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Wow is the word to describe this game and you'll never get tired of it. Just go out and buy the game it only costs $30 and thats preety cheep for the stuff thats in this game. You'll get your moneys worth I promise.

The graphics are really good you can see guests barf, (sick) park maps, food, and the lines for the coasters are way too long. You can pick up guests and do anything top them, you can even drown them but now why would you want to do that. You can also check how much money guests have in thier wallet.

The sound is great you can here the Merry Go Round and Bumper Cars when your near them. You can here guests screaming and just playing around. But they do talk too much. When the guests get off really exciting rides they feel sick and if they don't sit down in time and rest you'll here them barf.

Most of the theme parks are easy but some can be hard, like if you don't have enough land but you can still buy park but that costs $30 to buy new land thats just too much. You can build your own Roller Coasters and make how much you want guests to pay to get on, but don't make it too much. The thoughts of people can make people leave your park.

The controls are really easy all you have to do is your mouse but if you don't want to you can still use the keyboard but it's a lot harder to use the keyboard.

After you beat a park you might want to go back to the park and try again or you might just want to go to a different park. But if you beat a park another park opens up and you can try to beat that one.

Buy, Buy, Buy!
Go to software stores and look for this game on the shelves. It's weird that you can't rent it first but why rent it just go out and buy it, it only costs $30. If you don't have $30 dollars save up cause your missing all the fun.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/30/00, Updated 01/30/00

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