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Reviewed: 02/02/00 | Updated: 02/02/00

This Game is Amazing

When I first saw this game, I said, uh oh...not another Theme Park....
but then a friend of mine said ''Try it! It's cool!!!''
So I bought it.
And now I wonder what I did before this.

Roller Coaster Tycoon sets a new precedent for simulation games, because not only do you get to create a theme park, but you also get to design a very large part of the rides and attractions that go into it.

Graphics (9/10)
The graphics are pretty good, and the add-on makes them even better. Sometimes though, the rides can get in the way, and hiding them doesn't always work (Especially if you are working on a ride) Other than that, the graphics are awesome.

Sound (8/10)
The sound in this game in interesting... I wish you could have like a music playing all the time through the game, but you can't. Only time music plays is when a carousel is in your screen...(oh well) But SFX are pretty cool...just listening to someone toss cookies, especially after riding an intense ride is different... and listen to those people scream!!!

This game is incredibly easy to control. It is window based, so many of the data screens are easy to access. The placement is very easy. The only gripes that I have is that sometimes it can be very hard to make a rideable rollercoaster by yourself. (It took me a lot of practice) And another thing. I think you should be able to create roller coasters on like a training ground, and be able to put them in the game. The game only allows you to use pre-made ones, or ones that you design on the spot. But that is part of the fun...

There are many,many scenarios, and each takes a little while to complete. But after you complete a scenario, sometimes it is fun to play it again to try to better your score.

I gave this game a ten because not only is it very fun to play, it has an awesome support site on the Web. The support site has roller coasters created by the game designer and has roller coasters made by other people. A must visit. I think that this game is a must have, even for people who don't like sims.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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