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"Who needs a real job?"

Amazing! Who in the world would have made a game about running a theme park? Only a perfect few! I'd like to give some congratulations to Chris Sawyer! Everybody give a round of applause to Chris! Thank you! The details of the game are as follows...

Graphics 9/10
Good way of moving lots of people and making everybody different in their own happy way. A few glitches with people and rides but other than that you won't find anything wrong with the graphics of this game. The graphics on the roller coasters and other rides are good if not a little off perfect. Wonderful job of allowing you too make your own rides and still having them look shiny and what-not, apart from making your own rides and then looking at them and saying "Is that a right turn or a loop? Weird!" Wonderfully done paint jobs on all your rides, being able to paint the color of your fancy or not painting them at all and leaving them the not so bad default colors.

Sounds 10/10
Finally! A game where you get to choose where you want your music if you want music at all! Amazing job of making people talk quieter or louder depending on how far away from them you are. If you only have 1-10 people in your park you won't be hearing a lot of talking but if you have 1,000+ you better turn your sound down! You can even hear the gears clink and churn on your rides as they crank those heavy seats around! Incredible!

Game Play 10/10
You'll never have another boring moment again. If your park is beginning to crash and you can't find out what to do then you'll have a fun moment of panic and stress while if your park is the talk of the country and your getting millions of guests a day then you'll love to just sit back and watch the little people enjoy themselves on all your self made rides and those boring old pre-made mini rides.

Replay Value 10/10
If I could rate replay value higher than 10/10 I would. There is nothing repetitive in the least throughout the entire game. The most repetitive thing you could possibly do is to look at the design of another park but no matter how hard you tried you could never make the exact same park as you did before. If you fall madly in love with your previous park and would love to play it again just keep truckin'! You can play any park as many times as you want in this game, so that's great for all you emotional people out there.

Game Time 7/10
Sadly, I have to give the time rating only an 7/10. The reason being that you have a set time to beat the park you have and even if you finish your objective in the first 5 minutes of play you still have to wait for hours for the time clock to be up. This is good for beginners because they'll have plenty of time to do whatever they would like with the park to make your objective, but for the more experienced players (like me!) You'd much rather have a button that could make time go faster or something, or a button that'd it be the time of your goal.

Game Difficulty 9/10
As this game is perfect in almost every way this little aspect of the game could be a little better. The difficulty rating lost the one point because it is a touch too easy at the beginning. As the game progresses, however, it gets much harder and requires much more of your time and effort. At the beginning you barely have to work at all because you only have to build like 2 rides and you complete your objective. I'm exaggerating on that of course. I guess you could call the beginning of the game a warm-up for the veterans and a practice round for the beginners.

Cheating and Easter Eggs 10/10
Oh Baby! You will never find more cheats in one game that are as perfect as these! None of these cheats are ridiculous, such as there is no cheat that makes you automatically complete every park in the entire game at the touch of a button, but there are some very helpful cheats such as naming your people certain names or little glitches here and there to make life easier for you. If you would like to learn these please go to the Cheats & Secrets page for this game.

My conclusion of this review is going to be a summary of what I have just spent the last of my time and energy on. I'm just kidding I'm feeling great. But the summary of the game is that this game has good graphics but not amazing enough to blow you away, great sound system that is enough to blow you away, great cheats that aren't crazy good but aren't worthless either, and will definitely blow you away. Game play and Replay Value are both incredible! You'll never see anything twice in the entire game unless you are freakishly obsessive and make everything as picture perfect as you can. Time on this game sometimes takes a little longer than needed, but other than that you won't be disappointed by it.
Once again thank you for reading my review!
If you enjoyed it then my name is Sebbisismo!
If you didn't like it then my name is Bob and I no spake English!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/19/07

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