Review by mighty mosquito

"My mom once said this game should be worth $300"

SOUND - 10/10

Perfect!! Absolutely perfect!! You can hear people scream, cough, laugh, and more!! Cash registers going all the time, merry-go-round sounds, bumper car sounds, and more. If on the right of the screen you have a rollercoaster, and on the left you have a merry-go-round, you will hear screaming towards the right and suitable merry-go-round music towards the left.

GRAPHICS - 10/10

Great general view of the park. If you're having trouble seeing where to put paths, there's also some great underground views, underwater views, see through ride views, and see through scenery views. The coaster trains look so realistic along with the coaster itself

GAMEPLAY - 9.5/10

My favourite game on the computer by far currently. It's so addictive and you won't be able to beat it in a day. Some scenarios take 4 years to complete. Well, not really 4 years but 4 years in RollerCoaster Tycoon Time!! This game includes everything like gentle rides, thrill rides, rollercoasters (hence the name) , benches, concesssion stands, barfing, scenery, costs :(, and more. For some types of rides, you have a choice to build your own custom ride or some saved track file that either you saved or the game saved (previously). Having trouble with a ride?? Nobody wants to go on it?? Try marketing for free rides and advertisments!! However, some scenarios are just too difficult. On a later scenario, you aren't allowed to change the land height or remove trees!! :S Just keep your rides a high excitement rating and keep that park value above 600, and you should have lots of happy guests in your park.

FUN FACTOR - 10/10

Extremely fun. I'm sad to say that popping some corn, grabbing a coke, and pulling an all-nighter to try and beat this magnificent game in one day is not suggested. Mainly because you won't be able to!! This is one of the few fun and super long games that I own!!


Very good. Try to build more custom rides now for more fun and challenge. Or, try to construct a ride with an excitment rating over 8!! Instead of replaying it, you may want to beat every single scenario and be treated to a Mega Park with lots of money to build every ride!!


Many games I'd say rent first to see if you like it but I'll have to say buy right away for this great game. It's a non-expensive game (around $30) and it's almost a guarantee that you'll like it!!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 12/30/00, Updated 12/30/00

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