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"One of the best Sim games on the market with a few problems"

Gameplay: 8/10
When I first got this game I was expecting a simple game. I thought all you would have to do is put up a couple of rides and earn money. Boy was I wrong. The game has a simple format, but ends up becoming complex after a hour or so. The main objective of the game is to have a good running theme park and that will make people leave happy. In order to do this you will need to build countless shops, paths, rides, and anything else you can think of. The simplest things can turn your amusement park into a disaster, like if you don't put a bench or bathroom next to a fast ride(mainly roller coasters). They will barf all over your park and people will complain about it(by the help window, which is very useful at times) and leave. To clean up the puke, you need handymen which you will hire throughout the game. You can hire a handyman(clean up and mow grass), entertainer(to bring joy to the people in the park), mechanic(to fix rides and to check if the rides are stable). All through the game you will need to hire more staff and build more rides.

You also have to keep track of your money wisely. If you go spending to much at once, you will end up bankrupt and wont be able to build anything for a while(that's not fun). Also, you might want to change up the environment a little in your park. Some of the levels in the game don't come with a lake, so you need to build one to use water rides. Some of the times the land will be uneven, therefore not letting you build there till you straiten it out.

If you think that your going to just get rich and put every ride in the game in one park, think again. They give limited land, which can make the difficulty skyrocket. You will need to choose where you're going to put everything carefully. Once you complete the mission objective, you get new levels which are more interesting than the next. The game also gives you a interesting movement device. You can click on one of your people and name them, and let you make the help window tells which rides they go on and when they leave the park.

The game demands the you please your costumers. Just making rides doesn't cut it in this game. You'll need to build candy shops, drink stands, and balloon stores just to make it descent . You can set a price for all of the shops/stands(including the bathroom) to make you rich. Also keep in mind that the people will not pay if it gets to expensive.

Graphics: 7/10
Most of the graphics in the game are dated and not very detailed. The people all look the same(besides different color shirts) and they're are no girls. The whole game looks like your looking through a smoke glass, which takes away the brightness and screws with the colors. It makes up for all of that though by giving very good animation and can hold up to 2,000 people on the screen at once!!!
The roller coasters look descant, but could've been better.

Sound: 6/10
The sounds in the game are also pretty much dated. They have the same ones over and over again, which does get repetitive after a while. The good thing is there are so many. All down to the ching-ching noise when someone pays to the people chattering makes you not mind they're the same thing.

This is where the game hits HARD. This has got to be one of the most addictive titles ever relased.Ever. I played the first level around twenty times before I finally moved on to the next one. That alone proves that this is one of the most fun games ever created.

The graphic and sound bring this game down, but maybe you'll learn to love it as I have.

Rent or Buy?
-Buy, you wont regret it.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 04/23/03, Updated 04/23/03

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