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    Pricing Guide by shark404

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 08/16/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    Pricing Guide for Roller Coaster Tycoon
    By: Shark404 (shark404_2000@yahoo.com)
    Version: 1.1 Date: 8/16/00
    Copyright 2000, shark404
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    Table of Contents
    1.	Reversion History
    2.	Intro
    3.	Pricing Guide
    4.	Credits
    5.	Disclaimer
    6.	Contacting Author
    7.	Outro
    1. Reversion History
    Version: 1.0
    Date: 8/16/00
    -	First and final update, I think
    Version: 1.1
    Date: 8/16/00
    - Gameadvice.com may now have this FAQ. BTW, this is the final update.
    2. Intro
    Hello, I am here to give you help on how to price the things in your 
    park so you will not overcharge for rides and lose customers, or 
    undercharge and not make enough money. Well, here is the Pricing Guide…
    3. Pricing Guide
    Here is where I will help you on pricing out your park.
    Park Entrance Fee: 
    This is where you make all you money. When you first start out a park 
    set it at 5 dollars. Every time its says "Your guests are commenting 
    that the park entrance fee is very cheap, maybe you should consider 
    raising the price" at the bottom of your screen, up the price 3 
    dollars> Then when you get that message again, up the price 2 dollars 
    so it will be rounded to the nearest five. When you get the message 
    again, keep repeating the cycle. When your park entrance fee gets to 
    $50, I don't think you should make it go up anymore, I make the rides 
    10 or 20 cents higher but then leave all the prices where they are and 
    you should be doing fine. Remember, this is your biggest money making 
    Shops and Stalls:
    You should leave their prices the same. NEVER charge money for a 
    bathroom. Always put Information Kiosks everywhere and if your park is 
    really big, and people tend to get lost, the stick some Information 
    Kiosks at the back parts of your park and make the maps free there. 
    Tip: Always put a Soda Stall near a French Fries Stall and a Burger Bar 
    because the French Fries and Burgers make the people thirsty.
    Transport Rides:
    Its sometimes depends how much you should charge for these. I'd say 
    about 50-90 cents for the Chairlift and the Miniature Railroad. If you 
    have a good Monorail, I think you could get away with $1. If the 
    Monorail track is short, I'd charge 70 cents. If people are saying that 
    it costs too much, then lower the price. If people are saying that it 
    costs too much, then lower the price. 
    Gentle Rides:
    You should charge little to no money for the gentle rides (excluding 
    Car Ride). One reason is: they are really cheap to build. Another 
    reason is: when people ride these gentle rides, it gives them more 
    courage to go on roller coasters. So, if you Charge 0-30 cents for any 
    of these rides (excluding Car Ride), you can probably get away with 
    $1.50-$2.50 on a good roller coaster. The highest amount I would charge 
    for one of these rides (excluding Car Ride) would be 50 cents. The 
    reason why was excluding Car Ride from the prices on the other Gentle 
    Rides is: It costs more money to build a car ride, and if you make a 
    really good track, you don't want to be charging just 30 cents. If you 
    make a good track for Car Ride, you can charge 40-60 cents for it. If 
    people are saying that it costs too much, then lower the price. 
    Thrill Rides:
    Charge 40-60 cents for any of these. If you put some of these in 
    popular places, you can get away with 80 cents sometimes. I'm not 
    saying always. The best thing to do is experiment to find out which is 
    a good place. If people are saying that it costs too much, then lower 
    the price. 
    Water Rides:
    All the water rides (excluding Boat Hire) should be 50-70 cents if they 
    are good. Sometimes if you have a new one you can get away with $1. For 
    Boat Hire, you should charge 30-50 cents. Boat Hires are really cheap 
    to make. If people are saying that it costs too much, then lower the 
    Roller Coasters:
    Here is what you all wanted. If you charged nothing for the Gentle 
    Rides, then you can charge up to $2.50 for a really big roller coaster. 
    If you didn't charge nothing for the Gentle Rides, then you can charge 
    up to $1.50 for a good roller coaster. I you get a new, big roller 
    coaster, then sometime you can get away with $3.00-$4.00, but after a 
    while, you'll need to lower the price. For the little roller coasters, 
    I charge 80 cents for but you can charge up to $1.00. The only ones you 
    shouldn't charge more than 90 cents for are the pre-made small ones. If 
    people are saying that the roller coasters cost too much, then lower 
    the prices. 
    4. Credits
    You – For reading this
    CjayC – For letting me put this guide on his wonderful site, 
    Chris Sawyer – For making the game
    Me – For typing this thing up.
    5. Disclaimer
    This FAQ is Copyright by law 2000, shark404. This document may be 
    posted at gamefaqs.com. If you want to post this faq on your site you 
    _MUST_ e-mail me first at shark404_2000@yahoo.com, then, if I say you 
    may post this on your website, you may. If you want to sell this, YOU 
    MUST CONTACT ME FIRST!!!!!!! You may NOT edit it. You MAY print it out.
    6. Contacting Author
    You can e-mail me, shark404, at shark404_2000.com. E-mail about my FAQ, 
    saying it rocks and stuff. Don't e-mail me chain letters and stupid 
    stuff like that. You MAY e-mail me with questions about the game. 
    7. Outro
    See you in the next FAQ!
    - Shark404

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