Review by Dolphin Dude

Reviewed: 10/08/00 | Updated: 10/08/00

Flush, Cha-Ching, Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!

Oh my gosh, what a great game, I got this game about 5 months ago and I still have about 6 levels to beat. Why did I give it a ten? I'll tell you why.

Gameplay:(10) What could be more fun than designing roller coasters that are really tall and scary, or loopy ones that make people barf all over the ground, or taking your anger out on the handyman and drowning him, or creating a rollercoaster that sends people crashing into the water and exploding. I could go on forever.... This is the most FUN game ever! There are also 30 fun-filled levels, plus Mega Park which makes the game fun because you can build anything you want there. There are also many shops stals coasters, transport rides, sleepy rides, and thrill rides.

Graphics:(10) The graphics allow you to see the barf or rollercoasters zooming down tracks at 100 kph. They also allow you to see the people's faces bursting with puke. The pathways and supports are pretty cool also.

Audio:(10) How cool is it to hear the people yelling ''Whee'' or ''Ahhh'' or hearing the cash register go cha-ching. Or the bathrooms flushing??? You also hear the chains pulling the coasters up a lift hill.

Replay Value:(9) The only downfall to this game, is depending on the person, you might get bored of this game. It's not very possible but it could happen. If this is you, just don't buy the expansion packs. (By the way, I have both and they are awesome so if you like this and aren't sick of it, BUY IT!) Anyway, the replay value is great because you can always improve your park, and in the end, Mega Park will allow you to do anything which is always fun.

Control:(10) The game is easily controlled, moving the screen around with the mouse or the arrow keys, and a few clicks of a mouse... that's all you need.

Enjoy this fun-filled action packed game!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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