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"A Teriffic Idea And A Great Game To Back It Up"

What Type Of Game Is This?
Roller Coaster Tycoon is pretty much exactly what the title says. It's a game where you become the owner of a theme park, then you control everything that goes on in it.

Gameplay - 9
The gameplay is fantastic! You can build, thrill, and even advertise your way to success!
You take control of a theme park, and have to do a certain task to complete the level. For example, there may be a park which has no customers in it and hasn't even opened yet, and it requires you to build a certain number of rides and have a certain number a guests in your park by a certain month or year. Here are some of the things this game lets you handle:
Roller Coasters
It may seem easy but this game can be quite hard. You can choose your roller coasters from a list of premade structures, or take the hard way and build your own. When building your own, you have to keep in mind, not everyone loves a coaster that drops 100 feet straight down. However, not many people will come to a 20 second coaster which goes in a circle. You have to balance these rides out with a mixture of slow rides, fast rides, and transport rides. Most people will like the wild coasters, but when creating or choosing a coaster to put in your park, you can't make it too crazy or your guests will be afraid of it. Making something with too many loops causes your guests to get sick and not want to ride the ride again. Be careful because some guests love the coasters but have a weak stomach. =)
So you've got your coasters what? Everything that you'd expect to be in a real theme park is in this game. The guests only have a certain amount of money, so you have to keep your prices at a reasonable cost. This takes skill because after a rides gets old, people don't want to pay the same price for it. Lowering and raising prices takes skill, and lots of practice.
So you've got your roller coasters built and you're making what? Guests have needs! Guests get hungry! Guests get thirsty! If you can't provide the proper food and drink for them, they're sure to leave in a fit of rage. How would you like it if you went to a theme park, and they didn't have any food? Placing food stalls takes skill as well. Place food stalls at the edge of the park, or not having enough can leave guests wandering around, which makes them angry, which makes them leave.
Behold the power of the bathroom! After you’ve had so much to eat/drink you’re going to need to take a little rest stop in the bathroom. Bathrooms need to be all over in this game, because let’s face it…..people can’t wait forever. Not enough of these and guests get mad then leave. Misplaced bathrooms leave guests wandering, which leads to them leaving. You need skills to place the bathrooms.
Helpful Items
Some helpful items in this game, are none other than the trashcan, and the occasional light post. Without trashcans, your guests will throw rappers/cups on the ground. Messy park means mad guests.
Throughout the game, there will be some accidents by the guests. Hey, no one’s perfect. Guests with weak stomachs will throw up eventually, and angry guests will try to destroy your park.
Another thing that happens is a ride breaks down. You’ll need to have enough rides to support the guests you just lost from this accident.
Workers come in handy all the time. You can choose from Mechanics, Entertainers, Handy Men, and Security Guards. These workers will keep the park clean, entertain guests, fix rides, and bust criminals. Although these guys are needed all over the park, they come at a price. The better you become at making money, the more you can afford.
Guest’s Mood
Guests have feelings too you know. If there’s no food around these guests will become mad. Try to keep up with your basics (food, entertainment, etc.) to keep guests happy. Happy guests mean more guests which means more money, and money, is a very good thing.
Done everything you could to make guests happy yet there still aren’t enough? Advertise! A great little feature they threw in that helps you gain more guests. Sure it make cost a few bucks to advertise, but with new guests arriving, it pays for itself.

Graphics - 7
The graphics are a little bit like a cartoon, which can be a good thing. Things aren’t very detailed, but you can see what’s going on and that’s what matters the most.
A great little feature is that you can click on a guest and see where he’s going, what ride he’s on, and many other things. You can see the park from a whole different view.
The roller coasters and other shops/stalls/rides are very well done. You can see the support beams, and holes in the ground where roller coasters go underground. If you really pay attention, there’s a lot of great little things that are included in this game.

Audio - 7
The only music is at the main menu where it’s typical carnival music. You only hear it for a short amount of time which makes it catchy and not overdone.
If you get close enough to the action, you can hear screams and chattering of the guests. Another little feature that you should love! If you build a coaster that crashes, you’ll hear it explode when it happens. You can hear the ''clank'' of a roller coaster going up and up until finally, you hear the screams of your guests as the plummet to the ground on one of your rides. After they get off you can hear their satisfied giggling and chattering.
When guests get mad and want to get home you’ll hear a little sound and get a message telling you what’s going on. After a while, these sounds get pretty annoying, which is another reason to keep your park running smoothly.

Replay Value - 10
There’s so many levels here, you could play forever. They’re not too hard and not too easy so you can have a challenge while having fun at the same time. You can play your park even after you’ve completed the mission, which is a great feature. You can take a park and keep updating rides, keep getting new ones, see what works, see what doesn't, it's so much you might never want to stop. There’s so many things to do you'll be playing for months. This is a must buy game!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/15/02, Updated 08/16/02

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