Review by Corndog

"Totally Perfect!"

At $30, it is one of the best games for the PC that I have. Ever since I got it, I have played it for at least an hour every day. It is a totally addictive game because I love designing rollercoasters.

Besides just building rollercoasters, you are in charge of a whole theme park where you hire staff, build a large assortment of thrill, water, and gentle rides, along with food stands, bathrooms, and decorating your park with flowers, walls, trees, and even large egyptian pyramids. But of course, you can pick from 14 different rollercoaster styles and several different track types from in-line twists of the inverted rollercoaster to 90 degree drops of the vertical rollercoaster. Aside from designing custom rollercoasters, you also can design your own go-kart track, log ride, observation tower, freefall, and hedgemaze.

The graphics for Rollercoaster Tycoon are about the same quality as SimCity 2000. The detail is great because you see the guests reading maps, using umbrellas, getting sick and mad, drinking, eating, puking, and sitting.

The control is very simple because all that you have to use is your mouse. Even learning some keyboard shortcuts to speed up the gameplay can make the experience alot more conveinent for you.

The sound is great because it has amusement style music (duh) and sound effects featuring: people barfing (nasty but true), balloons popping, water splashing, and chainlifts pulling up rollercoaster cars.

Along with the great graphics, easy controls,and themed music, the fun factor of this game is huge because so many people all over the world love to ride and build rollercoasters. This is your chance! I personally love this game because it has over 100 hours of gameplay and 20 levels each with great replayability. There are many environments including forests, beaches, deserts, etc. with there own theming subjects.

I deem this a MUST BUY OF THE YEAR game because I think it is great. That is why I gave it a 10/10. If you are without this game, I suggest you save up your money and buy it as soon as possible!

Graphics: 10 (Great detail)

Control: 10 (User friendly)

Sound: 9.5 (Gets old, but still fun)

Fun Factor: 10 (Great gameplay)

Originality: 9.5 (Kind of copied "Theme Park")

*Buyability*: 10 (MUST BUY OF THE YEAR award)

Review by: Corndog

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/01/99, Updated 11/01/99

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