make per hour.
    Total Profit
    This is how much income the ride has made in total.
    And now, on to the pricing itself!
    -                               Transport Rides                               -
    Transport rides may seem boring at first sight, but they can be really useful.
    For one, thay can transport people (hence the name) or they can be used as
    cheaply made Gentle Rides (eg. building a monorail thet goes up, makes a turn,
    makes another one and goes down. Use the small car and have 1-2 cars per train.
    sometimes this may actually sell pretty nicely). But, let's get on to it:
    Miniture Railroad
    For this I like to price it at about $1.50-$2.50. Obviously, if it's just going
    around in circles I would have it at about $1.00. It all really depends on the
    size of the railway.
    Monorail and Suspended Monorail
    Same thing as the Miniature railroad, with a few changes:
    - If you are using Shuttle Mode, I never go above $2.00
    - The max I would go is $3.00. Never higher because people will constantly say
      "I'm not paying that much to go on <name>!" It is, however, very rare that I
      go this high at all.
    - If you build the "Gentle Ride" way, I would go with about $1.00 - $1.50
      depending on how big it is.
    Pretty much like the Monorail Shuttle Mode. But, I never go above $2.00 and
    never under $1.20 ($1.00 in some rare cases).
    -                                Gentle Rides                                 -
    Most of your Gentle Rides are not going to be really popular, so don't
    overprice them. I usually keep them around $1.00. You will notice, however,
    that most of the rides become really unpopular really quickly, so you will need
    to adjust the price quiet a lot. But, after a while, you get to the stage where
    you will just simply have to shut the rides down.
    Haunted House, Marry-Go-Round and Ferris Wheel
    I've found that these three rides seem to go down in popularity really quickly.
    When this happens I usually lower the price to $0.70, then to $0.50. in certain
    extreme cases, I've even found that $0.20 will give you a profitable ride (by
    profitable I mean about $2 per hour!), but after that, shut the damn thing
    Hedge Maze
    This "ride" is a special kind of attraction. If you make a large maze, you may
    be able to get away with about $1.50, if you set the amount of people in the
    ride to about 5 or 6.
    Car Ride
    I was quiet surprised with my experiments with this ride. A well designed Car
    Ride will last for a quiet long time, unlike the Merry-Go-Round or Ferris
    Wheel. A really large Car Ride could get away with $2.00, but I prefer to keep
    it at around $1.50.
    Bumper Cars and Flying Saucers
    These two, being almost the same thing, should be priced the same, or about the
    same. When I first open the rides I set the price to $2.00. This, however, will
    become to much after a while, so I bring it down to $1.50, then $1.00. After
    If the rideis still unpopular, go to $0.90, but never below that.
    Spiral Slide
    The first thing I do before I open a Slide is to go to the ride options window.
    From here, I put it to "Unlimited Rides per Admission" and set the amount of
    people on the ride to 3. This will make the ride more popular. When the time
    comes to decreasing th e price, I first go to $0.50, then down $0.10 every
    other time I need to lower the price. The minimum should be $0.20.
    -                               Roller Coasters                               -
    Due to the large amounts of Roller Coasters in this game, it will be almost
    impossible to put a pride on every one. So, I will instead put recommended
    prices for different kinds of Roller Coasters.
    Large Coasters
    Large Roller Coasters are a step under Mega Coasters. These rides tend to have
    a high intensity rating, long ride times and are somethimes Dueling Coasters.
    Many loops, corkscrews, inversions, etc. are typical in a Large Coaster.
    You can usually get away with $4.00 for these rides, but anything above is
    pushing it. On-Ride Photo sections, priced at about $1.50, can increase the
    progit of the rides, especially if they are in a good position.
    Medium Coasters
    These rides are one step down from Large Coasters. These Coasters aren't as
    long or intense as Large Coasters. Still, one or two loops or corkscrews
    wouldn't hurt.
    Charging $3.00 for one of these rides is a good choice. $2.50 is recommended if
    the ride is not to intense, but not as non-intense as Small Coasters. On-Ride
    Photo sections priced at $1.50 are a good idea.
    Small Coasters
    These Coasters are NOT intense, exciting or fun to build. But yet, you will
    need one or two of these in you park just to increase the popularity along the
    guests who are not as bold as to go on a bigger Coaster.
    At most, charge $2.00. NEVER more, as they will be too unpopular. DON'T include
    an On-Ride Photo section on these rides as the Photos will NOT sell.
    Mega Coasters
    These Coasters are really large, really intense (but not to high) and have a
    really high top speed. They don't necessarily have to have a high excitment
    rating, but having so can help increase popularity.
    These rides are the ones on which you can charge the most. For these rides,
    $5.00 are not unusual. On-Ride Photo sections can also help in increasing
    Dueling Coasters
    These are 2-3 Coasters (or 1 with 2 stations) which go alongside eachother, as
    if they were racing to the finish before the other one gets there. These are
    usually exciting Coasters, and can fall under the Medium Coasters category.
    If the Coaster(s) are really large and exciting, not to mention intense, you
    can easily get away with anything between $3.00 to $4.00. For smaller ones, go
    with about $2.00 to $3.00.
    Shuttle Coasters
    While the name may suggest so, these Coasters DON'T shuttle people from Point A
    to Point B. Rather, they are launched out of the station and travel up a hill
    ad then down it again. Alternatively, they are pulled backwards up a lift hill
    and dropped back down, go up a hill and then go back down again. Make sure to
    set the ride to the "Powered Launch Mode" or the "Reverse-Incline Launched
    Shuttle Mode" modes.
    $1.50 is a good price for one of these rides, or $2.00 if loops, corkscrews or
    something of a similar nature are incorporated into the ride.
    Transport Coasters
    These Coasters serve the function of transporting guests from Point A to Point
    B. They offer a much more exciting ride than a Monorail of Chairlift.
    $2.00 are a good price for these rides, depending on how intense they are.
    -                                Thrill Rides                                 -
    For the most part, Thrill Rides should be priced between $1.00 and $1.50. As
    with Gentle Rides, you will notice that after a while the ride will become less
    and less popular, so lower the price or destroy it.
    3D Cinema
    Short and sweet: $2.00. Then, $1.50. After that, $1.00. Then, good bye baby!
    Go Karts
    When pricing the Go Karts, you have to take into account the length of the
    course. The bigger course, the higher price. But $2.50 should be the absolute
    Scrambled Eggs
    For some odd reason, this ride seems to become very unpopular very quickly. So,
    I tend to always start the price at $1.00 and then gradually lower it to make
    sure the ride stays popular for as long as possible.
    Whoa Belly and Roto-Drop
    These two rides can be a real money drawer in the eariler stages of their
    existance. Charge them at about $2.00 and you should be fine. $1.00 should be
    your minimum.
    -                                 Water Rides                                 -
    Water Rides are a fun addition to any park, escpecially desert ones. Because of
    the diversity of Water Rides, this will deal with all of the different Water
    Water Slide
    This is a, ehh..., Water Slide. If you design a good slide (one that doesn't
    crash) you can charge a good $2.00. But, these will go down in popularity as
    all rides, and then comes the time when you need to lower the price. $1.50
    should be fine for a while, then $1.00 will do.
    Boat Hire and Jet Skis
    Price these at about $1.00, or $1.50 if it's located in a bigger body of water.
    Also note, that the Boat Hire (and only the Boat Hire) can have rails which
    guide the boat, thus removing the freedom of roaming from the rider. If you
    choose to do this you should price no more than $1.00.
    River Rapids
    If you put a lot of rapids, waterfalls and drops into the design and keep the
    ride time reasonably short, you can get away with $2.50, but most likely $2.00.
    Log Flume
    A lot of drops and short ride time will make this ride succesful. If you have
    both of these, $2.00 will be fine. Longer ones which are less exciting or
    intense will have a lower price of about $1.50.
    River Ride
    If designed somewhat like the Log Flume, this will be a $2.00 ride. But, you
    may choose the option of doing it as a themed ride (similar to Raft Ride),
    $1.50 will be more in the lines of a good price.
    Raft Ride
    Due to the nature of this ride (no drops) it should only be used as a gentle
    themed ride. $1.50 will be perfect, or $1.00 if it is a shorter ride.
    Water Coaster
    A bit different from a normal Roller Coaster. To make a good Water Coaster, you
    should include some "Splash Sections". These will serve the purpose of slowing
    the "boats" down and adding excitment. Because of this, $3.00 will be good for
    a medium sized, well designed Water Coaster.
    Wow, that was a long section...
    =                          Shops and Stalls Pricing                           =
    Shops and Stalls are really easy to price. I usually just keep them as they are
    for the most part, but you might want to fiddle around with the pricing.
    -                       Shops and Stalls Finance Window                       -
    To access the Shop (or Stall) Finance Window, click on the shop or stall. Then,
    click on the Finance Window (the one with the coin). Here is a list of things
    that appear in the Finance Window:
    [Insert Product Here] Price
    Here is where you adjust the price of whatever product you are selling. Click
    on the arrows to raise or lower it by $0.10 at a time.
    Same Price Throughout the Park
    Click in this box if you want the price of the product you are selling to be
    the same throughout the park.
    Profit Per Item Sold
    Shops have to buy the product and stock it. This costs money. So, for every
    item, you only make a certain amount of money, because some of the money goes
    to stocking the product. The figure given here is how much money YOU get from
    selling one of the item.
    This shows how much money the shop or stall is making per hour.
    Running Cost
    This shows how much it costs to keep the shop running per hour.
    This shows your Income minus the Running Cost. This indicates how much money
    you get per hour.
    Total Profit
    This shows how much money your shop or stall has made in total.
    Some stalls sell more than one product. In that case, [Insert Product Here]
    Price, Same Price Throughout the Park and Profit Per Item Sold appear once for
    each product.
    -                             Food and Beverages                              -
    Most of the time, you are fine with the default prices that the game gives you.
    However, if you go with the "Food Court" approach, you may want to consider
    rising the price $0.20 or so. Simple, really.
    -                                  Souvenirs                                  -
    Souveniers include Cuddly Toys, Hats and T-Shirts, among others. As usual, the
    default prices are fine, but raising them $0.10 or $0.20 won't hurt anyone. As
    always: simple, really.
    -                              Information Kiosk                              -
    Ah yes, the all mighty Information Kiosk. The one stall, along with Bathrooms,
    you MUST have to run a succesful park. Just like the Souvenir Stand, it sells
    two different items. Park Maps and Umbrellas.
    For the most part, you're fine with the way the game prices the items in the
    Information Kiosk. For Park Maps, the default price is $0.60, with a $0.50
    profit per item sold. The profit goes up $0.10 for every $0.10 you increase the
    price with. For the most part, I tend to keep the price at $0.60, however, near
    the park entrace, I usually raise it to $0.70. That's not a big raise, but,
    $0.10 more could mean something. Anything more, however, is overpricing it.
    Now, Umbrellas. This is where you actually get to play around a little. The
    default price for the Umbrellas is $2.50, but with only a $0.50 profit per item
    sold. This, as you may see, is not a good value on your end. So, don't be 
    afraid to raise the price to $2.60 - $2.70. During rain, I raise the price of
    Umbrellas to around $3.00. This is done to get a little more money out of those
    poor people who don't have an Umbrella when it's raining.
    -                                  Bathrooms                                  -
    There has always been a lot of arguments about Bathrooms and how to price them.
    Most say it is best kept free, I agree... for the most part. After
    experimenting around with Bathrooms, here is my conclusion:
    As a general rule, you should always place a Bathroom near the exit of a high
    intensity ride. These should be kept free. But Bathrooms not really near a high
    intensity ride can be priced at $0.10. These at first will still not have a
    positive income at first but it will decrease the total money lost operating
    them. After about 2 years however, if the Bathroom is popular (a lot of people
    using them) you may go into positive profit. We're not talking thousands of
    dollars here, but around $2.00 to $16.00. This is obviously not a hell of a lot
    of cash, but at least you are makeing money. And that's the point, now isn't
    =                               The Park Window                               =
    The park window will be one of the more important windows (aside from the ride
    window) that you will be dealing with in RollerCoaster Tycoon: Loopy
    Landscapes. Here are a few pointers on it:
    -                         How to Set the Entrance Fee                         -
    This is really simple. To set the Park Entrance Fee, click on the park window
    in the toolbar at the top of the screen, or on the entrance to the park, or at
    any one of the fences surrounding your park. From here go to the Entrance Fee
    Window (the one with the coin). Use the arrows to set the price. However, in
    all of the Loopy Landscapes scenarios, the Entrance Fee is ALWAYS free. But, if
    you play any other of the scenarios (the original or Corkscrew Follies [Added
    Attractions]) that is how you do it.
    But, what to set the price at. Well, start at around $10.00 if you have an
    empty park. If you start with a park with that is full of rides, set the price
    to about $15.00 to $20.00, depending on the size of the park and the amount of
    As you add more crowd pleasers (new Roller Coasters for the most part), add a
    couple of dollars (about $2.00 is ideal) to the entrance fee. Keep this up, but
    don't go over $50.00. If you get a message saying that guests are commenting
    that the Entrace Fee is low, rise it with aobut $3.00 to $5.00.
    -                           The Entrance Fee Window                           -
    To access the park Entrance Fee Window, click on the park window in the
    toolbar at the top of the screen, or on the entrance to the park, or at any one
    of the fences surrounding your park. From here go to the Entrance Fee Window
    (the one with the coin). Here you will see the following:
    Admission Price
    This is where you set the admission (entrace) price to the park. Keep in mind
    that during ALL Loopy Landscapes scenarios it will ALWAYS be free.
    Total Admission
    This indicates how many people have entered the park. It is NOT an indication
    of who many guests are in the park.
    Income from Admissions
    This shows how much money you have made in total from admissions.
    -                                 Buying Land                                 -
    Buying land is when you, well, buy land. This means that it is added to your
    park and you can do whatever you want with it.
    To buy land, go to the Park Window. From here, click on the icon with a sign
    and whole squares in it. Now, just click on the land you want, providing it has
    a sign in it.
    -                       Buying Land Construction Rights                       -
    Buying land construction rights is when you are allowed to build stuff over (or
    under) land that is outside your park. You cannot, however, build directly on
    it or apply landscaping to it.
    To uy land construction rights, go to the oark window. From here, click on the
    icon with a sign and squares with gaps in them. Now, just click on the land you
    want to buy construction rights on, providing it has a sign in it.
    =                             The Finance Window                              =
    To access the Finance Window, press the icon with coins at the top of the
    screen. Here you will see different things regarding your economy. The first
    thing you will see is a monthly finance report. The items on this report are as
    following, as well as what each one means:
    Ride Construction     - This indicates you spend on constructing rides
    Ride Running Costs    - This indicates how much it costs to operate the rides
    Land Purchase         - This indicates how much you spent on buying land and
                            construction costs
    Landscaping           - This indicates how much you spent on landscaping
    Park Entrance Tickets - This indicates how much money you made from Park
                            Entrance Tickets
    Ride Tickets          - This indicates how much money you made from Ride
    Shop Sales            - This indicates how much money you made from Shops
    Shop Stock            - This indicates how much money you spent on suppling all
                            of the shops
    Food/Drink Sales      - This indicates how much money you made from Food and
                            Drinks Sales
    Food/Drink Stock      - This indicates how much money you spent on suppling all
                            Food and Drink stalls
    Staff Wages           - This indicates how much you spent on Staff Wages
    Marketing             - This indicates how much you spent on Advertisment
    Research              - This indicates how much you spent on Research
    Loan Interest         - This indicates the loan interest for that month
    -                         Taking and Repaying Loans                           -
    To take a loan, go to the bottom of the Finance Window and use the Up and Down
    arrows to select how much the loan should be. Decrease the amount to pay the
    loan back.
    -                        Park Value and Company Value                         -
    Park Value and Company Value are two different things. One indicates the value
    of the park (Park Value) and one the value of your "Company" (Company Value).
    In certain scenarios you are required to meet a certain Park or Company value
    to beat the scenario.
    Park Value
    Park Value is an indication of the value of all of your rides and land. Rides
    become less worth as they age, so a tip to keep it high is to keep building new
    >>On the GameFAQs message boards, R i c k told me this:
      "A tip on raising your park value a few thousand if you need it at the end of
       a scenario is to trash all your rides and replace them with new ones. For
       coasters just save the track design before deleting it."
    Company Value
    Company Value is the overall worth of your park and "Company". In short,
    Company Value = Park Value + Cash less Loan, meaning that the higher Park Value
    and the less loan you have, the higher the Company Value.
    At the end of a scenario, when you beat it, your Company Value is displayed
    along with your name.
    -                             The Various Graphs                              -
    The Various Graphs you can view in the Finace Window are as following, going
    from left to right:
    Cash (less loan) - How much cash you have, not including the loan
    Park Value       - Your Park Value (see section 6.2)
    Weekly Profit    - How much money you are making in a week.
    -                                 Advertising                                 -
    In RollerCoaster Tycoon you are given the opportunity to advertise different
    part of your park, or the whole thing. To advertise, go to the finance window.
    From here, click on the last tab. Then click on the kind of advertisment you
    want, and select the different options. The minimum time for ALL advertisments
    is 2 weeks. Here are all of the kinds of advertisments:
    Coupons for Free Entry to the Park
    Cost: $50.00 a week
    This gives the guest who is carrying it free entry to the park, meaning he does
    not need to pay to get into the park.
    Coupons for Half-Price Entry to the Park
    Cost: $50.00 a week
    This gives the guest who is carrying it the right to only pay half of the
    entrace fee to get into the park.
    Coupons for Free Rides on a Particular Ride
    Cost: $50.00 a week
    This gives the guest who is carrying it free entry to a particular ride,
    meaning he does not need to pay to ride it.
    Coupons for Free Food or Drinks
    Cost: $50.00 a week
    This gives the guest that is carrying it the ability to get a free food or
    drink of the kind that you select.
    Advertising Campaign for the Park
    Cost: $350.00 a week
    This will attract more visitors to the park.
    Advertising Campaign for a Particular Ride
    Cost: $250.00 a week
    This will attract more visitors to a particular ride that you choose.
    Keep in mind that you are not just throwing away money. You will attract more
    guests by advertising, so it is not a complete waste.
    =                             Construction Costs                              =
    What follows is a complete list of the Construction Costs for all rides, shops
    and stalls.
    PLEASE NOTE that if something says a fixed price (not "and upwards") the price
    can still increase. This is because if parts of the ride is not at ground
    level, the price will increase to cover the construvtion of supports.
    | Transport Rides                         |
    | Ride               | Approx. Cost       |
    | Chairlift          | $1,440 and upwards |
    | Miniature Railroad | $1,300 and upwards |
    | Monorail           | $1,550 and upwards |
    | Suspended Monorail | $2,400 and upwards |
    | Gentle Rides                         |
    | Ride              | Approx. Cost     |
    | Cycle Railway     | $450 and upwards |
    | Bumper Cars       | $440             |
    | Car Ride          | $540 and upwards |
    | Circus Show       | $500             |
    | Crooked House     | $260             |
    | Cycle Monrail     | $540 and upwards |
    | Ferris Wheel      | $450             |
    | Flying Saucers    | $560             |
    | Ghost Train       | $570 and upwards |
    | Haunted House     | $340             |
    | Hedge Maze        | $216             |
    | Merry-Go-Round    | $460             |
    | Miniature Golf    | $740 and upwards |
    | Observation Tower | $592 and upwards |
    | Space Rings       | $288             |
    | Spiral Slide      | $330             |
    | Roller Coasters                            |
    | Ride                  | Approx. Cost       |
    | Air Powered Vertical  | $6,750 and upwards |
    | Bobsled               | $2,700 and upwards |
    | Flying                | $4,000 and upwards |
    | Heartline Twister     | $3,030 and upwards |
    | Inverted              | $4,100 and upwards |
    | Inverted Wild Mouse   | $2,000 and upwards |
    | Mine Train            | $3,050 and upwards |
    | Reverse Whoa Belly    | $6,750 and upwards |
    | Single-Rail           | $1,680 and upwards |
    | Stand Up              | $3,750 and upwards |
    | Steel                 | $3,350 and upwards |
    | Steel Corkscrew       | $3,900 and upwards |
    | Steel Mini            | $1,320 and upwards |
    | Steel Twister         | $4,950 and upwards |
    | Steel Wild Mouse      | $1,640 and upwards |
    | Suspended             | $3,550 and upwards |
    | Suspended Looping     | $3,750 and upwards |
    | Suspended Single-Rail | $1,800 and upwards |
    | Vertical              | $3,780 and upwards |
    | Virginia Reel         | $975 and upwards   |
    | Wooden                | $2,800 and upwards |
    | Wooden Crazy Rodent   | $1,480 and upwards |
    | Wooden Reverser       | $1,517 and upwards |
    | Wooden Side-Friction  | $1,517 and upwards |
    | Wooden Twister        | $2,800 and upwards |
    | Thrill Rides                              |
    | Ride                   | Approx. Cost     |
    | 3D Cinema              | $560             |
    | Enterprise             | $800             |
    | Go Karts               | $920 and upwards |
    | Gravitron              | $580             |
    | Motion Simulator       | $440             |
    | Roto-Drop              | $880 and upwards |
    | Scrambled Eggs         | $360             |
    | Swinging Inverted Ship | $424             |
    | Swinging Ship          | $387             |
    | Whoa Belly             | $800 and upwards |
    | Water Rides                        |
    | Ride          | Approx. Cost       |
    | Boat Hire     | $205 and upwards   |
    | Jet Skis      | $205 and upwards   |
    | Log Flume     | $1,320 and upwards |
    | Raft Ride     | $900 and upwards   |
    | River Rapids  | $1,260 and upwards |
    | Water Coaster | $1,640 and upwards |
    | Water Slide   | $1,200 and upwards |
    | Shops and Stalls                     |
    | Shop or Stall         | Approx. Cost |
    | Balloon Stall         | $200         |
    | Bathroom              | $200         |
    | Burger Bar            | $300         |
    | Candy Apple Stall     | $245         |
    | Coffee Shop           | $250         |
    | Cotton Candy Stall    | $250         |
    | Donut Shop            | $262         |
    | Drink Stall           | $225         |
    | Exotic Sea-Food Stall | $325         |
    | Fried Chicken Stall   | $260         |
    | Fries Stall           | $300         |
    | Hat Stall             | $250         |
    | Hot Dog Stall         | $290         |
    | Ice Cream Stall       | $250         |
    | Information Kiosk     | $250         |
    | Lemonade Stall        | $210         |
    | Pizza Stall           | $275         |
    | Popcorn Stall         | $250         |
    | Souvenir Stall        | $210         |
    | T-Shirt Stall         | $255         |
    =                        Dealing with Various Problems                        =
    We always get problems with our parks. So, I devoted a whole section to them,
    and included tips on how to deal with them. Enjoy!
    -                   "I'm not paying that much to go on..."                    -
    This happens when you charge to much for a ride. If you see a ride with almost
    no on in the line for the ride, open up the ride window. Then go to the last
    icon, the people window. Click on the picture of a guest thinking. Here you
    will see all of the thoughts of the guests thinking about the ride. If you get
    a lot of "I'm not paying that much to go on..." messages, low the admission
    price. However, go about in low increments, NOT $2.00 - $3.00 at a time. If you
    still get those messages, lower it even more. But try to keep the ride in
    positve income.
    -                            Negative Profit Rides                            -
    Negative Profit Rides are rides that have a negative Profit per hour. For the
    most part, this is caused by one of two things (or both):
    1.) The ride is really old. In this case, it becomes less popular and fewer
        people will ride it. If you lower the Entrance Fee of the ride, you may be
        able to attract more guests. If not, then you may as well destroy the ride
        and build something newer.
    2.) You are overpricing the ride. See section 8.1 to get info on how to see if
        this is the cause and how to fix it.
    -                                    Dept                                     -
    Dept is when you borrow so much money that you can't repay it. In most
    scenarios you start with $10,000, all of which is a loan. So, how do you repay
    it? Here how:
    To repay your dept, you simply have to make enough money to repay the loan. And
    you all know how to make money, don't you? So, when you have made about $5,000
    to $10,000 and then repay the loan in small increments. Soon enough, you will
    be out of dept or close to. Simple, eh.
    -                               Negative Income                               -
    Similar to Negative Profit Rides, Negative Income is when you are makeing less
    money than when you started the month. If you check the Finance Window and see
    a number in red at the bottom of the Financial Summery of that month, you know
    you are making less money then at the start of that month. To solve this
    problem, here are a few things you may want to try:
    1.) Sack some staff. if you have an entertainer walking around but you don't
        have any long lines, sack him and you save $40.00 a month.
    2.) Increase Park and Ride Entrance Fees. But make sure that people will still
    3.) Destroy old rides which just stand around with a Negative Profit per hour.
    4.) Don't build any new rides. This is not, however, recommended. But, if you
        must resort to this, build less Gentle Rides but continue to build Roller
    5.) Charge more for foods, drinks, Umbrellas, etc. Also consider making one of
        your bathrooms a pay-per-visit one, to decrease the cost of running it.
    Those are just some of the things you can do. However, in the early stages of a
    scenario, when you are building a lot of paths, coasters, and rides, it's only
    natural that you have a Negative Income, so don't freak out. It will most
    likely fix itself.
    =                                Miscellaneous                                =
    In this section I will go on and explain minor things or things that don't fit
    anywhere else that have to do with the economy of your park.
    -                              Research Funding                               -
    In RollerCoaster Tycoon, you are given the abbility to control your Research &
    Development team's finance. In the Research & Development window, click on the
    coin to access the finance window. Here you can do 2 things: control the
    funding and control what things you want your team to research.
    The various fundings are as following:
    No Funding      - $0 per month goes to research.
    Minimum Funding - $100 per month goes to research.
    Normal Funding  - $200 per month goes to research.
    Maximum Funding - $400 per month goes to research.
    By increasing the funding, the faster the research and development progress
    will go faster.
    The various things your Research & Development team can Research are:
    Roller Coasters  - Get new Roller Coasters
    Thrill Rides     - Get new Thrill Rides
    Gentle Rides     - Get new Gentle Rides
    Shops & Stalls   - Get new Shops and Stalls
    Scenery          - Get new scenery themings
    Ride Improvments - Get new improvments (eg. trackpieces, cars, etc.)
    -                        The Weather and Ride Pricing                         -
    One thing that can greatly affect the way you make money is the weather. Rain
    is the one that is going to affect you sale of tickets the most. So, in case of
    rain, I always go about doing certain things:
    1.) Increase the price of Umbrellas in all stands (use the "Same Price
        throughout the Park" button) to $3.00 or $3.10.
    2.) Increase the Ride Entrance Fee of indoor rides (eg. Marry-Go-Round, Bumper
        Cars) about $0.50.
    3.) Increase the Ride Entrance Fee of Monorails and any other "covered cars"
        rides about $0.50.
    That should be able to give you some more money. Maybe not a lot, but at least
    -                                    Staff                                    -
    In the following 4 sub-sub-sections I will briefly talk about the 4 kinds of
    staff you can hire in RollerCoaster Tycoon. They are:
    Handymen are people that walk around and empty thrash bins, mow the grass,
    water flowers and clean paths. Whenever your guests complain about the amount
    of litter in the park, hire 1 more handyman if you can't fix it otherwise. I
    also keep on handyman as a "gardener". He waters the flowers and cuts the 
    grass, while the other people just clean the paths and empty thrash bins.
    Cost: $35.00 a month
    Mecanics are the people who inspect rides and fix ones that have broken down.
    If a lot of rides break down at once, hire more Mecanics.
    Cost: $55.00 a month
    Security Guards
    Security guards prevent vandalism. If vandalsim increases, hire more Security
    Cost: $45.00 a month
    Entertainers keep guests happy. Use them in long lines to keep the guest happy
    and to keep them in line.
    Cost: $40.00 a month
    -                               Monetary Units                                -
    In RollerCoaster Tycoon there are 10 different currencies. They are, along with
    their in-game abbreviations:
    Pounds. . . . ()
    Dollars . . . ($)
    Franc . . . . (F)
    Deutchmark. . (DM)
    Yen . . . . . ()
    Peseta. . . . (Pts)
    Lira. . . . . (L)
    Guilders. . . (Dfl)
    Krona . . . . (kr)
    Euros . . . . ()
    IMPORTANT: Before you go off and select your local currency, keep this in mind:
    1 of one currency equals 1 of another. For example: 1 = $1; DM1 = 1kr. There
    is, however, two exceptions to this rule: $1 = 1,000 and $1 = L1,000.
    -                                   Cheats                                    -
    There really aren't any "cheats" in RollerCoaster Tycoon, but there are so
    called "Easter Eggs".
    >>To activate these, name any guest one of the following names:
    John Mace       - Pays Double on Rides <------------------------- Unconfirmed!!
    Richard Branson - Will make other Guests Rich <------------------ Unconfirmed!!
    Richard Tan     - Will Steal from other Guests <----------------- Unconfirmed!!
    Tony Day        - Will make Guest Hungry and buy more Food
    >>Remove Tall Grass:
    If your grass is really getting out of hand, just choose the land tool. Click
    once on the plot of grass and the tall weed will disappear. You can increase
    the size of the land tool to clear the grass more quickly. It still won't be
    freshly cut, but guests won't complain about uncut grass. Plus, it's totally
    free compared to the handymen.
    Another solution would be to download so called "Trainers". I, however, don't
    have a list of any and would not be able to tell you of any.
    If you have any more "Easter Eggs" and wish to share them with me, you are more
    than welcome to send them to me. I would also accept any Glitches. Please,
    however, make sure they have something to do with money. Proper credit will be
    given. See section C for more details on how to contact me.
    =                                    FAQs                                     =
    This is just a short little section with some commonly asked questions and
    answers to them.
    Q: Why can't I set a Park Entrance Fee for the Loopy Landscapes scenarios?
    A: As stated before, the Park Entrance Fee for the scenarios in the Loopy
       Landscapes expansion is ALWAYS free. This is to add a little more challange
       to the game.
    Q: I'm not making any money. Help!
    A: Most likely you you are in the early stages of a scenario. At this stage it
       is natural not to be making a lot of money. As you progress, you should
       start to make more money. Or, if you are playing any of the Loopy Landscapes
       scenarios, you can't set the Park Entrance Fee, so you will need to increase
       the Ride Entrance Fees to more than I suggest in section 3.
    Q: Why do I need to repay my loan?
    A: You don't. You can go through an entire scenario with a loan still taken.
       But to me, being able to make enough money to repay a loan shows that you
       are rather skilled at the financial aspect of the game. So, I just do it
       because of the pride (if you want to call it that).
    =                                Legal Section                                =
    Copyright April 2, 2004 by Gustav "GurraJG" Gullberg
    This FAQ is ONLY to be found on the sites listed below. You may not link to the
    FAQ itself, but you may to the sites below. You may not sell this FAQ or make
    money off it. It can be downloaded for personal, private use only. You may not
    display this guide in public, unless I, the author, gives you permission to.
    RollerCoaster Tycoon, RollerCoaster Tycoon: Corkscrew Follies, RollerCoaster
    Tycoon: Added Attractions and RollerCoaster Tycoon: Loopy Landscapes are all
    copyright Chris Sawyer and MicroProse.
    To gain rights to host this guide, see section C.
    Sites Allowed to Host This Guide:
    GameSpot (http://www.gamespot.com) MAY link directly to the FAQ on GameFAQs.
    =                             Credits and Thanks                              =
    Chris Sawyer, for making this game.
    hibbswithhoops; Magus77; KoD e946, for explaining Park and Company Values to
    R i c k, for giving me the tip on how to raise park value.
    canadiancommando_3@hotmail.com, for pointing out a spelling error.
    shoecream, for making a whole damn bunch of useful FAQ tools. They can be
               found here: 
               >> http://www.losmonos.netfirms.com/faqs/
    =                                Contact Info                                 =
    If you want to e-mail me about something in the guide, please, do so. But,
    please do not ask any questions that are answered in the guide. However, you
    are more than welcome to correct me on anything, game or non-game related (i.e.
    spelling). Also, please put "RollerCoaster Tycoon" or something like that in
    the subject, so I know you are not spam.
    My e-mail - ggullberg@gmail.com >> Do NOT ask me for Gmail invitations!!
    My AIM    - GurraJG
    My YIM    - GurraJG
    My ICQ    - 245600964
    My other FAQs can be found here:
             -> http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/recognition/42366.html <-
    =                               Version History                               =
        Version 1.50 - Updated the Contact Info: added my YIM and ICQ. Also
    (August 7, 2004)   corrected a small spelling error.
       Version 1.45 - Some layout changes. I also corrected some minor grammatical
    (June 23, 2004)   and spelling errors. Also, an update to the Contact Info (new
                      e-mail: ggullberg@gmail.com).
      Version 1.40 - I added the "Construction Costs" section, as well as remade
    (May 22, 2004)   the Section Numbers to fit with all of the sections.
      Version 1.25 - Added "About Me" and once again updated the legal section.
    (May 14, 2004)
     Version 1.20 - I removed the list of sites NOT allowed to host this FAQ. They,
    (May 4, 2004)   however, are STILL NOT allowed to host this FAQ. I also removed
                    IGN FAQs from the list of sites ALLOWED to host this FAQ.
                    Finally, I updated the legal section.
        Version 1.15 - I completely remade the section dividers. I also explained
    (April 24, 2004)   the seach function as well as adding a list of sites that
                       are NOT allowed to host this FAQ.
        Version 1.00 - Finished the guide. This is the first complete version of
    (April 18, 2004)   the guide. However, there may still be more updates, as I'm
                       planning on doing a section with the approximate costs of
                       all of the rides, stalls, etc.
        Version 0.85 - Added the Cheats sub-section and the FAQs. Most of the FAQ
    (April 13, 2004)   is done. The sections that need to be completed are: 3.4;
                       3.6; 4.2; 4.3; 6; 6.1; 6.3. The next update is likely to be
                       the first complete version of the FAQ.
        Version 0.75 - Most of the FAQ done. There are only a few sub-sections
    (April 12, 2004)   left, most of them under Ride Pricing. The layout got some
                       small changes. The introduction was re-writen. Also, this
                       FAQ applies to: RollerCoaster Tycoon, RollerCoaster Tycoon:
                       Corkscrew Follies / Added Attractions and RollerCoaster
                       Tycoon: Loopy Landscapes.
       Version 0.40 - This is the first version of the FAQ. Most of the smaller
    (April 2, 2004)   parts are done, as well as the layout. The FAQ was submitted
                      to GameFAQs.

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