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"Coasters and people and rides, oh my!"

Hey hey, Roller Coaster Tycoon, is quite good, for a sim, that is. With people with almost real minds, and coasters good enough to give ME a headache, this game is truly a wonderous creation. You can customize your own roller coastersand rides, while building your own thriving theme park at the same time! There are many pros, with few cons, but the cons deliver a painful blow to the game.You'll see some here...

Difficulty-Depends: The scenarios are all different, with their owndifficulty level. But me, myself, am good at sims, 'cause my computer is slightly messed, and have nothing else to do. :P So it should be differentfor everyone, but it will always be fun, a?

Control-10/10: You can move around the maps very easily, so it shouldn'tgive you any trouble. If you still dont like that, there are buttons that allowyou to rotate the view, which is prettttttttty good. I'd say that is a luxury inmost sims.

Gameplay-8/10: It's great, but gets boring after a few months..err...yearsof playing it. It sux to have to start off by going through scenarios, instead of starting off by building your own theme park from scratch, like SimCity. (drool)

Audio-7/10: The music is cool, but not enough of it. Sound effects are great,yet I would appreciate much more music, but thats just me. Love that 'merry' merry-go-round music =D

Graphics-10/10: Why OF COURSE there good, otherwise I wouldn't even be writingsuch a detailed review of it. ;) The people look okay, not too pixelated. Allthe rides are lookin good, except for that log flume...::shudders:: The map isnt quite squarey, like in SC2000, but it is, to help in building.

Replayability-10/10: Duh! Of course it's replayable, its a simulation! J/k. Well it is fun to build annoying roller coasters and thrill rides overand over again, dontcha know? But after awhile, it gets sickening to know thatall the visitors are male.....eww.

Should You Buy it??? Answer: Yah. Sure. Go ahead. It's a game thats good enough to buy, but if you can try it first, you can check if it suits yer style,eh?

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Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/19/99, Updated 12/19/99

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