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"I don't think it's THAT good"

I seriously recommend thinking about this game before buying it. Look below to see why.
The graphics are very good. Each rollercoaster looks different, the guests have different faces for different attitudes, but the really frowny face is sooooooooooooooo annoying!!!!! My favorite part, which is already mentioned though is each rollercoaster looks different. Also, the chains, boosters, brakes and other things look different like steel corkscrew has white things on the edge for boosters. But there is just one final touch that would get this a better score.
The only music is in the title screen and merry-go-round to start off with. But those two musics are good. But the sound can be annoying. The voices and chains, mostly. The chains are loud blaring thins that cover up eveything except for the people screaming and the voices. I'm not best friends with the voices, either. ''Who's the dog!'' Who's the dog? There are other things which are said at random times. And if you make a good park, you hear the beeping of messages. I sometimes would like to beep at that sound myself.
Arggggggghhhhhhhhhh! Arrrrrrgggggghhhhhh! You know what I said above? About good parks? Well, I said that because your guests get lost NO MATTER WHAT. In Dinky Park, DINKY PARK! I have lost guests. Dinky park is the smallest park in the game and probably in the expansion too. )I don't have the expansions.) And then, your park rating falls to zero, your guests get unhappy and you lose. I beat a few parks, and now it is downright impossible. Aqua park, I get the guests and all, but what? Guest idiot is lost and can't find the park exit. IT'S IN FRONT OF YOU YOU DOLT!
So now, this game isn't fun anymore and I bought it about a month ago. Before I was a fan and now I'm not such a huge fan.
FUN FACTOR 10/10 then 3/10
You will notice something strange here. It changes. Why? Because the game gets boring, tedious and impossible. When you beat a park you think YES! Later on, you will never say these words again. Why? Because, I cannot stop repeating it's impossible. And it is impossible because of the stupid guests that get lost in dinky park and then get mad and you put an entertainer and information Kiosks on every square and they get lost And are still mad. But your guests not only ge tlost in Dinky park, but I once had a guest thinkin this. I'm lost! Want to know his other thought? I already have a park map. Please be a bit more DUMB!
I am not being super harsh. After you get to Aqua park this game is just plain impossible.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 04/19/01, Updated 04/19/01

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