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"How a game looks like doesn't matter anymore!"

Welcome to the greatest, most popular game in a long time. But why do people like this game? Many people think it's just building a lazy amusement park over and over again. My answer to all of these people: ''Yes''. But that's why it's fun.
When I was young I dreamed of my own amusement park with plenty of rollercoasters, sweet shops and other freaky rides. My dream came true a couple of years ago when I had been given Rollercoaster Tycoon.

Graphics: 7/10

Ok, on this point I'm reasonable. When this game was developed in 1999 the graphics were good, but when you compare it now to games that are coming up like Doom 3 and so, it looks really awful. So I'm reasonable. But still the graphics look ok. The surroundings aren't good to be honest. It's mostly just earth and trees. Boring. But the rides themselves can be changed with different colours, to name a nice detail. That's fun. Another weird point: you'll see that the visitors in your park look like people from the same age and the same gender. They're no women and children. But alright, it's all just simple but not ugly.

Sound: 9/10

Positive, positive. Yes, it's very nice. You hear people scream when they come off the rides and you can here them eat as well. Another fun detail, when you click on the ducks they will make a lovely sound. What to say more...(people said that my reviews were too short and I now know nothing anymore about the sound)

Gameplay: 9/10

I don't give 10's but this comes close. I have got only sentence to tell you: you can get really addicted to this game. And why so? Just to be a boss in your own park gives you a feeling that you didn't have for a long time. To build the rollercoasters that's fantastic. Build them underground, on top of hills etc. And the shops you can build. With all sorts of food and drinks and souvenirs and balloons and teddybears and umbrella's and so on and so on.

Lastability: 9/10 (nice word isn't it?)

Before you have build all the rollercoasters possible and before all your guests are happy with your park.......yes, that can take a while. Before you have finished all the missions....yes, that too can take a while. But the only negative point here is that if you can't finish the mission it gets boring sooner or later. But that doesn't matter, eh?

Replay Value: 9/10

You have to replay this game otherwise you might as well throw it away. But you will, you'll see. You will get addicted soon enough. To build the rollercoasters as creepy as you like on and on, who doesn't want that?

Tilt: 9/10

I had several questions about what a tilt rating was? Well, gamespot uses it too. It is your thought of the complete game but not the final score, cause that's all the scores together. Ok, enough of this smart talk. I give this game a high tilt rating, simply because I love it. I said it all!

Positive points:
- you can get addicted
- sound
- you can build so much....

Negative points:
- the graphics (but it's not disturbing)
- uhmmmmmmmmmm.......

Final score: 9/10

To buy or not to buy? Buy again, it's not expensive anymore and it's a fantastic game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 02/25/03, Updated 02/25/03

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