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"A Rock Solid Simulation"

A Fantastic experience for all the hopeful owners of any Dream theme park. Roller Coaster Tycoon fully isolates every specific factor of the game, break them down, and perfect them to an extent that is so impressive, many deem it the best Theme Park simulation game on the market, even today. Roller Coaster Tycoon(RCT for Short), is a game that evens out all of the primary factors that are in a game, and does it in a strong manner. Chris Sawyer deserves all the props in the world for making a game like this available to gamers everywhere, and gave birth to a Top-Name game that will continue to impress players everywhere. Here is how I see Roller Coaster Tycoon in all it's glory... Broken down part by part.

The most important part of any game, the gameplay. The control is mind-boggling awesome, and also more fun than any other simulation game out there, arguably. You control each and every aspect of the park. You can pick out certain rides or make them yourselves. Spike money by building Ice Cream, Food, Information shops and more. Control where the bathrooms, trash bins, janitors and entertainers go, and even control basics such as the Park Name, Line Styles, Entrance Fees and more. The sky is the one and only limit in this Original version of RCT. The rides vary incredibly, and have interesting rides for any average theme park visitor, the guy who loves the Insane stuff, or the calm visitors who enjoy casual walks and the Merry-Go-Round. It is pleasurable to finally be able to build your dream park, and have it succeed. Chris Sawyer has it down pat... Ten out of Ten in this department.

Amazing! The realism and hype that the Graphics in this game deliver just jump out at you! Without a doubt, you cannot get much better graphics in a Simulation game, or a PC Game at all... The faces and Rides are just incredibly real. From Vomit from Sick visitors after being on Roller Coasters to the Trash thrown on the ground after eating a Hamburger even to the Janitor that must clean these items up, Chris Sawyer incorporates the graphics smoothly. There are a lot of different aspects that can be looked at when concerning graphics, and I am looking at all of them, And without a doubt, The booths are surely the best of the graphics. Ice Cream, Bathroom, Hamburger, Hot Dog, and many more booths compliment the Trash Bins, Entertainers, Janitors, Cops to prevent Vandalism and more. The graphics in this PC Game compare to that of the new ''Next Generation'' systems(PS2, Xbox, Gamecube). Perfectly Executed graphics deserve a Perfect score, Ten out of Ten in the Graphics Category.

Another perfectly executed feature of the game. Chris Sawyer has incorporated the fun and youth of a Theme Park into our Computers. Giggles, Screams, Laughs, and Ride sound effects are delivered. The Roller Coasters wheels fly across the smooth Metal rails of the Roller Coaster. Perfectly executed sound that simply can not be put into just a few words. There are available sounds on some rides as well, like the Scrambler or Merry-Go-Round for instance. The realism of the sound even goes to lengths of hearing the Janitors broom sweeping against the Pavement, or the Janitors mowing the realistic growing lawn. When you are near a Bathroom, you can hear the visitors flushing the stalls. So unbelievably realistic... Sawyer incorporates the Sound better than any other PC Game, ever, In my honest opinion.

This is where the game truly Excels. Yeah, it really does Excel in every department actually, but the Replayability is the BEST. You have so many Scenarios to gain by beating others... You can do just about anything time and time again here. Work your hardest, strive, to make every visitor of your park perfectly happy. This will spike up your fan interest, and that will gain you some more cash. Once you beat every scenario, you gain access to a MEGA Park. Building Mega park can take Hours upon Hours in real time to perfect. There are so many different stages, and so many different possible choices in every portion of this game, that you will find yourself playing on hours on end, losing track of time. At this point, it seems Chris Sawyer has done a perfect job, and he has... This is the last major Department that this game has, and every single one of them were perfect... Truly inspirational to all the other Simulation games that will come out onto the market in the next decade, Amazing.

Final Recommendation-BUY
Without a doubt, you have to buy this game. From the most obvious factors of just how cheap you can get this game, to the detailed factors of heaps and heaps of replayability... This is a must buy. With the extremely detailed Add-Ons and sequels to this masterpiece, this original Rollercoaster Tycoon is a definite buy, Especially at the Price it is coming down to now. There you have it, my honest and humble opinions of this game... Perfect. A lot of people have always wanted to attempt to build their dream parks, and RCT Delivers many different Scenarios and Rides to make that come true... Truly awesome Simulation.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/29/03

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