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    FAQ/Walkthrough by The Assimilator

    Version: 1.0.9 | Updated: 02/05/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    =-=   HOMEWORLD   =-=
    a gameplay guide
    by The_Assimilator
    version 1.0.9
    26 May 2005
    This guide is the sole property of its author, Ian "The_Assimilator" Kemp.
    It may be used ONLY for your personal enjoyment, it is ILLEGAL to sell this
    document without the author's permission.  It is also ILLEGAL to claim all or
    part of this guide as your own.  You may not sell and/or distribute this guide
    without the author's prior consent.
    This guide may (currently) only be featured on MY website (when it exists...),
    and the below website(s):
    Cheats.de                       http://www.cheats.de
    DLH.net                         http://dlh.net
    GameFAQs                        http://www.gamefaqs.com
    IGN FAQs                        http://faqs.ign.com
    Sujay's Site                    http://flashnmind.aquariusos.com
    If you would like to host this guide on your website, or use portions of it for
    your own guide, please ask me first (see the "Contacting the author" section).
    If you do not abide by the above conditions, expect to have legal action taken
    against you!
    Ian Kemp is not affiliated with Relic Entertainment, Sierra Studios, nor Vivendi
    Universal in any way.  All trademarks used here are the properties of their
    respective owners.
    Use this document at your own risk.  The author cannot be held responsible for
    ANY damages you might sustain from using this guide!
    A.  Introduction
    B.  About the author
    C.  Contacting the author
    D.  Version history
    E.  ***For Windows XP users
    F.  Updating Homeworld (Patches)
    G.  Cheats and Command-line switches
    H.  Abbreviations/Shorthands
    I.  Ships and Civilisations
        1.  Kushan
        2.  Taiidan
        3.  Turanic Raiders
        4.  Bentusi
        5.  Kadeshi
        6.  Miscellaneous
    J.  Tactics
    K.  Formations
    L.  Damage Ratios
    M.  Single-player walkthrough
        1.  Kharak System
        2.  Outskirts of Kharak System
        3.  Return to Kharak
        4.  Great Wastelands (Part 1)
        5.  Great Wastelands (Part 2)
        6.  Diamond Shoals
        7.  The Gardens of Kadesh
        8.  The Cathedral of Kadesh
        9.  Deep Space - Sea of Lost Souls
        10. Super Nova Research Station
        11. Tenhauser Gate
        12. Galactic Core
        13. The Karos Graveyard - The Shining Hinterlands
        14. Bridge of Sighs
        15. Chapel Perilous
        16. Hiigara
    N.  Multi-player guide
        1.  General Strategy
        2.  Resources
        3.  Useful Tactics
    O.  Credits and Links
    P.  The End
    A.  Introduction
    Homeworld was released in 1999 and completely revolutionised the RTS (Real-Time
    Strategy) game genre.  Homeworld (or HW, as it is known amongst its fans) was
    the first RTS to combine stunning 3D graphics with great gameplay.  (Don't know
    what a RTS is? Think Command & Conquer.  Don't know what *that* is?  Then
    you're a little young to be reading this guide.)  Homeworld subsequently went on
    to win at least 5 Game of the Year awards from various gaming websites
    (GameSpot, IGN, ...).  This prompted a later release of the special "Game of the
    Year" (GOTY) edition of the game, which featured different box art and manual
    design from the original.
    But it was not just Homeworld's aesthetics that gained it such praise.  The
    game's storyline was (and still is) one of the best ever.  I'm not gunna tell it
    here - because if you're a real Homeworld fanatic, you'll already know it - and
    besides, it's in the manual that came with the game. (You *did* buy it from a
    reputable source, hmmm?)
    Where do I come into this? Well, I was given Homeworld for Christmas 2000 (OK,
    so I'm slow), and I was immediately addicted.  For a month I played nothing else
    but the game.  Later I got my hands on the "sequel" to Homeworld, Homeworld:
    Cataclysm, which is also an excellent game (but not *quite* as good as the
    I had been meaning to write this guide ever since the day I got Homeworld, but
    for various reasons I never got around to it.  But now Homeworld2 is here!  So,
    I decided to finally get my Homeworld walkthrough done.
    Here is the result; I hope you enjoy it.
    B.  About the author
    I'm an 20-year-old living in South Africa.  In RealLife(tm) I'm a student doing
    a Computer Science and English major.
    If anyone reading this needs a Java or PHP/MySQL programmer with 2+ years
    experience, or a web designer (HTML/JavaScript/DHTML/CSS) with 4+ years
    experience, please see the "Contacting the author" section below for my email
    address.  I need a job!
    My hobbies/likes
    - writing game guides (that never get released)
    - writing programs    (that never get finished)
    - designing web sites (that never get uploaded)
    - reading
    - reading
    - cats
    - sleep    (which I don't get enough of)
    - caffeine (which I get too much of)
    - playing games!
    My games
    I play Gameboy, Nintendo64, PlayStation and PC games, so my interests are
    Genres I like:
    - platformers (Crash Bandicoot and Spyro games, Ape Escape, Klonoa, Mario64)
    - arcade racing games (Mario Kart 64, Crash Team Racing, wipEout series)
    - RPGs (Azure Dreams, Pokemon, Final Fantasy series, Zelda series, NeverWinter)
    - RTSs (Dawn of War, Starcraft, Homeworld/Age of Empires/Warcraft series)
    - FPSs (Half-Life/Unreal/Quake series)
    - any genre that's a TLA
    Genres I hate:
    - super-realistic-handling-is-so-sensitive racing games (too irritating to play,
      go and drive a real car!)
    - "super realistic" fighting games (why does *everyone* buy them?)
    - games that are just CRAP (too many to list)
    C.  Contacting the author
    If you want to send me e-mail, my address is currently
      ian [dot] kemp [at] gmail [dot] com
    Use the subject header "Homeworld Walkthrough", or your message may be ignored!
    Please note, that any spam, flames or hate mail will be deleted without being
    read.  The same applies for any mails containing stupid questions, or questions
    that are answered in this guide.
    In addition, I can (probably) be found on the Relic Forums
    (http://forums.relicnews.com) from Monday to Friday every week.  Send me a
    Private Message, if you wish, and I will respond just as I would respond to
    I can now also be found on IRC (Internet Relay Chat) with all the other
    Homeworld players, again from Monday to Friday.  The server is the Homeworld
    Community IRC Server: irc.hwcommunity.com, port 6667 (try ports 6660 through
    6669 if you can't connect).  The channel is, rather unsurprisingly, #homeworld.
    D.  Version history
    1.0.9                       + Wow, it's been a while :). If it weren't for
    26 May 2005                   Siguld_001 reminding me, this version of my guide
                                  wouldn't be seeing the light of day, so you have a
                                  lot to thank him for.
                                + Miscellaneous additions, fixes, rephrasing, etc.
                                + Added bigass spoiler warning to the single-
                                  player walkthrough.
    1.0.8                       + 8th time I played through the single-player game,
    19 November 2004              so more corrections and information as a result.
                                + Guides for missions 4 through 16 extensively
                                + Changed Fuel Pod mass to correct value.
                                + I now have a Gmail account, so my e-mail address
                                  has changed - see "Contacting the author" for
                                  my new address.
    1.0.7                       + *** I have a website!  Head on over to
    15 June 2004                  *** http://assimilator64.f2o.org to check it out!
                                + Thanks again to Sujay, a bunch of new information
                                  and corrections are present in this release.
                                + Homeworld IRC has changed to a new server; see
                                  "Contacting the author" for more details.
                                + A brand new, HTML-ised version of this guide will
                                  be appearing sooner or later.  Don't hold your
                                  breath though...
    1.0.6                       + OK, it wasn't the final version, I lied ;).  This
    23 April 2004                 one includes a bundle of corrections, and some new
                                  additions regarding ships and ship strategies
                                  (*MANY* thanks to Sujay V. Sarma for his input!).
                                + For his help, Sujay is now one of the privileged
                                  few who get to host this guide on their websites.
                                  His URL is http://flashnmind.aquariusos.com.
                                + Added ship codenames to the ships list.
    1.0.5 FINAL                 + As the version would imply, this is the last time
    30 January 2004               I will be updating this guide.  I consider it
                                  100% finished.
                                + Completed overhaul of single-player walkthrough.
                                + More typos fixed.
                                + Added entries for Cloaked Fighter, Defence Fighter
                                  and Defence Field Frigate.
    1.0.4                       + Added more information for Assault Frigates.
    23 January 2004             + Changed some info for Heavy Cruisers and Carriers.
                                + Replayed Homeworld single-player again and
                                  corrected the walkthrough in many places.
                                + Fixed a few typos (hopefully the last...).
                                + Fixed Homeworld Shipyards link.
    1.0.3                       + Noted that Missile Destroyers can only use the
    01 December 2003              Missile Volley special action if they have 1 or
                                  more missiles in stock (again, thanks to Koki for
                                  pointing that out).
                                + Minor formatting/layout changes.
    1.0.2                       + Allowed Cheats.de (http://www.cheats.de)
    27 October 2003               and DLH.net (http://dlh.net)
                                  to host this guide.
                                + Some minor changes to "Abbreviations/Shorthands"
    1.0.1                       + Added permission to allow IGN FAQs
    20 October 2003               (http://faqs.ign.com) to host this guide.
                                + Made many changes after receiving some feedback
                                  (*BIG* thanks to Koki from the Relic Forums!).
                                + Added "Abbreviations/Shorthands" section.
                                + Minor adjustments and corrections.
    1.0.0                       + *** First release to the public!
    12 October 2003             + Rewrote some of the single-player guides to clear
                                  up some points.
                                + Changed the format of the multi-player section.
                                + Reorganised layout of the file, as well as the
                                  Table of Contents.
                                + Finished "Ships and Civilisations" section.
                                + Added "***For Windows XP Users" section.
                                + Added "Cheats/Command-Line Switches" section.
                                + Added "Updating Homeworld (Patches)" section.
    0.9.9                       + Miscellaneous corrections.
    09 October 2003             + Added more multi-player strategies.
    0.9.8                       + Single-player walkthrough completed.
    01 September 2003           + Ships list for Kushan/Taiidan completed.
    0.9.7                       + Added mission 10 and 11.
    24 August 2003
    0.9.6                       + The very first release.  Missions 1 - 9 of the
    16 August 2003                single-player game covered, as well as intros and
                                  credits of this guide.
                                + Began ships list.
    E.  ***For Windows XP users
    By default, Homeworld *WILL NOT RUN* in OpenGL hardware acceleration on
    Microsoft Windows XP.  If you have been wondering how to get around this
    problem, here is the solution:
    1.  Right-click the shortcut you use to play Homeworld and choose "Properties".
    2.  Click the "Compatibility" tab.
    3.  Check the "Run this program in compatibility mode for" box, then from the
        list below, select "Windows NT 4.0 (Service Pack 5)".
    4.  Click OK.
    Homeworld will now allow you to use OpenGL to run the game.
    This hint may apply to other games as well, so feel free to try it.
    F.  Updating Homeworld (Patches)
    No game is ever released perfect, and Homeworld is not an exception.  Relic have
    released 3 updates to the game, or "patches", that alter some aspects of the
    game (mostly to fix bugs).
    The default Homeworld version (and the only one that you can buy) is 1.00.  The
    3 patches will update your game to version 1.03, 1.04 or 1.05, respectively.
    Each later patch also includes all the enhancements of the previous one(s), so
    for example, the 1.05 patch also includes the 1.03 and 1.04 updates.
    (Side note: No-one knows what happened to the 1.01 and 1.02 patches, and as
                usual, Relic won't say...)
    You can tell what version of Homeworld you have by starting the game, and
    looking at the top-left corner of the screen.  In small writing you should see
    text saying "Version HomeworldV1.n0x", where x is the patch you have installed
    (0 if no patching has been done), and n is the letter B if a patch is present.
    ***VERY IMPORTANT!  If you are intending to play Homeworld over the Internet,
                        i.e. via WON.net, you MUST have the latest patch (1.05 at
                        this time) installed.  Otherwise, you will be asked to
                        download and install it when you try and connect to a game.
                        You CANNOT play Homeworld with other people, if your version
                        of the game is different to theirs!
    To get the patches, go to RelicNews (http://www.relicnews.com) and click the
    "Downloads" link under the Homeworld section of the left menu.  Download the
    patch of your choice (it will come as an executable) and run it to update your
    Homeworld installation.  The next time you run the game, you should see that
    the version has been changed to reflect the patch you installed.
    *** Be aware, that patching (or unpatching) Homeworld may cause your saved games
        to not work any more.  It's a situation that's never happened to me, but I
        do know of a handful of people whom have been affected by this bug; so for
        your own sanity, download and install the 1.05 patch *as soon as* you
        install the game.
    G.  Cheats and Command-line switches
    First of all - THERE ARE NO CHEATS IN THIS GAME.  Homeworld was designed for
    people who are actually able to *play* a RTS game, not pathetic newbies who get
    a game, die on the first mission then get onto the Internet and download every
    cheat they can find.  If you're that kind of person, please stop reading this
    guide RIGHT NOW.  I don't have time for lamers like you, and neither does Relic
    nor the Homeworld community.  There *are* trainers (aka hacks) for the game that
    give you extra RUs, more ships etc., but the same comments apply to them.
    Homeworld does, however, feature a comprehensive list of command-line switches
    or parameters, that can be used to tweak your game to perform at its best.  It's
    a pretty long list, but I like to be thorough ;).
    To use these switches
    1.  Right-click the shortcut you use to play Homeworld and choose "Properties".
    2.  Click the "Shortcut" tab, and click to place the cursor inside the "Target:"
        box (which will point to homeworld.exe).
    3.  To add one of these switches, put a space at the end of the text, then type
        in the slash character ( / ), and then the switch.
        For example (using the dsound switch), if your Target field reads
        "C:\games\homeworld\homeworld.exe", you would do this:
        "C:\games\homeworld\homeworld.exe" /dsound
        To add more switches, you just add another space, a slash, and the next
        switch.  E.g.:
        "C:\games\homeworld\homeworld.exe" /dsound /enableSSE /pilotview
        You can have an infinite amount of switches present.  Note however, that
        some switches are mutually exclusive.  If you type in an invalid switch,
        Homeworld will warn you of this on startup and refuse to start until you
        remove or change the invalid switch(es).
    System options
    heap <n>        - sets the amount of memory available to Homeworld to
                      <n> megabytes
    prepath <path>  - sets the location for the game to look for its files
                      (where <path> is this location)
    CDpath <drive>  - where <drive> is the drive letter of the CD-ROM
                      containing the Homeworld game CD, e.g. "d:"
    Processor options
    enableSSE       - enable the use of Streaming SIMD Extensions (SSE) for
                      improved game performance (Pentium III and up, AMD
                      Athlon and up)
    forceSSE        - force the game to use SSE, even if found to be
                      unavailable.  Not recommended, as severe slowdown may
                      occur on non-SSE capable processors
    enable3dNow     - enable the use of AMD's 3DNow! instruction set to
                      improve performance
    Video options
    safeGL          - do not use optimized, but possibly buggy, special
                      features of the selected OpenGL renderer (your video
                      card).  If you are experiencing strange graphical
                      glitches in OpenGL, using this option can help, but it
                      may also decrease performance somewhat
    triple          - if the game's menus are flickering madly, this will
                      triple-buffer them to prevent this.  Does not affect
                      in-game performance
    nodrawpixels    - use when background images are not shown when starting
                      and/or loading games
    noswddraw       - do not use DirectDraw for the software renderer.
                      Makes software mode a lot slower, and is only
                      recommended if your video card has a really bad
                      DirectDraw implementation
    noglddraw       - do not use DirectDraw to setup the OpenGL renderer.
                      Can be slower or faster, depending on your video card,
                      so try this and see
    sw              - use the software renderer ONLY for drawing the game's
                      graphics; with this switch present, you can't change
                      the rendering system from within the game (it is
                      locked into software mode).  This is not recommended
                      unless you have a really crappy video card (e.g. SiS
                      or S3 chip), which is unable to handle Direct3D and/or
                      OpenGL hardware acceleration well.  In this case,
                      software mode will probably be faster (depending on
                      your PC as a whole) than either Direct3D or OpenGL
    noFastFE        - disables fast front-end menu rendering.  Use this if
                      menus are slow to appear, or are rendered incorrectly
                      (e.g. strange colours).  This has also been known to
                      fix problems where the game starts up, then instantly
    fullscreen      - runs the game in software mode, in a full-screen
                      window, and at 640x480 resolution (default video mode)
    window          - displays the game in a window
    noBorder        - if /window is present, this disables the border on the
    640             - runs in 640x480 resolution (default)
    800             - 800x600 resolution
    1024            - 1024x768 resolution
    1280            - 1280x1024 resolution
    1600            - 1600x1200 resolution
    device [dev]    - selects the rendering mode to use, where [dev] is that
                      mode.  Valid values for [dev] are sw (software), d3d
                      (Direct3D), gl (OpenGL), fx (3dfx/GLide - Voodoo cards
                      ONLY).  If using this option, you will be unable to
                      change the renderer from within the game
    nohint          - disable usage of OpenGL perspective correction hints.
                      No-one except Relic seems to know what this option
                      actually does, and Relic ain't telling...
    nopal           - disable palettised texture support.  Usually makes the
                      game slower, since the aim of palettising is to speed
                      up texture generation/transfers.  If you have an older
                      card that has a dodgy palettised texture engine, using
                      this switch might help to fix graphical glitches
    Sound options
    dsound          - forces game to use the Microsoft DirectSound mixer,
                      even if the sound driver is not certified
    dsoundCoop      - if DirectSound mixer supports co-operative mode, this
                      will allow other applications to use DirectSound even
                      while Homeworld is using it
    waveout         - forces game to use Waveout mixer (slower, lower
                      quality) even if DirectSound is available - use this if
                      your sound card causes problems with the game
    reverseStereo   - swap left/right audio channels
    Detail options
    rasterSkip      - enable interlacing with software renderer.  This
                      allows for much-improved performance in software mode,
                      but creates a "motion blur" effect that may be too
                      visually distracting to use (faster)
    noBG            - disable display of galaxy backgrounds (so you will see
                      only black backgrounds with stars) - faster
    noFilter        - disables bilinear texture filtering (decreases graphic
                      quality but increases performance).  All modern video
                      cards can filter with no performance penalty, so you
                      should never need to use this option
    noSmooth        - do not use polygon smoothing.  Same as noFilter, you
                      should not need to use this option
    stipple         - enables stipple alpha blending to emulate
                      transparency effects.  Very ugly and can only be used
                      in software mode; makes game run faster
    noShowDamage    - do not show ship damage effects (drive plasma leaking,
                      fires).  Can drastically improve performance, BUT you
                      won't be able to easily see if your ships are damaged,
                      so it's not recommended to use this
    Other options
    disableavi      - skips opening Sierra and Relic movies
    pilotview       - allows you to see the game from the "pilot's eye view"
                      of your ships.  This option is only available from the
                      v1.04 patch and up.  If enabled, select a ship and
                      hit the Q key to switch to pilot view; press Q again to
                      return to external view.
                      (NOTE: some ships have very strange pilot views...)
    H.  Abbreviations/Shorthands
    Many of the ship and tactics names are very long to type, so on Homeworld
    message boards (e.g. the Relic Forums - http://forums.relicnews.com), you will
    often find an abbreviated form being used to describe things.
    If you aren't a veteran boardie, then it's quite possible that you won't know
    WTF is being talked about - so here's a useful list of (some) of the shorthands
    used by the Homeworld community.
    Adv Swarmer         Advanced Swarmer (Kadeshi)
    Assassin            Ion Array Frigate (Turanic Raiders)
    Auto                Autogun (from Karos Graveyard)
    Banana              Kushan Mothership
    Banana Mothership
    Banana MS
    BB                  Battle Ball (attacking technique using Sphere formation)
    Bentusi Station     Bentusi Exchange (Bentusi)
    Trade Station
    Boardie             Internet bulletin board/discussion forum user
    Brigand             Missile Corvette (Turanic Raiders)
    Cap                 Capital Ship
    Cap Ship
    Caterpillar         Fuel Pod (Kadeshi)
    Collector           Resource Collector
    Corv                Corvette
    CorvWall            Corvette Wall (Corvettes in Wall formation to deal maximum
    CS                  Crazy Scouts (strategy where Scouts quickly switch between
                                      Wall and Sphere formation to dodge gunfire)
                        *** NOT considered a legitimate strategy!
    Dawg                Junkyard Dawg
    DFG                 Defense Field Frigate
    DFG Frig
    DFG Frigate
    DS                  Dancing Scouts (strategy where Scouts jump around and dodge
                                        almost all gunfire)
                        Only available in v1.00 of Homeworld.
                        *** NOT considered a legitimate strategy!
    ES                  Evil Scouts (usage of key-bashing to allow your Scouts to
                                     avoid almost all gunfire)
                        *** NOT considered a legitimate strategy!
    Frig                Frigate
    Furball             Massive battle between many ships (usually Strike Craft)
    Heavies             Heavy Corvettes
    HVC                 Heavy Cruiser
    HV Cruiser
    HW                  Homeworld
    IAF                 Ion Array Frigate (Turanic Raiders)
    ICF                 Ion Cannon Frigate
    Int                 Interceptor
    Kami                Kamikaze (ram your ship into another ship and self-destruct
                                  your ship - causes massive damage to the enemy)
    Lord                Battle Carrier (Turanic Raiders)
    LC                  Light Corvette
    Lt Corv
    MBF                 Multi-Beam Frigate (Kadeshi)
    MD                  Missile Destroyer
    MGC                 Multi-Gun Corvette
    Multi Corv
    MM                  Micro-management ("managing" a group of ships with
                                          "microscopic" precision - giving new
                                          orders, formations etc. very often during
                                          a battle)
    MP                  Multi-player mode
    MS                  Mothership
    Needle              Needle Mothership (Kadeshi)
    Protectors          Kadeshi
    Garden Dwellers
    Prox Detector       Proximity Sensor
    Prox Sensor
    Proxy Detector
    Proxy Sensor
    Researcher          Research Ship
    Resourcer           Resource Collector
    RTFM                Read The F**king Manual
    RUs                 Resource Units
    SalCap              Salvage Corvette
    SalCapCorv          (there is a good reason why there are so many acronyms for
    Salvager             this ship's name!)
    Sct                 Scout
    SP                  Single-player mode
    SS                  Super Scouts (strategy where Scouts are able to deal tons of
                                      damage by changing formations as they
                                      complete their attack run)
                        To do it: set your Scouts to Aggressive and tell them to
                        attack enemy ships.  As soon as your Scouts have made their
                        attack pass at the enemies, set them to Evasive and they
                        will turn around again, much faster than normal.  Set them
                        back to Aggressive and they will attack the enemies again;
                        repeat to deal the most damage in the least time.
                        *** Considered legitimate by the Homeworld community.
    SuperCap            Super-Capital Ship
    Super Cap
    Swarm               Massive melee attack of Strike Craft (where Kadeshi Swarmers
                        got their names from - many of them attack en mass)
    Thief               Standard Corvette (Turanic Raiders)
    Ugly                Taiidan Mothership
    Ugly Mothership
    Ugly MS
    Wing                Group of ships (usually Strike Craft)
    WTF                 What The F**k?
    I.  Ships and Civilisations
    *** PLEASE NOTE: Unless otherwise stated, all stats here are taken from   ***
    ***              version 1.05 of Homeworld.                               ***
    ***              The actual Homeworld manual is incorrect in many places, ***
    ***              the true ship stats are the ones displayed in the game   ***
    ***              itself.                                                  ***
    This section will tell you all about the ships in the game, as well as the
    civilisations that they belong to.
    On the Internet, the Homeworld Shipyards
    (http://well-of-souls.com/homeworld/hws/) is maintained by Arioch, and contains
    a list of all the ships from all the Homeworld games (including Homeworld2),
    with statistics, pictures, additional notes, and inside information.  Visit it,
    it's a great resource!
    1.  Kushan
    The Kushan are the "big tech/low tech" civilisation.  Their ships are clunky and
    not exactly pleasing to look at, but they get the job done.  Choose a red colour
    scheme and you can pretend that their ships were carved from bricks ;).
    According to Relic (developers of Homeworld), the Kushan were originally
    designed to be the "true exiles".  It was only later in the game's development
    that the option was added to allow you to play as either the Kushan or the
    Taiidan in single-player.
    Ion beam color: red-white ("ruby")
    2.  Taiidan
    The Taiidani are supposed to be a 4,000-year-old empire, so naturally their
    ships would look more refined than the Kushan ones.  For example, the Taiidani
    Heavy Cruiser looks graceful and deadly at the same time, unlike the boxy Kushan
    Taiidani ships also tend to have better turret placement than Kushan ships
    (Heavy Corvette, Assault Frigate), so they are probably the better race to
    play as, in multi-player.
    Ion beam color: blue-white ("ice")
    *** STRIKE CRAFT ***
    Strike Craft are small and weak, both in terms of firepower and armor.  They
    make up for this by being fast to move and attack, and cheap and quick to
    create.  This ship class includes Fighters and the stronger, but slower
    Strike Craft are too small to carry a reactor onboard, thus the reaction mass
    used for propulsion is eventually used up and must be replenished - in simple
    terms, Strike Craft have fuel that needs to be topped up when it runs out.  This
    is automatically done when Fighters or Corvettes dock with another ship.  The
    blue bar below a Strike Craft's health bar indicates how much fuel is left; when
    it turns red, that means you should seriously consider tanking up your ships.
    The fuel limitation also means that strike Craft cannot hyperspace on their own;
    they must be transported through Hyperspace via a Support Frigate, Carrier or
    i.   Fighters
    Very fast and capable of so-called "extreme" maneuvers, such as pitches, rolls
    and strafing.  Best used in large groups, but not too large; putting 70+ ships
    in X formation is pointless, use smaller groups instead.  Their guns are fixed,
    which means they need to be pointing in the direction of their targets to
    Codename: Kushan : (unknown)
              Taiidan: Fiirkan
    Cost: 35 RUs
    Mass: 10 tons
    Armour: 110
    Firepower: 12
    Coverage: 8%
    Weapons: 2x mass driver (nose-mounted)
    Special Action: Afterburners (increases speed drastically for 3 seconds)
    Velocity: 1 000 m/s (standard); 1 500 m/s (with Afterburners)
    Maneuverability: very high
    Build Time: 12 seconds
    Availability: Mission 1
    The fastest and cheapest combat-capable vessels in the game.  They do very
    little damage alone, but get them in packs of 40 and that's a dangerous punch,
    not to mention that their speed allows them to avoid almost all weapons fire.
    You won't be building these too much in single-player, but in multi-player mode
    you will soon learn that Scouts are your best friends.  If you are playing
    anyone half decent, they will build Scouts like there is no tomorrow; you must
    do the same or your Mothership/Carrier will die the "death of a thousand
    pinpricks" - not nice at all.
    Codename: Kushan : Blade
              Taiidan: Triikor
    Cost: 55 RUs
    Mass: 60 tons
    Armour: 160
    Firepower: 16
    Coverage: 8%
    Weapons: 2x mass driver (Kushan : nose-mounted
                             Taiidan: 1 nose-mounted, 1 externally mounted)
    Special Action: -
    Velocity: 875 m/s
    Maneuverability: very high
    Build Time: 18 seconds
    Availability: Mission 2
    The successor to the Scout - or not.  Interceptors die against almost any Strike
    Craft they go up against - including Scouts, which on Evasive are too fast for
    the Interceptors to hit, and also too fast to run away from.  Don't even bother
    building these.
    Codename: Kushan : (unknown)
              Taiidan: Seejur
    Cost: 65 RUs
    Mass: 60 tons
    Armour: 325
    Firepower: 5
    Coverage: 11%
    Weapons: 3x rapid-fire mass driver (externally mounted)
    Special Action: -
    Velocity: 385 m/s
    Maneuverability: medium
    Build Time: 9 seconds
    Availability: Mission 4
    The quickest ship in the game to build; as their name suggests, they are best
    used for escort duty.  In version 1.00 of the game Defenders had firepower/
    armour ratings of 30/160 respectively, thus they were a lot weaker but they
    packed a *HELL* of a punch.  A wall of 30 v1.00 Defenders could annihilate a
    Carrier in a minute, after you've patched your game they will only tap at its
    hull and get killed.
    They are still good escorts for resource operations, no matter what version of
    the game you're playing.  Their main problem is their looow speed, which means
    that even Support Frigates can outrun them (and that *hurts*).  Best used in the
    early stages of a multi-player game to protect your valuable Resourcers, then as
    the Defenders get killed, you can replace them with Corvettes.
    One bonus that Defenders have, is an extremely long firing range.  If a wave of
    enemy Scouts tries an attack, a Defender wall can often pick off half of the
    attackers before they can get in range to return fire.  Use this ability to your
    advantage, because once your Defenders start taking hits, they aren't going to
    live very long.
    Koki noted: "[Defenders] are pretty good at dodging, if they are not moving.
    They move up/down/left/right pretty fast."  In other words, their
    maneuverability is quite a bit better than their speed - Defenders can actually
    dodge Corvette bullets, if they're lucky.
    BTW: while Kushan Defenders need about a second to meet a threat (because they
    retract/extend their guns), Taiidani Defenders are always ready to rock.
    Attack Bomber
    Codename: Kushan : (unknown)
              Taiidan: Kaark
    Cost: 85 RUs
    Mass: 90 tons
    Armour: 110
    Firepower: 42
    Coverage: 5%
    Weapons: 2x plasma bomb launcher (Kushan : nose-mounted
                                      Taiidan: mounted either side of body)
    Special Action: -
    Velocity: 750 m/s
    Maneuverability: high
    Build Time: 20 seconds
    Availability: Mission 5
    Slow (to move and build), heavy, but the ultimate anti-Capital Ship fighter.
    Within seconds, it *kills* anything frigate-size and up; a wing of 20 can
    destroy a frigate in 2 volleys.  These suck against other Strike Craft, but hey,
    that's not what they're designed for.  If you need a fast, mobile, Capital Ship-
    killing force, these are for you.  When the sitauation is really critical, you
    can also kamikaze them for that extra killing power.
    Note that Attack Bombers *can* kill Strike Craft - Heavy Corvettes are
    especially vulnerable - but if you put your ships on Evasive when approaching an
    enemy Bomber wing, then switch back to Aggressive when you get close, you'll win
    easily (unless you're vastly outnumbered...).
    One last thing - beware when attacking Assault Frigates with these ships.
    Cloaked Fighter
    ***Kushan ONLY!
    Codename: Kushan: (unknown)
    Cost: 85 RUs
    Mass: 40 tons
    Armour: 150
    Firepower: 39
    Coverage: 10%
    Weapons: 2x mass driver, forward-facing, mounted in body
    Special Action: activate cloaking field
    Velocity: 775 m/s
    Maneuverability: high
    Build Time: 45 seconds
    Availability: Mission 12
    Better than a Scout for scouting due to the cloaking ability, but pretty useless
    otherwise.  The main problem is that the cloak field uses up fuel; the Cloaked
    Fighter has a small-ish gas tank anyhow, so cloak them during firefights and you
    will probably end up with out-of-fuel sitting ducks.
    They are also very slow to construct and seem to die very easily to enemy ships.
    Killing Missile Destroyers is a good job for this Fighter, since the missiles
    lose lock-on when the target cloaks, but they would probably run out of fuel
    before the MD dies...  All in all not the best ship in the game, not the worst
    either but close - spend the RUs on something better.
    Defence Fighter
    ***Taiidan ONLY!
    Codename: Taiidan: (unknown)
    Cost: 85 RUs
    Mass: 75 tons
    Armour: 300
    Firepower: -
    Coverage: 80%
    Weapons: -
    Special Action: defence lasers (automatically deflect incoming mass driver fire)
                    - always on
    Velocity: 875 m/s
    Maneuverability: high
    Build Time: 20 seconds
    Availability: Mission 12
    A smaller version of the DFG Frigate, best used as escorts for fighters or
    corvettes.  Their defence lasers shoot down 80% of incoming mass driver fire,
    but can't do anything about mines, missiles, ion beams or plasma bombs.  Best
    used together with DFGs, or in Sphere formation to guard Corvette attack waves.
    But they die to Heavy Corvettes using Burst Fire, so all in all, even more
    useless than the Cloaked Fighter - at least it can attack...
    ii.  Corvettes
    Bigger and badder than Fighters but still require fuel.  Heavier armor means
    that they are also a lot slower, but they do more damage and their weapons are
    generally turreted, thus they are able to hit targets while not facing them.
    This also means they do not need to make (dangerous) passes over and around
    their target to do damage.
    Light Corvette
    Codename: Kushan : (unknown)
              Taiidan: (unknown)
    Cost: 135 RUs
    Mass: 400 tons
    Armour: 900
    Firepower: 100
    Coverage: 40%
    Weapons: (Kushan)  1x turret (mounted below cockpit)
             (Taiidan) 2x turret (mounted in front of cockpit)
    Special Action: -
    Velocity: 575 m/s
    Maneuverability: medium
    Build Time: 22 seconds
    Availability: Mission 2
    These are like Heavy Corvettes, with less armor and only 1 turret.  And we all
    know how powerful the Heavy Corvette is.  However, this lighter version is all
    too often overlooked in multi-player games, which is a shame because it's
    actually a rather good ship.  It only needs 1 (very fast to research) technology
    to build, and it builds quickly too.  Start out your game with walls of Light
    Corvettes, repace them with Heavies as the Lighties die, and you can't go much
    (After using these ships a bit, I've revised this description extensively.)
    Heavy Corvette
    Codename: Kushan : (unknown)
              Taiidan: (unknown)
    Cost: 250 RUs
    Mass: 750 tons
    Armour: 1 700
    Firepower: 200
    Coverage: 50%
    Weapons: (Kushan)  2x turret (mounted below cockpit)
             (Taiidan) 4x turret (mounted in front of cockpit)
    Special Action: Burst Fire (5km range / 2.5km area of effect)
    Velocity: 500 m/s
    Maneuverability: medium
    Build Time: 30 seconds
    Availability: Mission 2
    Two words: KICK ASS.  It seems like everyone loves these ships, and why the hell
    not?  They're the best Strike Craft in the game, simply because they can take
    pain like nothing else can.  These ships can even take multiple ion beam hits
    and live!
    Their twin turreted guns will make mincemeat of *anything* that comes too close.
    Put 16 or 25 Heavy Corvettes in a Wall, set 2 Support Frigates to repair them,
    and you've got a virtually impenetrable screen of Corvette gunfire.  No Fighters
    will be able to take them on and live (except maybe Evasive Scouts), and
    Frigates will also die pretty damn fast.  Heck, Heavies can even knock out a
    Destroyer, given enough time.
    Their weakness is their slow speed, which allows even ion beam-equipped ships to
    hit them.  Even the inaccurate Attack Bomber can be a menace to Heavies, but
    that's where Burst Fire mode comes in.  Select an area of space, click Z and
    your Heavy Corvettes begin offloading high-explosive, highly deadly shells into
    that area.  Fighter wings simply pop when they get hit with Burst - try it.
    There are a few tricks to using Burst Fire effectively; first, you have to
    remember that any of your own ships that wander into the Burst radius will take
    damage too.  Secondly, it takes a few seconds for Heavies to load and fire their
    explosive shells, so it pays to get as close to your target as possible (but not
    *so* close that your Corvettes kill themselves...).
    For the supreme tacticians, the Kushan Heavy Corvette is more adept at combat on
    the vertical plane, the Taiidan one is best at horizontal attacks - this is due
    to the placement of their turrets.
    In summary: build them and love them.
    Multi-Gun Corvette
    Codename: Kushan : (unknown)
              Taiidan: Diirvaas
    Cost: 220 RUs
    Mass: 750 tons
    Armour: 1 400
    Firepower: 180
    Coverage: 78%
    Weapons: 6x turret (Kushan : 4 mounted below, 2 mounted above
                        Taiidan: 2 mounted in front of cockpit, 4 mounted on sides)
    Special Action: -
    Velocity: 695 m/s
    Maneuverability: medium (seems to be high)
    Build Time: 22 seconds
    Availability: Mission 7
    A lower-spec version of the Heavy Corvette, faster and the only ship able to hit
    all types of Strike Craft, but that's about all in their favour.  Put these up
    against Fighters and they do great, against anything else, not so well.  The
    problem is that the multi-targeting guns don't provide a direct rain of bullets,
    tell them to attack something and normally only one or two of the guns will
    respond.  Excellent against Fighter-happy opposition, but for anything else, use
    Heavy Corvettes.  You know it makes sense.
    In many respects this ship is more like a Fighter than a Corvette; it is faster
    and has better manueverability than any other Corvette, but of course it has the
    turretted guns and larger fuel tanks that Fighters lack.
    Minelayer Corvette
    Codename: Kushan : (unknown)
              Taiidan: Wodaan
    Cost: 275 RUs
    Mass: 750 tons
    Armour: 1 800
    Firepower: ~700 per mine
    Coverage: -
    Weapons: 2x mine launcher (rear-mounted)
    Special Action: Force Drop (dump 6 mines at once)
    Velocity: 425 m/s
    Maneuverability: medium
    Build Time: 40 seconds
    Availability: Mission 10
    Very useful or very useless, depending on your viewpoint.  The mines dumped by
    these Corvettes are slow-ish (meaning they can't hit Fighters), but then again,
    they don't need to be too fast to hit lumbering Capital Ships.  The problem with
    minefields is that the mines disappear after a time and have to be relaid, and
    of course, Minelayers aren't the fastest corvettes around.  Your own fleet also
    tends to *cough* run into the mines they dispense.
    BUT: if you can put, say, 20 Minelayers in a Carrier, then jump over by the
    enemy's Mothership and start dumping mines, you will be smiling.  And of course,
    laying mines in a resource patch will ruin anyone's day.  It's your choice to
    use them or not.
    Repair Corvette
    Codename: Kushan : (unknown)
              Taiidan: (unknown)
    Cost: 150 RUs
    Mass: 750 tons
    Armour: 800
    Firepower: 60
    Coverage: 10%
    Weapons: 1x mass driver turret (below cockpit)
    Special Action: repair/refuel Strike Craft
    Velocity: 350 m/s
    Maneuverability: medium
    Build Time: 20 seconds
    Availability: Mission 1
    Good early on in single-player, useless everywhere else.  You can get Support
    Frigates from only 1 technology, and they are faster (yes!), a lot tougher and
    just a whole lot better than these Corvettes.  I used these once, after that,
    never again.  Possibly the game's least-used ship.
    Salvage Corvette
    Codename: Kushan : (unknown)
              Taiidan: Tiirshak
    Cost: 150 RUs
    Mass: 120 tons
    Armour: 1 400
    Firepower: -
    Coverage: -
    Weapons: -
    Special Action: salvage (duh)
    Velocity: 425 m/s
    Maneuverability: medium ("bad")
    Build Time: 30 seconds
    Availability: Mission 1
    The Homeworld manual states that Salvage Corvettes "can capture heavily damaged
    ships".  Well folks, if you've already played single-player you'll know that's
    not true.  What happened was that the Homeworld manual was completed before the
    actual game itself, and then due to time constraints, Relic decided to let you
    salvage any ship, of any health.  But they forgot to update the manual :|.
    Salvagers are some of the most valuable units in the game, because they can grab
    almost anything.  Obviously in multi-player their usefulness drops because human
    enemies will be on the lookout for them, but in single-player, Salvagers allow
    you to amass a huge fleet, without spending many RUs.
    Here is a table showing exactly *which* ships can be captured, and the number of
    Salvage Corvettes needed to grab 'em:
    | Ship type           | Salvage Corvettes |
    |                     | to capture        |
    | Strike Craft        | 1                 |
    |                     |                   |
    | Frigate             | 2                 |
    |                     |                   |
    | Destroyer           | 3                 |
    |                     |                   |
    | Heavy Cruiser       | 5                 |
    |                     |                   |
    | Carrier             | 5                 |
    | Resource Collector  | 2                 |
    |                     |                   |
    | Resource Controller | 3                 |
    |                     |                   |
    | Cloak Generator     | 2                 |
    |                     |                   |
    | GravWell Generator  | 2                 |
    Many people have wondered whether some of the "special" vessels in the single-
    player game (Turanic Battle Carrier, Kadeshi Needle Mothership, Junkyard Dawg)
    can be salvaged.  The answer is "no"; besides the practical limitations, the
    game is set so that it is physically impossible to salvage those ships.
    So there.
    Note that Strike Craft (Fighters and Corvettes) can only be captured if they are
    out of fuel and/or trapped in a GravWell.  Salvaging is fun ;).
    *** CAPITAL SHIPS ***
    These workhorse ships form the backbone of any fleet.  Larger than Strike Craft,
    they carry their own reactors and thus do not require fuel.  Additionally,
    Capital Ships are able to repair themselves when damaged, and they have an
    innate ability to Hyperspace.
    Assault Frigate
    Codename: Kushan : (unknown)
              Taiidan: Kudaark
    Cost: 575 RUs
    Mass: 45 000 tons
    Armour: 16 000
    Firepower: 82
    Coverage: 75%
    Weapons: 4x mass driver turret (around nose), 2x plasma bomb launcher (around
    Special Action: -
    Velocity: 325 m/s
    Maneuverability: low
    Build Time: 60 seconds
    Availability: Mission 3
    Good against slow Attack Bombers, slower Corvettes and other Capital Ships, bad
    against anything else.  If only its turrets/bullets were faster...  grrr.
    Seriously though, if used correctly, these ships can be a menace to other
    Capital Ships, notably Ion Cannon Frigates, because they are more maneuverable
    than them.  In other words, if you tell an Assault Frigate to attack another
    Capital Ship, and then start moving your Frigate around, it will most likely
    come out as the winner of the battle.
    Having all the turrets clustered around the nose area means that this Frigate
    gets in more hits than others.  Unfortunately, this is also its greatest
    weakness, since the Assault Frigate is totally unable to cover its vulnerable
    engine area.  Get a squadron of Heavy Corvettes behind an Assault Frigate, and
    it will die very fast.
    This Frigate's bullets seem to be heavier than other ships'; get a wing of 6
    Assault Frigates and start shooting an enemy ship, it will get blown backwards
    and will never be able to get in range to fire on your Frigates.  Cheap, but
    it can help.
    Addendum: After doing a few tests with Assault Frigates, I have come to the
              conclusion that their effectiveness increases *dramatically*
              when used in larger groups.  A set of 8 Assault Frigates are an
              excellent deterrent to Strike Craft groups (even Fighters),
              because they're firing so many bullets that it's virtually
              impossible for one slug *not* to hit a target.
    Ion Cannon Frigate
    Codename: Kushan : Firelance
              Taiidan: Sajuuk Cor ("God's Wrath")
    Cost: 650 RUs
    Mass: 57 000 tons
    Armour: 15 000
    Firepower: 138
    Coverage: 3%
    Weapons: 1x ion cannon beam (fixed, forward-mounted)
    Special Action: -
    Velocity: 300 m/s
    Maneuverability: low
    Build Time: 60 seconds
    Availability: Mission 4
    The mainstay of every respectable fleet, the Ion Cannon Frigate packs a single
    ion beam with the strongest punch in the game.  Getting in front of one of these
    is very bad news, no matter what type of ship you are.  Group ICFs with Assault
    Frigates and some Heavy Corvettes, and you have a highly dangerous escort or
    attack fleet.  But don't even think about sending them out unguarded, since they
    die very quickly to any ship class.  When engaging an enemy fleet, *always* take
    out the ICFs first - they have the best firepower-to-cost ratio of any Capital
    Drone Frigate
    ***Kushan ONLY!
    Codename: Kushan: Puppeteer
    Cost: 800 RUs
    Mass: 60 000 tons
    Armour: 16 000
    Firepower: 192
    Coverage: 100%
    Weapons: 24x drones (mobile mass driver turrets)
    Special Action: launch/retract drones
    Velocity: 300 m/s
    Maneuverability: low
    Build Time: 75 seconds
    Availability: Mission 6
    This is the only ship capable of hitting *any* other ship, no matter how fast
    the enemy may be.  Each drone has a single mass driver that is equal in power/
    firing speed to the guns of a Scout, thus 24 x 8 = 192 damage per volley.  These
    Frigates are great for guarding against Strike Craft attack, but don't do nearly
    so well against bigger ships.
    The drones do get rebuilt if destroyed, although this takes a while - 50 seconds
    (faster if all drones are retracted, only 20-25 seconds).  And the drones aren't
    repaired if damaged, only replaced if they are destroyed, which is annoying if
    you have a Drone Frigate sitting in space with every single one of its drones
    leaking plasma...
    Defence Field Frigate
    ***Taiidan ONLY!
    Codename: Taiidan: Tiifal
    Cost: 800 RUs
    Mass: 40 000 tons
    Armour: 17 600
    Firepower: -
    Coverage: 85-90%
    Weapons: -
    Special Action: defence field (always active)
    Velocity: 325 m/s
    Maneuverability: low
    Build Time: 75 seconds
    Availability: Mission 6
    The "DFG" Frigate (it's the game's, and Relic's, internal name for the ship) is
    a ship without offensive weapons; rather, it has the ability to deflect enemy
    attacks.  However, the deflector field can only stop bullets; ion beams, mines,
    missiles and plasma bombs still pass through.  Note that the field will stop
    shots fired by both enemy ships AND your own!
    In addition, the defence field only has a puny 2km radius, and it's not 100%
    effective; 5-10% of enemy bullets will manage to penetrate the field anyway.
    You can escort the DFG with 2 Defence Fighters, which will cover the "hole" in
    the deflector field and increase its stopping power to 100%.
    This frigate becomes more useful in multi-player, especially against people who
    enjoy creating enormous wings of Strike Craft.  The DFG doesn't block the effect
    of GravWells, so it's possible to create the Ultimate Strike Craft Trap which
    will render enemy fighters and corvettes completely helpless.
    Personally, I wouldn't use this ship - it's slow and weak and really not that
    great.  Although, it can come in useful on salvage raids for obvious reasons:
    imagine your opponent's face when he sends off some Strike Craft to kill your
    Salvagers that are grabbing his Cruiser, only to find that he can't actually do
    any damage to them.
    Support Frigate
    Codename: Kushan : (unknown)
              Taiidan: Heeshk
    Cost: 425 RUs
    Mass: 45 000 tons
    Armour: 12 000
    Firepower: 28
    Coverage: 21%
    Weapons: (Kushan)  1x mass driver turret (below nose)
             (Taiidan) 2x mass driver turret (either side of body)
    Special Action: refuel Strike Craft, repair all ships
    Velocity: 450 m/s
    Maneuverability: low
    Build Time: 65 seconds
    Availability: Mission 4
    The successor to the Repair Corvette, and a much better ship all around.  The
    Support Frigate can repair and refuel 10 Fighters and 4 Corvettes at once, and
    its green beam can heal any other ships that are damaged.  Set a Support
    Frigate or 2 to assist a CorvWall, and you have a deadly team.  These versatile
    Frigates are best used on groups of 2 and upwards; you should always have at
    least 1 supporting your Mothership.
    A useful multi-player trick is the Strike Craft Hyperspace Jump: tell some
    Strike Craft to dock with a Support Frigate, then Hyperspace that Frigate - the
    Strike Craft will go along for the ride, and it doesn't cost you any extra RUs.
    Great for launching surprise attacks on resource operations.
    Kushan Support Frigates have only 1 gun, but can repair themselves (hold Z and
    click on the Frigate a few times).
    Taiidan Support Frigates have 2 guns, but lack the self-repair capability.
    Note that a Support Frigate cannot be both guarding and supporting/repairing
    your ships at the same time - it's one or the other.  And if you're having
    trouble with your Supporters attacking enemies while they should be repairing,
    set them to Evasive tactics.
    Support Frigate guns are more like Corvette weapons than Capital Ship armaments;
    they fire very fast and accurately, and do less damage (so the Frigate can
    protect itself from Strike Craft assault, if needed).  But its armour points are
    so low, that it dies to almost anything anyway...
    (Guarding vs repairing information, as well as the F2 tactics setting, were
     added after some input from Sujay.)
    Big, expensive and slow, these mammoth ships are the heavy hitters of the fleet.
    They can take down many Frigates but die to Strike Craft, so you should always
    ensure that they are well-defended.
    Codename: Kushan : Revelation
              Taiidan: Skaal Tel
    Cost: 1 350 RUs
    Mass: 185 0000 tons
    Armour: 44 000
    Firepower: 341
    Coverage: 88% (more like 40%)
    Weapons: (Kushan)  2x side-mounted ion cannon turrets, 2x top-mounted mass
                       driver turrets
             (Taiidan) 2x forward-mounted fixed ion cannons, 2x (dual) top-mounted
                       mass driver turrets (4 gun barrels)
    Special Action: -
    Velocity: 315 m/s
    Maneuverability: very low (seems to be low)
    Build Time: 150 seconds
    Availability: Mission 6
    Slightly more expensive than 2 Ion Cannon Frigates but a better deal, these
    ships have deadly twin ion beams, backed up by 2 big-ass mass driver turrets.
    They are highly maneuverable for their size and (relatively) speedy, too.  The
    only problem is their coverage; a Destroyer's guns are meant to hit things in
    front of it, so consequently they have trouble shooting at attackers below or
    behind them.  The large, undefended "blind spot" below a Destroyer also makes
    them easy to approach with Salvagers; so if you're fielding a few of these
    heavyweights, give them a decent Strike Craft escort.
    Missile Destroyer
    Codename: Kushan : (unknown)
              Taiidan: Skaal Fa
    Cost: 1 500 RUs
    Mass: 200 0000 tons
    Armour: 42 000
    Firepower: 450
    Coverage: 100%
    Weapons: 2x guided missile launchers
    Special Action: Missile Volley (1x - 32x missiles)
    Velocity: 295 m/s
    Maneuverability: very low
    Build Time: 175 seconds
    Availability: Mission 9
    Death to Strike Craft, the only thing that can outrun the missiles are Evasive
    Scouts on Afterburners (cloaking also spoils missile lock-on).  The only problem
    is the 32-missile initial capacity; once an MD is empty, its firing rate drops
    off substantially (as it takes 0.5 seconds to manufacture new missiles).  So be
    frugal with the missile load, use micro-management to ensure that missiles
    aren't wasted.
    This ship is a Destroyer, but it's *not* meant for taking on other Capital and
    Super-Capital ships - leave that job to your ion beam-equipped ships, and use
    MDs to protect your heavy hitters from pesky Strike Craft swarms.
    Different tactics also alter missile accuracy versus Strike Craft:
    Evasive     50%
    Neutral     70%
    Aggressive  90%
    So on Evasive for example, half of the missiles fired at enemies are going to
    miss.  On Aggressive, only 10% will miss their target.
    Regarding Missile Volley: If used, your MD will fire off however many missiles
    it currently has in stock (thanks to Koki for noting this).  The penalty to pay
    is that your MD can't fire/manufacture new missiles for 10 seconds after the
    Volley attack has been used, so obviously, it pays to use Missile Volley only
    when your ships have a full (or almost full) stock of 32 missiles.  BTW, this
    attack seems to make the missiles "dumb" - their homing capability is downgraded
    quite substantially.
    Codename: Kushan : Empress
              Taiidan: Saarkin Cho
    Cost: 2 000 RUs
    Mass: 600 0000 tons
    Armour: 70 000
    Firepower: 109
    Coverage: 100% (not really)
    Weapons: 4x fixed mass drivers, at each corner of the Carrier
    Special Action: build/dock/refuel/repair Strike Craft, build Frigates
    Velocity: 315 m/s
    Maneuverability: very low
    Build Time: 280 seconds
    Availability: Mission 9
    Vital to your fleet, these ships are able to move a *LOT* faster than a
    Mothership.  They are best used as mobile construction yards around resource
    operations, since you can keep churning out Strike Craft and Frigates to thwart
    enemy attacks.  Their guns are pretty bad though, and sending a Carrier out
    unescorted is just asking for it to be salvaged or blown up.  In multi-player,
    your Carriers take over the role of Fleet Command if you lose your Mothership,
    thus it's a good idea to build at least 1.  Any ship(s) being built by a Carrier
    will also die if the Carrier is destroyed, the same applies to all Strike Craft
    docked inside the destroyed Carrier.
    A Carrier can dock 50 Fighters and 25 Corvettes at a time (a little small to fit
    all those ships inside, I would have thought?).
    Heavy Cruiser
    Codename: Kushan : Avatar
              Taiidan: Qwaar-Jet ("God of Pain and Enslavement")
    Cost: 3 700 RUs
    Mass: 800 0000 tons
    Armour: 90 000
    Firepower: 921
    Coverage: 100%
    Weapons: (Kushan)  2x dual-ion "wide" turrets, mounted above/below nose;
                       6x mass driver turrets, on top/bottom/sides
             (Taiidan) 2x dual-ion "narrow" turrets, mounted above/below nose;
                       6x mass-driver turrets, mounted over-under-along on sides
    Special Action: -
    Velocity: 250 m/s
    Maneuverability: very low
    Build Time: 420 seconds
    Availability: Mission 13
    Even the best Homeworld players know that an enemy Heavy Cruiser is bad news.
    As the manual states, "When a Heavy Cruiser shows up on the scene, things get
    real quiet real fast".  And it's true - nothing can match a Heavy Cruiser in
    terms of sheer, raw firepower.  Their huge amount of armour allows them to
    shrug off any Strike Craft attack (except maybe Attack Bombers), and Frigates
    don't do too well against them either (unless you're able to bring about 10
    ICFs to bear on the enemy Cruiser).
    The only thing that can go head-to-head with a Heavy Cruiser is another Cruiser
    or failing that, at least 3 Destroyers.  If you're a skilled player, you can
    exploit this ship's poor (OK, *bad*) maneuverability: while attacking an enemy
    Cruiser with Destroyers or Frigates, move your ships around and if you're lucky,
    you'll be able to avoid the Cruiser's ion beams.  (You probably won't be able to
    dodge the mass driver fire, but bullets are *nothing* compared to ion
    For all its power, though, the Heavy Cruiser is one slow ship.  The only ships
    that can't outrun it are Motherships (ouch), so if you need to move a Cruiser
    across the map, Hyperspace is probably the best option.
    Codename: "Mothership" (Well, what other codename would you use?)
    Cost: -
    Mass: 5 000 000 tons
    Armour: 160 000
    Firepower: 7 500
    Coverage: 60%
    Weapons: 6x fixed mass driver mounts (various locations on hull)
    Special Action: build all ship classes, repair Strike Craft and Resourcers
    Velocity: 50 m/s
    Maneuverability: very, very low (not moveable in single-player)
    Build Time: -
    Availability: Mission 1 (duh)
    The heart of your fleet, able to build and capture every ship.  If your
    Mothership is destroyed, you lose in single-player; in multi-player you lose
    only if you don't have a Carrier (Fleet Command transfers to the Carrier in that
    situation).  A Mothership can dock 150 Fighters and 50 Corvettes, which is
    pretty stupid when you consider that in single-player, you can only build 80
    Fighters maximum.  (It's also pretty stupid if you consider that the total
    physical size of that many ships would far exceed the size of the Mothership,
    unless Strike Craft can be made larger or smaller at will.)
    Like many Kushan and Taiidan ships, the differences between the two races'
    Motherships are much more than cosmetic.  The Kushan Mothership has the "door"
    on the side, which has to be opened and closed every time a Super-Capital Ship
    goes in or out - and that takes precious time.  The Taiidan Mothership just has
    the large bay in its belly, so large ships are moved in and out much quicker.
    But then, of course, the Kushan Mothership is able to produce and salvage
    Frigates a lot quicker, because almost as soon as the ship leaves the bay, it
    is ready to roll.  The Taiidan Mothership produces Strike Craft from various
    bays, and there is a short delay before they are under your control.  So, it's
    all subjective when you're choosing your race.
    The Mothership's guns are small and weak, but they fire very fast and are very
    accurate.  Like the Assault Frigate, the bullets seem to mass more than other
    ships' bullets, so anything that gets hit by them will "bounce" back ever so
    slightly (not so slightly for Scouts, hehe).
    As with the Carrier, any ships being built when the Mohership dies, die with it.
    You don't get the RUs back either :(.  A dying Mothership also causes a massive
    amount of scuttle damage, wings of Strike Craft can be wiped out instantly, and
    even Frigates on occasion - so if you think the enemy's Mothership is about to
    blow, pull all but your toughest ships out of the area, and deliver the final
    blows with Destroyers and Heavy Cruisers.
    The Kushan Mothership has some bugs, too: it can happen that when a Super-
    Capital Ship is being captured or is leaving the construction bay, the "door" of
    the Mothership gets "stuck", and then the ship that's there will be trapped in
    that position - unusable *FOREVER*.  Also, sometimes the Kushan Mothership seems
    to lose track of salvage groups, which can result in Salvagers sitting there
    holding a ship, ad infinitum.  The solution is to tell the waiting Salvagers to
    stop salvaging that ship (press the tilde key ~), then quickly re-issue the
    salvage command.  The ship should now be salvaged properly.
    Additionally, it may happen that some of your own ships decide to attack an
    enemy ship that's being salvaged. Should this happen, set your attacking ships
    to Evasive; if they still won't stop firing, move them away from the ship that's
    being salvaged, or (better) tell them to attack something else.
    (Thanks to Sujay for reminding me of this bug.)
    *** NON-COMBAT SHIPS ***
    This group encompasses ships that carry no direct armaments, and/or are meant to
    be used for non-combat duties.  These ships are purposely built for a single
    task, whether it be gathering resources or cloaking your ships.
    Resource Collector
    Codename: Kushan : (unknown)
              Taiidan: (unknown)
    Cost: 650 RUs
    Mass: 40 000 tons
    Armour: 10 800
    Firepower: -
    Coverage: -
    Weapons: -
    Special Action: refuel Strike Craft
    Velocity: 300 m/s
    Maneuverability: medium
    Build Time: 60 seconds
    Availability: Mission 1
    You can't do anything without RUs, which is why you need Resource Collectors.
    They use a Phased Disassembly Array (aka "harvester beam") to extract materials
    from asteroids, dust clouds and nebulae; these materials become the Resource
    Units (RUs) used to build and Hyperspace your ships.  When full, a Resourcer
    can carry 650 RUs worth of material (not 600, as Koki pointed out).
    As such, these ships are vital to any fleet, in both single- and multi-player.
    Since they are unarmed and slow, they *NEED* to be protected every single second
    of the game, or your RU supply will dry up as they die, and soon you're dead
    The Special Action is slightly useless: Strike Craft are NOT repaired, only
    refueled.  In addition, the Resourcer has only 1 docking pad, so it's VERY slow
    to get an entire strike wing to dock with it.  Personally, I never have found
    the need to use this ability; Support Frigates are designed for this role, just
    keep your Resourcers harvesting.
    Resource Controller
    Codename: Kushan : (unknown)
              Taiidan: Siim Salla
    Cost: 680 RUs
    Mass: 79 000 tons
    Armour: 13 600
    Firepower: -
    Coverage: -
    Weapons: -
    Special Action: refuel Strike Craft
    Velocity: 300 m/s
    Maneuverability: low
    Build Time: 65 seconds
    Availability: Mission 4
    A mobile docking pad for Resource Collectors, allows the Resourcers to deposit
    their harvested RUs a lot quicker than returning to a Mothership or Carrier
    whenever they have a full load.  The best way to use these is to tell them to
    guard them to guard a Collector.  Like the Collector it can refuel (NOT repair)
    Strike Craft, but a Controller can assist 4 Fighters and 2 Corvettes at a time.
    There is a major difference between the Kushan and Taiidan Controllers: the
    Kushan one requires the Resourcers to roll over by 180° to dock, while the
    Taiidan one does not need this.  And in addition, when Resourcers dock with a
    Controller, they don't get repaired (they do when they dock with a Mothership
    or Carrier).
    Codename: Kushan : (unknown)
              Taiidan: (unknown)
    Cost: 30 RUs
    Mass: 40 tons
    Armour: 800
    Firepower: -
    Coverage: -
    Weapons: -
    Special Action: -
    Velocity: 4 000 m/s (one-time use)
    Maneuverability: medium
    Build Time: 6 seconds
    Availability: Mission 1
    A Probe is, as its name suggest, used to check up on enemy positions.  They
    can only be used once: you give the Probe its move order, it will go to that
    location, and then it can never be moved again.  If you see Probes being moved
    more than once, the player controlling that Probe is cheating!
    Computer players love these but generally, they're not very useful.  Scouts may
    not be as fast, but they can at least dodge gunfire, and shoot back at
    attackers.  The best use for these is "Probe Golf", as discussed in the multi-
    player section: build multiple Probes, set them all to move through an enemy
    ship, and they will ram it, causing lots of damage.  Scuttling a Probe at close
    quarters will kill Scouts and damage other Strike Craft nearby.
    Gravity Well Generator
    Codename: Kushan : (unknown)
              Taiidan: Koraal
    Cost: 800 RUs
    Mass: 65 000 tons
    Armour: 8 000
    Firepower: -
    Coverage: -
    Weapons: -
    Special Action: activate gravity field
                    (area of effect: 5.5km radius
                     can use for   : 210 seconds
                     recharge time : none, single-use)
    Velocity: 325 m/s
    Maneuverability: low
    Build Time: 60 seconds
    Availability: Mission 9
    The "GravWell" Generator can trap all Strike Craft in its field (except for
    Salvage Corvettes); in multi-player mode, ships that Hyperspace into a
    GravWell's area of effect will be stuck in this mode, unable to move or
    attack - perfect for salvaging.
    The gravity field cycles in a sine wave, i.e. it is not constant but weakens and
    strengthens in a 6-second cycle; this means that some trapped Strike Craft may
    occasionally be able to move or start shooting again.
    The nature of the gravity field also means that it is not infinitely usable; the
    bar under the GravWell's health bar signifies how much longer it can create the
    field.  When the bar gets to empty, the GravWell will self-destruct under the
    strain, so it's wise to retire these before it's too late.
    Sujay found a neat (and nasty) trick - move through a Strike Craft swarm with an
    active GravWell, then scuttle once you've got enough ships caught.  You will
    certainly kill a few, and the rest will be heavily damaged.  Useful if you need
    to turn the tide of battle in your favour.
    Kushan GravWells are easy to detect when they are "on", as they have those
    massive white "sails" that extend.  Taiidan GravWells are stealthier, as they
    give no clear visual indication of their on/off state.
    Cloak Generator
    Codename: Kushan : (unknown)
              Taiidan: (unknown)
    Cost: 500 RUs
    Mass: 22 000 tons
    Armour: 6 000
    Firepower: -
    Coverage: -
    Weapons: -
    Special Action: activate cloak field
                    (area of effect: 2.5km radius
                     can use for   : 300 seconds
                     recharge time : 600 seconds)
    Velocity: 325 m/s
    Maneuverability: low
    Build Time: 60 seconds
    Availability: Mission 13
    As you might expect, the Cloak Generator produces a cloaking field which hides
    any ships inside that field from visual detection and passive sensors.  However,
    Proximity Sensors can see through cloak fields, so if you are planning a cloaked
    attack, make sure there are no Sensors around.
    Ships inside the field will decloak temporarily when firing, as soon as they
    have fired a shot they will be re-cloaked.  Thus, it's best to cloak only ion-
    beam equipped ships, as they will be hidden for longer periods of time than
    Strike Craft.  Carriers and Motherships cannot be cloaked, this is to prevent
    people from hiding away forever in multi-player.
    These are best used in groups of 3: start one of the Cloaks, then when it is
    almost empty start another and let the first one recharge.  When the second one
    is used up, start the third one.  By the time you use the first one again, it
    will be fully recharged.
    Note that you can run a cloak field down to zero, BUT you can only restart the
    field if it is recharged to over 50% (i.e. >= 301 seconds).
    Proximity Sensor
    Codename: Kushan : (unknown)
              Taiidan: Variis
    Cost: 50 RUs
    Mass: 40 tons
    Armour: 800
    Firepower: -
    Coverage: -
    Weapons: -
    Special Action: -
    Velocity: 1 000 m/s
    Maneuverability: very high
    Build Time: 6 seconds
    Availability: Mission 10
    Better than Scouts for scouting, since they are cheaper, just as fast, can spot
    cloaked ships, and don't need fuel.  The ability to see through cloak fields,
    though, is the main reason to build 'em - in multi-player, your enemies will try
    anything to kill you, and cloaked ships are very popular.  Not having at least a
    handful of these is a big no-no; set one to guard your Mothership, one each to
    guard your Carriers, etc. and you should never have any trouble with sneak
    Sensors Array
    Codename: Kushan : (unknown)
              Taiidan: (unknown)
    Cost: 800 RUs
    Mass: 2 900 tons
    Armour: 6 000
    Firepower: -
    Coverage: -
    Weapons: -
    Special Action: -
    Velocity: 280 m/s
    Maneuverability: low
    Build Time: 80 seconds
    Availability: Mission 14
    This unit allows you to see every single ship on the map, except for cloaked
    ships.  Of course, unless you have your own ships nearby, you can't actually see
    what those enemy ships are - all you see are red dots.  So, enemies could fake
    up a fleet (using Strike Craft as opposed to Frigates, say) and move it towards
    you; this psyches you out, maybe you will move ships to the "threat" in panic,
    allowing the enemy to take advantage of his diversion and launch a true attack
    somewhere else.
    CPU player seem to really hate these ships, so keep them far away from danger.
    In multi-player, build one and tell it to guard a Resource operation, or just
    move it very far upwards or downwards on the map.
    Research Ship
    Codename: Kushan : (unknown)
              Taiidan: (unknown)
    Cost: 700 RUs
    Mass: 11 000 tons
    Armour: 4 500 (27 000 with 6 Research Ships)
    Firepower: -
    Coverage: -
    Weapons: -
    Special Action: -
    Velocity: 280 m/s
    Maneuverability: low
    Build Time: 60 seconds
    Availability: Mission 1
    Without new technologies, you can't build new ships.  Without new ships, you
    can't survive.  Which is why it's useful to have as many Research Ships around,
    as fleet resources allow.
    You can build up to a maximum of 6 of these ships; on most multi-player maps you
    usually start off with 1.  Separate research ships will link together to form a
    larger, composite ship, with better armour.  So, 6 linked Research Ships become
    1 ship with 6 times the armour of a single ship.  4 linked Researchers have 4x
    the armour.  You get the idea.
    More than 1 Research Ship can research a specific technology at once.  In the
    Research Manager, use the CTRL or SHIFT keys to select multiple Researchers,
    then double-click the technology to research.  Note that the more ships you have
    researching a single technology together, the faster that technology is
    Here's a table of the technologies available, plus the time they take to
    research.  *NOTE*, this table is the time it take for 1 Research Ship to
    complete the listed technology:
    | Technology               | Time to research |
    |                          | (seconds)        |
    |                          |                  |
    | Fighter Drive            | 75               |
    | Fighter Chassis          | 125              |
    | Defender Subsystems      | 300              |
    | Plasma Bomb Launcher     | 300              |
    | Cloaked Fighter          | 400              |
    | Defence Fighter          | 400              |
    |                          |                  |
    | Corvette Drive           | 75               |
    | Corvette Chassis         | 200              |
    | Heavy Corvette Upgrade   | 250              |
    | Fast-Tracking Turrets    | 300              |
    | Minelaying Tech          | 300              |
    |                          |                  |
    | Capital Ship Drive       | 100              |
    | Capital Ship Chassis     | 320              |
    | Ion Cannons              | 450              |
    | Drone Technology         | 400              |
    | Defence Field Technology | 400              |
    | Guided Missiles          | 300              |
    | Super-Capital Ship Drive | 450              |
    | Super-Heavy Chassis      | 250              |
    | Heavy Guns               | 650              |
    |                          |                  |
    | Proximity Sensor         | 100              |
    | Sensors Array            | 400              |
    | Gravity Well Generator   | 520              |
    | Cloak Generator          | 520              |
    |                          |                  |
    The research time percentages are something like this:
    1 Research Ship     100% of research time
    2 Research Ships    64 %
    3 Research Ships    44 %
    4 Research Ships    37 %
    5 Research Ships    30 %
    6 Research Ships    28 %
    So let's take Proximity Sensor, which takes 100 seconds to research with 1 ship.
    Using the table above, it would take (100 * 64%) = 64 seconds to research with 2
    Researchers.  With 3, it becomes (100 * 44%) = 44 seconds.  As you can see,
    doubling Researchers doesn't halve research time, but it does decrease it quite
    3.  Turanic Raiders
    The Raiders were originally a primitive race living on a small, harsh planet,
    until they were discovered by the Taiidani, roughly 2 000 years ago.  Seeing the
    "potential" of the cruel, barbaric Raiders, the Taiidan gave them technology
    which catapulted them a thousand years into the future, and into the stars to
    harass other galactic races.  In return, the Raiders were expected to serve the
    Taiidan Empire - a promise which they have faithfully, and fanatically, kept.
    When they are not serving the Empire, the Raider practice one of the oldest, and
    least respectable, professions: piracy.  No ship is safe from their scourge.
    When there is an unpleasant job to be done, or a mission that it is politically
    impossible to carry out, the Taiidan Emperor will call in the Raiders.  Only the
    highest-ranking army officials - and the Emperor himself - know of the
    connection between the Raiders and the Empire, so it is easy to use the pirates
    in this way.
    Ion beam color: blue-white
    NOTE: many of the stats here are guestimated.
    Mass: 70 tons
    Armour: 225
    Firepower: 20
    Coverage: 5%
    Weapons: 1x mass driver (nose-mounted)
    Special Action: -
    Velocity: 780 m/s
    Maneuverability: high
    First Encountered: Mission 2
    A cross between a Scout and an Interceptor, this is the Raiders' mainstay ship,
    which they tend to use in massed groups against targets.  Good armour and
    firepower, but against Corvettes they suffer the same fate as all Fighter-class
    ships - a quick death.
    Standard Corvette
    Mass: 150 tons
    Armour: 1 100
    Firepower: 14
    Coverage: 1%
    Weapons: 2x mass driver ("turreted")
    Special Action: salvage
    Velocity: 500 m/s
    Maneuverability: medium
    First Encountered: Mission 2
    Take a Kushan Salvage Corvette, remodel it, add 2 mass driver turrets, and
    you've got a Standard Corvette.  However, the concept does not translate into
    practice very well, and in reality the Standard Corvette is the least
    threatening ship that the Raiders will throw at you.  The "turrets" are
    incredibly slow to turn and very inaccurate, so all in all, this is quite a
    weakling of a ship, which pops easily when confronted by Heavy Corvettes.
    Note that it can salvage your ships (it's codenamed the "Thief" for this
    reason), but the Raiders never attempt to do so in the single-player game.
    Missile Corvette
    Mass: 775 tons
    Armour: 1 400
    Firepower: 12 (per missile)
    Coverage: 100%
    Weapons: 2x missile launchers (miniature missiles)
    Special Action: Missile Burst (60x missiles - 50% damage to a Destroyer!)
    Velocity: 500 m/s
    Maneuverability: medium
    First Encountered: Mission 2
    Now this is a *lot* better, the Missile Corvette has dual missile-launching bays
    mounted on either side of the cockpit.  The missiles are fired in pairs, do a
    pound of damage, are very quick to launch and rebuild, AND a missile burst has
    DOUBLE the missiles of a Missile Destroyer!  The missiles are also more
    maneuverable than those of a MD, and they travel a LONG way after enemy ships.
    The only problem is that it's a Corvette, so its survivability is bad because
    enemies will always gun for it.  Missile Corvettes also have slow speed and bad
    maneuverability, so they aren't very good at running away.
    Ion Array Frigate
    Mass: 55 000 tons
    Armour: 12 400
    Firepower: 150 (estimated)
    Coverage: 3%
    Weapons: 1x ion cannon (fixed, forward-firing)
    Special Action: -
    Velocity: 245 m/s
    Maneuverability: low
    First Encountered: Mission 4
    A low-grade Ion Cannon Frigate, they are very slow (even a Heavy Cruiser is
    faster!!!), can't turn fast enough to lock on to a Salvager, and their armour
    is, quite frankly, pathetic.  No self-repair ability either, however those large
    "wings" (magnetic accelerators) on either side of the Frigate make its beam
    stronger than that of a standard Ion Cannon Frigate's; the ion beam fires more
    often as well, so it causes more damage.  Apart from that, nothing special.
    Battle Carrier
    Mass: 1 000 000 tons
    Armour: 96 000
    Firepower: 476
    Coverage: 3%
    Weapons: 2x ion cannon (fixed, forward-firing)
             10x mass drivers (fixed, body-mounted in various defensive positions)
    Special Action: build/repair/refuel Strike Craft, build Frigates
    Velocity: 235 m/s
    Maneuverability: low (seems to be very low)
    First Encountered: Mission 2
    The crossbreed of a Destroyer and a Carrier, this is a dangerous ship that
    should not be taken lightly.  It takes a lot of pounding to die, and can put
    some serious hurt on anything attacking it.
    However, it's not very useful as a Carrier, since its docking rates are very
    slow (it is able to build Ion Array Frigates, but never actually does).  Its
    mass drivers fire faster and more accurately than a Carrier's, so using Strike
    Craft on these is not a good idea - break out your ion cannons instead.
    4.  Bentusi
    The Bentusi are a mystic race of peaceful traders, who play a large part in
    helping the exiled Kharakians regain their Homeworld.  They are also known as
    "the Unbound", why, you ask?
    Well you see, every Bentusi ship is actually crewed by only 1 Bentusi person,
    BUT that person is... integrated... with that ship.  So, like Karan S'jet, the
    Bentusi's ships are their bodies: if their ship gets attacked, they physically
    feel pain.  They are "unbound" because they are not confined by their ships like
    the Kharakians, but rather, their ships are an extension of their beings.
    Ion beam color: yellow-white ("gold")
    NOTE: many of the stats here are guestimated.
    Bentusi Exchange
    Mass: 4 000 000 tons
    Armour: 400 000
    Firepower: 900 per second
    Coverage: 50%
    Weapons: 3x ion cannon (fixed, rapid-firing)
    Special Action: -
    Velocity: 200 m/s
    Maneuverability: low
    First Encountered: Mission 4
    The main Bentusi ship that you will encounter, each Exchange is a Mothership
    alone, but what a ship!  Triple repeating ion cannons allow an Exchange to track
    and destroy ANY ship type, and since they do so much damage, it's rare for even
    Turanic Raiders to attack the Bentusi.  Thank goodness the Traders are on your
    Cargo Barge
    Mass: 40 000 tons
    Armour: 20 000
    Firepower: -
    Coverage: -
    Weapons: -
    Special Action: -
    Velocity: 350 m/s
    Maneuverability: low
    First Encountered: Mission 11
    This looks like it's supposed to be an escape pod; in Mission 11, it's fleeing
    the Bentusi Exchange which is under attack from the Taiidan.  But that doesn't
    make much sense, considering the Unbound nature of the Bentusi...  Anyhow, it's
    a weak and unarmed ship, and you only ever see it once in the game.  And it gets
    blown up.  Shame.
    5.  Kadeshi
    The Kadeshi (also spelt Khadeshi) are descendants of the Exiles from Hiigara;
    but unlike the main fleet of prison ships which continued on to Kharak, the
    Kadeshi group broke away and decided to take their chances with living in the
    Great Nebula.
    As the various Kiith family groupings show, the Kharakians are a highly
    religious people, and so it is with the Kadeshi.  As they grew and prospered in
    the Great Nebula, they came to identify with it, until "it became the center of
    their existence and ultimately, their religion" (in the words of Fleet
    Intelligence) - it becomes something akin to the Garden of Eden for them, and
    this is why the Kadesh are known as the "Protectors of the Gardens".  Thus,
    when the returning Exiles harvest the Nebula, the Kadeshi attack because they
    see this as defiling the sacred nature of their home.
    And because the Protectors will not listen to reason, the Kharakians are forced
    to destroy their long-lost brothers, in order to make it out of the Nebula alive
    and continue the journey to their Homeworld.
    Interesting fact: Kadesh is an actual Egyptian city.
    Ion beam color: blue-white
    NOTE: many of the stats here are guestimated.
    Mass: 8 tons
    Armour: 400
    Firepower: 43
    Coverage: 4%
    Weapons: 2x rapid-fire mass drivers (fixed, belly-mounted)
    Special Action: -
    Velocity: 1 500 m/s
    Maneuverability: very high (seems to be EXTREMELY high!)
    First Encountered: Mission 7
    The most dangerous Strike Craft ever built, these things are incredibly fast and
    maneuverable, and they pack a serious punch too.  The only sure-fire defence
    against them are Multi-Gun Corvettes, Drone Frigates, and/or Defenders - even
    Heavy Corvettes struggle to blast them, and of course, with 400 armour points
    they take far too long to die... you will likely find they run out of fuel
    before you can kill them all.
    Advanced Swarmer
    Mass: 10 tons
    Armour: 550
    Firepower: 24
    Coverage: 8%
    Weapons: 4x rapid-fire mass drivers (fixed, belly-mounted)
    Special Action: -
    Velocity: 1 000 m/s
    Maneuverability: high
    First Encountered: Mission 7
    Lower stats than the Swarmer, BUT the guns fire faster so that Firepower rating
    is misleading.  They are still difficult to kill off, but not so difficult as
    Swarmers, and since there are fewer of them in the game, you may not even notice
    the difference.  They have slightly bigger gas tanks than Swarmers, but not
    enough to count, and so are also dead in space without Fuel Pods.
    Fuel Pod
    Mass: 400 tons
    Armour: 550
    Firepower: 65
    Coverage: 10%
    Weapons: 1x rapid-fire mass driver (fixed, nose-mounted)
    Special Action: repair/refuel Strike Craft
    Velocity: 250 m/s
    Maneuverability: low
    First Encountered: Mission 7
    The Kadeshi version of the Support Frigate; ugly ships, but they do their job of
    topping up the Swarmers' puny fuel tanks.  Their single gun is better than the
    weapon of a standard Support Frigate, as it is much more accurate.  Kill these
    off (or salvage 'em) to leave the Swarmers stranded high and dry.
    NOTE: Fuel Pods can't be used to support your own Strike Craft. I don't know why
          but I believe this to be a bug in the game.
          (Thanks to Sujay for reminding me to put this in.)
    Multi-Beam Frigate
    Mass: 50 000 tons
    Armour: 15 200
    Firepower: 600
    Coverage: 20%
    Weapons: 4x heavy ion cannons (fixed, body-mounted)
    Special Action: -
    Velocity: 280 m/s
    Maneuverability: low
    First Encountered: Mission 8
    Scary as hell when they appear and begin raking the Mothership with their quad-
    ion beams, these are like 4 Ion Cannon Frigates combined into 1 seriously
    deadly ship.  Salvage as many as you can, and you won't be lacking in firepower
    for the rest of the game.
    The "raking" ability is useful, because it allows this Frigate to kill Strike
    Craft; since the beams stay "on" for quite a while, the MBF can just sweep them
    around and slice into anything.  The power of these beams is NOT to be under-
    estimated; 14 MBFs can kill a Heavy Cruiser in under 8 seconds.  They may have
    a little trouble tracking Frigates, but when their beams hit... it really hurts.
    Needle Mothership
    Mass: 2 000 000 tons
    Armour: 112 000
    Firepower: 600
    Coverage: 20%
    Weapons: 1x heavy ion cannon (fixed, forward-mounted)
             13x mass drivers (fixed, body-mounted in defensive positions)
    Special Action: repair/refuel/build Strike Craft and Frigates, prevent
                    Hyperspacing, ram
    Velocity: 150 m/s
    Maneuverability: very low
    First Encountered: Mission 7
    This is a very cool-looking ship, the needle design looks fragile but belies
    its true power.  Strike Craft get eaten alive by the mass drivers, and Capital
    Ships take heavy damage from the single, but massively powerful, ion cannon
    mounted in the "head" of the ship.  Of course, if your ships get too close, the
    Needle Mothership will also ram them, which *instantly* kills a Destroyer upon
    impact.  And additionally, the built-in Hyperspace Inhibitor prevents you from
    leaving the Great Nebula.
    All in all, an awe-inspiring foe and a nasty piece of work to go toe-to-toe
    with.  If only your own Mothership had its capabilities...
    6.  Miscellaneous
    This section is for the ships that don't belong anywhere else (e.g. those from
    the Karos Graveyard).
    Armour, Special Action, Weapons and Velocity are all known (true) values;
    everything else is guestimated, since there is no real way to find out those
    Ghost Ship
    Mass: 40 000 tons
    Armour: 800 000
    Firepower: -
    Coverage: -
    Weapons: -
    Special Action: control field
    Velocity: -
    Maneuverability: -
    First Encountered: Mission 9
    This is the strange alien vessel you encounter on Mission 9 (Sea of Lost Souls)
    in the single-player game.  With 800 000 armour points (5x the armour of a
    Mothership), it's no wonder the thing is well-nigh impossible to kill.  You have
    to use your Strike Craft to damage it enough and disable the control field it
    emits, which can capture Capital Ships and place them under this strange craft's
    Research Station
    Mass: 1 000 000 tons
    Armour: 200 000
    Firepower: -
    Coverage: -
    Weapons: -
    Special Action: -
    Velocity: -
    Maneuverability: -
    First Encountered: Mission 10
    Found in Mission 10, this is the Research Station that you must destroy.  It is
    completely defenceless without its escort, so once you've killed them, this
    Station dies pretty fast.  Although the cutscene shows the Station producing an
    Assault Frigate, it is not actually able to create ships.
    Junkyard Dawg
    Mass: 50 000 tons
    Armour: 110 600
    Firepower: -
    Coverage: -
    Weapons: -
    Special Action: salvage almost ANYTHING
    Velocity: 750 m/s
    Maneuverability: medium
    First Encountered: Mission 13
    The ultimate Salvage Corvette, capable of grabbing any ship up to Super-Capital
    class.  Found in the Karos Graveyard, it's bloody fast too, and that huge armour
    rating means it's very difficult to kill... but not if you have a GravWell
    Generator with you.
    Autogun (small)
    Mass: 100 tons
    Armour: 600
    Firepower: 50
    Coverage: 100%
    Weapons: 1x rapid-fire mass driver (fixed, forward-mounted)
    Special Action: -
    Velocity: -
    Maneuverability: -
    First Encountered: Mission 13
    Autogun (large)
    Mass: 80 tons
    Armour: 900
    Firepower: 55
    Coverage: 100%
    Weapons: 1x medium-fire mass driver (fixed, forward-mounted)
    Special Action: -
    Velocity: -
    Maneuverability: -
    First Encountered: Mission 13
    Nasty little turrets found in the Karos Graveyard, they fire extremely fast, are
    extremely accurate and pack quite a punch, which is why you can't just run
    Strike Craft past them.  Kill these with your Super-Capital Ships - ion cannons
    work best, since the Autoguns can rotate to track targets, but are incapable of
    any sort of evasive movement.
    Hyperspace Inhibitor
    Mass: 100 000 tons (each segment)
    Armour: 70 000
    Firepower: -
    Coverage: -
    Weapons: -
    Special Action: prevent Hyperspacing
    Velocity: -
    Maneuverability: -
    First Encountered: Mission 14
    This is the Inhibitor that you have to destroy in Mission 14 (Bridge of Sighs),
    to enable the Exiles to return to their Homeworld.  Note that the stats above
    are for each *segment* of the Inhibitor; there are 8 segments in total which you
    have to destroy.  However, these segments have relatively low health, and
    destroying one can set off a chain reaction which destroys others.  The
    Inhibitor is dangerous only because of the fact that it rotates; any ships that
    get smacked by one of the segments will be instantly destroyed or at least, very
    badly damaged.  So it's wise to keep your distance when attacking.
    Headshot Asteroid
    Mass: 2 000 000 tons
    Armour: 450 000
    Firepower: -
    Coverage: -
    Weapons: -
    Special Action: RAM!
    Velocity: 1 000 m/s
    Maneuverability: extremely low
    First Encountered: Mission 15
    This is a massive asteroid with an even bigger engine strapped onto it, the
    huge armour points are the main reason that it takes so long to die.  Found at
    Chapel Perilous, this represents a last-ditch attempt by the Taiidani to end the
    Exiles' return - the asteroid is meant to ram into, and destroy, the Mothership
    and all the Kharakian colonists aboard.  It needs to be blasted very hard and
    very long to die, but you should just about make it.
    J.  Tactics
    There are 3 different ships tactics levels in Homeworld, they are covered in the
    manual but I will give my own information about them as well.
    Evasive     : This makes ships unwilling to enter combat; i.e. even if enemies
    (F2)          enter their line of sight or attack, Evasive ships will do nothing
                  to defend themselves (indeed, they will usually attempt to flee).
                  Engine/weapons split is roughly 120/80 for Strike Craft, so they
                  do less damage but move faster and thus survive longer; more fuel
                  is burnt off; and Evasive Strike Craft also split up into pairs
                  when attacking.  Regarding Capital Ships, this tactic has no
                  effect on speed or weapons power BUT makes them attack only on
                  your command (useful in big melees).  It also forces Support
                  Frigates to ignore enemy fire and only repair selected ships.
                  Evasive Resourcers will dock with the nearest capable ship
                  (Mothership, Carrier, Resource Controller) when shot at.
                  Evasive Scouts are useful to annoy the enemy, or stall for
                  time if necessary.
    Neutral     : The default setting for all newly-built ships.  Ships on this
    (F3)          setting will attack enemy ships that come within range, but will
                  not move from their positions/orders to do so.
                  Engine/weapons percentages are 100/100 for Strike Craft.  Good to
                  use for ships guarding other ships.
    Aggressive  : Ships on this setting attack until they or the enemy are dead; no
    (F4)          fancy flight maneuvers are performed, so you will lose more assets
                  when they are on Aggressive.  Engine/weapons translate to 80/120
                  for Strike Craft.  Aggressive ships will attack and pursue any
                  enemies that enter their sights; Aggressive Resourcers will ignore
                  attackers and continue harvesting.  On some occasions, idle
                  Resourcers on Aggressive will actually attack and destroy enemy
                  ships (Frigate-class and larger); they do this by using their PDA
                  beam to suck the armour off the enemy ship's hull, unfortunately
                  you don't get RUs from this :|.
    Generally, Evasive is best when moving ships around, or trying to run from
    enemies (remember, Capital Ships and up *do not* receive a speed boost from
    Evasive).  Switch to Aggressive when closing with enemy fleets, or when you need
    that vital kill and losing ships is not an issue.  Neutral is best used for
    ships that are guarding other ships, as the guards will attack anything fighting
    them or the ship they're guarding, but will not pursue the attackers (and thus
    leave the guarded ship vulnerable to other attacks).
    K.  Formations
    These formations apply to all ships in Homeworld, BUT for reasons explained
    below (***see NOTE 1), Capital Ships should *never* be placed in formations.
    Delta   : Pretty useless as a formation, ships in this formation are
    (F5)      easy to spot and easier to kill; killing the foremost ship in
              the formation breaks it up.  Best used for Attack Bombers and
              not much else.
    Broad   : *The* most useless formation, only good when you have many
    (F6)      ships (example: Salvage Corvettes) that you need to select
              in small groups.  Only the insane would use this formation to
              attack, as enemies will be able to pick ships off easily.
    X       : Best used for Strike Craft; this formation allows them to
    (F7)      dodge much incoming gunfire while at the same time, blasting
              away at the enemy.  The slow-ish turnaround time of this
              formation is its only negative aspect.  A good formation for
              guarding other ships, and for attacking multiple targets.
    Claw    : Only to be used when attacking a single target; this formation
    (F8)      concentrates a nearly-continuous stream of gunfire at the
              target.  However, this formation packs ships very close
              together, making it easy to hit them.  And this complex
              formation also takes a looong time to turn around.  Best used
              with groups of Strike Craft less than 30 strong.
    Wall    : As mentioned elsewhere, 16 Light and/or Heavy Corvettes in a
    (F9)      Wall, with decent support, can do a lot of damage.  But
              generally, the Wall is best used for slow-moving Capital Ships
              because of its slow turn time.  Also, ships in this formation
              are packed very closely together and thus, are vulnerable to
              mine and missile attacks, as well as the Heavy Corvette's
              Burst Fire mode (which can pop Fighter walls very well).
    Sphere  : As its name implies, attacking ships will form a sphere around
    (F10)     the enemy, and begin pouring gunfire into the foe's hull.
              Because the ships in this formation do not move, their
              weapons are much more accurate than in any other formation BUT
              conversely, they die much easier as they make no attempt to
              avoid incoming gunfire.  Best used for Strike Craft - killing
              unprotected Resourcers, or quickly finishing off a dangerous
    Custom  : Almost never used, ships set to this formation will stay in
    (F11)     the positions they're currently in.  Pretty useless, really.
    In summary: Delta, Broad and Custom are virtually useless.  X is the best
    general-purpose formation, and excellent for Strike Craft.  Claw is best for
    Fighters that are attacking single Capital Ships.  Wall is excellent for
    Corvettes, bad for any other Strike Craft (except maybe Defenders and Bombers),
    and good for Capital Ships (but then, you shouldn't have your Capital Ships in a
    formation anyway).  Sphere is a useful guarding formation, and perfect for
    hitting enemy ships as hard as possible in a short time.
    ***NOTE 1: *Never, ever* put your Capital Ships in formation.  Try this: get 2
               groups of Capital Ships.  Put 1 group in a formation and leave the
               other disorganised.  Now tell both groups to turn around.
               What you will notice, is that the formation'd ships will perform all
               sorts of time-wasting stunts to respond to your order, while the
               other group's ships will simply rotate 180° on their axes and begin
               moving directly to the location you chose.
               It's simple: in formation, ships must move as 1 group; without a
               formation, ships can move individually, which is probably about 10
               times faster to turn and attack.  For slow Capital Ships, the faster
               they bring guns to bear on the enemy, the better.  So, don't use
               formations for your heaviest hitters.
    ***NOTE 2: The one problem with having no formations, is that ships are much
               more likely to shoot each other in a melee.  (Very likely for Strike
               Craft, not so much for Capital Ships - except Missile Destroyers).
               If you see your ships "clumping" too closely together, just give them
               move orders and they should get sorted out.
    L.  Damage Ratios
    In Homeworld, ships have different levels of armour on different parts of their
    bodies.  If you have played the single-player campaign, you may recall that in
    Mission 4, Fleet Command notes that "... Capital Ships have lighter armour on
    the top, bottom and rear sides".  This is true, but that's not the entire truth;
    here's a table of the damage ratios for ship armour areas.
    Front           90 % of weapons damage
    Rear (engines)  170%
    Sides           100%
    Top             130%
    Bottom          130%
    So, say you have a weapon that does 10 damage.  If it hits the front of an enemy
    ship, that ship will take (10 * 90%) = 9 damage.  If, however, you shoot that
    enemy ship in the engines, it will take (10 * 170%) = 17 damage.
    Obviously it's best to get behind enemies and attack, but in reality you will
    rarely have the opportunity to kill a ship by firing ion beams into its
    engines.  It's more likely that you'll be able to get 130% damage, and in most
    cases you will be attacking enemies from the front (since that's where all the
    weapons are to fire at you...), so usually only 90% damage results.
    NOTE: these ratios don't apply to Motherships, which take 100% of weapons damage
          regardless of where they're shot.
    M.  Single-player walkthrough
    *** SPOILER WARNING: Much of the information revealed in this walkthrough   ***
    ***                  *WILL* reveal the storyline. Therefore, I recommend    ***
    ***                  that you only use this guide if you can't complete the ***
    ***                  game normally, or if you've already completed it and   ***
    ***                  want to find out what you missed!                      ***
    Homeworld can be a difficult game in places, to say the least ;).
    Well, this walkthrough is (hopefully) going to help you through the rough spots.
    I played the game as Kushan, so if you're playing it as Taiidan, some bits may
    not make sense.  Solution: play as Kushan.
    NOTE: The beauty of Homeworld is that there is no "right" or "wrong" way to
          complete the game!  This walkthrough is how *I* did it.  If you know a
          better way of completing a mission, please let me know, and (if I use your
          tip) I'll credit you.
    *Remember* - if you're not having fun, then you're not playing the game right!
    1.  Kharak System
    If you were stupid and did not complete the training mission as advised (RTFM,
    k?), then this level will make sure that you at least know what the hell is
    going on.
    I'm quite sure (OK, I *hope*) that you won't need an in-depth guide here, just
    follow the instructions and you'll be fine.
    Set your Scouts to Group 1 (CTRL + 1), your Resource Collector to Group 2, and
    your Salvage Corvette to Group 3.
    Note that when you're salvaging the Target Drone, you mustn't give your Salvage
    Corvette any other orders (including movement), or it'll let go of the Drone.
    Once you have fulfilled all orders, Hyperspace out... and get ready for the real
    game to begin.
    2.  Outskirts of Kharak System
    As the movie explains, you are supposed to meet the Khar-Selim, your support
    ship, in this location.  But she ain't responding to the Mothership's radio
    calls... and if you're any kind of gamesplayer, you know that means something's
    *DO NOT* send *anything* to the Khar-Selim - at least, not yet.  You'll need
    something a lot better than whiny Scouts to protect the Mothership, so get
    researching Corvette Chassis, and then Heavy Corvette.  Set your 7 Scouts to
    guard your Resource Collector (hold G and click the Collector) on Sphere
    formation/Aggressive tactics, then send it off to harvest.
    Once you have the resources and the technology, build 7 Heavy Corvettes and tell
    them to guard the Mothership (X/Agressive).  Your Resourcer will continue
    harvesting, eventually triggering an alien race - the Turanic Raiders - to come
    out and play.  Enjoy the neat-o movie, then get ready to atomise them.  Tell
    your Resource Collector to dock (press D), while it's doing so your Scouts will
    protect it from Raider attack.
    The Raiders will attack in 3 distinct waves.  The first one consists mainly of
    Interceptors, with 2 Standard and 1 Missile Corvette thrown in.  Sit back and
    watch while your Heavy Corvettes happily blow the enemies to hell.  Once it's
    quiet again, dock any damaged Scouts and/or Corvettes, then send your Salvage
    Corvette off to visit the remains of the Khar-Selim.  Don't forget to guard it
    with all your Heavies (Wall/Aggressive); your Scouts should guard the Mothership
    in X formation.
    When you reach the Khar-Selim, tell the Salvager to salvage the derelict (hold Z
    and left-click the Khar-Selim).  Once the brown salvage bar reaches 50%, the
    Raiders will make an attempt to consign your Salvage Corvette to the scrapyard.
    Sadly, their Interceptors will die horribly.  Laugh and get your Salvage
    Corvette back to the Mothership; dock it and make sure that it stays there
    (check the "Remain Docked" button in the Launch Manager).  Now you witness -
    well, hear - the demise of the Khar-Selim.
    Once the cutscene is over, the Raiders return yet again (annoying, aren't
    they?).  This time, they send multiple waves at you, each comprising 5
    Interceptors, a Missile Corvette and 2 Standard Corvettes.  Manually attack them
    with your Heavies; the Missile Corvettes should be your first targets, but don't
    ignore the other ships.
    As you destroy Raider ships, you should be moving your Heavies towards the
    source of the attack waves.  Eventually, your Heavy Corvettes should sight the
    Raider Carrier; when that happens, the Raiders will finally bugger off.  Build 3
    more Salvage Corvettes (set to Group 3 with the first one), then 2 Repair
    Corvettes (no group).  If you lost any Strike Craft, rebuild them.  On to
    Mission 3.
    3.  Return to Kharak
    "Everything's gone... There's nothing left!... Kharak is burning!..."  Those are
    some of the saddest words I have ever heard in a videogame.  There is nothing
    left of the planet that was home to the Kushan people for a thousand years.  The
    heat of the explosion has turned the entire Great Desert to glass.
    But the evil that committed this genocide has not yet finished its destruction.
    The Cryotrays - the racks containing hundreds of thousands of Kushan in
    cryogenic sleep - are being attacked.  If the Cryotrays are destroyed, it will
    be impossible for the Kushan people to re-establish themselves as a race.  You
    must save the Cryotrays at all cost!
    Fun time, NOT.  Set your Scouts to Evasive/Claw and tell them to get after the
    ships (Assault Frigates) attacking the Cryotrays.  Depending on the size of your
    fleet, there may be between 2 and 5 Frigates to contend with.
    While the Frigates are (trying) to play shoot-the-Scout, split your Salvage
    Corvettes up into 2 groups of 2, then tell 1 Repair Corvette to support each
    Salvager group (select a Repair Corvette, Z-bandbox 2 Salvagers).  Now send your
    Salvagers off (on Aggressive!) to grab Frigates.  It takes 2 Salvagers to grab a
    Frigate; Z-click the frigate to capture it.  Try and get the healthiest ones.
    Hint: *never* approach enemy ships directly from the front, it's not very
    The Assault Frigates will now go after your Salvagers, however your Repair
    Corvettes should keep them alive long enough to do their job.  Make sure that
    your Scouts are set to attack *only* the Frigates that are *not* being captured.
    Grab as many Frigates as you can, use your Heavies to crush the remainder.  Once
    they are all grabbed/destroyed, your Salvagers can begin bringing in the
    surviving Cryotrays (select a Salvager, Z-bandbox a Tray).  If all Cryotrays get
    destroyed, it's Game Over.
    Most reasonably skilled gamesplayers should be able to get 5 Cryotrays, but if
    you're very fast, you can save all 6.  As soon as the mission starts, move your
    Scouts and Heavy Corvettes to the location of the Cryotrays.  When the Frigates
    appear, kill all except one (which your should be distracting with your Scouts),
    then capture it.  Even if you do get all 6 Cryotrays, however, the game can only
    count up to 500,000 Kushan...
    Harvest the meagre resources here, then ensure that you have 16 Heavy Corvettes
    in your fleet.  Set your captured Assault Frigate(s) to Group 6.  Retire your
    Repair Corvettes (select them and press I).  Research whatever's available and
    leave - "There's nothing left for us here".
    4.  Great Wastelands (Part 1)
    A nice, quiet area of space.  Now, what do games teach us about nice, quiet
    areas?  Think Half-Life here, people.  (What?  Never played it?  SHAME!)
    First off, start gethering resources. When your Collector has dropped off its
    first load, you get a scare - one big-ass Hyperspace signature pops up on your
    sensors, but it's OK.  That's a Bentusi Trade Ship and luckily for you, they
    want to be friends.  Don't accept their offer of Ion Cannon technology just yet
    - build a Resource Controller and tell it to guard your Collector. When Plasma
    Bomb technology becomes available, research it.
    Add 4 more Salvage Corvettes to your other 4, and build a Support Frigate when
    you get the resources; tell it to repair the Mothership.  Also ensure that you
    have at least 6 Scouts.  Put your Scouts on Evasive, guarding your Research
    Ship, and move your Salvagers in front of the Mothership.  Keep harvesting; when
    the Bentusi begin talking about the Raiders, tell your Collector to dock with
    the Mothership.  Then quickly buy Ion Cannons and wave your new friends goodbye.
    You'll be seeing more of them in later missions.
    The Raider attackers are the standard mix of Interceptors, Standard and Missile
    Corvettes.  Put your Heavy Corvettes on Wall/Aggressive and tell them to guard
    the Mothership, they will easily handle the Raider forces.  Once all incoming
    Strike Craft have been defeated, 6 Raider Ion Array Frigates will Hyperspace in
    and begin hammering on the Mothership.  Immediately salvage the 2 Ion Arrays to
    the left and right of the Mothership, then use your Scouts to attack and confuse
    the 4 Ion Arrays behind your fleet, as with the Assault Frigates in the previous
    mission; when they're disordered, send in your Salvagers to grab 'em.  (This
    may not work - the Ion Arrays may focus on the Mothership only - but that's what
    your Support Frigate is for.)  As a pair of Salvagers becomes available, tell it
    to grab another Ion Array; you should easily be able to get all 6.
    Now the Raider Carrier will appear.  Use your Salvagers to grab the 2 passive
    Ion Arrays escorting it, and use all of your newly-captured ships to blast that
    Carrier (if it gets away, it's Game Over!).  With the Carrier gone, the mission
    is complete.
    Set your Heavy Corvettes to guard your Resource Collector and send it out,
    guarded by your Controller.  There may be some Turanic Interceptors hanging
    around by the asteroid belt, in which case your Heavies will take care of them.
    Finish harvesting and rebuild any Salvagers you may have lost.  Next!
    5.  Great Wastelands (Part 2)
    Build 2 Probes; send one of them 49km from the Mothership, into the open end of
    the "resource V". The area *between* that Probe and the Mothership is where it's
    safe to harvest resources; you will need 2,500 RUs to complete this mission, so
    harvest *only* as much as you need.  Once you're done, scuttle the "marker"
    Probe (select it and press S, wait a second, then press S again).
    Build 3 more Support Frigates (4 total), 6 more Salvage Corvettes (14 total),
    and ensure you have at least 20 Heavy Corvettes.  Put your Heavy Corvettes into
    Wall/Aggressive, then select them and 4 Salvage Corvettes.  Go into Sensors
    Manager; taking the Mothership as *facing* 12 o' clock, move your selected group
    into the dust clouds at roughly 2 o' clock (40 to 45km from the Mothership).
    Ensure that your Heavy Corvettes are guarding your Salvagers.
    Once you're ready, send your second Probe to the ping in your Sensors Manager.
    It's gonna die, but not in vain as you'll see later...
    So, this is the scum that destroyed Kharak!  Time to get revenge - and how sweet
    it will be.  The Taiidan will pay for what they've done.
    After the cutscene has played out, your Probe will be destroyed (if you'd used a
    Scout that returned to the Mothership, the enemies would follow it home - bad
    idea).  Watch your Sensors Manager and notice the red dots (Taiidani ships)
    fanning out on patrols.  A fast-moving dot should appear near your Heavy
    Corvettes, revealing itself as a squadron of Interceptors; use your Heavies to
    make short work of them.  Wait a while longer and you'll notice another speedy
    red dot, patrolling from side to side in front of the Mothership.  Move your
    Heavies out and kill this wing of Interceptors too, then tell them to guard the
    Now you are ordered to kill some enemy Resourcers.  In Homeworld, however, the
    key is to think like a pirate.  The 4 Salvagers you positioned earlier are in
    prime position to grab those Resourcers; but wait for them to come to you and
    start harvesting, or you risk alerting a group of Assault Frigates to your
    Salvagers' presence - and you don't want that, now do you?
    With the enemy Resourcers being refitted, it's time to do some more capturing.
    Get 8 Salvage Corvettes (your "salvage group"), aided by your 4 Support
    Frigates, and add another Salvager (the "decoy") separate from this group; put
    the decoy Corvette on Evasive, and tell it to guard one of the Support
    Frigates.  Tell your Heavy Corvettes to guard the same Support Frigate, then
    move your salvage group out towards the patrolling red dot/enemy ships on the
    front/right-hand side of the Mothership.  When you're about 40km from the enemy
    ships, stop your ships and wait a while.  A final wing of Interceptors will
    eventually appear; use your Heavy Corvettes to kill them, then get them back to
    the Mothership. Now send your decoy towards the red dot of enemies, which
    reveals itself as 4 Assault Frigates.
    As soon as the enemy Frigates start moving towards the decoy Salvager, turn it
    around and send it back towards your salvage group; plot its course so that it
    will pass over your salvage group, and stop about 50km behind it.  As the decoy
    flees, set it to Aggressive tactics so that it's slow enough to always remain in
    sight of the pursuing Assault Frigates.  If it seems to be getting too far away,
    stop it to let the enemy ships catch up - it's *vitally* important that they
    keep the decoy in their *visual* range.
    When the decoy comes within sight of your salvage group, tell your Salvagers in
    that group to grab the enemy ships.  The Assault Frigates will start shooting at
    the salvage group, but your Support Frigates will easily heal any damage caused.
    Voila, 4 free Assault Frigates.
    Once the new Assault Frigates are added to your fleet, create the same formation
    as described above (salvage group/Support Frigates/decoy/Heavy Corvettes).  This
    time, move towards the enemy dot on the front/left-hand side of the Mothership.
    When you're about 40km away, stop your ships; tell a Support Frigate to repair
    your Heavy Corvettes, then send them on ahead to meet the enemies.  When you get
    there you'll find another 4 Assault Frigates, guarded by a new ship type - the
    Defender - which you can now research.  Send your Heavy Corvettes ahead to kill
    off the puny Defenders (you may lose a few Corvettes, it's not a big issue),
    then retreat your Heavies back to the Mothership.  Repeat the decoy-flee-capture
    trick on the now-undefended Assault Frigates, and grab them all.
    With the new arrivals added to your fleet, take 6 Salvagers (aided by all your
    Support Frigates), your Heavies and your Scouts (on Evasive) towards the red dot
    at the bottom of the map; again, stop your group 40km away.  Move in the Heavies
    and kill off the Defenders (if present), then send them home and bring in the
    Scouts.  Distract the Ion Cannon Frigates with the Scouts; once they're
    sufficiently ruffled, capture them.
    With the capture of all enemy Frigates on the map, the final event of the
    mission will be triggered.  The enemy Carrier, with 2 Destroyers escorting, will
    come for the Mothership, as indicated by the ping in Sensors Manager.  Split
    your Salvage Corvettes into 2 groups of 3 and a group of 8, and get a Support
    Frigate to repair each group.  Your remaining Support Frigate must assist your
    Heavy Corvettes; move them and your Scouts towards the approaching enemy forces.
    Kill the remaining fighter cover with your Heavies, then retreat them to the
    Mothership and bring in your Scouts.  Attack the enemy ships to confuse them,
    then sneak in your Salvage Corvettes.
    Use a group of 3 Salvagers for each Destroyer, and the remainder to grab the
    Carrier (***see NOTE 1).  If you have any spare Salvagers sitting around, nab
    the Support Frigate, otherwise kill it.  It's not like you need it anyway...
    Let's recap: from 4 Assault and 8 Ion Array Frigates, your fleet has probably
    swelled to something like 12 Assault, 6 Ion Array and 3 Ion Cannon Frigates, as
    well as 2 Destroyers and a Carrier.  (There's the 2 extra Resourcers as well!)
    And (apart from a few dead Strike Craft?) it hasn't cost you a cent.
    All courtesy of the Taiidan Empire.
    Harvest everything that's left, then prepare your forces.  Research and build 20
    Attack Bombers and the same amount of Defenders, and boost your Heavy Corvette
    wing to 20 ships.  Assign each group of 20 a unique Group Number, then retire
    all (yes, *all*) your Assault Frigates, you will be building something better in
    the next mission.  Open up the Launch Manager and ensure that "Remain Docked" is
    checked for the Mothership and your new Carrier.  Now, manually dock your Scouts
    and Salvage Corvettes with your Carrier (select them, double-click the Carrier);
    dock your Defenders, Attack Bombers and Heavy Corvettes with the Mothership.
    Put your Carrier, Research Ship and all Frigates (excluding Support Frigates)
    into one group.  Then it's Hyperspace time.
    ***NOTE 1: Salvagers seem to lose all intelligence when ordered to capture an
               enemy ship - they perform no evasive maneuvers of any sort.  I had to
               replay this mission about 4 times to get it right, mainly because my
               Salvage Corvettes kept slamming themselves into the Carrier's hull
               and exploding!!!  That's why I advise you to keep extra Salvagers
               around - just in case they get stupid, and you need some backup.
    6.  Diamond Shoals
    A lovely big asteroid field.  Unfortunately, these are Unharvestable
    Asteroids(tm), and if they ram into any of your ships... well, you'll see soon
    enough.  This level can be tough, the main thing is to keep cool under the
    Move *all* of your Capital Ships (*except* Destroyers, Support Frigates and
    Resource Collectors) to a spot 50km to the right of the Mothership, where they
    will be safe from the asteroid bombardment.  Tell all your Support Frigates
    (except 1) to repair the Mothership.  Move your 2 Destroyers in front of the
    Mothership, and tell your remaining Support Frigate to assist them.
    Launch all ships docked in the Mothership.  Grab your 3 groups of Attack
    Bombers, Defenders and Heavy Corvettes.  Set them to Evasive and move them out.
    Swivel the viewpoint so that you're looking down on the Mothership, from above.
    Tell your Strike Craft to attack any asteroids that are on collision course with
    the Mothership, and once a few asteroids have been blown up, tell your
    Resourcers to harvest the debris that remains* - you should easily haul in 3
    loads of RUs.  Your Destroyers can deal with any rocks that your Strike Craft
    don't get; their large amount of health will allow them to take some asteroid
    hits without exploding.  This level may take a few tries to get it right - the
    most important thing is to keep searching ahead for more rocks to clear.  Your
    ships should only be sitting idle once the Mothership is completely clear of the
    asteroid belt.
    With the danger past, the Bentusi show up again and sell you Drone Technology.
    This will be very useful in the next 2 missions, so buy it.  Rebuild any lost
    fighters and churn out at least 4 Drone Frigates - you may need to retire some
    Ion Arrays to free up frigate slots.  Time to leave this boring part of space,
    things are about to get "interesting".
    * Sujay reminded me that the harvest order will only work, after you have blown
      at least 1 asteroid into smaller chunks.
    7.  The Gardens of Kadesh
    The Great Nebula.  It looks peaceful, but it's gonna become something close to
    Sajuuk's Hell in the next few minutes.  The question is, can you survive?
    Make sure that your Salvage Corvettes and Scouts remain docked in your Carrier.
    Move your Capital Ships close to the Mothership, Aggressive and no formation.
    Grab your Resource Collectors and Controller and get them all to guard your
    Research Ship (no specific formation); add your Drone Frigates to this group,
    and remember to deploy their drones!  Take one Collector out of the formation,
    and get your Strike Craft to guard the rest, in Wall/Aggressive.  Get 2 of your
    Support Frigates to aid this group, use the remainder to repair the Mothership
    and your Capital Ships.
    Once you're ready, tell your lone Resourcer to go harvesting.  Keep an eye on
    it, once it has a full load of RUs *immediately* tell it to guard your Research
    Ship.  The cutscene will activate.
    Now you meet the Kadeshi.  To them the Nebula is a holy place, and by
    harvesting it you have defiled its holiness.  Right... anyhow, the long and the
    short of it is that they decide to kill you.  How nice.
    To do this they use Swarmers, ultra-fast, ultra-nasty little Strike Craft that
    can really pick away at your ships' health.  The Swarmers attack in 6 waves and
    will select a single ship out of your fleet, then concentrate on killing that
    ship; once it is dead, they choose another target.  (They may also choose
    another target even if the first one is still alive, so be alert.)  Usually they
    will gun for the Resourcer that harvested the Nebula, but they may pick
    anything; however, it will always be a ship larger than a Strike Craft.  Once
    you've figured out what they're gunning for, get 2 (preferably 3 or 4) Support
    Frigates repairing it, and get the remainder of your fleet to guard that ship.
    Since it's behind a wall of angry Strike Craft, the Swarmers will have some
    trouble getting through; of course, their insane speed will also cause your
    ships some tracking problems, but those Drone Frigates will come in really handy
    now.  Sooner or later you will be able to research Fast-Tracking Turrets; this
    will give you Multi-Gun Corvettes, which are very useful against the Swarmers.
    <insert sound of 96 drones firing simultaneously>
    The Kadeshi have a blatant weakness, which you shouldn't have too much trouble
    figuring out.  See, since their Swarmers are so small, they don't exactly have
    the largest fuel tanks around.  (*That's* an understatement.)  Thus, if you can
    deprive them of fuel, the Swarmers will sit in space doing bugger-all.
    That's where the Fuel Pods come in.  Fuel Pods are the Kadesh equivalent of
    Support Frigates, and they look like big white grubs floating in space.  When
    you see them start to drift toward the Mothership, launch your Salvagers.  As
    long as their associated Swarmer attack waves are dead, you'll be able to grab
    them with absolutely no risk - once they are under your control, retire them for
    400 RUs apiece.  Since a Fuel Pod is (technically) a Frigate, it will require 2
    Salvagers to be grabbed.
    After much gunfire, you will be told that the Mothership's Hyperdrive is fully
    charged.  *DON'T* activate it yet!  Instead, wait until the massive Needleship
    floating around the area, has gone (you should see it open a Hyperspace gate -
    it may also attack the Mothership, just heal with Support Frrigates until it
    leaves).  Now you can (try) to jump out; the dialog won't make any sense, but
    hey, who cares?  If you'd "activated" the Hyperdrive when told to, all your
    ships would have spent 15 minutes docking (getting killed all the time), only to
    have to be re-deployed when the Hyperdrive waveform fails.
    Cleanup time!  If there are any Swarmers and/or Fuel Pods left around, capture
    them.  (Yes, you CAN capture Strike Craft - it takes 1 Salvager per ship.)
    With the Kadeshi threat captured or destroyed, you can harvest and rebuild your
    fleet.  Add some more Drone Frigates to the mix, and ensure that you have *at
    least* 30 Defenders, 4 is best.  Then Hyperspace... and get ready for some
    REALLY insane action.  As in "even-more-difficult-than-this-level" insane.
    (After completing Homeworld in single-player for the 8th time - using the method
    above - I realised that this mission isn't actually that difficult.  I didn't
    lose *any* ships and I managed to grab all Fuel Pods, as well as about 20
    Swarmers and Advanced Swarmers.  The Kadeshi AI is really pathetic. :( )
    8.  The Cathedral of Kadesh
    This mission is probably the most difficult one in Homeworld, so if you can
    complete it, then you are a pretty good gamesplayer.  HOWEVER, you must complete
    it well.  By "well", I mean that you must at least have *some* sort of a fleet
    left over afterwards.  Winning with unacceptable losses is not a victory,
    because you will never be able to rebuild your fleet.  So it's all or nothing!
    This is just like the previous mission, except there are 3 Needleship Hyperspace
    Inhibitors around the Mothership.  In order to escape from the Nebula of
    Hell(r), you will need to waste all 3 of them.  And since they're gonna be
    launching Swarmers and Fuel Pods at you all the time, this is *not* going be
    As soon as you can control your ships, grab your Strike Craft and put them into
    formation (any sort), otherwise the first wave of Swarmers will wipe them all
    out.  As before, get your Strike Craft and Drone Frigates to guard your
    vulnerable ships, except this time get your Defenders to guard all your ion
    cannon-equipped craft (your "Battle Group").  Don't forget to use your Support
    Frigates to help the Mothership/vulnerables, and your Battle Group.
    If you have any Attack Bombers left, put them in Claw/Aggressive and send them
    out to kill Fuel Pods.  Locate the Hyperspace Inhibitor at the front of the
    Mothership and send your Battle Group off to kill it.  Be VERY careful when
    attacking, as the Inhibitors love to ram your ships (which will *instantly* kill
    a Destroyer).  Once your Battle Group has made short work of the attackers - use
    your Defenders to wipe out the Swarmers that will try to stop you - send your
    Battle Group back to the Mothership.
    Soon you will encounter the first 3 Multi-Beam Frigates; they look similar to
    Fuel Pods but don't be deceived, these babies are far deadlier.  Their quad-ion
    beams make them *the* most powerful units in the game, so salvage them all - it
    shouldn't be too difficult, as they tend to concentrate fire on the Mothership
    only (keep an eye on her health!).  After the first wave is yours, 2 more will
    approach from the right side of the Mothership, grab them as well.  Once you
    have disposed of the first 2 waves another group of 5 will show up in front of
    the Mothership; repeat the salvaging trick.  The Kadeshi Swarmers (usually)
    ignore Salvagers unless being targetted by them, so your capturing operation
    should be safe.
    Add the MBFs to your Battle Group and send it off to destroy the Needleship
    behind/to the left of the Mothership; once it's space dust, recall your Battle
    Group.  Fleet Comand will tell you that the third Inhibitor is retreating:
    ignore this information for now and concentrate on killing/capturing any
    remaining Kadeshi forces around the Mothership.  Once they are dead, you can
    repair and rebuild in peace.  Ensure you have at least 14 Salvage Corvettes, 16
    is recommended.
    Once your fleet is back in top condition, grab all of your Support Frigates.
    Get 2 to repair your Salvagers and the remainder to repair your Carrier.  Use
    your remaining Defenders and Drone Frigates to guard the Carrier.  Then move the
    Carrier and your Salvagers towards the last Inhibitor (the double ping).  Keep
    your Carrier selected.
    As soon as the cutscene activates, hit the ~ key to stop your Carrier's
    movement.  The derelict ship that the Inhibitor is guarding is identical to the
    Khar-Toba, which means... the Kushan and Kadeshi are from the same exiled race.
    Unfortunately they still won't let you leave, and the final wings of Swarmers
    will begin converging on your Carrier.  Use your escorting ships to kill them
    When you encounter the final 7 MBFs, use your Carrier as bait, and start
    capturing the Frigates.  (Make sure your escorting ships don't kill 'em!)
    If you did not kill all the Fuel Pods, they will also have retreated to this
    location, so once your Salvagers have hauled the MBFs home grab whatever else
    you can.  You can safely harvest the Nebula now.
    Grab your MBFs (you should have 17 if you salvaged every one) and set them on
    Aggressive.  Set all your Support Frigates to repair them and, with your Drone
    Frigates along, head off to the location of that final blasted Hyperspace
    Lay into the final Inhibitor with all your MBFs, it shouldn't take too long to
    die.  Some more Swarmers and Fuel Pods will arrive to aid the Inhibitor, but let
    your Drone Frigates take care of them.  Once the Inhibitor is gone, the mission
    is complete and you can *finally* jump out.
    9.  Deep Space - Sea of Lost Souls
    Oooh, creepy.  A big unknown ship, sitting in the middle of nowhere, with a
    whole heap of highly useful ships around it.  Derelicts?  Not quite... try
    moving a Scout near the group, and see what happens.
    Note that all the ships guarding the alien vessel are Capital-class or higher.
    That should tell you something about the nature of the alien ship's control
    field.  To be brief, it's great at controlling big ships, but can't capture
    Strike Craft.  So you are going to have to use your Fighters and Corvettes to
    "destroy" it.
    There is a new ship - a Missile Destroyer - guarding the alien ship.  It is the
    ultimate anti-fighter platform, and your Strike Craft will get annihilated if
    that Destroyer is not kept occupied.  Build 30 Scouts and tell them to guard a
    single Support Frigate, then move that Frigate to a position about 20km from the
    alien ship.
    Make sure you have 20 Attack Bombers, and group them with any remaining
    Defenders.  Send them out, on Wall/Neutral, to a location *directly opposite*
    your Support Frigate/Scouts.
    Tell the Scouts to attack the enemy ships and, while the enemies are busy trying
    to ice them, get your remaining Strike Craft to attack the alien ship itself
    (set them to Aggressive when you get within range).  Your Scouts should distract
    the enemies long enough for your other ships to take care of the alien ship's
    control field.  You will lose a few, but the RU value of some measly Strike
    Craft hardly compares to the value of the ships controlled by the derelict.
    Eventually, the combined firepower of your Strike Craft will overwhelm the alien
    ship's control field, and the ships it was controlling will become yours.  You
    also gain the ability to create Missile Destroyers (no research needed), so
    build one.  Dock all your Strike Craft for repairs, send a Salvage Corvette to
    the alien ship, and begin harvesting this region's sparse resources.
    As soon as the Salvage Corvette docks with the alien ship, you gain the abilty
    to research Gravity Well Generator.  Soon afterwards, the Bentusi reappear and
    give you Super-Heavy Chassis in exchange for the data from the alien ship.
    Before they leave, the Bentusi promise to take the Kushan cause to the Galactic
    Finish harvesting (it takes a long time - as in two-hours-long - so leave your
    game running and do something else), then Hyperspace out.
    10. Super Nova Research Station
    The Exiles have jumped into an area of space that is near to a supernova.  The
    unstable condition of the dying star means that it is outputting deadly amounts
    of radiation into space around it, and anything straying into that radiation is
    gonna get toasted.  As soon as you gain control, check that none of your ships
    are outside the dust patch surrounding the Mothership, or you'll lose them.
    Research Proximity Sensor when it becomes available.
    Open up the Sensors Manager and check the map.  Note the dust "paths" that lead
    to the Research Station - the dust absorbs the radiation, so ships staying
    "inside" the dust will be safe from the supernova.  Before you make your way to
    that station, though, you *might* want to harvest the area.
    There are 2 resource patches in front of/behind the Mothership.  Send a Carrier
    to one of them, it will get hurt along the way, but it has so much armour that
    it won't die.  (It'll be safe amongst the asteroids, there's dust there.)  Your
    Resourcers are another story, though.  Here's how to keep 'em alive:
    - You must only use 2 Resource Collectors to harvest with.
    - Move 2 Support Frigates near your 2 Resourcers.
    - Set one of these Support Frigates to repair your 2 Resourcers, and the other
    - Set the first Support Frigate to repair your Resourcers, plus the second
    Once you've got the above setup going, send your Resourcers off to harvest; the
    Support Frigates will repair your Resourcers, and each other.  Cool huh, but you
    still have to watch them to ensure that damage doesn't get too bad.  As you
    finish harvesting one patch, move your Carrier over to the other one, and move
    your Resourcers and Support Frigates once the Carrier is at its destination.
    When the 2 "safe" resource patches are sucked dry, return your harvesting fleet
    to the Mothership.  You will need at least 2 Missile Destroyers (3 is even
    better; 4 is great), so build them if you don't got 'em.  With your Missile
    Destroyers selected, move forwards to the first red dot "uphill" from the
    Mothership (keep inside the dust path!).  Kill the Interceptors and Heavy
    Corvettes you find there, then keep heading along the path until you find a new
    ship: the Minelayer Corvette (cue Minelaying Tech research available).  With
    your Missile Destroyers, use CTRL + SHIFT to attack and destroy the mines the
    Corvette launches, then finish it.  Once it's dead, move towards the third dot,
    and kill the second Minelayer waiting there; repeat the process for the next
    dot/third Minelayer.  Leave your Missile Destroyers where you killed the last
    Put 8 Scouts and 20 Salvage Corvettes into your Carrier; tell all of your
    Support Frigates to assist it, then move the Carrier to the location of your
    Missile Destroyers.  When your Carrier is in position, launch your Scouts and
    Salvage Corvettes. Split the Salvagers up into a group of 7; 2 groups of 5; and
    a group of 3 (for backup purposes).  Tell 1 Support Frigate to assist all of the
    Salvagers (except the 3 for backup); the other Support Frigates should be
    ordered to aid the first one.
    Grab your Scouts and set them on Evasive.  Send them to the next red dot along
    the path.  Focus on your Scouts; when you see some large Capital Ships in the
    distance, tell the Scouts to attack them.  2 Destroyers and a new ship - a Heavy
    Cruiser - will appear.  Order your Salvagers to grab 'em, the groups of 5 should
    go for the Destroyers and the 7 Salvagers, for the Cruiser.
    But *look out* - as soon as they see your first Support Frigate, the enemy ships
    will start attacking it.  When this happens, tell the damaged Frigate to guard
    the now-empty Carrier.  The Cruiser and Destroyers will only go after that
    Frigate, so your Salvagers can grab them with ease.  *Dock your Scouts* with
    your Carrier, or they'll keep attacking the enemy ships and may (accidentally)
    slam into - and destroy - your Salvagers.  It may sound amusing, but it's not
    when it happens to you.
    When your Salvagers are idle once more, get them to dock with your Carrier.
    Move your standard Destroyers, new Heavy Cruiser and 4 Multi-Beam Frigates to
    the point where your Missile Destroyers are waiting; give all of these ion-
    equipped ships (your Battle Group) a single Group Number, and tell your Missile
    Destroyers to guard them.  This is the force that's gonna kill the Research
    Station; small enough to stay out of the dust, but with more than enough
    firepower to do the job.
    With your Carrier being repaired by every Support Frigate you have (which should
    be repairing each other as well), move downwards from the dust path you're on,
    to the red dot in the other, lower-down path.  You will come upon a group of 5
    Assault Frigates which will begin attacking your Carrier; launch your Salvage
    Corvettes and grab all the Frigates.  (The enemy ships may attack your Support
    Frigates instead - in this case, just order the Frigates to repair each other.)
    Retire them all - once you have done so, move along to the second red dot and
    you'll find another 6 Assault Frigates, repeat the process of capturing and
    retiring them.  Dock your Salvagers and move the Carrier back up to where your
    Destroyers/Cruiser are waiting.
    Now it's time to assault the Research Station.  Leave your Carrier and Support
    Frigates at the point where you captured the Cruiser and Destroyers - something
    that you'll want to grab will come along later.  Move your Battle Group along
    the dust path that's parallel to the Station; when they're about 20km away from
    it (the dust looks very sparse in Sensors Manager), turn around and begin moving
    in.  Approaching from the Station's undefended rear will protect your Battle
    Group from the Defender wall in front of it, AND they won't take as much
    radiation damage.
    When the Station's guarding fleet of Frigates arrive to attack your Battle
    Group, blow them to heck - you don't need them.  If you had not captured or
    killed the Assault Frigates hiding in the lower dust paths, they will also show
    up and begin causing trouble.  (Although, they will be heavily damaged by
    radiation, so it's probably easier just to laugh off their "attack".)
    While your Battle Group is killing stuff, you will be informed that the Taiidani
    Carrier is running away.  It will launch Strike Craft at your Battle Group;
    watch out for those Attack Bombers, use your Missile Destroyers on them and the
    immobile Defenders.  As the battle winds down, the enemy Carrier will "flee"
    towards your Carrier; launch your Salvage Corvettes and grab it, it won't put up
    any resistance (yet another AI bug...).
    By this time your Battle Group should have destroyed everything that moves, so
    lay into the Research Station itself.  With its destruction and the capture of
    the Taiidani Carrier, the mission is complete.  Hyperspace without waiting
    11. Tenhauser Gate
    The Taiidani have figured out that the Bentusi are helping you, and they ain't
    too pleased about it.  The lone Bentusi Station in this area is under attack
    from a large and very angry Taiidani force.  Since the Bentusi are the only guys
    who have been willing to help you, it's time to repay their generosity by saving
    their hide.  (Not to mention that if the Bentusi ship dies, it's Game Over.)
    You have a choice here: kill (easy) or capture (difficult) the enemy fleet.  If
    you choose the first option (maybe you just feel homicidal today ;)), use your
    Scouts to decoy the enemy ships, then engage with your own ion cannon fleet.
    With those MBFs you captured in the Great Nebula, even a Heavy Cruiser melts
    away in seconds.
    The second option is trickier.  The problem is that, unlike the Taiidani ships
    you've met before, these ones *hate* Salvage Corvettes, with a passion.
    However, the strategy below - while complicated - is the one I used to complete
    this mission with no losses.  Thanks to Koki, for informing me that the enemy
    ships only hate Salvage Corvettes ***if you issue the salvage order on the
    enemies*** - that information forms the basis of this successful "Gotta Catch
    'em All(tm)" battleplan.
    Grab 1 Salvage Corvette and Z-click on the enemy Cruiser.  As soon as all the
    Taiidani ships start turning towards it, move the Salvager waaay to the right of
    the Mothership - to the edge of the map.  Tell your Support Frigates to repair
    all of your other salvage ships, then move your remaining Salvagers *next to*
    the enemy ships (3 Destroyers and the Cruiser).  *WAIT* until your ships and
    their intended targets are out of visual range of the Bentusi Station, otherwise
    the enemy Ion Cannon Frigates will come and kill your Salvagers.  Once you're
    far away enough, move your Salvagers as close to their targets as possible; now
    it's simultaneous capture time. By "simultaneous" I mean: pause, select 1 set of
    Salvagers, unpause, tell them to salvage a ship, pause, select another set of
    Salvagers, unpause, tell them to salvage a ship, etc... you get the idea.  This
    prevents the other ships from shooting at your Salvagers (because the enemy
    ships are all configured to support each other).  Now your salvage crews will
    haul those Destroyers and that lovely Cruiser back home.
    Onto the remaining ships.  Send out your Heavy Corvettes and annihilate the
    single Assault Frigate (it's guarding the other ships and kills any Salvagers on
    sight), then dock them with the Mothership.  Bring in 8 Salvage Corvettes (you
    may have to wait for some to finish hauling in the other Taidani ships) and
    as before, move right next to the Ion Cannon Frigates.  When all 8 are in place,
    simultaneously latch on to the enemy ships.
    Once all the enemy ships are captured and/or killed, the Bentusi recover and
    tell you much about the Hiigarans' exile from their home planet.  Notice the
    prison ships that veer off, into the nebula; any guesses as to whom they
    eventually became?  Clue: their name starts with a "K" and ends with "adeshi".
    With the end of the mission, ensure that you have *at least* 20 Salvagers (26 is
    better).  Open up the Launch Manager and ensure that "Remain Docked" is checked
    for the Mothership and *all* Carriers, there is gonna be a nasty surprise next
    mission and you don't want your Strike Craft getting killed by it.
    12. Galactic Core
    The Mothership has been pulled out of Hyperspace by a Taiidani trap, consisting
    of a Missile Destroyer, various Frigates, and some GravWell Generators.  Launch
    your Salvagers (which aren't affected by GravWells, strangely) and grab the
    Support Frigates and the lone Missile Destroyer (all of your Support Frigates
    must aid your Salvagers going after the Destroyer).  Use your Battle Group to
    blow the Assault Frigates and GravWells away.
    With the GravWells gone, launch your Heavy Corvettes.  Put them in X/Aggressive
    and aid them with 4 Support Frigates.  Move them slightly ahead of the
    Mothership, they will take care of the wings of Strike Craft that come your way.
    Bring your Missile Destroyers slightly behind your Heavies, and build 3
    Proximity Sensors, which should be placed around the Mothership.  Research
    Cloaked Fighter when you can.
    Soon you will start being attacked by various mixed Ion Frigate/Strike Craft
    waves.  Kill the Strike Craft with your Heavy Corvettes and Missile Destroyers;
    the Ion Cannon Frigates go for your Proxy Sensors, so you can salvage them (and
    attached GravWell/Cloak Generator) easily.
    After a few waves of attackers, go into Sensors Manager and note the position
    of the red dot below and in front of the Mothership.  Grab your Destroyers,
    Missile Destroyers and Cruisers and send them all off to that dot.  Bring along
    about 10 Salvage Corvettes, aided by at least 2 Support Frigates.  Oh, and
    you'll need 8 Scouts.
    The dot reveals itself to be a Heavy Cruiser, surrounded by a ball of Defenders,
    and guarded by 6 Ion Cannon Frigates and 10 Heavy Corvettes.  Wipe out
    everything *except* the Cruiser, then retreat your Battle Group to the
    Mothership.  Tell your Scouts (on Evasive) to attack the Cruiser, and while it's
    preoccupied, salvage it.
    A short while after you capture the enemy Cruiser, Captain Elson will appear.
    He's the leader of the Taiidani rebellion, and if you want to get your Homeworld
    back, it would be wise to help him.
    Send in your Heavy Corvettes and kill the Interceptors that are chasing Elson's
    Destroyer; salvage the remaining Frigates.  With Elson safe (unfortunately, you
    cannt guard or heal him) you can leave this area; there are 2 Carriers, 5
    Resourcers and various Frigates remaining, and if you want them, feel free to
    grab 'em.  But by this stage you should have more than enough ships in your
    13. The Karos Graveyard - The Shining Hinterlands
    The Karos Graveyard, the place where the warships of the Kushan were taken,
    after their loss to the Taiidan Empire a thousand years before.  The Graveyard
    is big and spooky, and there are no Taiidani ships around - but that doesn't
    mean it's safe to let down your guard...
    If you don't have a GravWell Generator yet, now would be a good time to build
    one.  Move all your Multi-Beam Frigates in front of the Mothership, with your
    GravWell guarding one of them.  Progress steadily forward until you get the
    message about "Hyperspace signatures but no new ships detected".  Then get ready
    to meet the Junkyard Dawg.
    The Dawg is the ultimate Salvage Corvette, and seemingly indestructible.  It can
    steal any ship up to Cruiser-class in size, and it's fast too.  But its one
    weakness - gravity fields - will prove its downfall.
    As soon as you see the Dawg, activate your GravWell, and get your MBFs hammering
    on its hide.  It's got 20 000 more health than a Heavy Cruiser, but your MBFs
    will kill it pretty quickly (can you say "dead in less than 20 seconds?!")  Now
    you can move through the Graveyard fearing only the Autoguns (which are
    annoying, but nowhere near as dangerous as the Dawg).  Research Cloak Generator
    and Heavy Guns.
    Take your Missile Destroyers, set them on Wall/Aggressive, and get your
    remaining Scouts to guard them.  Move your Missile Destroyers 30km above the
    Graveyard, then straight along to the point marked on the Sensors Manager.
    Once you get there leave the Scouts, and begin moving your Missile Destroyers
    straight downwards; kill every Goddamn Autogun that shoots at your MDs.  When
    the route to the Junkyard Office is clear, send in a Scout to dock and establish
    the communications link.
    Elson will send his message to the Taiidani rebellion and Hyperspace out.  There
    is a lot of interesting stuff in the Graveyard, so you can hang around for a
    while and sight-see; there are numerous ship designs here that were rejected by
    Relic (Carrier and Hevy Cruiser are most numerous, but there are also a Support
    Frigate and various other ships).  Once you're ready to leave, just go;
    harvesting is an unnecessary waste of time, the Autoguns will just piss you off.
    14. Bridge of Sighs
    Remember - salvaging is fun.
    Elson said this was the "most vulnerable" Hyperspace Inhibitor; sheesh, I'd hate
    to see the least vulnerable one.  There are over 160 Taiidani ships guarding
    that Inhibitor (150 Ion Cannon Frigates alone!), and to get in there to destroy
    it, you're gonna have to salvage (preferable) or destroy (wasteful) at least
    some of that defence fleet.  It doesn't really matter *what* you do, since by
    now you should have more than enough ships to finish the game.  But hey, a few
    more can't hurt!
    As soon as the game starts, move 12 Salvage Corvettes - guarded by your Heavy
    Corvettes - to the dust clouds to the front/right of the Mothership.  5 enemy
    Resource Collectors will eventually show up; do I need to tell you to salvage
    them?  A Scout wing may attempt to trash your party, but if so your Heavies will
    make short work of them.
    Wait until you can research Sensors Array, and once that research is done, build
    one; it will allow you to see every enemy ship on the map.  Send the Array right
    behind the Mothership, to the edge of the map, as enemy Strike Craft seem to
    enjoy taking potshots at it if they see it.
    Once your new Resourcers are hauled back to base, get a Carrier, your Heavy and
    Salvage Corvettes, 2 Support Frigates (repairing your Heavies) and 4 Proximity
    Sensors.  Move them all to a position in front of the Mothership, minimum 45km
    from the edge of the defence sphere.  Be prepared - you will need *at least* 30
    Salvage Corvettes to complete this mission; if you've reached the unit cap for
    Corvettes, retire some until you can build enough Salvagers.
    Build a Cloaked Fighter and send it to the Inhibitor; don't forget to cloak it
    though!  When the screen begins to letterbox, tell the Fighter to dock - you now
    get to watch a long (and pretty pointless) cutscene, although it does tell you
    something about the locations and strengths of the enemy ships.  Look in the
    background to see if you can spot the enemy Destroyers and Cruiser, they
    randomly cloak and decloak.
    After this, the Ion Cannon Frigate sphere will probably start to move.  Don't
    sweat it, they're not coming for you; it's a bug in their guard orders.
    Now, grab one of your handy Proximity Sensors and tell it to move to the
    Inhibitor.  Go into Sensors Manager and watch the Proxy Sensor.  When you see
    the red dots of the defence sphere begin to move, get the Sensor to retreat
    behind your closest Carrier.
    Some Ion Cannon Frigates will now come for your Proximity Sensor.  Sadly, they
    ignore everything else but the Sensor, so you can grab them easily.  Fighter
    wings *may* show up, so keep your Heavy Corvettes handy.  If you get overwhelmed
    by Frigates, just keep moving the Sensor around until your Salvage Corvettes are
    free to capture another ICF.
    (Sometimes this trick goes a little wrong, in that a few of the Ion Cannon
    Frgates decide to gun for your Salvage Corvettes instead of the decoy Proximity
    Sensor.  You can check if this is happening by looking at the enemy Frigates -
    if they're facing towards the Proximity Sensor it's OK, if not, then scramble
    your Heavy Corvettes and wipe them out.  Supporting your Salvagers doesn't
    work because ion cannons do more damage than can be healed by a Support
    Move your Proximity Sensor out again and repeat the decoy-lure-capture trick.
    Do it again and again, so many times that you get sick of it, until you have
    about 40 to 60 new ICFs in your fleet.  During this time you will be attacked by
    various wings of Defenders, Scouts, Interceptors and Heavy Corvettes - but
    that's what your Heavies are there for.  The defence sphere will be greatly
    reduced in size and threat, but it's not time to attack the Inhibitor yet.
    Locate the standing Hyperspace Gates on the Sensors Manager.  Set your
    Destroyers to Evasive and then move them and your Heavy Corvettes to the closest
    Gate - keep your Destroyers roughly 10km away.  Open fire on the Gate with your
    Heavies; it may take a while for the trigger to activate, but as soon as you see
    many small Hyperspace windows begin to open, use Burst Fire on the Gate.  This
    should kill off the Fighters that appear (if it does not, attack them normally),
    then switch back to normal firing mode and destroy all but 2 of the enemy
    Corvettes.  Set your Heavies to Evasive and order them to dock with the nearest
    Carrier; when the remaining enemy Corvettes are within range of your Destroyers,
    kill them with ion power.  2 Destroyers and a Missile Destroyer will jump in
    (note the odd clipping); send your Destroyers back to the Mothership.  The enemy
    ships will follow blindly, so salvage them as well as the idle Support Frigates
    waiting by the Gate.  Once they're under your control, bring back your
    Destroyers and ionise the Gate.
    Alternatively, you can capture the enemy Strike Craft.  Park your Salvagers
    nearby, aided by Support Frigates, and position 3 GravWells around the Gate -
    one next to, one above and one below.  Shoot the Gate with your Heavies, then as
    soon as the enemy ships jump in, activate all 3 GravWells.  Burst Fire the enemy
    ships to kill most of the Fighters (they're useless and will probably end up
    killing your Salvagers), then grab everything that's left.  Don't forget to
    power down your GravWells before they self-destruct.
    Move your Battle Group to the left-most Gate; keep your Salvagers with you.
    Begin laying waste to this Gate, and a bunch of Strike Craft will appear - blow
    them to heck, then salvage the Support Frigates.  The final Gate is identical to
    the first one in terms of ships and strategy.
    Leave your Salvage Corvettes where they are, and send your Battle Group back to
    the Mothership.  Bring 2 Proximity Sensors and 6 Support Frigates to your
    Salvagers; 1 Sensor should guard a Support Frigate, the other should be left
    idle.  The Support Frigates must be ordered to aid your Salvagers.
    Select an idle Proximity Sensor.  Open up Sensors Manager and locate the enemy
    Cruiser.  Move the Proxy Sensor to the Cruiser; when you see it begin to move,
    tell the Sensor to return to a position just behind your Salvage Corvettes.
    Now the Cruiser and its 4 Destroyer escorts arrive, supported by Cloak
    Generators.  Your other Proximity Sensor will allow you to see through the enemy
    cloaking fields, so salvage everything you can - including the Cloak Generators,
    this prevents them from hiding the enemy ships.  It's possible that some ICFs
    will come along for the ride, meaning that you'll need more than 30 Salvagers to
    capture everything - if so, grab the Cloak Generators, then let them go again.
    They will simply sit in space doing nothing, and you can grab them once
    everything is calm again (don't forget to take along a Proxy Sensor).
    With Cruiser and friends in your possession, the mission is nearly won.  Add the
    newly-captured ships to your Battle Group and head off to the Inhibitor.  Move
    them inside the Inhibitor (where the Resource controllers are), and commence
    attacking!  Keep a close watch on your ships - if you see them getting too close
    to the Inhibitor "blades", move them away (or they will get, err, *mashed*).
    With the end of the Inhibitor the mission is technically complete, however there
    are still many ships out there.  Bring in your Salvage Corvettes (aided by some
    Support Frigates) and grab the Resource Collectors/Controllers, as well as the
    Carrier.  Keep your Heavy Corvettes close, as the Carrier may launch Strike
    Craft at you.
    Time to trim down your fleet.  At this stage I had:
      4  Scouts
      1  Interceptor
     26  Defenders
     27  Attack Bombers        (7 captured)
      1  Cloaked Fighter
     30  Heavy Corvettes
     30  Salvage Corvettes
     95  Ion Cannon Frigates   (all captured)
      4  Drone Frigates
      7  Ion Array Frigates
     19  Multi-Beam Frigates
     21  Support Frigates      (4 constructed)
     16  Destroyers            (1 constructed)
      7  Missile Destroyers    (3 constructed)
      4  Heavy Cruisers        (all captured)
      5  Carriers              (all captured)
     14  Resource Collectors   (1 constructed)
      4  Resource Controllers  (1 constructed)
      6  Cloak Generators      (all captured)
      6  Proximity Sensors     (all constructed)
      1  Sensors Array         (constructed)
      1  Research Ship
      1  Mothership            (y' don't say)
    330  ships in my fleet
    If you'd followed my guide to the letter, you would have about the same amount.
    This is *FAR*, far too many, because many of them you will never have any more
    use for.  So start retiring.  (*DO NOT* retire your Resource Collectors!)
    I got rid of:
      4  Scouts
      1  Interceptor
      1  Cloaked Fighter
     45  Ion Cannon Frigates
      6  Ion Array Frigates
      1  Support Frigate
      4  Resource Controllers
      6  Cloak Generators
      1  Research Ship
     69  ships retired
    That left me with a much more manageable (and useful) fleet of 261 ships.  Still
    a helluva lot, but a lot less than before.  Resource gain was around 20,000 RUs,
    but a bit pointless since I didn't need to build anything ever again.  (I could
    have just scuttled the ones I didn't want, but I hate wasting ships.
    Don't dump, recycle! ;) )
    Give your Resource Collectors, ion cannon-equipped ships, Missile Destroyers,
    Heavy Corvettes and Support Frigates each a *unique* Group Number.  Hyperspace
    out, you're almost home.
    15. Chapel Perilous
    Ho hum, another Taiidani trap, getting a little tedious aren't they?  Well, at
    least this one is interesting - shades of Diamond Shoals, except that is one big
    mofo of an asteroid heading towards the Mothership.  Kill it and kill it *fast*,
    or it'll make space dust of everyone aboard.
    Grab your ion-equipped ships - *every single one* - and set them on Evasive.
    Move them to the location of the asteroid and commence firing, Evasive will
    ensure that they get out of the asteroid's way (on any other setting, they would
    get rammed by the rock).  Once the asteroid has passed your big guns, set them
    to Aggressive and chase the asteroid down.  Take your Resource Collectors and
    kamikaze them into the asteroid, this will deliver that extra damage that you
    need to get rid of it fast.
    While this fun time is going on, your fleet will be under assault from varied
    Taiidani escort ships, ranging from Attack Bombers to Destroyers.  Use your
    Missile Destroyers, Heavy Corvettes and whatever other Strike Craft you have at
    hand to combat this threat.
    *As soon as* the asteroid pops, jump the hell outta here.  It's too dangerous to
    attempt to salvage anything, you will end up losing more ships than you gain.
    Onwards, to the final mission of the game!
    Koki suggested that you can fly a Proximity Sensor near the enemy fleet, which
    would cause the Taiidani escorting the asteroid to go after that Sensor (thus
    allowing you to easily kill the asteroid).  This works, but only the enemy
    Strike Craft go for the decoy - the Assault Frigates and Destroyers keep
    marching towards the Mothership.  Still, any diversion is worthwhile if it
    prevents the major portion of your fleet from taking damage.
    16. Hiigara
    Finally, after a long, winding and torturous route, the Exiles have arrived at
    their Homeworld, their birthright, which they are going to reclaim.  But the
    Taiidan Empire isn't giving up yet, and they're putting everything they've got
    into this final battle for the Homeworld.
    First of all, the evil Taiidan Emperor uses his psychic powers (presumably?) to
    hurt Karan S'jet, which means no Fleet Command for the duration of this mission.
    In other words, no messages about what you're building, where you're building it
    from, which group is under attack, etc. etc.  It may not sound too important,
    but you really do notice Karan's absence.
    Note that your objective is to destroy the enemy fleet, but all you have to do
    to win is blow up the Emperor's flagship (Mothership), which is right across the
    map.  This is easier said than done, because as soon as the mission begins,
    enemies start closing on your Mothership.  Before you get a chance to whoop on
    the Emperor, you'll have to defeat the ships he's sending at you.
    Put your Heavy Corvettes in Wall/Aggressive and repair them with 2 Support
    Frigates; your remaining Support Frigates must assist the Mothership.  Any other
    Strike Craft you may have in reserve should be set to X/Aggressive; tell them to
    guard the Mothership, except for your Scouts which should be guarding your
    Sensors Array.  Move your Sensors Array directly behind the Mothership, right to
    the edge of the map.  All your Ion Array and Ion Cannon Frigates should go into
    a group, Aggressive and no formation, which will guard the Mothership.  Begin
    moving your Missile Destroyers above the Mothership, to meet the enemy Carrier
    Your Battle Group (Multi-Beam Frigates, Destroyers, Cruisers) should be moved
    slightly in front of the Mothership, this is where the first true attack wave
    will come from.  A Heavy Cruiser escorted by 2 Destroyers, 2 Missile Destroyers,
    12 Assault and 12 Ion Cannon Frigates will Hyperspace in.  Get your MBFs to
    attack the Cruiser (14 MBFs kill a Cruiser in under 8 seconds), your Heavy
    Cruisers to attack one Destroyer/Missile Destroyer pair, and your Destroyers to
    kill off the other Destroyer and Missile Destroyer.  Once they're down, you can
    clean up the measly Frigates.
    (Koki notes that since all attacking ships will be going for the Mothership, it
    should be easy to capture them.  Of course, at this stage you shouldn't *need*
    to grab more ships... but there's nothing wrong with a few more Heavy Cruisers
    as trophies :D.)
    While this is going on, the enemy Carrier will start launching Strike Craft -
    first a Heavy Corvette wave, then some Attack Bombers.  Your Missile Destroyers
    should target the Heavies (they like to use Burst Fire on the Mothership); the
    Attack Bombers will go for your Sensors Array, so use your Scouts to kill them
    off (Sphere/Aggressive works very well).  With the Bombers down, get your Scouts
    to return to the Mothership; your Missile Destroyers will have trashed the enemy
    Heavy Corvettes by now, so get them to guard the Mothership.  (Ignore that
    Carrier - it no longer poses any threat to your forces - or, if you're feeling
    cheeky, salvage it.)
    Take 6 of the Support Frigates helping the Mothership and get them to repair
    your Battle Group.  By the time the first attack wave has died, your Ion
    Frigates and Missile Destroyers/Strike Craft will have defended the fleet from
    the other, smaller attack waves that will have appeared.
    Move your Battle Group behind and slightly above the Mothership (towards the red
    dot high on the map), and repair them while you wait.  Another enemy fleet will
    appear, similar to the first attack wave; give them an ion-warm welcome, using
    similar tactics as before.  Move your Destroyers back to the Mothership (your
    Battle Group now consists of your Cruisers and MBFs).  Now move your Battle
    Group straight downwards, and begin homing in on the third wave of enemies that
    appear.  Again, use the same tactics to dispose of them, then get your Battle
    Group back to the Mothership.
    A new set of Hyperspace signatures appears above the Mothership, causing Fleet
    Intelligence to get all panicked and scream "We're being overwhelmed!"  Not
    really, considering how you've creamed the Taiidani so far.  Anyhow, the new
    arrivals turn out to be Captain Elson and assorted ships; he gives you some of
    his fleet (2 Missile Destroyers/6 Assault Frigates), how nice.  Get these new
    ships to guard Elson's Destroyer, no formation/Aggressive.
    Elson now wants to kill the Emperor, and considering how much the Rebellion has
    helped the Exiles, you should really get out there and cover his ass.  However,
    before you can do so, yet another wave of enemies emerge from Hyperspace, in
    front of the Mothership.  Send your Destroyers and Missile Destroyers along with
    Elson, and use your Heavy Cruisers, Multi-Beam Frigates, and Ion Cannon Frigates
    to kill off this final enemy assault.  Don't bother sending these ships after
    Elson, they're too slow to catch up - let your Destroyers do the final work.
    With your Destroyers and Missile Destroyers, aided by Support Frigates, head
    through the dust belt after Elson.  You will eventually catch up with him and
    his Ion Cannon Frigates when they stop to destroy a Carrier; use your Missile
    Destroyers and Assault Frigates to get rid of the Attack Bombers and Heavy
    Corvettes launched at Elson's forces.
    Once the Carrier blows, a much more deadly threat lies ahead: 3 Heavy Cruisers,
    each one aided by 2 Support Frigates.  Ignore the Frigates - you can inflict
    more damage than they can repair - and hammer on the Cruisers.  When they die,
    you can press on to the Emperor's flagship.  There are some Missile Destroyers
    (with the obligatory Support Frigates) nearby, but strangely they seem reluctant
    to attack your ships; ignore them.
    The Emperor will keep launching Strike Craft at you; they will kamikaze into
    your ships.  How scary.  Obliterate the Emperor's flagship and cheer, you've
    just won the game and reclaimed your Homeworld!
    Roll the credits, enjoy that Yes song... and get ready.  For Homeworld2, the
    cash-cow sequel!  All of the graphics, all of the history, and none of the plot
    of its esteemed predecessor!
    N.  Multi-player guide
    The walkthrough above may have helped you beat Homeworld in single-player, but
    do you have what it takes to beat other players in a head-to-head contest of
    skills?  This part of the document will show you how to become a decent
    commander of a multi-player fleet.
    Homeworld single-player and Homeworld multi-player are two very different
    things!  While the single-player game is objective- and storyline-based
    (linear), multi-player has only one objective: stay alive, and kill everyone
    else.  Not very subtle, then.
    There are many differences between the 2 modes; for example in multi-player, you
    can usually Hyperspace at any time, as long as you have the RUs.  But the main
    change is in the style of play: you gotta be faster, harvest more, build more
    than your opponent, or he'll crush you into dust.
    And remember - a multi-player game against a CPU player is vastly different to
    one against even an inexperienced human.  Human beings react differently to the
    CPU; they don't react the same way twice; they're unpredictable.  If you want to
    beat a good human player, you have to be unpredictable as well, and learn to
    cover all your bases.
    1.  General Strategy
    Research in multi-player is very important.  You start off with all technologies
    available, and you then have to decide which tech tree to follow up.  The key is
    to choose one ship class to research, and then research it to the max.
    Most players choose to research either Fighters or Corvettes first, then only go
    for Capital Ships once they have established themselves.  Why these types?
    Well, Strike Craft are quick to research, cheap to build, and deal a lot of
    damage.  Capital Ships are slooow to research and build, and the really
    powerful ones take forever to appear.  Only a very few, very experienced players
    are able to successfully pursue the Capital Ship tree from the start, and win.
    With that in mind, you now have to choose: Fighters or Corvettes?
    Fighters : fast
             : cheap
             : weak
             : little damage
             : small fuel tanks
             : need huge numbers to have an effect
    Corvettes: slower
             : more expensive
             : tougher
             : decent punch
             : larger fuel tanks
             : 1 of these = ±3 Fighters
    If you're going with Fighters, you build Scouts first; later you get Defenders,
    then Attack Bombers to fend off Capital Ships and slower Corvettes.
    With Corvettes, you'd get the Light Corvette first, then the Heavy Corvette
    and perhaps the Minelayer Corvette.  If your opponent is using thousands of
    Scouts then Multi-Gun Corvettes are a must.
    The thing is, you need to support your Strike Craft.  So you will need to
    research at least Capital Ship Drive, which will give you Support Frigates -
    prefect for some Corvette walls.
    Of course, the bluntest weapon is the humble Scout - it needs no research, can
    be churned out in massive batches, and is cheap and fast to boot.  As mentioned
    in my Ships Guide (section G), Scouts do little damage, but put a few dozen
    together and they are lethal.  In the very earliest stages of a game, you will
    be building Scouts all the time, just to stay alive until better ships are
    Once you have your Strike Craft research/production going smoothly, you can
    progress to Capital Ships.  Capital Ship Chassis gives you Assault Frigates, and
    Ion Cannons gives you Ion Cannon Frigates, everyone's favourite ship (or not,
    depending who's on the receiving end).  Group Assault Frigates and ICFs, add
    some Defenders or Heavy Corvettes, and you can begin killing stuff pretty well.
    If you're still alive after the Ion Cannon Frigates start appearing, then
    there's no reason not to move onto bigger and better things.  Research all the
    Super-Capital ship techs to get Carriers, of which you should build at least 1.
    If your Mothership is still around after your foes get Destroyers, then you
    might even manage to build some Heavy Cruisers.
    2.  Resources
    Vital, vital, vital.  Without any research you still have Scouts to shoot/
    kamikaze into things, but without those precious RUs, you can't even build
    Scouts - and then you're f**ked, to put it mildly.
    6 Resource Collectors is the minimum you should consider having, on resource-
    rich maps 9 or 12 is good.  Resource Controllers become a *necessity* when
    harvesting far away from your Mothership - there is no use having 20 Resourcers,
    if they each spend 10 minutes riding home to drop off what they've collected.
    In that scenario you would literally "starve to death", as your RUs dried up and
    your opponent(s) decimated your Scout wings.
    The 3 tips for successful resourcing are:
    PROTECT!  You must *always* guard your Resourcers; keeping them near your
    Mothership is *not* enough, they need a dedicated Strike Craft escort to prevent
    them from getting killed off by other Strike Craft.  As the game progresses you
    can add Capital Ships to their escort, but *some* sort of guarding is vital to
    the continued existence of your Resourcers.
    MANAGE!  Resource Collectors are notoriously stupid, they tend to wander off far
    across the map in search of RUs, ignoring the cluster that's just re-spawned
    next to your Mothership.  And if you need RUs fast, then it's pointless to sit
    and wait for your Resourcers to get full loads; you must tell them to dock
    ATTACK!  By killing enemy Resourcers, you deprive your foe of those precious,
    precious RUs.  Remember that, despite the fog of war, enemy Resourcers *do* show
    up on the map.  In the early stages of the game it's trivial to open up Sensors
    Manager, and look for little red dots near resource patches; then you send a
    wing of Scouts over there.
    Starve your enemy and he can't build ships.  He can't build ships, he's dead.
    Remember that, and you're onto multi-player greatness already.
    3.  Useful Tactics
    Here are some multi-player hints 'n' tips, general tactics, and some tactics
    that are just plain nasty.  Many of them will work only once against a human
    player, but of course the CPU never learns from its mistakes... you really
    shouldn't be playing the CPU anyway, since you won't learn anything from it.
    - You can't survive without Scouts against decent human players.  Don't even
    - 9-16 Light/Heavy Corvettes, in an Aggressive Wall and aided by a Support
      Frigate(s), is the *ultimate* anti-Fighter defence.  10 of these Corvette
      Walls ("CorvWalls"), positioned strategically around a RU op (or guarding
      individual Resourcers), are almost impossible to penetrate with Fighters
      alone.  Even Corvettes may have trouble; the only sure-fire penetration is a
      Missile Destroyer or Drone Frigate, and those come only late in the game,
      possibly too late for your enemy.
    - Think a CorvWall is mean?  Try cloaking a few.  Enemies without Proximity
      Sensors nearby will *not* be happy.
    - Building more Research Ships is a good idea, but don't go ape.  They are
      bloody expensive at 700 RUs each; that's 3500 RUs if you build 5, which is the
      cost of a lotta Scouts/Corvettes, and almost the cost of a Heavy Cruiser.
      Only build extra Researchers if you have extra RUs (yeah, RIGHT), and/or your
      fleet is doing OK in terms of size and strength.
    - If the Scout is the basic Strike Craft, then Ion Cannon Frigates are the basic
      Capital Ships.  They are weak and slow, yes, but they can really put the hurt
      on enemy ships.  (Their ion cannons do the most damage of any ship's.)  Not
      building a few of these is a big no-no, unless you're looking to die.
    - Conversely: Heavy Cruisers really kick ass, but they take forever to build,
      are slow to move, and cost a shedload of RUs.  A Destroyer is built in
      almost a third of the time, is almost a third of a Cruiser's RU cost, and can
      move quite a bit faster.  And of course, it needs far fewer technologies to
    - Defenders' shots are very fast; even Evasive Scouts can't dodge them.  So
      consider a wing of Defenders if your opponent is going Scout crazy.
    - The lowly Attack Bomber is slow and awkward, but it kills Capital Ships and
      unwary Corvette formations (Walls and Spheres) too.  If you're going the
      Strike Craft route, 40 of these will come in very handy against Capital Ship-
      happy foes.
    - It's always good to have 2 GravWell Generators around your Mothership.  Keep
      a few Salvage Corvettes around to grab any Strike Craft that get stuck in
      gravity's mudhole.
    - Keep a Carrier parked somewhere isolated, preferably near a bountiful patch of
      resources.  If your Mothership goes boom, at least you'll still be alive, and
      now your opponent will have to guess where you're hiding.
    - Fill a Carrier with Salvagers and begin building a GravWell Generator.  Pause
      construction of the Generator just before it's complete, then Hyperspace to
      your opponent's RU op.  Resume building the Gravwell, launch and activate it,
      then launch your Salvagers and take your pick of the Strike Craft you trap.
      Then, use your newly-gained Strike Craft to kill your hapless enemy's
      Resourcers - or salvage them too.
    - An extension to the above trick: Fill a Carrier with Heavy Corvettes and
      Attack Bombers, then begin building every Frigate type you have at that
      Carrier.  Pause production before the ships are complete, then Hyperspace over
      to your opponent's RU op, resume construction and launch your Strike Craft.
      When 5 Frigates pop out of your Carrier at once, the enemy may think you're
      cheating, but in reality it's  a perfectly legal ploy... of course, it's not
      seen as such by human players on the receiving end of this trick.
    - More Carrier madness: Start moving a Carrier towards the enemy's Mothership or
      resource operation; on the way, build as many Ion Cannon Frigates as you can.
      The motion of the Carrier will prevent the Frigates from launching; as soon as
      you stop the Carrier's movement, they all pop out and begin killing things.
      Again this is a perfectly legal tactic, but it is based more on exploiting a
      bug in the game - how would YOU feel if it was done to you?
    - Any ship that Hyperspaces in or out around an active GravWell, will get stuck
      in Hyperspace - unable to move, shoot, or even scuttle.  If you suspect that a
      big attack wave is incoming, build 6 GravWells and stick 'em around your
      Mothership.  When enemy Hyperspace signatures appear, activate your Wells and
      tie up your enemy's fleet, big time.  (Note that this applies to *ALL* ships,
      regardless of whether the active GravWell is allied with the Hyperspacing
      ships or not.  You can even do this to your own ships.)
    - Built a huge fleet of Probes, then set their trajectory to run *through* one
      of your opponent's big, valuable ships (e.g. Carrier).  The Probes will smash
      into the enemy ship, causing a respectable amount of damage - the "Probe Golf"
      technique.  Cheap and nasty, and of course, Probes are so fast when moving
      that it's nearly impossible to shoot 'em down...
    - Support Frigates that are reparing other ships should *always* be set to
      Evasive.  This prevents them from halting repairs to shoot at any ships
      attacking them.
    - The "Battle Ball" (aka BB):  Build 21 Attack Bombers.  Grab 20 and set them to
      guard the remaining 1 on Aggressive/Sphere.  Now find a target and tell the
      Bomber that's being guarded, to attack it.  Or, just move that center Bomber
      around, and the others will shoot at whatever enemy ships comes in range.
      Also works well with Defenders and Corvettes.
    - If a large fleet of Capital Ships is coming your way, try this:
      Build 9-16 Minelayer Corvettes and 2 wings of 17 Scouts each.  Move the Scouts
      close to the incoming fleet, but keep your Minelayers out of visual range.
      Set both groups of Scouts to Evasive, then move 1 group out and begin
      attacking.  Then bring in your second Scout wing and at the same time, get
      your Minelayers to begin attacking the most dangerous enemy ship.  If all goes
      well, the enemy fleet (including escort) will be shooting at (and missing!)
      most of your Scouts, and will ignore the Minelayers... until it's too late.
    - When confronted by enemy mine walls, grab 5 Attack Bombers and zoom through
      the minefield.  The mines will follow the Bombers (matching their speed); when
      you see a Capital Ship of the enemy (preferably a big 'un), tell the Bombers
      to attack.  They will make their pass at the ship, and pull away to avoid
      collision - but the mines won't.
    - When an ion beam hits a dust cloud, the cloud becomes electrically charged and
      will damage any ship that touches it.  This charge is powerful enough to
      destroy Fighters and damage Resourcers, so a cheap tactic is to Hyperspace an
      ICF into an enemy's resource patch, ionise the dust, then jump out.  If his
      attention is elsewhere, he'll never notice until his Resourcers start popping
      one by one.  You might even scare your opponent into sending his entire fleet
      over there, to look for cloaked ships!
    - If your opponent has a Sensors Array, psych him out by creating Walls of 9
      Defenders and moving them around.  While Sensors Array can locate enemy
      ships, it does not allow you to ALT-select them, so if he sees 9 dots moving
      slowly towards his resource operation (since Defenders are almost as slow as
      Frigates), he may well assume them to be Frigates and scramble his fleet to
      assist.  By the time he realises he's been tricked, you can Hyperspace a real
      fleet in and start hitting his Mothership.  This trick normally works only
      once (after that, decent players will use Scouts to check up on incoming
      ships), but when it does... it's good.
    - Even better: Use the above trick, but add a group of really nasty ships,
      cloaked and set to guard the Defenders.  While enemy ships kill the Defenders,
      your fleet is moving to their resource operation or even better, their
      lightly-defended Mothership.  Decloak and say "I love ya".
    - Frigate-sized and smaller ships can be hidden in dense resource patches; as
      long as the enemy has no Sensors Array, they'll never notice your CorvWall
      until it's too late.
    - Heavy Cruisers and Carriers can put their huge masses to advantage by ramming
      enemy ships.  If one of your heavyweights is being attacked by Fighters or
      Corvettes, give a move order that takes your ship straight through the enemy
      swarm; if the other player doesn't realise what you're doing, he/she will be
      plenty mad when your Cruiser or Carrier ploughs into his Strike Craft.
      Even Frigates can be killed using this method, but beware as ramming does
      as much damage to your ship as the rammed ship(s) collectively take.
    O.  Credits and Links
    The people and organisations responsible (in any way) for this guide.
    Note that they are displayed in no particular order.
    Me                              I wrote it!
    You                             For bothering to read it.
    Relic Entertainment             For creating one of the finest games ever.
    (http://www.relic.com)          Period.
    Relic Forums                    For being a great place to talk about everything
    (http://forums.relicnews.com)   related to Homeworld.
    (http://www.relicnews.com)      For keeping the Homeworld community up-to-date
    Relic Universe                  and informed about all things to do with Relic.
    Many of the multi-player strategies were contributed (inadvertently) by the
    greatest Homeworld strategy gurus, to mention a few: 1_Alpha (aka Alpha_1),
    Calaban, MajorFreak, Dyntheos, Apollo and Molle.  And of course, the great
    Homeworld clans: Guidestone, guruclan, HWU, Nova Divine, Space Lords Syndicate,
    and all the others.
    Thanks to Koki, for many miscellaneous-but-important corrections... and for
    actually taking some time to *read* this guide.
    Thanks to Sujay, for many more miscellaneous-but-important corrections, as well
    as a few new strategies.
    Thanks to Siguld_001, for reminding me that this guide exists and getting me to
    post this latest version :).
    Of course there are many more great Homeworld players, too many to mention here,
    so if you have a question you should really get onto the Relic Forums (the link
    is above - you need to register, then browse to the Homeworld Strategy forum).
    As long as you show *some* capability of intelligent thought, you'll be answered
    nicely; otherwise, you'll get flamed and/or banned.  Simple, huh?  ;)
    If you feel you deserve credit, and didn't get it, please inform me (my email
    address can be found in the "Contacting the author" section).
    P.  The End
    I hope that this guide has been useful and informative to you, even if only in a
    small way.
    If you have any contributions to make or corrections to add, please send me
    mail!  I am currently looking specifically for more multi-player strategies, but
    of course, anything *constructive* is welcome.  See the "Contacting the author"
    section on how to contact me.
    This is only the beginning... expect to see Homeworld: Cataclysm and Homeworld 2
    guides soon!  Until next time, this is The_Assimilator, signing off.

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