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    FAQ/Strategy Guide by BestGuy9

    Version: 1.17 | Updated: 03/28/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    *Roller Coaster Tycoon*
    *FAQ v1.17            *
    *March 28, 2000       *
    |=========|  FAQ Info  |
    |          \----------/
    |   guide version: 1.17
    |   created on: 3/18/00
    |   last update: 3/28/00
    |   creator: BestGuy9 (BestGuy9@aol.com)
    |   http://members.aol.com/BestGuy9/guides/index.htm
    |=========|  Copyright Notice  |
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    |  All contents of this FAQ
    |  are copyright 2000 by BestGuy9.
    |  You must get written permission
    |  before duplicating any part of
    |  this FAQ.
    |  Table of Contents  |
       i.   Recent Updates
       ii.  Intro
       iii.  Other Walkthrus
       iv.   Game Info
    *Part One: Scenarios*
       Scenario One:          Forest Frontiers
       Scenario Two:          Dynamite Dunes
       Scenario Three:        Leafy Lake
       Scenario Four:         Diamond Heights
       Scenario Five:         Evergreen Gardens
       Scenario Six:          Bumbly Beach
       Scenario Seven:        Trinty Islands
       Scenario Eight:        Katie's World
       Scenario Nine:         Dinky Park
       Scenario Ten:          Aqua Park
       Scenario Eleven:       Millenium Mines
       Scenario Twelve:       Karts & Coasters
       Scenario Thirteen:     Mel's World
       Scenario Fourteen:     Mothball Mountain
       Scenario Fifteen:      Pacific Pyramids
       Scenario Sixteen:      Crumbly Woods
       Scenario Seventeen:    Big Pier
       Scenario Eighteen:     Lightening Peaks
       Scenario Ninteen:      Ivory Towers
       Scenario Twenty:       Rainbow Valley
       Scenario Twenty-One:   Thunder Rock
       *Coming Soon!*
       Scenario Twenty-Two:   Mega Park
       Scenario Twenty-Three: Fort Anachronism
       Scenario Twenty-Four: Alton Towers
    *Part Two: Ride Guide*
         Miniature Railroad
         *Rest Coming Soon!*
    i. Recent Updates
       v1.0 - 3/18/00
         first publishing
         all regular scenarios finished
       v1.17 - 3/28/00
         second publishing
         Ride Guide started
         Transport Rides finished
         other minor changes
    ii. Intro
        Welcome to the Roller Coaster Tycoon FAQ!  This FAQ is intended to 
        help you complete the scenarios on Roller Coaster Tycoon, the game 
        designed by Chris Sawyer.  I hope it's helpful - please e-mail 
        comments to me [see e-mail at the top].
        notes for v1.17 - Here's the next update.  I haven't, as of yet, 
        finished the next scenarios.  I have started the Ride Guide, however.
        Check it out - you might find a few useful tips.
    iii. Credits
         I used SigZag to create the cool "logo" at the top.  Downloadable at
    iii. Other Walkthrus
         StarCraft (PC)
         Harvest Moon 64 (N64)
    iv. Game Info
        Name:       Roller Coaster Tycoon
        Genre:      Simulation/Strategy
        platform:   PC
        developer:  Chris Sawyer/Microprose
        publisher:  Microprose/Hasbro Interactive
        Quick Info: RCT is an extemely fun game where you create your own 
                    theme park!  You get to design everything - from path 
                    placement to roller coaster designs.  With 22 built in 
                    scenarios and lots of rides to choose from, this game 
                    has a large fun-factor and will keep you playing for 
                    hours on end. (note: personal opinion :)
    |  Forest Frontiers  |
    DESCRIPTION: Deep in the forest, build a thriving theme park in a large 
    cleared area.
    EXTENDED DESCRIPTION: A very easy scenario to start you off - get a 
    mini-park going in a large cleared area.  Perfect for beginners, and to 
    practice building roller coaster designs.
    OBJECTIVE: 250 guests & park rating of 600 by October, Year 1
    RIDES PRE-BUILT: [none]
    HELP: Well, basically, you build a park from scratch.  You start off 
    with a nice selection of rides, plus the large cleared area makes a 
    great area to build test roller coasters without the hassles of the 
    guests around you and the fear of crashes.  Here, just build a bunch of 
    variety rides (some gentle, some thrill, at least one roller coaster).
    Make sure the queueing lines are long enough, and open 'em up.  If you 
    DO have a variety, people will be flocking to your park.  You should 
    have 250 guests in no time.
    |  Dynamite Dunes  |
    DESCRIPTION: Built in the middle of the desert, this theme park 
    contains just one roller coaster but has space for expansion.
    EXTENDED DESCRIPTION: A pretty easy scenario.  You need more guests, 
    but still not a problem.  The one roller coaster is perfect to get you 
    started.  The hills will prove a bit tricky as well, but nothing you 
    can't handle by now.
    OBJECTIVE: 650 guests & park rating of 600 by October, Year 3
    Mine Train Roller Coaster (Dynamite Blaster)
    HELP: This scenario is almost easier than the last one, if you know 
    what you are doing.  You have triple the time of last scenario, and you 
    don't need triple the guests.  Still, though, the first time I played, 
    I almost lost because I was too lazy.  It really shouldn't be that hard, 
    as long as you keep an eye on the guest and month counters.  When you 
    start, you might want to hire a handyman to clean up the messes people 
    are sure to make.  Then, build like normal.  The only potential problem
    in this scenario are the hills, but you should be skilled in building
    elevated footpaths by now.  Practice, and you'll be a master in no time!
    |  Leafy Lake  |
    DESCRIPTION: Starting from scratch, build a theme park around a large 
    EXTENDED DESCRIPTION: Still not that hard, but a few more trip up spots 
    are added.  As this is a larger park, guests are more likely to get 
    lost.  More room for extra rides, though.
    OBJECTVE: 500 guests & park rating of 600 by October, Year 3
    RIDES PRE-BUILT: [none]
    HELP: You'll once again be forced to use the skills you mastered last 
    scenario - footpaths on hills.  You'll learn a new skill in this 
    scenario, which is keeping your footpaths down.  You'll probably notice 
    right away that this is a MUCH larger park, so your guests are more 
    likely to get lost.  Use Information Kiosks, and perhaps make maps free 
    for that extra edge.  There's PLENTY of room for roller coasters, so 
    build lots, and people will be swarming to get into your park.  
    Remember, you might have learned before that park rating is no problem.  
    Well, it isn't, unless everybody is getting lost.  Then your rating 
    will plummet, and we don't want that.  So, make sure people don't do 
    that, and practice so that you can do it later on in the game.
    |  Diamond Heights  |
    DESCRIPTION: Diamond Heights is already a successfull theme park with 
    great rides - develop it to double it's value.
    EXTENDED DESCRIPTION: This scenario presents you with a new challenge.
    Diamond Heights already has some GREAT rides, and you've gotta multiply,
    and conquer (or however that saying goes).
    OBJECTIVE: Park value of $20,000 by October, Year 3
    Agoraphobia (Steel Roller Coaster)
    Arachnaphobia (Steel-Mini Roller Coaster)
    Claustrophobia (Steel Roller Coaster)
    Grimble's Gallopers (Merry Go Round)
    Indiana Railroad (Miniature Railroad)
    Roller Coaster 1 (Wooden Crazy Rodent Roller Coaster)
    Shortstuff's Slide (Spiral Slide)
    Snake River Falls (Log Flume)
    HELP: Park value scenarios are the ones that I found to be a bit harder.
    Luckily, there aren't that many.  A lot goes into Park Value, but the
    two main parts are the amount of rides and profitability.  The first 
    thing you should do, however, is build
    food stalls.  There aren't any, so guests will get hungry and leave.  
    After that, work on your park.  The next thing you should do is 
    something that you should do on any park with pre-built rides, and that 
    is check on the pricing scheme.  This park's entrance fee is free, but
    the rides are really expensive.  You can price however you want, as
    long as it isn't TOO expansive.  You should start building rides right 
    away.  Three years seems like awhile, but it's really not that long.
    That's okay, you can hate me when you are waiting impatiently for the 
    scenario to end ;)  Anyway, what you have to do is always build new 
    rides, and constantly check on profits.  To do this, open up the rides 
    window on the top toolbar, and use the pull-down menu to select "profit."
    This will show profit for all the rides.  Now, the kiddie rides and 
    shops will never have a high profit margin.  That's okay, because you 
    need those.  What you should be worried about is if the roller coasters 
    have fallen in profit.  If one of them has, you should check on it.  If 
    no one is coming, reduce the price.  Maybe it's too old, in that case 
    you'll need to replace it.  Whatever you need to do to keep the money
    flowing in.  If you keep doing this, you should get park value up no 
    |  Evergreen Gardens  |
    DESCRIPTION: Convert the beautiful Evergreen Gardens into a thriving 
    theme park.
    EXTENDED DESCRIPTION: Evergreen Gardens is a huge park with beautiful 
    scenery.  Build a successful theme park amidst nature's wonders.
    OBJECTIVE: 1000 guests & park rating of 600 by October, Year 3
    RIDES PRE-BUILT: [none]
    HELP: The first thing you should notice is that fact that Evergreen 
    Gardens is HUGE.  And it's got some great scenery too - which brings me 
    to the absolute FIRST thing you should do - disconnect the paths 
    leading into the depths of your park.  I know all the scenery looks 
    wonderful and your guests will love it, but an extensive set of trails 
    is already built in.  If you don't disconnect some, your guests will 
    wander off and they WILL get lost.  You can always reconnect the paths 
    later, as long as you don't forget to disconnect them again farther up 
    the path.  With that out of the way, you can start building.  Now, 1000 
    guests may seem like a lot, but all you need is the right stuff.  If
    you build several roller coasters, thrill rides, gentle rides, water 
    rides, lots of people will come.  Not that hard at all!
    |  Bumbly Beach  |
    DESCRIPTION: Develop Bumbly Beach's small amusement park into a 
    thriving theme park.
    EXTENDED DESCRIPTION: Bumbly Beach's amusemant park is SMALL.  You 
    don't have a lot of room, but that doesn't matter.  750 guests should 
    be a piece 'o cake by now!
    OBJECTIVE: 750 guests & park rating of 600 by October, Year 2                                      
    RIDES PRE-BUILT:                                                                   
    Ferris Wheel 1 (Ferris Wheel)
    Gallopers (Merry Go Round)
    Information Kiosk 1 (Information Kiosk)
    Roller Coaster 1 (Wooden Roller Coaster)
    HELP: Bumbly Beach is pretty standard.  You don't have much room to work
    with, so I suggest the Wooden Crazy Rodent Roller Coaster.  They don't
    take up much space, and you can usually design them to have just as much
    excitement as bigger roller coasters.  Other than that, anything is
    game.  Later in the game, built the Steel Roller Coaster named Shuttle
    Loop - it's small, goes fast, and earns money quick.  This goes for
    any park.  I also suggest, since your park is longer than wider, build
    a transportation ride from one side of the park to the other.
    |  Trinity Islands  |
    DESCRIPTION: Several islands form the basis for this new park
    EXTENDED DESCRIPTION: Build a successful theme park on four islands.
    Water ride enjoyment!
    OBJECTIVE: 750 guests & park rating of 600 by October, Year 3
    RIDES PRE-BUILT: [none]
    HELP:  This is not much different from the other maps you've played,
    though this one has more water and less land.  I couldn't call the set
    of pre-built footpaths extensive, but they are there.  Once again, I
    suggest you disconnect them so that your guests won't get lost.  This
    time, build all the standard stuff, but you can also build a great boat
    ride in the ocean.  You can use rails, plant flowers and make it
    exciting, or you can just make the docking platform and let your guests
    float around as they please.  Either way, the water makes for a great
    |  Katie's World  |
    DESCRIPTION: A small theme park with few rides and room for expansion -
    your aim is to double the park value.
    EXTENDED DESCRIPTION: A rainy place where you have to expand the park.
    Great roller coasters and plenty of room!
    OBJECTIVE: Park value of $15,000 by October, Year 3
    Al's Galleon (Swinging Ship)
    Forest Flyers (Single Rail Roller Coaster)
    Katherine's Cruisers (Boat Hire)
    Miniature Railroad 1 (Miniature Railroad)
    Richard's Wreckers (Go Karts)
    Runaway Plumber (Steel-Mini Roller Coaster)
    The Storm (Mine Train Roller Coaster)
    HELP: This park may not have that many rides, but the existing roller
    coasters have some interesting... features.  Forest Flyer is an exciting
    roller coaster due to the fact that it's built in a forest, which is
    rather cool.  Runaway Plumber you can't even see... it's entirely
    underground!  That's right, turn on underground view and check it out.
    It's a very cool coaster, and people will flock to it during storms
    because it's considered "inside."  Finally, the Storm, which is built
    on land made for the coaster.  You can tell.  Awesome coaster, and very
    fast.  Anyway, in this park, it seems to rain a lot.  So, try to build
    more stuff "inside" and less "outside."  One tip: take down the inspection
    for the Storm, because it might crash.
    |  Dinky Park  |
    DESCRIPTION: A small, cramped amusement which requires major expansion.
    EXTENDED DESCRIPTION: The description isn't lying!  Dinky Park is TINY.
    You need to buy land just to get anywhere!
    OBJECTIVE: Park value of $10,000 by October, Year 2
    Carousel (Merry Go Round)
    Cloud Nine (Observation Tower)
    Ferris Wheel 1 (Ferris Wheel)
    Purple Peril (Scrambled Eggs)
    Spiral Slide (Spiral Slide)
    Swinging Ship 1 (Swinging Ship)
    HELP: This is a TINY park.  The only room where you can buy land is across
    the street, so you'll need to buy that.  Then you need to buy construction
    rights across the road.  This will allow you to build a ride
    (transportation) across the road, build a station there, and make it go
    back across somewhere else.  Good luck.
    |  Aqua Park  |
    DESCRIPTION: A park with some excellent water-based rides requires
    EXTENDED DESCRIPTION: This is a rather cool park with a handful of neat
    water-based rides.  Expand it to create more attraction among guests.
    OBJECTIVE: 900 guests & park rating of 600 by October, Year 3
    Boat Hire 1 (Boat Hire)
    Log Flume 1 (Log Flume)
    Log Flume 2 (Log Flume)
    River Rapids 1 (River Rapids)
    Water Slide 1 (Water Slide)
    HELP: Here's your first tip for the Water Slide.  You've probably already
    run into this problem in your previous park excursions, but sometimes the
    boats will get stuck if they aren't going fast enough.  If this happens,
    double-click the red button on the ride screen.  The first time closes the
    ride, the second click resets it.  Yes, you will lose potential customers,
    but at least they won't get mad for no excitement.  Other than that, just
    go ahead and build up your park.
    |  Millennium Mines  |
    DESCRIPTION: Convert a large abandoned mine from a tourist attraction into
    a theme park.
    EXTENDED DESCRIPTION: A large, relatively empty area is already pre-themed
    and ready to go!  Build up a nice theme park and user base.
    OBJECTIVE: 800 guests & park rating of 600 by October, Year 3
    Mine Tour Train (Miniature Railroad)
    HELP: You start with an empty park except for one train.  I suggest
    leaving it unless it's seriously in your way; it has a rather high
    excitement level compared to intensity.  It's a great ride for the
    squeamish.  Other than that, build to your heart's content.  It's a large
    area and already nicely pre-themed for you, much like Dynamite Dunes.
    It's not even as hard as last one, either.
    |  Karts & Coasters |
    DESCRIPTION: A large park hidden in the forest with only go-kart tracks
    and wooden coasters.
    EXTENDED DESCRIPTION: A neat park that has awesome coasters and huge
    go-kart tracks.
    OBJECTIVE: 1000 guests & park rating of 600 by October, Year 3
    Big Woodchip (Wooden Roller Coaster)
    Bigger Woodchip (Wooden Roller Coaster)
    King Karts (Go Karts)
    Turnpike (Go Karts)
    HELP: Like I said, this is a neat park with some cool coasters.  There are
    bunches of trees, but try to work around them as much as possible - they
    offer good excitement plus you need the experience for the upcoming
    mission Rainbow Valley.  I'll talk about that later.  This is a great
    park to experiment with coasters, if nothing else then because of the
    name :) Have fun.
    |  Mel's World  |
    DESCRIPTION: This theme park has some well designed modern rides, but
    plenty of space for expansion.
    EXTENDED DESCRIPTION: A large park has just a couple awesome rides, but
    you need to expand it to bring in the wealth.
    OBJECTIVE: 1200 guests & park rating of 600 by October, Year 3
    Blast-Off (Whoa Belly)
    Flightmare (Inverted Roller Coaster)
    Highjack (Gravitron)
    Quiver (Bobsled Roller Coaster)
    HELP: I concede that this park has some great rides.  Flightmare has a 
    great design, a high intensity rating, and a cool name to boot.  Other
    than that, you're on your own.  You'll need more than two roller coasters
    to bring in the crowds.  So, build.  This is the highest goal you've
    encountered so far, but it's not that diffucult.  Just remember that
    roller coasters are the mainstay of your park.  Thrill Rides and Gentle
    Rides are support rides that let guests either warm up or cool down from
    the coasters.  So, to bring people, you need coasters.  Just remember
    that, and you'll do fine.  Oh yeah, and clean up that ugly mess at the
    exit of Flightmare.
    |  Mothball Mountain  |
    DESCRIPTION: In the hilly forests of Mothball Mountain, build a theme park
    from scratch.
    EXTENDED DESCRIPTION: In a nice change, start all over and build a brand
    spanking new theme park.  Careful with the hills, they're a doozy!
    OBJECTIVE: 800 guests & park rating of 600 by October, Year 3
    RIDES PRE-BUILT: [none]
    HELP: Mothball Mountain's goal isn't nearly as high as last time, but your
    challenge will be the tiny size and the hills.  Yes, the park is rather
    tiny, but you'll just need to work around it.  Don't buy land yet, wait
    for the money to start rolling in first.  Build to your hearts content.
    Also, this is a great park to practice with roller coaster and path
    tunneling, so go ahead and practice.  Those skills are always handy!
    Cafeful, though, your loan only increases by $5000, so watch that you
    don't use up all your funds quickly.
    |  Pacific Pyramids  |
    DESCRIPTION: Convert the Egyptian Ruins tourist attraction into a thriving
    theme park.
    EXTENDED DESCRIPTION: Three huge pyramids dominate this cool park.  Start
    from scratch and build a large theme park.
    OBJECTIVE: 1000 guests & park rating of 600 by October, Year 4
    RIDES PRE-BUILT: [none]
    HELP: The park starts off closed, so I suggest taking this excellent
    opportunity to remove some of the paths.  Either disconnect them or remove
    them completely.  Removing them is a lot of work, but will give you a bit
    of extra money.  Whatever you do, just remember that extra paths mean lost
    guests.  Also, as for the pyramids, they are like trees.  Right click to
    remove them.  I would keep them, for the name of the park if nothing else.
    But, hey, if you want to remove them, you certainly can.
    |  Crumbly Woods  |
    DESCRIPTION: A large park with well-designed but rather old rides -
    Replace the old rides or add new rides to make the park more popular.
    EXTENDED DESCRIPTION: The extremely old rides in this park are seriously
    dragging down the popularity - you need new rides, and quick.
    OBJECTIVE: 1200 guests & park rating of 600 by October, Year 4
    Crazy Critters (Car Ride)
    Crumbly Carousel (Merry Go Round)
    Crumbly Mansion (Haunted House)
    Crumbly Wheel (Ferris Wheel)
    Mean Squeak (Wooden Crazy Rodent Roller Coaster)
    Whiplash (Steel Corkscrew Roller Coaster)
    Woodchip Woodchip (Wooden Roller Coaster)
    HELP: Like I said, a nice selection of rides, yet very old.  I just did
    a quick estimation in my head, but I'd say the average age is about 12-13
    years old.  Yes, the rides are still popular, but not popular enough to
    draw and extra 600 people, even if you advertise.  You should set your
    price scheme, first, I'm mentioning it because you need to be careful.  If
    you aren't tearing down the rides and building new ones, then prices must
    be set carefully.  The popularity ratings of all the rides are very
    fragile, and a wrong move could set them plummeting.
    Now for the individual rides.  Though Crazy Critters is a awesome ride, if
    you look at the thoughts screen, you'll see that mostly there are
    complaints that the ride is too long and the queue line is too long.  What
    you do is up to you, but I suggest razing the whole ride.  I actually
    built a brand new, shorter ride that didn't get nearly as many complaints.
    Next is Mean Squeak.  I razed that and built a new one, too, which seemed
    to work well.  By the way, any of these rides that replace old ones: you
    can use the exact same exit path and queue line, which works very well.
    Next is Whiplash.  Can you guess?  Yep, I built a brand new version here,
    too.  Again, use the same exit and queue line.  It works well.
    Next comes Woodchip Woodchip.  Well, what to do here?  It's a great
    coaster.  Believe it or not, I completely rebuilt that one, too.  Using
    "the lastest technology" (i.e. Steel Roller Coaster), you can create a
    much more popular roller coaster.
    Well, you certainly need to expand to win, but that's what I did.  You
    can do whatever you want.
    |  Big Pier  |
    DESCRIPTION: Convert this sleep town's pier into a thriving attraction.
    EXTENDED DESCRIPTION: This tiny park you can't expand, so use your space
    wisely.  Build a successful theme park in a short time.
    OBJECTIVE: 600 guests & park rating of 600 by October, Year 2
    RIDES PRE-BUILT: [none]
    HELP: This is a tiny park, so you need to make good use of the Wooden
    Crazy Rodent Roller Coasters.  They are small and fit into a small place
    like this.  Other than that, just build.  Remember that you have less
    time than other scenarios, so pay attention.
    |  Lightening Peaks  |
    DESCRIPTION: The beautiful mountains of Lightening Peaks are popular with
    walkers & sightseers - use the available land to attract a new thrill-
    seeking clientele.
    EXTENDED DESCRIPTION: Use this mountainous region to build great roller
    coasters and attract a number of guests.
    OBJECTIVE: 900 guests & park rating of 600 by October, Year 3
    Chairlift 1 (Chairlift)
    Chairlift 2 (Chairlift)
    HELP: This park comes with plentiful trees, walking paths, and two
    chairlifts.  #1 takes passengers up the mountain, #2 takes them across
    the mountain.  I suggest building food stands and information stands at
    the entrance, as well as at each peak.
    This park is rather standard, except for two things: one obvious and one
    not so much so.  First, the park offers for some fantastic roller coasters
     - try building them underground.  This offers for even more thrills!
    Just be careful and don't make it TOO intense - watchs those curves, and
    add banks if possible.
    This IS a standard park, and you shouldn't have too much trouble.  There's
    only one catch - the loan only goes up to $15,000.  Therefore, you have
    much limited funds to work with, even more so if you need to do complex
    landscaping.  Watch your funds very closely, and don't spend too much all
    at once.  If you run out of money, it will seem like forever before you
    have enough building funds again.  Just be careful.
    |  Ivory Towers  |
    DESCRIPTION: A well-established park, which has a few problems
    EXTENDED DESCRIPTION: A park that has some great rides, yet is plagued
    with vandalism and guest "waste."
    OBJECTIVE: 1,000 guests & park rating of 600 by October, Year 3
    Canoes (Boat Hire)
    Force Nine (Suspended Roller Coaster)
    Monorail 1 (Monorail)
    Tree Topper (Steel Mini Roller Coaster)
    HELP: When you start, you'll see right away what the problems are.  To put
    it simply, virtually every bench, lightpole, and garbage can is wrecked
    and there is vomit everywhere.  You'll need to enforce some major cleanup
    techniques to start off.  Hire a bunch of Handymen, to start, and deploy
    them all over the park.  Use the map - that's handy.  Set their patrol
    areas if you wish.  Now comes the harder part - you have to personally
    replace or destroy all the benches, lights, and trash cans.  Security
    guards really aren't your problem - you just need to fix it.  So, replace
    them all.
    After this, your funds might be reduced a bit, but your park should look
    considerably better.  Force Nine is a great coaster - you should keep it.
    Build bigger and better stuff, and eventually you'll have what you need.
    |  Rainbow Valley  |
    DESCRIPTION: Rainbow Valley's local authority won't allow any landscape
    changes or large tree removal, but you must develop the area into a
    large theme park.
    EXTENDED DESCRIPTION: What you see is what you've got.  You can't change
    the land or remove any trees at all - not even the ones you yourself
    put down!
    OBJECTIVE: 1,000 guests & park rating of 600 by October, Year 4
    RIDES PRE-BUILT: [none]
    HELP: Like I said, what you see is what you've got.  Don't add any trees
    or bushes - you won't be able to take them out!  I hope you have been
    practicing working around trees.  If you have, this is your final exam!
    Plan your park carefully.  Save often - if you make a major blunder,
    restore your old game.  Otherwise, work slowly and carefully.  You've got
    plenty of time, trust me, so don't rush at all.  Build gentle and thrill
    rides for now, wherever you've got room.  TO build roller coasters, put
    all the research you've got into roller coasters.  You need Steel Roller
    Coasters.  They fit into a much smaller space, and pre-built steel rides
    like Shuttle Loop and other powered launch coasters will take up much
    less room than regular coasters.  You can have plenty of thrill in a
    small space, trust me.
    After that, just work with what you've got.  I wouldn't go underground.
    There are a couple places where a tunnel would fit, but it's much too
    hard to try and find the perfect spot to get out again.  Work on
    attracting visitors.  Really - nothing to it.  Right?
    |  Thunder Rock  |
    DESCRIPTION: Thunder Rock stands in the middle of a desert and attracts
    many tourists - use the available space to build rides to attract more
    EXTENDED DESCRIPTION: You've got a height 23 rock to build on.
    OBJECTIVE: 900 guests & park rating of 600 by October, Year 4
    Thunder Rock Chairlift (Chairlift)
    HELP: After the last scenario, this one should be a piece of cake!  When
    it comes right down to it - this is a standard scenario.  You've got
    limited funds again, but the rock makes for a fantastic underground
    coaster.  Work with what you've got - it's a great opportunity to build
    a fantastic roller coaster.  Build some small rides first - once the
    money starts coming in, invest in something bigger.  You've got to get
    less guests in the same amount of time, so sit back, relax, and relish
    in the fact that you have completed Roller Coaster Tycoon!
    |                         |
    | Part II: The Ride Guide |
    |                         |
    Here it is - the Ride Guide.  All rides in the original Roller Coaster
    Tycoon are put forth here.  The description field just copies what is
    already in the game.  
    The Max Incline field is a "Slant" then a number.  This
    refers to the design your own box - in here, there are usually three
    angles of incline.  Flat of course, then Slant #1, which is the smallest
    degree of incline.  Slant #2 is the steep incline.  For the Verticle
    Roller Coaster, the Incline is just "Verticle."
    The Max Height Above Ground is a number; this refers to the number of
    "levels" allowed above ground level (if you turn on the Height Marks.  
    I did this in Forest Frontiers.  For example, the Miniature Railroad.
    In FF, it goes up to 11.  Since the ground is at 6, the possible height
    above land is 5.
    I did not add fields for vehicles and cost, since those fields are already
    in the game.  I put in my own description, as well as possible uses for
    the ride and pros/cons over other rides in the same category.
    | Transport Rides |
    TRANSPORT RIDE PARTICULAR: For all the Transport Rides, there is an
    additional field for Max Speed.  Three numbers are listed, one for flat,
    one for uphill, and one for downhill.  This number is in mph.
    |  Miniature Railroad  |
    DESCRIPTION: Narrow-guage railroad track, with miniature passenger trains.
    MAX INCLINE: slant 1
    MAX HEIGHT: five
    MAX SPEED: flat, 9mph; uphill, 2mph; downhill, 20mph 
    HELP: The Miniature Railroad is the most basic transport ride.  It
          features mini steam trains, and steams along the track.  The
          carriages are open, meaning that the ride is unpopular in the rain.
          Each carriage holds six passengers.  The train goes fairly fast,
          though the hills can be a killer.  Watch out.  Plant flowers and
          fountains to make the ride more exciting.
    PROS: The Railroad is probably the first transport ride you will get, so
          it might very well be the best you've got to work with.  It is
          rather cheap.  Railroads also make for good gentle rides, even more
          so if you are able to theme them and make them exciting.
    CONS: The hills can kill you, and the engine will not zip you across the
          park like nothing.  Be careful in designing, those hills are really
          bad.  You can't have your passerngers getting bored.  Also, the
          track can't go very far above the ground.
    |  Monorail  |
    DESCRIPTION: Track is a box-section steel rail supported on square-section
                 steel posts.  Trains are powered, and run along the top of
                 the rail with additional wheels either side for stability.
    MAX INCLINE: slant 1
    MAX HEIGHT: six
    MAX SPEED: flat, 14mph; uphill, 2mph; downhill, 29mph
    HELP: The Monorail is the "next" transport ride after the Railroad.  It
          either roofed, side open cars or an enclosed monorail train, both
          of which are enclosed.  The open cars can carry 4 passengers each,
          the train's front and back ends can carry 5 passengers, the train's
          middle car(s) can carry 10 passengers.  Good for places where you
          need to go faster.  See the pros and cons for yourself, but I
          personally think that the Monorail is the best transport ride and
          the best investment.
    PROS: The Monorail is a bit more expensive, but has many benefits.  The
          track can go one level higher off the ground than the Railroad, and
          and Monorail is the fastest transport ride.  It clocks in at 14
          mph, which is faster than both the Railroad and the Chairlift.
          Also, the Monorail Train can carry quite a few more people.
    CONS: There aren't as many cons here, but the Monorail is a bit more
          expensive.  Also, the train still struggles on uphills and the track
          still can't go very high.
    |  Chairlift  |
    DESCRIPTION: Cars hang from a steel cable which runs continuously from one
                 end of the chairlift to the other and around large turnabout
                 wheels at each end.
    MAX INCLINE: slant 1
    MAX HEIGHT: thirty-eight
    MAX SPEED: adjustable: 2, 4, 6, or 9mph - speed is uniform all around
    HELP: If you've ever been on a chairlift, you know that the speed is
          uniform all around.  The Chairlift has its own set of benefits and
          disadvantages; I think the Chairlift is best suited to situations
          where you need to go very high or you just want to give your guests
          a sky-high view of the park.  Dual-person chairlift cars are the
          only choices here.  Personally, I say that unless special
          circumstances exist, chose the Monorail over the Lift.
    PROS: The Chairlift is the highest, needless to say, and the price is
          in-between the Railroad and Monorail.  It goes very high, and the
          cars do not slow down going uphill.  The Lift is good so that guests
          can view the rides.  Seeing a ride can make guests want to go on it.
    CONS: The last statement works the other way, too, in that cars don't
          speed up going downhill.  Also, the Chairlift is not faster than the
          Monorail.  Finally, you also MUST have at least two stations.  This
          can also be a drawback to those just wanting to make one long ride.

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