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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Giovanni

    Version: 1.5 | Updated: 06/15/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    *****HOMEWORLD FAQ*****
    *Written By: Giovanni, Giovanni@pokeschool.com
    *Version Updates:
    Version 1.5, 6-15-01:
    For those of you who remember that notice about not being able to contact me,
    you can contact me again.  I did delete that notice, in case you were wondering
    what happened to it.  On another happy note, I have the next level up.  Deep
    Space: The Sea of Lost Souls.  Also starting to reformat the guide, for no
    reason other than I feel like it.
    V-1.4 3-31-01
    As for good news, I've finally got the Cathedral of Kadesh level up, although
    you've probably already beaten it.  Need to start working on the walkthrough...
    V-1.3 3-10-01
    Added specific research files, and did a little more work on the research tree.
     The Research section is definitely better.  Also reworked the Table of
    Contents to make it easier to navigate.  Lastly, http://DLH.Net has been given
    permission to host my FAQ.  They're a German/American site, and it's worth
    checking out.
    V-1.25 3-8-01
    Fourth version.  Just added Unit Build Times and gave thanks to MetroidMoo for
    them.  Also reworded a couple things.  Not much of an update, is it?
    V-1.2  3-8-01
    Third version.  Gave everything an update, reworded many things, added
    sections.  Take a look at my Research Trees.  And a Story section is now up,
    with my own version of the story.  Longer, but better, than the in-game intro,
    V-1.1  3-5-01
    Second version.  I gave permission to Neoseekers to use my FAQ, so it's OK if
    they have it.  Updated the Walkthrough, added a section, revised how to get the
    bug in Mission 2.  Updated other parts in small amounts, spellchecked the
    thing, and basically did what I should do.
    V-1.0  3-3-01
    The first version.  The FAQ's in it's beginnings... Not much else to say.
    This FAQ is not to be used as a motivation for _ ANY _ crime, act, or whatever.
     The creator of this FAQ, Giovanni, assumes no responsibility whatsoever for
    anything some person(*cough*) may do because of reading this FAQ.  They would
    have done it anyway sometime, my FAQ or not.
    Table of Contents:
    I~Version Updates
    *Section 1: Miscellaneous
       Area 1-1: What you can and can't do with this FAQ
       Area 1-2: Contacting Me
    *Section 2: The Story of Homeworld
    *Section 3: The Fleet
       Area 3-1: The Instruction Book's and My look at Ship Categories
       Area 3-2: Fighters
       Area 3-3: Corvettes
    *Section 4: Battle Tactics/Tips
       Area 4-1: VS. Computers
       Area 4-2: VS. Human Players
       Area 4-3: Tactics
       Area 4-4: Formations
    *Section 5: Technologies
        Area 5-1: Research Trees
        Area 5-2: Technologies
    *Section 6: Battle Strategy
    *Section 7: Frequently Asked Questions
    *Section 8: Special Thanks/Legal Info
    Section 1: Miscellaneous
      **Area 1-1: What you CAN and CANNOT to with this FAQ**
    What you CAN do with this FAQ:
     Print it out, in FULL.  Print everything.  And try to get the latest version.
     Show it to friends, as long as it's the complete copy and you don't take
    credit for it.
    What you CAN'T do with this FAQ:
     Charge a fee for showing it to people.
     Take credit for it.
     Post it on a website without my permission!  As of this update, the only
    places where this can appear on the net are:
     GameFAQs: http://www.gamefaqs.com
     Neoseekers: http://www.neoseeker.com
     DLH: http://DLH.Net
    And, if you have this FAQ on your website, you may not modify it in any way,
    convert it from a text file to something else, wrap it with banners, etc. 
    Basically, just post it, not modified at all, and nothing else on the page it's
    If you find this FAQ anywhere else, email me immediately!  And if you want my
    permission, email me at Giovanni@pokeschool.com
      **Area 1-2: Contacting Me**
    You may contact me, the author, IF:
     You find it on another website other than one I have given permission to,
    there's a list above and in the Special Thanks/Legal Info section.
     You want to point out a mistake.
     You want to add something I forgot or didn't already have.
     You want to try to contribute something.  All submissions welcome, but please,
    no stage strategies until something on that stage is already up.  No, that
    doesn't include the previews I may occasionally have at the end.
     You want to offer me items of monetary value (or pizza).
     You want to praise me for the great job I've done.
     You want to... uh... flame me?  But why would you want to flame me?
    You may NOT contact me, the author, IF:
     You want to send me computer viruses.
     You have threats of any kind.
     Your email is blocked...
     You have love letters or type in something 'personal'(Hugs, Kisses, etc.) in
    your mail...  Or anything like that...
    Section 2: The Story of Homeworld:
      There are people living on the desert world of Kharak.  They all think one of
    two things: Their home planet is Kharak, or their home planet is not Kharak,
    that they were exiled there by the gods.  After some time, a paper is presented
    to the rulers of this world.  It states that "Our helix proteins bear little
    similarity to most of the life on Kharak."  So, the faction that thought they
    were exiled grew.
      Over time, space flight was developed.  Pilots or those flights reported
    encounters with strange debris. They brought some back to Kharak, and found
    they were containing isotope combinations unknown to Kharak - or the whole
    stellar system.  No fragments larger then a hand were found.
      Then a powerful radar satellite was launched in hopes of locating more debris
    rings, possibly bearing larger pieces.  But a malfunction in a rocket caused it
    to do an about-face and scan the surface.  About 75 feet below the surface of
    the harshest desert on the planet, a strong return showed where there was
    supposed to be none.
      After repeated radar scans, enough high-ranking people were convinced that
    they pooled resources to take a team out to investigate.  Through the harshest
    conditions on the planet, they excavated it.  It turned out to be the first
    city on Kharak.  It was named Khar-Toba.
      While people were tracing power lines, they burrowed farther underneath and
    found a power plant - much more advanced then their own at the time.  And
    attached to it was a complete hyperdrive module - which catapulted their
    technology a thousand years ahead.
      With the hyperdrive and power plant, the so-called treasures of Khar-Toba,
    carted away, only a few archaeologists were left to excavate the rest.  When
    they opened up the doors to what was an observatory, they found a stone.  It
    depicted the galaxy, with a line crossing from what was Kharak's position to
    the central hub.  And on it was a single word, ancient and common to all
    dialects:  Hiigara, home.
      The archaeologists brought the stone back, and a project was started to get
    them back home.  First the Scaffold was constructed.  It would be the
    construction yard needed to build the Mothership.  Then the Mothership was
    built.  The 600,000 occupants that would travel to Hiigara would be
    cryogenically frozen inside it's hull.  Then, they encountered a problem.
      There would be so many functions to perform, the staff grew into hundreds. 
    With command added, it became clear that in any sort of crisis, the Mothership
    would suffer from communication paralysis.  Then a neurologist stepped forward
    with a plan.
      She was working on biological circuits.  When she heard about the program,
    she demanded that her system be used on her - to transform her into Fleet
    Command, capable of doing hundreds of responses per second.
      They built it.  Now, the testing begins.  And you head to the walkthrough
    from now on.
    Section 3: The Fleet:
    [NOTE:  There's no ship data besides what there is because I could not find
    reliable information in either the game stats or the instruction book.  The
    only reason what's there now is there is because that's the truth, at least in
    my experience.]
     **Area 3-1:The Instruction Book's and My look at Ship Categories**
    *Strike Craft:
    Excerpt: This small ship class includes both Fighters and Corvette hulls. 
    While highly maneuverable (Fighters are the only vessel class capable of
    performing special combat flight maneuvers), Strike Craft are unable to carry
    enough reactor mass to generate a self-sustaining drive torch, and so they must
    be refueled.  This limits their range from the Mothership, unless a Support
    Frigate is provided to carry fuel for them.  Strike Craft also are too small to
    carry to carry the hyper drive module and cannot enter hyperspace by
    My Analysis: They are good at avoiding getting hit, unless they are against
    other fighters, and vice versa.  However, they use fuel, which is their major
    downpoint.  They're good, overall, but the only one that can do serious damage
    against corvettes is the Plasma Bomber, and it falls to other strike craft in a
    matter of seconds.
    *Capital Ships:
    Excerpt: This class represents the first generation of large crew vessels and
    includes the Frigate and Destroyer(book's typo, I know) classes of warships
    along with the larger support vessels like the Cloak Generator, Resource
    Collector, and Gravity Well Generator  Capital Ships are the hard backbone of
    any attack fleet, and what they lack in speed and maneuverability is made up
    for in firepower and armor.  Capital Ships have a limited self-repair
    My Analysis: Since it includes the Support Frigate and Multi-Beam Frigate(you
    capture it in the Cathedral of Kadesh stage), the class has to be good(at least
    somewhat).  You have the Multi-Beam for firepower, and the Assault and Support
    Frigates for backup.  I like it.
    *Super Capital Ship:
    Excerpt: These huge warships represent vast investments of resources, time, and
    technology, and are as valuable as they are powerful.  Second only to the
    massive Mothership in size and capability, these vessels are dreadnoughts of
    cutting edge technology.  They carry their own hyper drive modules and some
    even have onboard manufacturing arrays in order to replace ordinance or
    construct smaller vessels.  While extremely powerful and able to absorb large
    amounts of damage, they are still vulnerable to masses of small ships and
    should never be deployed without a flotilla of smaller warships.
    My Analysis: "...and should never be deployed without a flotilla of smaller
    warships." So true.  While the Destroyers and Heavy Cruisers kill Capitals and
    other Super Capitals, never leave without something that can take care of
    Strike Craft, or your chances of losing your fleet more than double.
     **Area 3-2: Fighters**
    Cost: 35 RUs
    Build Time: 12 seconds
    Special Function: Speed Burst
    Required Technology: None
    Excerpt: True to it's name, the Scout is a fast, cheap ship that is useful for
    scouting out enemy locations.  Because of it's high maneuverability, the Scout
    is excellent for
    My Analysis: Besides the 7 you get at the beginning of the game, don't get any
    more.  7 is sufficient for the first two stages-then they're useless after
    Cost: 55 RUs
    Build Time: 18 seconds
    Special Function: None
    Required Technology: Fighter Drive, Heavy Fighter Chassis
    Excerpt: While less maneuverability than the Scout, the Interceptor easily
    compensates with it's with it's much heavier weaponry.  The Interceptor is a
    good Fighter killer and stacks up favorably against Capital Ships when used in
    greater numbers.
    My Analysis: Vastly improved version of the Scout.  Keep 20-30 on hand in the
    beginning of the game to get rid of enemy fighters.  Near the end of the game,
    they grow obsolete, as the main use is to kill other enemy fighters, which the
    Missile Destroyer does better.
    -Attack Bomber:
    Cost: 85 RUs
    Build Time: 20 seconds
    Special Function: None
    Required Technology: Fighter Drive, Heavy Fighter Chassis, Plasma Bomb Launcher
    Excerpt: A technological advance created plasma bomb technology small enough to
    fir in a Fighter-sized craft.  The Attack Bomber was born.  While it's
    slow-moving plasma bombs can be outrun by Fighters, they make short work of
    Frigates and other Capital ships.
    My Analysis: For some reason, these things have a tendency to die.  Is it that
    they just get hit more, I don't know.  Anyway, that combined with a high cost
    for a fighter and slow build time for a fighter make it bad.  Avoid these if
    you can, but don't be that afraid to use these if you have to, they're not that
    Cost: 65 RUs
    Build Time: 9 seconds
    Special Function: None
    Required Technology: Fighter Drive, Heavy Fighter Chassis, Defender Sub-Systems
    Excerpt: Although it's slow speed keeps the Defender from being a primary
    attack force, it's gimbaled guns and high power rotational thrusters allow it
    the greatest coverage of all Fighters.
    My Analysis: There are 3 rules to using these things:
    1-Don't attack with them.
    2-Only defend with them(preferably defend Mothership).
    3-Always use in large numbers if you use them.
    If you follow those 3 rules, they end up being pretty decent.  Break the
    rules(especially 3), and they end up being worthless.
    -Cloaked Fighter:
    Cost: 85 RUs
    Build Time: 45 seconds
    Special Function: Cloaking
    Required Technology: Fighter Drive, Heavy Fighter Chassis, Cloaked Fighter
    Excerpt: With cloaking sails active, the Cloaked Fighter is the stealthiest
    ship around.  Highly useful for simple surveillance, the Cloaked Fighter is
    also a good attack craft.  It must, however, de-cloak to fire, making it
    vulnerable for a short period of time.
    My Analysis: It beats the Scouts beautifully at their own game.  While, unlike
    the Cloak Generator, it doesn't need to recharge, it does use fuel, so it's
    balanced.  The major downfalls are that it takes a while to build and costs a
    -Defense Fighter:
    Cost: 85 RUs
    Build Time: 20 seconds
    Special Function: None
    Required Technology: Fighter Drive, Heavy Fighter Chassis, Defense Fighter
    Excerpt: The Defense Fighter has no attack weaponry to speak of; instead it
    fires beams from it's emitter dome to shoot down oncoming enemy fire.  This
    makes the Defense Fighter an excellent mobile protective force, especially when
    used with other Fighter craft.
    My Analysis: If only they shot down all enemy weaponry... Oh well.  Since they
    build rather fast for an 85 RU fighter, it can actually be put to use. 
    However, use the Defender's 3 rules.
     **Area 3-3: Corvettes**
    -Light Corvette:
    Cost: 135 RUs
    Build Time: 22 seconds
    Special Function: None
    Required Technology: Corvette Drive, Corvette Chassis
    Excerpt: It's heavy-duty engine, chassis, and armor make the Light Corvette
    significantly slower than any of the Fighter-class ships(besides the Defender).
     It's salvation comes in a powerful turreted gun which is fast enough to hit
    Fighters flying at full speed.
    My Analysis: Bad.  By the time you can use this, one more research topic and
    you get the much better Heavy Corvette, and you can do the research for the
    Heavy Corvette on the same stage.  Never use these.
    -Heavy Corvette:
    Cost: 250 RUs
    Build Time: 25 seconds
    Special Function: Charged Burst Attack
    Required Technology: Corvette Drive, Corvette Chassis, Heavy Corvette Upgrade
    Excerpt: More armored than it's light cousin, the Heavy Corvette adds a second
    high powered turret to an already powerful craft.  It's turrets allow the Heavy
    Corvette to track two fighters at once and also make it a moderate threat to
    Capital Ships.
    My Analysis: First, the Charged Burst Attack is worthless.  Second, it's a
    decided improvement over the Light Corvette.  Better firepower, better armor,
    and better coverage make it one of the best corvettes.
    -Repair Corvette:
    Cost: 150 RUs
    Build Time: 20 seconds
    Special Function: Can Repair and refuel Strike Craft
    Required Technology: Corvette Drive
    Excerpt: The Repair Corvette is capable of repairing and refueling Fighters "in
    the field."  While equipped with only a small gun, the Repair Corvette has
    heavy armor to protect itself and the craft it's repairing.  Timely support
    from a Repair Corvette can be quite useful in a long battle.
    My Analysis: Never use.  NEVER.  By the time you'll need to repair stuff, the
    Support Frigate will be in your arsenal.  And it's 10 times better.
    -Salvage Corvette:
    Cost: 220 RUs
    Build Time: 30 seconds
    Special Function: Capture of enemy ships
    Required Technology: None in Single Player, Corvette Drive and Corvette Chassis
    in Multiplayer
    Excerpt: This beefy Corvette was once used exclusively for towing junk and
    salvaging derelicts.  After being adapted for combat, the Salvage Corvette
    gained the ability to capture enemy ships that are heavily damaged.  Once
    captured, these ships are towed back to a Carrier or the Mothership for
    My Analysis: Don't be thinking you need to damage a ship for the Salvage
    Corvette to capture it, you don't.  Also, you need a certain amount of ships to
    capture certain things.  Right from the Readme file, here's the list:
    Frigate = 2 Salvage Corvettes
    Destroyer = 3 Salvage Corvettes
    Heavy Cruiser = 5 Salvage Corvettes
    Carrier = 5 Salvage Corvettes
    And, since they can capture any Capital/Super Capital Ship, they are insanely
    useful.  Build 12 before stage 7 and never let their number run below that.
    -Multi-Gun Corvette:
    Cost: 225 RUs
    Build Time: 28 seconds
    Special Function: None
    Required Technology: Corvette Drive, Corvette Chassis, Fast-Tracking Turrets
    Excerpt: Following advances in turrets and auto-targeting, the Multi-Gun
    Corvette was conceived.  It sports a full six articulating turrets.  This
    allows it to track numerous fast-moving targets at once, making it especially
    deadly against large groups of Fighters.
    My Analysis: The second-best Corvette, next to the Salvage Corvette.  Sure, it
    does less damage to Capital Ships, but since you'll be avoiding most of their
    fire, it doesn't really matter(unless up against a Multi-Beam Frigate or
    Missile Destroyer).  And, since it's much deadlier against Fighters than the
    Heavy Corvette, it's better than the Heavy Corvette.
    -Minelayer Corvette:
    Cost: 295 RUs
    Build Time: 40 seconds
    Special Function: Creation of Minefields
    Required Technology: Corvette Drive, Corvette Chassis, Minelaying Tech
    Excerpt: While the Minelayer has normal attack capability(dropping mines that
    float slowly towards the target), it can also perform a force mine drop, where
    a wall of mines are laid at the current location.  Running into a minefield
    with a fleet of Capital Ships is sure to ruin anyone's day.
    My Analysis: There is no place where these things can really be put to use. 
    Except maybe the Hiigara level, these things, if built, are probably going to
    stay docked the entire game.  Sure, they're not that bad, but save your money
    and don't build any.  Great idea, but it's just not worth it.
     **Area 3-4: Frigates**
    -Assault Frigate:
    Cost: 575 RUs
    Build Time: 1 minute
    Special Function: None
    Required Technology: Capital Ship Drive, Capital Ship Chassis
    Excerpt: The Assault Frigate is the most general purpose combat ship of the
    capital ships.  It has four large turrets, which afford it excellent coverage,
    as well as two fixed plasma bomb launchers.  While it's turrets are too slow to
    track fast-moving fighters, they can take out the slower Corvettes with ease.
    My Analysis: No, they can't 'take out Corvettes with ease'.  They keep missing
    when the Corvettes are on Evasive tactics.  These things are bad against all
    Strike Craft, as almost all Capital and Super Capital Ships are.  Overall,
    pretty decent, and the only thing you have to do with these is have some sort
    of Strike Craft neutralizers.
    -Ion Cannon Frigate:
    Cost: 650 RUs
    Build Time: 1 minute
    Special Function: None
    Required Technology: Capital Ship Drive, Capital Ship Chassis, Ion Cannons
    Excerpt: When ion power was harnessed, the scale necessary to produce a
    severely damaging beam meant that an entire Frigate could only hold one cannon.
     The acceleration ladder alone runs the entire length of the ship.  What
    results is a devastatingly powerful, focused ion beam.
    My Analysis: Certain death FROM Strike Craft, not to.  The Assault Frigate has
    better chances against them, and it can barely kill one or two when a squadron
    attacks.  I'm sorry, but it's impossible NOT to die to fighters if your whole
    fleet is filled up with these things.  However, it's also the best against
    other capitals, so it should merit some positions in you fleet.  But, don't
    give it more than half of those positions.
    -Support Frigate:
    Cost: 425 RUs
    Build Time: 1 minute 5 seconds
    Special Function: Can repair and refuel Strike Craft, repair Capital Ships
    Required Technology:
    Excerpt: Giving support to Strike Craft in combat is the Support Frigate's main
    role.  It has ten Fighter docking pads and four Corvette docking arms for
    repairing and refueling.  Although it is well armored, the Support Frigate has
    only one large turret for defense and is best left alone.
    My Analysis: No, it's main role is repairing Capital Ships. The Strike Craft
    repairing and refueling is just a bonus.  Best left alone, this thing is the
    only thing that saves you in the Hiigara level.  Set them to heal the
    mothership in the Hiigara level, not your attack craft.  No exceptions.  And,
    on a finishing note, it's the best Frigate in the game.
    -Drone Frigate:
    Cost: 800 RUs
    Build Time: 1 minute 15 seconds
    Special Function: Drone Launching/Retraction
    Required Technology: Capital Ship Drive, Capital Ship Chassis, Drone Technology
    Excerpt: The Drone Frigate is essentially a holding and control system for the
    24 drones it houses.  These highly maneuverable drones each contain a powerful
    gun and, when launched, form a protective sphere around the Drone Frigate,
    giving it superb protection against Fighters.
    My Analysis: Never used these, so I can't say anything, but I hear that the
    drones can be used to destroy mines, as they project far enough ahead to
    attract them.  Once the mines are destroyed, scrap the Frigate itself.
    -Defense Field Frigate:
    Cost: 800 RUs
    Build Time: 1 minute 15 seconds
    Special Function: Defense Field(always active)
    Required Technology: Capital Ship Drive, Capital Ship Chassis, Defense Field
    Excerpt: Like the Defense Fighter, the Defense Field Frigate has no attack
    capability.  It can, however, deflect almost 100% of all oncoming enemy fire,
    with the exception of ion beams, mines, and missiles.
    My Analysis: First, it costs too much for something with that small of an
    effect area.  Second, it can't deflect ion beams, the most devastating weapon
    in the game.  Yes, I know, I said the Defense Fighter was OK, but that was
    because it'll take more time to kill a whole flotilla centered around the
    Mothership than a slow, obnoxious, easy bait Capital Ship that can easily be
    taken down with ion cannons.  You can't exactly hit something that moves with
    an ion beam that easily.
    -Ion Array Frigate:
    No data available
    Build Time: N/A
    My Analysis: You capture these from the Turanic Raiders with two Salvage
    Corvettes in the Great Wastelands Part 1 stage.  They are just Ion Cannon
    Frigates with a new appearance, and I think they're a bit slower, too.  But,
    since you get them for free, what did you expect?
    -Multi-Beam Corvette:
    No data available
    Build Time: N/A
    My Analysis: This awesome Frigate is a small, cramped ship with four ion
    cannons.  You capture it in the Cathedral of Kadesh stage from the Kadesh. 
    And, the best thing about it is that it's inaccurate.  What?  You heard me
    right.  Since it's inaccurate, it can sort of 'sweep' the battlefield and
    destroy Fighters and Corvettes.  And, since Frigates and Super Capital Ships
    are big, the inaccuracy doesn't really matter that much.  So, I say in
    conclusion: Capture as many as you can!
    -Fuel Pod:
    No data available
    Build Time: N/A
    My Analysis: Another ship you capture from the Kadesh, only this time you can
    capture it in both of the Kadesh stages.  It does have a small gun, but it's
    like all other support vehicles-small and only there because it needs one.  No
    use for it really, except to retire for a couple hundred RUs and be that much
     **Area 3-5: Super Capital Ships**
    Cost: 1,350 RUs
    Build Time: 2 minutes 30 seconds
    Special Function: None
    Required Technology: Super Capital Ship Drive, Ion Cannons
    Excerpt: When it comes to taking down other Capital Ships, the Destroyer is a
    first choice.  It has twin ion cannons and two modified large turrets.  With
    maneuverability almost equal to a Frigate, the Destroyer is able to move around
    well in combat and react quickly to changes in battle.
    My Analysis: Pretty good.  You should build these over Heavy Cruisers, as you
    can capture the latter and they dish out more if you build 2 than 1 Heavy
    Cruiser.  They're also faster than one.
    -Missile Destroyers:
    Cost: 1,500 RUs
    Build Time: 2 minutes
    Special Function: Missile Volley Attack
    Required Technology: Super Capital Ship Drive, Guided Missiles
    Excerpt: Although it's total firepower is significantly less than that of a
    regular Destroyer, the guided missiles it launches make the Missile Destroyer a
    formidable foe to Strike Craft and Capital Ship alike.  For supply, the Missile
    Destroyer has a full missile manufacturing center in it's belly.
    My Analysis: Only take one or two of these along to destroy Fighters,
    otherwise, the Destroyer is a better choice.  Not bad for it's purpose,
    however, which is to destroy Fighters.
    -Heavy Cruiser:
    Cost: 3,700 RUs
    Build Time: 7 minutes
    Special Function: None
    Required Technology: Super Capital Ship Drive, Super Heavy Chassis, Heavy Guns,
    Ion Cannons
    Excerpt: The goliath of Capital Ships, this bruiser carries four twin-mounted
    ion cannons and six heavy turrets, each almost half the size of an entire
    Frigate.  When a Heavy Cruiser shows up on the scene, things get really quiet
    really fast.
    My Analysis: Two Destroyers more equal this thing in combined firepower, and
    they cost less.  Sure, they can be useful, but you can capture them in later
    levels of the game, so why not?
    Cost: 2,000
    Build Time: 4 minutes 41 seconds
    Special Function: Can repair and refuel Strike Craft
    Required Technology: Super Capital Ship Drive, Super Heavy Chassis
    Excerpt: A veritable feat of engineering, the Carrier incorporates an entire
    construction center, capable of building up to Frigate-class ships.  In
    addition, a huge docking array provides space for up to 50 Fighters and 25
    Corvettes.  It's rapid-fire deck guns give it adequate defense.
    My Analysis: Mothership 2.  These are extremely helpful for organizing your
    Strike Craft fleet.  You only need like one through the whole game, though, so
    capture the one in Great Wastelands Part 2 and keep it.
     **Area 3-6: Motherships**
    Cost: N/A
    Build Time: 25 years
    Special Function: None
    Required Technology: N/A
    Excerpt: The massive mothership contains three main sections: navigation, the
    fleet foundry, and cryogenics.  Navigation analyzes local sensor data, the
    foundry provides complete construction capability, and cryogenics maintains the
    600,000 colonists aboard.
    My Analysis: Don't rely on it's guns to do anything except explode a couple
    fighters or Corvettes.  They are the worst guns in the game, believe it or not.
     Well, maybe they're a little better than a Scout's, but not by that much. 
    Just keep this thing alive, you lose the game if it's destroyed.
     **Area 3-7: Non-Combat Ships**
    -Research Ship:
    Cost: 700 RUs
    Build Time: 1 minute
    Special Function: None
    Required Technology: None
    Excerpt: Each Research Ship is a fully-functioning science facility that
    develops new technologies for the fleet.  Newly-built research ships will link
    up with existing ones, increasing the aggregate armor of the facility.
    My Analysis: Really, one of the objectives you have to complete on the first
    mission is building one.  Building another later on is useful, but not
    -Resource Collector:
    Cost: 650 RUs
    Build Time: 1 minute
    Special Function: Can refuel Strike Craft
    Required Technology: None
    Excerpt: Using a modified Phased Disassembler Array, the Resource Collector
    extracts at a molecular level the base elements in any resource.  It then
    converts these elements into Resource Units, the generic term for base levels
    of material necessary for construction.
    My Analysis:  You MUST have more than two by the end of the fifth level.  These
    are necessary for you to make it through the game, like the Harvesters in C&C. 
    Resource Units(RUs) give you every other ship, so... Also, it gets 650 RUs per
    load, so it pays for itself in one load.
    -Resource Controller:
    Cost: 680 RUs
    Build Time: 1 minute 5 seconds
    Special Function: Can refuel Strike Craft
    Required Technology: Capital Ship Drive
    Excerpt: The Resource Controller provides remote drop-off capability to the
    Resource Collector, minimizing the time spent in transit.  Additionally, it
    supports refueling of six Fighters and two Corvettes at once via it's docking
    My Analysis: Also VERY helpful.  You can get by without these, but it's not
    easy at all.  Try to have one guarding each Resource Collector you have for
    maximum usage.
    Cost: 30 RUs
    Build Time: 6 seconds
    Special Function: None
    Required Technology: None
    Excerpt: The Probe is outfitted with a one-time use engine which provides a
    huge power output for a short period of time.  This results in very fast
    travel, but once in place the Probe can't be moved again.
    My Analysis: Not wholly useful in the single player game at all, but I do have
    some tactics for use against computer skirmishes in the Battle Tactics section.
    -Proximity Sensor:
    Cost: 50 RUs
    Build Time: 6 seconds
    Special Function: None
    Required Technology: Proximity Detector
    Excerpt: A remote sensor pack with an engine strapped onto it pretty much sums
    up the Proximity Sensor.  Beyond normal watch-dogging, it's ability to detect
    cloaked vessels can make the lowly Proximity Sensor a handy ship to have
    My Analysis: It's handy for detecting cloaked enemy vessels, yes.  And for
    scouting.  You should build a few, and have a couple guard the Mothership while
    you do something else with the rest.  Have the leftover ships guard the
    Mothership if they don't have something better to do.
    -Sensors Array:
    Cost: 800 RUs
    Build Time: 1 minute 20 seconds
    Special Function: None
    Required Technology: Proximity Detector, Sensor Array
    Excerpt: Expanding the sensor ability of the Mothership with it's larger-scale
    design, the Sensors Array provides full data on the local environment, letting
    you see the position and number of all enemy ships, as well as resource
    My Analysis: Actually, you don't need this ship to see resource pockets.  To
    me, it's quite handy to see what enemies are flinging at you, but to other
    people, it's trash.  I don't think it can detect cloaked vessels, so it's not a
    total replacement for the Proximity Sensor.  I guess you decide how good it is
    to you.
    -Cloak Generator:
    Cost: 500 RUs
    Build Time: 1 minute
    Special Function: Cloaking
    Required Technology: Capital Ship Drive, Cloak Generator
    Excerpt: The Cloak Generator creates a cloaking field large enough to contain
    up to two Frigates.  Any ship inside the field is completely invisible except
    when firing.  The generator can operate only for a fixed amount of time before
    recharging must occur.
    My Analysis: Cool, but pretty useless.  However, since I've never tried it in
    Multiplayer or single player, I may be wrong (Note: feedback wanted).
    -Grav Well Generator:
    Cost: 800 RUs
    Build Time: 1 minute
    Special Function: Captures Strike Craft in it's field
    Required Technology: Capital Ship Drive, Gravity Generator
    Excerpt: The Grav Well Generator creates a strong field around it which stops
    all Strike Craft in place.  Gravity Well technology is less understood than
    cloaking and, as a result, the Grav Well's unstable field must be shut down
    after a certain time and never restarted.
    My Analysis: Not that good.  Why not bring a Missile Destroyer instead - it's
    actually reusable!  Really, it'd be much better if it could actually recharged
    so it could be used again.
    Also, give Special Thanks to MetroidMoo for letting me use the Unit Build Times
    from his Homeworld Units FAQ!  He supplied the build times for Fighters through
    Super Capital Ships.  I suggest you go check it out! (Note: I supplied the
    Mothership's Build Time.)
    Section 4: Battle Tactics/Tips:
     **Area 4-1: VS. Computer**
    One of the reasons I like this game so much is because of the Skirmish mode. 
    Here are some tips for beating the computer.
    *Enemy Resource Collectors:
    If anybody who reads this has played Command And Conquer, you have good
    practice with managing harvesters.  And, it's a LOT easier do destroy the
    enemy's Resource Collectors here, since the AI doesn't do anything about it. At
    least on Easy...  But, instead of destroying them, capture them instead. 
    Still, make sure you can fend off an attack if you go after them, because the
    computer does sometimes attack when you do that.
    *Scouting the Enemy:
    The Computer AI attacks anything besides itself within a set distance of it, I
    believe.  And there is a flaw, or the set distance should at least be bigger. 
    You see, you can position a ship far enough above the enemy mothership so that
    you can Alt focus in on the mothership and see all the ships they're building,
    etc., and have the enemy not attack you.  Also, this could work in real-life
    multiplayer if the human opponent is stupid, but don't count on it.  I only
    tested it on the Easy setting, so the radius may vary from difficulty to
    difficulty.  It's worth a shot, though.
    *Easy Computer Kills:
    There's a really easy way to kill the enemies Capital Ships, and in theory,
    Strike Craft, also.  Send a Probe or something and take a look at the
    computer's forces.  Do they have a lot of capital ships just sitting there, say
    over 10?  You can take out some without getting a shot fired back in return. 
    OK, Hyperspace a small fleet of capital ships (say, 5 Assault Frigates and 3-5
    Ion Cannons) to the end of that line of capitals, away from the Mothership. 
    Now, attack the last one.  Sure, it'll be knocked backward, but you should
    still be able to kill it.  Now, keep doing this until they start firing at you.
     It's OK if the computer builds more ships, it's just wasted resources on their
    part and more bounty on yours if you have that option on.  Even after they
    start firing back, you can kill a few.  Hyperspace back away when your fleet
    ends up in bad condition.  Also, I've only done this once, and on the Easy
    difficulty, too.  It may not work on hard.
     **Area 4-2: VS. Human Players**
    As almost everybody who has the game and a brain knows, Homeworld has an
    multiplayer Internet battle option which is hosted by WON (World Opponent
    Network).  Here are some tips for it, and the computer may never use these
    themselves, but you can use these for all they're worth.  Look above for VS.
    Computer specifically tips.
    -The Probe Screen:
    I saw one player (FinalKnight on WON, I believe) do this when I was playing
    him.  He/She sent out several dozen probes all around his Mothership.  The
    point is to gather information on what is coming at you so you have a better
    chance of dealing with it.  Proximity Sensors should also work well, as you
    could detect a cloak attack, although they're untested and more expensive.
    VS. Probe Screen:
    You have two options: Either Hyperspace past them or so close to your target it
    won't matter if you're detected, or take a few ships and blast them for money
    if you have Bounties on.  Now that I think about it, I should have done that
    -Sit and Wait:
    Actually, the computer does this, too.  If you're playing more than one
    opponent, instead of deciding which to attack, you should sit and wait until
    you A: Have enough strength to take all out at the same time, or B: One gets
    killed by the other.  If there's still multiple players left after one gets
    killed, continue to wait if you can't take both out.  Also, you'll be able to
    defend if you are caught by an attack from them, too.
    VS. Sit and Wait:
    Actually, there isn't much you can do about it.  Maybe do the same thing and
    take all your opponents out at the same time.
    -Minelayer Corvettes:
    Just since I saw some other player (I think it was ILoveWar on WON) circle her
    Mothership/Carrier with Mines, I decided to try it too, since people never do
    stupid things on purpose... Most of the time.  OK, the results: 7 Minelayer
    Corvettes annihilated a dozen frigates with their minefield in mere moments. 
    The best places to station mines are a little ways away (NOT right beside) the
    thing/place you're trying to mine, and from all sides and the top/bottom.
    VS. Minelayer Corvettes:
    Not really much you can do besides Hyperspace past them, and if they're close
    enough to your target, it won't matter if you Hyperspace or not.  Try to send
    squadrons of Fighters to blast the Minelayers before anything serious gets put
    up, since Fighters are too fast to get hit by many mines, then have some
    armored decoy with several Support Frigates set to heal it.  Decoy the mines to
    the scapegoat ship, which eliminates them.  Your ship won't be eliminated
    because of the Support Frigates.  Then Hyperspace out so you don't get a
    immediate retaliation unless that's part of an attack in the first place and
    you needed to get through.
     **Area 4-3: Tactics**
    Excerpt: Evasive Tactics are best used when resources are tight and each ship
    is vital.  Your ships won't hit as hard, but they are more likely to come home.
     Ships set to Evasive  will boost power to engines in order to increase speed
    and maneuverability.  This will come at the cost of lowered power to weapons
    and a slight increase in fuel consumption for Strike Craft (Fighters and
    Corvettes).  When attacking, Fighter groups also will break up into flight
    pairs, where one ship will take point and the other will serve as wingman and
    take measures to remove threats that lock onto the lead vessel.
    My Analysis: Never useful for Capital Ships unless they're in Diamond Shoals
    and Chapel Perilous, so they can avoid the asteroids and other ships.  Wait a
    minute, if you're capturing a ship and don't want anything to fire on it, set
    them to evasive so they won't.
    Excerpt: This is the neutral stance for ships.  Strike Craft set to neutral
    will perform evasive removals while attacking enemy ships.  If no orders are
    issued and enemies are nearby, ships in neutral will fire from their current
    position, but will not engage in full combat.
    My Analysis: The most worthless stance you can take.  And what's worse, all
    ships come in this tactic.  Evasive or Aggressive will do the job better, pick
    one of them depending on what the job is.
    Excerpt: Ships in Aggressive mode are out for blood and will attempt to destroy
    the enemy even at the cost of their own lives.  Use this tactical stance if
    resources are not a factor or if you need to hurt the your opponent as hard and
    as quickly as possible.  Strike Craft in this mode shunt power from the engines
    into the weapons grid, so speed and agility are reduced but firepower is
    increased.  Ships in Aggressive tactics will not perform any kind of evasive
    maneuvers and also will attack nearby enemies without being issued orders. 
    Resource Collectors in Aggressive tactics will continue to harvest even if
    under attack.
    My Analysis: Most useful for Capital Ships, as Strike Craft get hit much
    faster, which doesn't make up for the increased firepower.  Just be sure not to
    have anything on Aggressive when you're capturing a ship, or they might try to
    destroy it even if your Salvage Corvettes are bringing it in.
      **Area 4-4: Formations**
    Excerpt: The standard flat triangle formation is an excellent way of organizing
    groups of Strike Craft into effective squadrons, but it lacks the flexibility
    and firepower concentration available to the more three-dimensional formations.
    My Analysis: Worthless, worthless, and even more worthless.  You NEVER use
    this, got that?
    Excerpt: This flattened line is not effective for Strike Craft as it disperses
    their firepower.  It is more useful for squadrons of Capital Ships, where unit
    quick identification and selection are as important as firepower.  It is a
    useful formation to approach in if you are planning to break ships off to
    strike at specific targets once the battle is joined.
    My Analysis: Same as Delta.  Never use it.
    Excerpt: The flying X formation is an excellent Strike Craft formation,
    concentrating a large number of vessels into a relatively small
    three-dimensional space.  It's only drawback is that the dense formation makes
    individual ships vulnerable to slow turret fire they might otherwise have
    avoided if they were dispersed.
    My Analysis: Not a bad formation in and of itself, but the Claw is better, IMO.
     Still, some people like this better, so if you do, you can use it and survive.
    Excerpt: Like it's natural namesake, this formation is deadly when striking out
    at an individual target.  The Claw is a superb formation for Strike Craft when
    they are targeting a Capital Ship.  The four curving lines of Fighters make
    concentrating firepower and envelopment deadly efficient.  The only drawback is
    identifying and selecting single ships inside this complex formation:
    My Analysis: The best formation for Strike Craft, IMO.  Unlike the X, you can
    concentrate your firepower better.  Personally, I just set all of my Strike
    Craft into this formation and go rampaging.
    Excerpt: Most effective for Capital Ships, the Wall formation allows larger
    vessels to concentrate firepower without dangerously crowding each other.  The
    Wall is not a subtle formation but does give large groups of big ships an
    effective attack mode.
    My Analysis: The best formation for Capital Ships, IMO.  It's too compact and
    inflexible for Strike Craft, so don't use them in this formation.
    Excerpt: This is the deadliest of all formations in terms of continuous
    firepower.  Ships in this formation lose their ability to perform complex
    flight maneuvers but gain the ability to constantly fire at targets from every
    angle.  This is also an effective guarding formation as it puts the vessel to
    be protected in the center of the sphere.
    My Analysis: Great for guarding, but don't use it for much else.  It's too
    Section 5: Technologies:
      **Area 5-1: Kushan/Taiidan Research Trees**
    *Kushan Research Trees:
    ^=Ship Produced                            Plasma Bomb Launcher
                                               /  ^Attack Bomber^
                       Defender Sub-Systems   /
                      /   ^Defender^         /
                     /                      /       Cloaked Fighter
    Fighter Drive - / - Fighter Chassis - - - - - - /  ^Cloaked Fighter
                                                     Fast Tracking Turrets
                                                    / ^Multi-Gun Corvette^
                                                  / - Heavy Corvette Upgrade
                                                 /     ^Heavy Corvette
    Corvette Drive - - - - - Corvette Chassis - / - \
     ^Light Corvette^        ^*Salvage Corvette^      - Minelaying Tech
                                                      ^Minelayer Corvette^
                            / - Gravity Generator       - Ion Cannons
                           /   ^Grav Well Generator^   /^Ion Cannon Frigate^
                          /                           /
                         / - Cloak Generator         / - Drone Tech
                        /     ^Cloak Generator^     /    ^Drone Frigate^
    Capital Ship Drive / - \                       /
    ^Support Frigate^       Capital Ship Chassis -/
    ^Resource Controller^
                            - Super Capital Ship Drive - Guided Missiles
                           /    ^**Destroyer^            ^Missile Destroyer^
    Capital Ship Chassis / - \
                             - Super Capital Ship Chassis - Heavy Guns
                                ^****Carrier^            ^***Heavy Cruiser^
    Proximity Detector - Sensors Array
    ^Proximity Sensor^   ^Sensors Array^
    *=In single player, you can build it right off the bat.  In Multiplayer, you
    need to research to build it.
    **=Also needs Ion Cannons.
    ***=Also needs Ion Cannons and Super Capital Ship Drive.
    ****=Also needs Super Capital Ship Drive.
    *Taiidan Research Trees:
    ^=Ship Produced
                                                Plasma Bomb Launcher
                                               /  ^Attack Bomber^
                       Defender Sub-Systems   /
                      /   ^Defender^         /
                     /                      /        - Defense Fighter
    Fighter Drive - / - Fighter Chassis - - - - - - /  ^Defense Fighter^
                                                     Fast Tracking Turrets
                                                    / ^Multi-Gun Corvette^
                                                  / - Heavy Corvette Upgrade
                                                 /     ^Heavy Corvette
    Corvette Drive - - - - - Corvette Chassis - / - \
     ^Light Corvette^      ^*Salvage Corvette^       - Minelaying Tech
                                                      ^Minelayer Corvette^
                            / - Gravity Generator       - Ion Cannons
                           /   ^Grav Well Generator^   /^Ion Cannon Frigate^
                          /                           /
                         / - Cloak Generator         / - Drone Tech
                        /     ^Cloak Generator^     /    ^Drone Frigate^
    Capital Ship Drive / - \                       /
    ^Support Frigate^       Capital Ship Chassis -/
    ^Resource Controller^
                            - Super Capital Ship Drive - Guided Missiles
                           /    ^**Destroyer^            ^Missile Destroyer^
    Capital Ship Chassis / - \
                             - Super Capital Ship Chassis - Heavy Guns
                                ^****Carrier^            ^***Heavy Cruiser^
    Proximity Detector - Sensors Array
    ^Proximity Sensor^   ^Sensors Array^
    *=In single player, you can build it right off the bat.  In Multiplayer, you
    need to research to build it.
    **=Also needs Ion Cannons.
    ***=Also needs Ion Cannons and Super Capital Ship Drive.
    ****=Also needs Super Capital Ship Drive.
      **Area 5-2: Technologies**
    -Fighter Drive:
    Required Tech: Nothing
    Leads to: Fighter Chassis
    Needed for: Interceptor, Defender, Cloaked Fighter, Defense Fighter, Attack
    The first requirement for more powerful Strike Craft is a better engine. 
    Fighter Drive Technology allows us to modify the plasma ducting and reaction
    efficiency of our smallest reactors and create a whole new generation of
    high-performance Strike Craft that can carry heavier armor and payloads.
    -Fighter Chassis:
    Required Tech: Fighter Drive
    Leads to: Defender Sub-Systems, Plasma Bomb Launcher, Cloaked Fighter, Defense
    Needed for: Interceptor, *Defender, Cloaked Fighter, Defense Fighter, Attack
    Once the full capabilities of the new Fighter drives are documented, scientists
    quickly will begin designing new frames that translate this power into better
    armor, longer range and heavier payloads.  The Fighter Chassis is the blueprint
    for a new generation of heavy Fighters and Interceptors.
    *=In single-player, yes.  In Multi-player, you can build it right after
    researching the Fighter Drives, no Fighter Chassis is needed.
    -Plasma Bomb Launcher:
    Required Tech: Fighter Chassis
    Leads to: Nothing
    Needed for: Attack Bomber
    One of the benefits of a larger Fighter frame is the ability to modify a Strike
    Craft to carry powerful directed energy payloads.  The plasma bomb system draws
    high-energy plasma from the Fighter's fusion torch drive and vents it into a
    small magnetic containment sphere mounted aboard a direct fire missile.  The
    plasma venting occurs in the split second between the pilot firing the bomb and
    the bomb actually leaving it's cradle.  Upon impact with the target, the bomb's
    containment sphere ruptures and releases the neat-fusion plasma in a single
    massive burst.  While the missile is unable to accurately target fast-moving
    Strike Craft, it can be devastating to slower-moving Capital Ships.  This
    ornate and powerful weapon system leaves a Strike Craft without any room to
    mount other weapons.
    -Defender Sub-Systems:
    Required Tech: Fighter Chassis (single-player only)
    Leads to: Nothing
    Needed for: Defender
    With the need for better space superiority systems, engineers have developed a
    whole new generation of targeting computer and sensor suites and combined them
    into specialized Fire Control systems.  These new control systems can be
    adhered to gimbals mounted weapons to enable them to track and fire upon small,
    fast Strike Craft.
    -Cloaked Fighter(Kushan Only):
    Required Tech: Fighter Chassis
    Leads to: Nothing
    Needed for: Cloaked Fighter(Kushan Only)
    While researching electromagnetic ram-scoops, a Kushan scientist stumbled
    across a process by which intense fields could wrap photons around an object
    and render it invisible.  Because the ration between the size of the field and
    the mass of the generator kept the effect minimal, it was considered nothing
    more than a scientific curiosity.  This was until a research team discovered
    that a generator large enough to emit electromagnetic fields just strong enough
    to render a Fighter invisible could be mounted on a Fighter chassis.
    -Defense Fighter(Taiidan Only):
    Required Tech: Fighter Chassis
    Leads to: Nothing
    Needed for: Defense Fighter
    Exploiting the Fighter frame even further, Taiidan scientists were able to
    produce a design capable of supporting the large dome Array mounting which
    makes the Defense Laser possible.
    -Corvette Drive:
    Required Tech: Nothing
    Leads to: Corvette Chassis
    Needed for: Light Corvette, Salvage Corvette, Multi-Gun Corvette, Heavy
    Corvette, Minelayer Corvette
    This improvement to the Fighter Drive trades mass for power.  While far to big
    to wrap a Fighter around, this new drive is perfect for the Corvette class of
    ships.  The higher power output allows for heavier weapon systems and powered
    turrets.  Unfortunately, despite a higher degree of fusion efficiency, these
    drives still require reaction mass to be injected into the fusion torch and
    must be refueled regularly.
    -Corvette Chassis:
    Required Tech: Corvette Drive
    Leads to: Heavy Corvette Upgrade, Fast Tracking Turrets, Minelaying Tech
    Needed for: Light Corvette, Salvage Corvette, Heavy Corvette, Multi-Gun
    Corvette, Minelayer Corvette
    With an improved engine, engineers were quickly able to expand their initial
    large utility hulls into a full-fledged combat chassis.  This new generation of
    Strike Craft had large crew areas with multiple control stations which would
    open the door for heavy, multi-role Strike Craft with full turret capabilities
    and superior composite armor plating.
    -Heavy Corvette Upgrade:
    Required Tech: Corvette Chassis
    Leads to: Nothing
    Needed for: Heavy Corvette
    This breakthrough represents the pinnacle of corvette class design and
    technology.  The achievement here is beefing up the structural strength of the
    Corvette hull with advanced components and EM field couplers so it can handle
    the stress of carrying a second heavy turret.  Advancements in ablative armor
    techniques are the final part of an upgrade package that creates the most
    powerful Strike Craft in existence.
    -Fast-Tracking Turrets:
    Required Tech: Corvette Chassis
    Leads to: Nothing
    Needed for: Multi-Gun Corvette
    IN an attempt to further increase fleet defense against high speed Fighter
    attacks, breakthroughs were made in both computerized and high-speed magnetic
    couplings.  Engineers combined these into a new series of fast-tracking turrets
    that can be mounted in multiple configurations on hulls as small as Corvettes. 
    This ability to track multiple targets and engage them with separate turrets
    has allowed the creation of small gunships that can serve effectively in the
    anti-Fighter role.
    -Minelaying Tech:
    Required Tech: Corvette Chassis
    Leads to: Nothing
    Needed for: Minelayer Corvette
    When scientists tried applying plasma bomb launcher technology to the larger
    Corvette hulls, they accessed a more powerful fusion drive that allowed them to
    experiment with the size of the plasma bomb containment field and new
    deployment methods.  The development of super-dense plasma injectors made it
    possible to create a mine dispenser that would fir inside a Corvette hull and
    still be able to produce dozens of small plasma warheads designed to detonate
    on or near contact with enemy hulls.  With this technology, it's possible to
    create minefields around the Mothership at a moment's notice.
    -Capital Ship Drive Drive:
    Required Tech: Nothing
    Leads to: Capital Ship Chassis
    Needed for: Assault Frigate, Ion Cannon Frigate, Drone Frigate, Defense Field
    Frigate, Support Frigate, Gravwell Generator, Cloak Generator, Resource
    The advances in Strike Craft drives soon made it obvious that the next step in
    ship engineering should be drives large enough to achieve self-sustaining
    fusion torches while accelerating high mass vessels to combat speeds.  The
    capital ship drive finally allows for vessels that do not require refueling.
    -Capital Ship Chassis:
    Required Tech: Capital Ship Drive
    Leads to: Ion Cannons, Super capital Ship Drive, Super Heavy Chassis, Gravity
    Generator, Cloak Generator
    Needed for: Ion Cannon Frigate, Drone Frigate, Defense Field Frigate
    The new heavy drives require a whole new hull technology based on heavily
    reinforced alloy skeleton that can bear the stress of multi-level decking and
    heavy weapon mounts.  The groundwork had been laid to design the ship's spine
    to incorporate theoretically very heavy beam weapons.  This breakthrough can be
    adapted to several special purpose designs as well as the creation of Frigate
    class warships.  Scientists believe that this chassis could lead to even more
    massive ship designs.
    Section 6: Battle Strategy:
    [Some of the data contained here contradicts what I said above.  This data
    takes precedence, but only for where it's mentioned.]
    =Mission Objectives:
    -Construct Research Ship
    -Harvest Asteroids
    -Destroy Target Drones using a formation
    -Destroy Target Drones using tactics
    -Capture the Target Drone using a Salvage Corvette
    =Secondary Objectives:
    -Research Fighter Chassis
      This stage is basically training mode in the single player.  First, it gives
    you a cut scene showing basically what's talked about in the first few pages of
    the manual.  Then it goes through the Mothership disembarking from the
    Scaffold.  After that, you finally get control of the game.
    Start by commanding the Resource Collector to Harvest the asteroids.  While
    it's doing that, build a Research Ship, and get your Scouts in a formation. 
    When Fleet Intelligence pops up again and tells you to destroy the Target
    Drones using a formation, go out there and get them.
      By now, your Research Ship should be done building.  Research the Fighter
    Chassis, then when it's finished, research the Corvette Drive.  Sometime in
    there, Fleet Intelligence will order you to use tactics to destroy Target
    Drones using tactics.  Give them Evasive so they don't run into the Drones
    (it's happened to me before) and destroy the Drones.  While the Scouts are out
    making scrap metal, build a Salvage Corvette.
      Now, hopefully you've at least finished researching the Fighter Chassis. 
    Research the Corvette Drive now to save time later, then use the Salvage
    Corvette you built to capture the last Target Drone.  After that, you'll be
    allowed to Hyperspace to the next level.  Make sure the Corvette Drive Research
    is complete, then click the button.
    02-Outskirts of Kharak System:
    =Mission Objectives:
    -Send probe to the Khar-Selim
    -Protect the Mothership
    -Salvage the Khar-Selim
    -Defend salvage team
    -Defend the Mothership
    -Destroy the attacking force
    =Secondary Objectives:
    -Investigate large power signature
      Your first real fight.  Tell your Resource Collector to Harvest.  Retire all
    your Scouts, and build 15 Interceptors.  Group the Interceptors, put them in
    Sphere formation, and give them the Aggressive tactics.  Research the Corvette
    Chassis.  Now, wait for the Resource Collector to get to the Khar-Selim as your
    probe.  It'll trigger a cut scene, which leaves you with an alien force
    attacking the Mothership.    Order your Interceptors to attack them, and the
    attackers will get crushed easily.
      When the enemies retreat, dock all your fighters and wait  for the Resource
    Collector to return(Note: there is an unharvestable asteroid near the
    Khar-Selim.  Don't worry about not getting it (the attackers totally forgot
    about the collector, so it shouldn't be damaged)).  By now, the Corvette
    Chassis research should be complete or close to it, so research the Heavy
    Corvette Upgrade when it's done.
      Launch your Fighters and your Salvage Corvette.  Make sure the Interceptors
    have been ordered to guard the Salvage Corvette in Sphere formation, then put
    the Interceptors in Aggressive.  Fly the Salvage Corvette over to the
    Khar-Selim, and have it Salvage the biggest piece of wreckage.
      Now, some more enemy Fighters and Corvettes will attack your Salvage
    Corvette.  When it's done Salvaging the Khar-Selim, tell the Salvage Corvette
    to dock with the Mothership.  While it's going there, the Interceptors will
    fire on the enemy attackers, destroying them before they can attack the Salvage
      Once your Salvage Corvette begins to dock with the Mothership, have your
    Interceptors abandon the Salvage Corvette and attack the pursuing fighters and
    corvettes.  When the Salvage Corvette docks, another cut scene will play,
    showing the sound of the destruction of the Khar-Selim.  The video will just be
    the wreckage you've already seen.
      Continue whacking the Fighters around close to the Mothership.  After a
    while, Fleet Intelligence will enter the scene with his obnoxious attitude,
    informing you that he has detected a large power signature nearby.  You don't
    need to do much to investigate it.  Just whack the enemies as fast as you can
    the second you see them, and you'll end up fighting further away from the
    Mothership... And further...
      You'll see a Carrier, the source of the large power signature, if you've been
    whacking enemies fast enough and headed straight for them the second you saw
    them.  Don't even try to attack it, it'll cut you to pieces.  It's got two ion
    cannons and a few accurate turrets.  Stay a fair distance away, and keep
    destroying Fighters.
      Anyway, after a while, they'll get tired of being killed and they'll retreat.
     Dock your Fighters to repair and refuel, and build Salvage Corvettes until you
    have 8 total.  You'll use them.
      Make sure all the research is completed, and make sure your launch bays
    AREN'T set to 'Stay Docked'.  You need the Fighters to scramble as soon as they
    can.  When you're ready, click the Hyperspace button to Return to Kharak.
      Bug: Yes, there is a bug on this level, but it's rather useless.  You can
    finish off the Investigate Large Power Signature objective without it ever
    appearing.  To do it, when your Salvage Corvette docks with the Mothership with
    the mission data recorder and returns it, hit the space bar to go into the
    Sensors Manager in the middle of the scene which follows.  Hit it again to
    return the view to the Khar-Selim, but now you can use all your usual functions
    of camera zooms.  Anyway, look up, and try to Alt focus on a enemy ship.  Look
    around, and you'll see the carrier.  Fleet Intelligence will blurt out the
    obvious, and you'll never have a Secondary Objectives list for the rest of the
    mission.  I doubt that's even a bug, now that I think of it.
    03-Return to Kharak:
    =Mission Objectives:
    -Defend cyro trays
    -Capture enemy ship using 2 Salvage Corvettes
    -Salvage cryo trays
      Hopefully, your Fighters will exit the Mothership as soon as it's finished
    exiting Hyperspace.  You'll immediately notice Kharak is a cinder.  Only this
    time, Fleet Command blurts out the obvious.  As soon as the cut scene starts,
    exit it by pressing the space bar, then get back out of the sensors manager and
    Alt focus on a cryo tray.  Now, some enemy ships will start firing on a cryo
    tray.  Move your 8 Salvage Corvettes halfway between the enemies and the
    Mothership.  Order your Interceptors to attack all the enemy Assault Frigates
    as a group, and let the fun begin (Note: The number of ships you face is based
    on your fleet size.  If you have a small fleet, you face 3.  If you have a
    large fleet for that point in the game, you face 4.  If you only have 1 Scout,
    15 Interceptors, and 8 Salvage Corvettes, you should only face 3).
      If your Interceptors are attacking all of the Assault Frigates, they should
    spread out trying to hit your Fighters.  When they are all trying to get your
    Fighters, group select all of your Salvage Corvettes and tell them to Salvage
    all of the enemy Assault Frigates.  A couple may get destroyed, but you should
    capture all of the enemy Assault Frigates.
      Then you have all the time in the world.  Harvest, research the Capital Ship
    Chassis, get the cryo trays loaded.  Repair your fleet. Hyperspace.
    04-Great Wastelands Part 1:
    =Mission Objectives:
    -Begin Collection of resources
    -Protect the fleet
    -Destroy retreating Turanic Raider Carrier
      During the intermission cut scene, Fleet Intelligence actually tells you
    something you don't already know.  "However, we have determined that, in our
    current state, they can still easily defeat us." Or something like that.  He's
    talking about the fleet that burned Kharak to a cinder.  He proposes to hide
    out in an asteroid field and build a bigger and better fleet-and of course, you
    have to go there.  And, then the mission starts.
      First, build a Resource Controller if you haven't already.  Assign it to
    guard your Resource Collector.  Now, go harvest the asteroids in the middle of
    the map.  After one or so loads of RUs, the Bentusi Mothership comes and
    decides to take control of the ambassador's ship that was sent out to meet it. 
    Alas, all the control freaks in the game...  Anyway, using some sort of
    technology I know next to nothing about besides the fact that it's there and
    works, they guide you into their ship.  Now, they start talking.
      "We are the Bentusi.  We welcome you to the space-faring cultures.  The
    Unbound.  The Outer Limb Trade Routes were established in the First Time by our
      The resources you collect are of value to the Bentusi Exchange.  They will
    serve as an acceptable medium for trade.
      It has been our custom to equip trading partners with an exchange unit.  It
    has therefore been provided to your ambassador as a gesture of good will." I
    think that's how it goes.  Anyway, you get taken to the exchange screen next. 
    If you click ACCEPT OFFER, you have traded.  If you click done, you exit the
    screen.  WITHOUT clicking Accept Offer, click done.  Now, you have a lot of
    time to harvest before they leave and the Turanic Raiders appear.  When they
    start talking again, THEN you click the ship to get back to the Exchange
    screen, and quickly trade.  You should be able to harvest most of the asteroids
    before they leave if you have a Resource Controller guarding the Collector
    you're using.
      Right after you trade, retreat your Resource Collector back to the
    Mothership, and the Controller will follow.  Unload your Fighters.  You see, a
    Turanic Raider patrol will go through the area you were just harvesting and
    your Resource ships would have gotten caught, and more will attack the
    Mothership, where your Fighters are needed most.  Splitting them up and sending
    half to the Collector while leaving half at the Mothership is a bad idea.
      When the attack comes, set your Fighters to Evasive and your Mothership to
    Aggressive.  The attack comes in what seem like downgraded Interceptors (or
    Scouts without the speed) and Corvettes which have a capability I want-to carry
    missiles.  Anyway, go after the missile Corvettes first, then quash the
    Fighters.  After a few squadrons attack, a few Ion Array Frigates will
    Hyperspace in and start attacking the Mothership.  First, kill all Strike Craft
    in the area, then unload your Salvage Corvettes and capture all of them.  They
    don't even try to resist, so there's no excuse.  Now, quickly dock your Salvage
    Corvettes and Interceptors.
       After you capture or destroy all the enemy forces, something new hyperspaces
    in.  Remember that Carrier from Mission 2 (Outskirts of Kharak System)?   It's
    back, and now you can deal with it.  First, let the two Ion Array Frigates
    escorting it start firing on the Mothership so they ignore the Salvage
    Corvettes when you unload them.  Unload them once they start firing, then
    capture the 2 escorts.  In the meanwhile, set everything besides the Mothership
    to Evasive so the Carrier has less of a chance of ramming them and killing
    them.  Now, bring in your captured Ion Array Frigates, and the Assault Frigates
    you captured one mission earlier, and start firing on the Carrier.
      When you decrease it to about half health, it'll realize the futility of
    killing your Mothership.  It'll start to retreat.  You have to kill it.  If you
    have 6-7 Ion Array Frigates and a couple of Assault Frigates, you should be
    able to take care of it.
      We're not done yet.  Remember when I said a Turanic Raider patrol was
    patrolling the area where you harvested?  It's time to take them out.  There's
    two squadrons of those inferior Fighters, so 15 Interceptors set on Evasive
    should be able to take them out with minimal losses.  Now, go in and finish
    harvesting whatever's left.  Repair your fleet, then go on through Hyperspace.
    05-Great Wastelands Part 2:
    =Mission Objectives:
    -Investigate the asteroid belt
    -Eradicate all enemy ships
    =Secondary Objectives:
    -Destroy enemy Resource Collectors
    -Research Defender Sub-Systems
      You will take a long time with this mission.  First, take your Resource
    Collector and Controller and Harvest at the resources to the Mothership's left
    and up.  Get about 3 loads there, then head them back to the Mothership.  Set
    the Launch Controls back to 'Stay Docked.'  Build your squadron of Interceptors
    up to 20 if it isn't there already, and set them to Evasive.  Move 5-6 Salvage
    Corvettes to the end of the other resource trail-to the Mothership's right and
    a little down.  Move your 20 Interceptors there also, but put them about a
    screen ahead of the Salvage Corvettes.  Research Plasma Bomb Technology, wait
    until it becomes available if you can't yet.  Shouldn't be that long if you did
    everything above first.  Now, build a Probe and send it like Fleet Intelligence
    wants you to.
      6 or 7 patrols will start patrolling.  Let the Interceptors engage the first
    patrols they see.  They should go after the Fighters first if there are any. 
    Hopefully, the Salvage Corvettes are far enough back they are out of sight.
      Enemy Resource Collectors will come through that area.  Let them pass.  When
    they're almost out of your view while battling the squadrons of Fighters and
    the Frigates that will have by now entered the scene.  Trigger the Salvage
    Corvettes when the Collectors are far enough away (out of sight).  Two free
    Resource Collectors, and if you did it right, no enemy will notice until they
    realize the Collectors haven't come back.
      Now, it's time to get rid of the Assault Frigates.  Let your Interceptor
    squadron keep fighting until they die.  Have them concentrate on one Assault
    Frigate.  It should at least be smoking from the engines by the time the
    squadron goes down.  Build another 15 to take over for the originals.  They'll
    serve mainly as bait.
      OK, the Assault Frigates on this level are very headstrong... Or they're set
    on Aggressive.  They can and will follow a squadron of Interceptors one-third
    of the way across the map.  Go to where the original squadron of Interceptors
    died.  Wait there for the Assault Frigates to come back.  Now fire on them so
    that they all at least turn towards the squadron.  That means they're locked
    onto them.
      Once all of the Frigates there are locked onto the Interceptors, have the
    Interceptors dock with the Mothership.  The Frigates will follow... Right into
    a trap.
      Before the Frigates get to your Mothership, set the warships you have (Ion
    Array Frigates, Assault Frigates) into a wall formation, and on Aggressive. 
    Also, position them a little ways in front of it.  Now wait for the Frigates to
    show up.
      Fire on the damaged Frigate first (the one you damaged with the original
    squadron), so it's killed faster and there's less shooting at you.  Now,
    annihilate all the Frigates except one... Set your Frigates to Evasive, and
    have them run from it.  At the same time, unload your Salvage Corvettes. 
    Immediately move the first two over so you can capture it without having some
    Salvage Corvettes destroyed.
      Now, deal with the other Assault Frigates that are left over.  Be warned, the
    technique above may not work if it's too far from the Mothership.  Just don't
    go to where the Carrier is, there are none there, and Destroyers are dangerous.
     Oh, and spare the Ion Frigates at the bottom of the map.  You can capture
    those later.  Now, try to build 16 (!) Salvage Corvettes.
      After a while, even with no Resource Collectors (cheaters!), the Carrier
    seems to crank out Defenders.  Fight enough, and you can research for a similar
    ship.  Anyway, after you've destroyed or captured all of the Assault Frigates,
    take your Interceptor squadron and knock out all the Defenders surrounding the
    Ion Frigates.  Now, just distract them, and capture the Ion Frigates.
      At this point, if there are no patrols left on the map, the Carrier, two
    Destroyers, and Support Frigate will go kamikaze-like and attack your
    Mothership.  Dock all Strike Craft, then move anything left over besides the
    Mothership herself about 30 kilometers behind the Mothership so the Carrier
    doesn't ram it and destroy it.
      Also, this faq is copyright Giovanni 2000.  No stealing my faqs.  More often
    than not, someone who steals and alters this faq so it looks like it's his will
    miss this.  Faq continued:
      When the attack force arrives, launch all your Interceptors to combat their
    Fighters, and try to kill the Fighters before they Kamikaze into your
    Mothership.  Once you've killed most of them that were launched, launch your
    Salvage Corvettes, and try to capture the Carrier and Destroyers and Support
    Frigate.  Some will get destroyed, that's why I had you build 16.  Have your
    Interceptors finish off the remaining Fighters, and capture all that you can. 
    Especially the two Destroyers.
      When every enemy is either destroyed or captured, build the number of
    Resource Controllers equal to the number of Collectors you have, and then
    assign them to guard the Collectors.  Now, harvest everything left.  Research
    everything you can, rebuild your fleet, heal with the Support Frigate you
    hopefully captured (or just build one yourself), and Hyperspace.
    06-Diamond Shoals:
    =Mission Objectives:
    -Protect the Mothership
      "Protect the Mothership..." OK, some enemy's going to attack, same as last
    level.  Uhhh.. No, it isn't.  You see, you've just jumped into an asteroid
    field, and you're heading through it, into asteroids... And they do much more
    than any enemy weapon in this game, you see (Besides the occasional ramming by
    a carrier)  So, you have to make sure you don't get hit by them.  And you can't
    get hit by them if they don't exist anymore... Any questions?
      OK, blow up any asteroids that look like they're headed into the Mothership,
    which is tough to determine from the 3D pictures that you have.  Any thing that
    has a weapon (Besides a Support Frigate or Carrier you may have captured),
    scramble it and have them attack the asteroids.  It helps if you've captured a
    Destroyer.  Park everything else behind the Mothership.  Have the Support
    Frigate set to Heal the Mothership when it takes damage, and have your
    Collectors Harvest; when you blast an asteroid and it breaks apart, the
    Collectors can harvest those pieces that fly around.
    MASH THEM INTO TINY PULP!!!  Sorry about the caps, but that's the biggest
    mistake people make on this level, and they'd be wise to listen to that.  I
    admit, it won't save every one of your ships, but it'll save a lot.
      OK, when you're finished with getting through the asteroid field, the Bentusi
    will decide to show up.  Accept their offer for the Super Heavy Chassis.  Fleet
    Command will then ask about the nebula they (you) plan to venture through, and
    you'll get a basic "You'll die if you enter," answer.  They'll Hyperspace out. 
    Now, harvest everything you can.  And, make sure you have at least 20
    Interceptors and 20 Attack Bombers by the end of this mission, with more
    Interceptors recommended.  Now, make sure everything you can research has been
    researched, and click on the Hyperspace button.
      That's all I can give you on this level.
    07-The Gardens of Kadesh:
    =Mission Objectives
    -Harvest Nebula
    -Defend fleet
    -Destroy Hyperspace Inhibitor
    =Secondary Objectives
    -Protect Resourcers
      When you jump in, group your Cap Ships into the Wall formation and have them
    guard your Collectors.  Make sure you have at least 20 Interceptors and 20
    Attack Bombers, each in different Control Groups, make sure they're on Evasive,
    also guarding the Collectors.  Have it harvest...  On a side note, your Sensors
    Manager is gone for the mission.  It keeps showing red dots where there aren't
    any due to 'Large amounts of radiation'... Fleet Intelligence said he'd try to
    recalibrate the sensors, but the guy never gets it done.
      Once you've started Harvesting, some weird radar-dish shaped alien
    Mothership-thingy will approach.  The Ambassador's stripped-down ship flies out
    of your bay.  They also dispatch one.  The two come together in between the two
      The small defender-like craft circles yours, giving you a choice.  Join us or
    die.  If only we actually got to decide on what to do here... Well, Fleet
    Command picks choice B, 'Don't join', and the craft speeds back to it's
    Mothership.  One thing, why didn't they cream the Ambassador before they left?
      OK, small Fighters will exit their Mothership and head for yours.  They'll
    also concentrate on your Collectors.  Leave your Frigates guarding the
    Resourcers, have your Interceptors intercept Fighters, preferably those who are
    trying to blast your Resourcers, and have your Attack Bombers bomb the small
    Fuel Pod things that will appear.  Those refuel their Fighters and they'll be
    slowed down if destroyed, although more will always come...
      OK, after 8 minutes of defending, you'll be able to Hyperspace.  Try to, use
    Auto-Docking so you actually have ships left when you Hyperspace, and blast
      Guess what?  They have some sort of Hyperspace Inhibitor technology, and
    they're stopping you from Hyperspacing so they can blast you to bits before
    leaving.  Their Mothership is using it, so guess what you do?  That's right. 
    Leave your Interceptors guarding the Resourcers, and take all your
    battle-worthy Frigates and Attack Bombers and crunch the poor thing.   Once
    they're _ finally _ gone, you are free from attack, so Harvest anything left,
    rebuild your fleet and launch out.
      On a side note, there's no way you can try to kill the Nebula's Mothership
    before you try to Hyperspace and bypass being stopped from Hyperspacing, a new
    one will just Hyperspace in and you've probably lost ships to it.  Wonder how
    many they have... If there's a limit, it's probably so high you'd spend a
    couple days trying to blast them all.
    08-The Cathedral of Kadesh:
    =Mission Objectives
    -Destroy Hyperspace Inhibitors
    -Destroy attackers
      I hope you've rebuilt your fleet... You'll need to.  Basically the same thing
    as last mission.  Defend.  Only this time they've got 3 Hyperspace Inhibitors. 
    Don't go after them, just keep using your Attack Bombers to blast the Fuel Pods
    and Interceptors to blast the Swarmers themselves.
      Eventually, they'll start sending Multi-Beam Frigates, small frigates with 4
    ion cannons.  Do NOT destroy these, grab them yourself by capturing them. 
    They'll send about 9 against you, grab as many as you can.
      Once you have at least 6 Multi-Beam Frigates, you can go take out a
    Hyperspace Inhibitor.  Send them in Evasive tactics and have them fire on it. 
    Evasive makes it so it's a lot harder for them to be rammed.  Three-four
    volleys should kill one.  But keep supervising your Mothership.  You don't want
    to miss any frigates for capture.  Repeat the procedure on another.
      Once you've destroyed 2 Hyperspace Inhibitors, the last one will retreat to a
    set point.  Fleet Intelligence will inform you of a thing in space which has a
    'friendly signature but it's not one of ours.'  By now, you should have 9
    Multi-Beam Frigates, but don't worry if you don't.  Finish off the last of the
    attackers.  Put your Multi-Beams in wall, set on Evasive and guarding your
    Carrier.  Load your Salvage Corvettes into your Carrier, and set that to
    Evasive, also. Move the Carrier about halfway there.
      If you don't encounter Multi-Beam Frigates (theirs) when you get halfway
    there, move closer by about half of the remaining distance.  You should find
    them by now.  They've got about 7 Multi-Beam Frigates in Broad formation.  And
    make sure they find the Carrier first.
      When they start circling the Carrier, launch your Salvage Corvettes and tell
    them to capture the frigates.  While they try, the Multi-Beam Frigates will
    probably get off a volley against your Carrier, sending it down into low
    yellow-high red.  Your Salvagers should capture them before they get another
    one off, if you set them on the frigates early enough.  If they do get off
    another volley... watch the fireworks, I guess.
      Once all those are captured, group all of your Multi-Beam Frigates into a
    Wall formation, and Evasive.  Set them to take out the last Hyperspace
    Inhibitor.  Wait, there's Fleet Intel...
      "Look!  It's the exact same ships as the wreckage from Khar-Toba!  Our
    origins are the same." (or something to that extent)
      Don't let that stop you from blasting them.  Wipe out the Inhibitor and the
    two groups of two Fuel Pods nearby, and start harvesting.  Now go do something
    else for a few hours.
      When you're done Harvesting, build two Destroyers while you have the chance. 
    Up your Interceptors to 40.  Save your remaining Attack Bombers for Kamikaze
    tactics.  Hyperspace.
    09-Deep Space: Sea of Lost Souls:
    =Mission Objectives
    -Investigate anomaly
    -Destroy alien vessel
    -Salvage the unknown vessel
      Let me ask a question: Why do the Kushan/Taiidan drop out of hyperspace when
    they detect an anomaly???  Don't they know that the Taiidan are after them? 
    Don't they know they could be destroyed if they drop out?  Well, they do
    exactly that here...
      You drop out of hyperspace at what looks a good deal away from the vessel,
    but really isn't.  You're supposed to send a Probe toward it.  First, start
    harvesting.  Now, send the Probe.  Send the Probe under the vessel.
      Well, the ships floating around it are operational... what'd you expect? 
    They neutralize the Probe, and you're supposed to blast the alien vessel.  Move
    your acquired Multi-Beam Frigates far enough away that you can't see the
    vessel, but are close on the Sensors Manager.  Move Support Frigates there
      Leave your Support Frigates there, and move your Multi-beams toward the
    vessel, close, but not on top of it, and a little ways above.  When you spot
    the ships guarding it, blast the two Multi-Beam Frigates of theirs.  I wish you
    could capture them, but it'd be a lot more trouble than it's worth.  AND MAKE
    THEM TOO!!!
      Once you've blasted the 2 Multi-Beam Frigates, move your Multi-Beams back to
    your Support Frigates to heal for the next skirmish.  If any of your ships got
    captured, you'll have to blast them too.  And you may have gotten one
    destroyed.  It's not that big of a deal, but it won't happen again unless some
    got captured as well.
      Head down under your position for this skirmish.  Come at the enemy Missile
    Destroyer from below.  Hopefully you'll get it.  Now blast any ships of yours
    that were captured, and then head back to heal.
      Now here's where your Strike Craft come in.  Since you eliminated all  ships
    that can destroy them and that the alien vessel can't control them, they are in
    the perfect position to end it.  Send 20 Attack Bombers and whatever
    Interceptors you have left at it, in Evasive so they last longer(for some
    reason, they keep crashing into the ship on Aggressive).  And refuel when their
    fuel gets in the red, or they'll be sitting ducks a few minutes later.
      Once you get the control field down, all of it's vessels are yours now.  Send
    in a Salvage Corvette to it.  And, when the Corvette leaves, try blasting the
    thing until it blows up.  Which it doesn't, it'll flame, get down to 0% health,
    then suddenly go back to full health again.... No fair!
      When your Salvage Corvette docks, the Bentusi will show up.  They'll blabber
    something about not being able to get close to it and wanting the info.  Well,
    trade the information for the Super-Heavy Chassis tech.  Then Fleet Command
    will ask for their help in defeating the enemy.  The Bentusi say something
    about combat not being their way (and with those Ion Cannons it has?  Yeah
    right), and they'll bring your case to the Galactic Council.  Then they go try
    to do just that.  You research Gravity Well tech and anything else you haven't
      Your harvesters should be close to finished, or done, by now.  Wait for them
    to finish, then Hyperspace.
    7-Frequently Asked Questions:
    Q: When will you next update?
    A: Whenever I feel like it, or whenever I need to get some information out to
    the public.
    Q: Is there any way I can help?
    A: Depends on what you want to help with.  Basically, everything that I've put
    in.  Levels (NOT ones I haven't covered yet), Multiplayer strategies, etc. 
    I'll cut and paste the thing directly from the email.  But make it legible, as
    I do cut and paste it and I want this to be legible.  And no curse words.
    8: Special Thanks/Legal Info:
    *Copyright Info
    This FAQ is Copyright 2001 Giovanni.  I am in no way affiliated with Sierra or
    Relic Entertainment.
    HOMEWORLD Copyright 1997-1999
    Sierra ON-LINE Inc. Copyright 1997-1999
    Relic Entertainment Inc. MMCXVII
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    address and I will check out your site and consider it.
    *Special Thanks to:
    *GameFAQs, for posting this on their website.
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    *DLH, for posting this on their website.
    *MetroidMoo, for letting me use his Unit Build Times from his Homeworld Units
    FAQ.  I suggest you go check it out!
    *Sierra, for making this game.
    *Relic Entertainment, for making this game.
    *And finally, me, for writing this up in the first place.

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