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"To Buy, Or Not To Buy. That Is The Question."

This is the most awesome PC game I have ever played! I was hesitant to buy it at first since it was $30 and I don't have $30 that often. I finally got up the courage to buy it thinking that I could sell it if I didn't like it. I have kept it since. I have spent hours upon hours designing rollercoasters and parks. Buiding rollercoaster is easy. Building successful rollercoasters is HARD! You have the ''G'' forces, excitement, nausea (don't want your visitors to barf!), and intensity. I won't get off into all that. The scenarios are very hard! Of course, I had to use a trainer (a device downloaded off the internet for extra money, etc). I am not getting off into that, either. I could get easily sidetracked on this. Okay, so here's how it got the 10:

Gameplay (10/10): There is no end to this game. You are constantly having to hire Handymen to sweep the streets full of barf and liter (mostly clean, though), empty recycling bins, mow grass, and water gardens, mechanics to fix and inspect the coasters, security men to stop vandals, and entertainers to entertain the kiddos. You also are constantly having to upgrade your coaster for higher satistfaction ratings, analyze your visitors, put up information desks, and other shops and small rides for the kiddies.

Sound (8/10): The sound is screams when near a coaster, the usual carousal (spelling?) music when around one, and the nonstop sound of a large crowd. Every once in a while I think I hear a kid saying ''Coca-Cola''. I get so carried away in the game that I don't half hear the sound.

Replayability (10/10): This is what the game is about. After all, you learn as you go, so you will have designed dozens of parks in no time.

Controls (10/10): Awesome. Just move the cursor to the egde of the screen and your moving around your park. Easy to get around in. Zoom in/Zoom out features add a lot to it, also. Everything is a jump, skip, and a click away.

So should you buy it or rent it? Buy it. If you don't like it, sell it. There are always people wanting this game. If you have patience, and love Sim games, get your butt off the chair and go buy it.

I love it so much that I have the $20 expansion pack (Corkscrew Follies). Of course, you don't want me rambling on and on like I did for this one...

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 04/11/00, Updated 04/11/00

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