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"Puke, Garbage, Guests and more.."

Roller coaster Tycoon is one of the best roller coaster simulators!

The graphics aren't that good on this game but good enough that they don't distract you from the addictive gameplay. You can choose from many colors for your rides. The ride graphics are also okay and look very attractive. Graphics aren't that big deal for this game because you are so addicted that it wont matter.

The gameplay is great in this game. There is plenty to do in this game. You can choose any rides you want, choose the rides admission , what color they are , and how long you want the line to be. You are able to hire staff such as mechanics, handy men, entertainers and security guards. Just like a real amusement park you got to inspect rides and clean up rubbish. There are different scenarios you have to accomplish , like you are placed as the park manager and you have to run a park for a certain duration of time and have a minimum number of people in your park before the duration of time is up , they give your lots of time though. You also have to research rides, shop and stalls.

Rides are divided into sections Transportation , Gentle , Roller coaster , Thrill , Water , and Service Stands. Transportation are rides that get you around the park , Gentle Rides are stuff like Sides and Merry-Go-Rounds , Roller coasters you should all ready know about , Thrill Rides are stuff like big , twirly things, and stuff that would make you dizzy and sick. Water Rides are stuff like Boat Rides and Water Rapids and Service Stands are Food , Information , and Bathroom buildings.

Multi player
There is no multi player function in this one person game.

The sound is great and the ride music is very, very catchy , there is a mute button so if you don't like the music you can turn it off, but they don't have an button for turning sound down or up or you will have to do that before you start to play this great game. You can also hear the people on rides yell and scream.

Replay Value
Not much replay value , but before you finish this game you will probably want to play it three more times before you realize there is a sequel. There are so many missions you can do!

This game deserves a big fat 10!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/02/02, Updated 03/02/02

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