Review by BeJay

"Chris Sawyer's Masterpiece"

Imagine the best amusement park you've ever been to. I'll wait.

Are you back?

OK. Think any old bozo could top it? Now you can. RollerCoaster Tycoon revived the Theme Park Subgenre and is an incredibly great game. It's not 3D, it doesn't require top of the line system requirements, and it's never been sold for over $30, without tax.

But it's fun.

Yeah, you could be blowing people away with an Uzi in Tomb Raider or Unreal Tournament. But if you like Real Time strategy, this IS YOUR GAME. I have spent days building coasters, and had never even ridden one of the big ones. But now I have - and all because of the game. It's so addictive! And it isn't just rollercoasters. You can build over 10 types, sure, but I'm not sure every single person on earth wants to hit th big ones. Some people will settle for a Carousel or a Ferris Wheel. The game is getting that balance to make a perfect park. Scenery. A beautiful park. Well maintained. Exciting (and not nauseating) rides. A nice place to sit. A store for lunch. All of it. Now I talk in a different language almost, talking about the advantages of steel over wood, and the strategies on how to build a better coaster with a decent amount of inversions.

Graphics: 8
I must admit, I didn't buy the game for the graphics. Although it was in 2D, The grahics are great for this kind of game.

Sound: 10
First, it has 3D sound. If you have a coaster on the left and a carousel on the right, you hear organ music in the right, screaming on the left.

Gameplay: 10
Simple. Fun. Addictive. Wow.

Replayability: 10
Trying to build the perfect coaster is riveting. Just riveting.

Overall: 10
Wow. Buy this Now. $29.99 is too good to be true.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 04/26/00, Updated 04/26/00

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