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"Wow, what a piece of work!"

OK let me just cut to the chase. I'll be doing this on a format your all used to so don't think to hard or I'll be mad OK. Right I didn't think you would try to think anyways.
This game is called Rollercoaster Tycoon. It is fun and it is umm more fun.


Well, well well. WHAT AN INCREDIBLY FUN AND HARD GAME!!! It has some of the best gameplay in any sim I have ever seen. You can build rollercoasters, log rides, slides, and lots more. There are over twenty levels of different parks you can choose from (scenarios) but, after the first five you have to unlock them. Each completed scenario is worth another new scenario so this will keep you busy for a looonggg time. After you beat all the scenarios you even get something special!

Story 0/10

Ehh? What story? I won't keep you guys reading much here because their really isn't much to talk about. So I guess I'll just make parts of this up. You get a park, you run it. Like I said not much of a story right? In fact I didn't even make any of that up. So What they could of done is make it more of fixer-upper game where you inherit a park and have to try to put it back in buissness. But this game's strong points are everything but this, so it doesn't matter. Sorry I got carried away and made you think.

Music 5/10

Well most of the music comes from the rides, which isn't really music. But it sounds really nice. Yep thats about all but I really wish they put some normal tunes in there.

Replayability 15/10

Ahh!!11!!!111!1//u This is the VERY best aspect of the game. I myself (as well as almost all my friends) have beaten this game almost a million times. At last count I beat it about eighteen times and I'm working on the nineteenth I'm on the 5th park. So if you want a game that you could play the rest of your life (if your computer doesn't blow up from over heating) this is the game for YOU.

Rent or buy?

BUY, BUY, BUY!!! Go right now and buy it! Stop reading.
HEY I said stop reading my stupid review and go buy the game!!! What why arn't I playing it? Thanks for the idea later! ^_^
Go away and buy this game or, or, or...JUST DO IT!!!!!!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 12/28/01, Updated 12/28/01

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