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"Finally... A Tycoon/Sim/Theme game which will last me forever!"

I have never been a Hardcore fan of a business game, I have played the odd Sim City game for a little while before letting it gather some dust on my shelf, I have also played Theme Park, Which was my favorite game when I was a little kid. Theme Hospital was very short lived in my life, and just a few year's a go, I got Roller Coaster Tycoon as a present. At first, I thought it would be an another Theme Park rip off, But what the spoon was wrong with me? This game is a strong competitor for ''The Best Game ever''.

Theme Park? This game is 20 time's better.

As soon as you install and play Rollercoaster Tycoon, You can choose one out of five scenario's. There are a lot more to unlock. The first Scenario is basically an easy one for new gamers, Which is based on the Tutorial level. Forest Frontier's is a normal piece of land with a few hill's and tree's, This is the land for you to build a massive theme park. Having a Theme Park in the middle of the forest may not be you're cup of tea, So why not when in further in the game choose to build a park on Mine's, Beach’s, Pier's or lakes? They is so many different landscape's. Also, They are more ride's and stall's, Most are some what Bullfrog never even thought of all those year's ago, Like Theme Park has only one type of Roller Coaster, Tycoon has over 10 Roller coasters, Maybe 15, Each with special addition's like Water Plashes, Devastating Loop's. Don't forget on rides beside Roller coaster's.

Using Rollercoaster Tycoon is easy, Either using the menu simply or in the most complicated way possible, You'll still have a great day I mean play.

Long title eh? Chris Sawyer's, The genius behind this has done the best menu bar I have ever seen. You have a few Option tables, a Load / Save button, You can adjust You're site to see underground, What is behind scenery etc. The fun begins when you click on the Spiral Slide icon, You will get a choice of ride's to make. You can choose a rather boring transport ride, Like a Monorail, Chairlift or a Miniature Railroad. They is also choices to make gentle ride's, like the all famous Merry Go Round or Ferris Wheel. Thrill ride's will pump up some excitement, with rides like a swinging ship or the dizzy Wolzers. Then we have the Shop's and Stall's, You better set up a lot of toilet's, stalls and Information Kiosk's, or people will be complaining.

When building any Roller coaster, Go Kart or transport track's, You will have to be careful on building. Making it to intense will put guest's right off, Putting several feature's will encourage more guest's to go on the ride. You need to be careful on you're budget, You have to be careful on money you know. The most difficult part of building the perfect roller coaster is the space. When you think about it, You're land is not exactly gigantic, And they is usually a lot of tree's and hill's, You will need to plan you're ride carefully, It is not very wise having a Rollercoaster so unsafe that the carriages will go ''SMACK!'' in to a tree, giving the 30+ people on the ride a giant nose bleed. The same goes for everything, and I mean everything, You need to make sure NOTHING is in the way, and if it is, You can try and do something else, Destroy the object or try and make the thing you want to build higher above the tree, I mean having a piece of Roller coaster track, 40ft over a tree doesn't actually hurt anybody right?

Money Doesn't go on tree's.

In life, One of the hardest thing's to come to term's with is when you shell out some money to buy some piece of junk, Then relise you are getting a bit low on you're money. Rollercoaster Tycoon has that scenario right here. A lot of thing's cost a lot of money to build, Like toilet's will cost you £250, A Roller coaster can cost more then £10,000 in some places and a bin can cost you £1 each. You might be a bit broke after buying some thing's, But fear not, You're customer's are nothing but ''Suckers'', You come to you're park with either £60, £70, £80, £90 or £100 in their back pocket, they pay to get in the park, which you charge, Like start at £5 then go up to about £50 to get in, Then you're guests will have to pay for every ride and every shop they go to, That's right, They pay a lot of money just to get in you're park. I found this hysterical when I found this out, But if theme park's like Light water Valley, Alton Tower's and Pleasure Island, I don't think They would get many customer's. You will most probably take out a lone for each and every scenario you do, I don't usually pay it back, They is not much point but I do if I am loaded.

Every Theme Park needs staff

After building one shop and a few ride's, You will find a lot of sick(!) and litter all over, You will be forced to hire a janitor if you ever want a good park. Janitor's are expensive, but useful, They clean up, water plants, empty bins and mow the grass. They are four type's of staff, Janitor's, Mechanic's, Security Guards and Entertainer's. Each and everyone of them are a must to every tycoon.

An annoying bug, Bust easily solved!

If you are a slow player, Who take's your time completing Scenario's, You should notice that every time the clock's go either forward or backwards in you're time zone, You will loose you're save data. I am sorry to say, but this is true. If you have the internet, You can download a small patch which easily solves this, Plus whilst you are at it, You can also download new ride's and two park's, One being a fort, Another being the most famous, Non Disney theme park in the world, Alton Tower's.

The sound is only Theme Park sound's and Music, Nothing more, Nothing Less!

I am not disappointed with this at all, Not even for the music. They isn't many type's of music, They maybe only the title screen music, Merry-Go-Round and Dodgem's, Theme Park chugging and screaming, But this element adds a lot of atmosphere to Rollercoaster Tycoon, Especially in my opinion as the sound team from Rollercoaster Tycoon recorded most of the sounds from my personal favorite theme park, Light water Valley. I think Chris Sawyer's loves that theme park so much, He even based a few ride's and parks in the game to that park...

The graphics are so detailed

Though it is a bit old, Rollecoaster Tycoon is still one of the most detailed game's around, I am still impressed with the graphic's that is better then most of the terrible game's around here. Everything from people's cloth's, Worker's, Ride's, Animation, Frame's, Everything look's and act's like a charm. Chris Sawyer is just a genius.

Trust this game, And it will be you're best friend

Where’s my thesaurus? I have had this game for year's, And I have loved it since the very start. If you can get in to this game, Which just about every single person in the world can, You will be coming back for more, even in year's to come. I think I might even be playing this game when I am retired. For those who want to know, I am 14. Everything from building Roller coaster's, Train Track's, Land planning, Financial problem's, Naming guest's, Naming ride's, Charging, Scenario's, Different Way's of playing and many, many more will have you coming back for more.

Review Round-up

Scream if you wanna go faster!

- Brilliant Graphics and Sound which fit's in with the atmosphere.
- Dangerously Addictive.
- Cheap.
- More fun then any thrill ride.
- Perfect, except for the one bug.


- The easy avoidable bug.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 09/15/01, Updated 09/15/01

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